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For the previous series that involved bald shotas, shipper bait and wananana: See Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Avatar: The Legend of Korra (or Ohvatar: The Legend of ha ha fuck you Shyamalan) is a spin-off of the popular animu which featured Kung-Fu Action Dalai Lama and a bunch of nobodies saving the world with the power of nature, lighting bolts and Azn pride. After the original show ended, many bawww'd that they wouldn't be able to live with only seeing constant Avatar re-runs on TV their whole lives (despite instantly switching fandoms and doing the exact same thing with Twilight, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games etc.) even with the crap the series brought with it. Like the lulzy shipping wars and the horrible live-action movie which rightfully deserved all of the Razzie awards it won, only to be owned a mere year later by an Adam Sandler movie mostly involving a shrieking She-Sandler and Al Pacino embarrassing himself.

What's going on

After the series' creators spent all of their hard earned money on other projects, they decided to launch a new cash cow set 70 years were they left off in order to regain the Jew gold that they have spent during whatever the fuck they were doing these past few years. All in the while hoping that their fanbase had forgotten about how they had treated the most of them like well-deserved shit in order to regain sympathy. Of course, all is forgiven since this show is supposed to be aimed at an older audience while keeping in mind of new fans to cater to, especially the ones whom were the target audience in the first place. Too bad for the 13 year olds, this show seems to be moar focused on the main protagonist's love life rather than the whole bending shit that got people's attention in the first place. Women, amirite?


Tits are excellent marketing devices which prove extensively persuasive.
Yep. That about sums it up.
U mad, Zuko fangirls?
Posting this shopped masterpiece in any Korra related website will get you b& and the picture will be quickly deleted, even though it's obviously fake.
And now the spiritual sucessor. Notice the retard grammar.
  • General Iroh Jr. - Zuko's grandson is named Iroh, and he is general of the United Forces fleet and helps take back Republic City from the commie cunt equalists. Has very little screen time so far, but still shipped unimaginable times by fangirls. Flies around by spewing fire out of his palms: is a total badass.

These are other characters in the show that you shouldn't give two shits about:

  • Tenzin's wife and kids - Consists of his knocked up ex-jailbait cumdumpster and his 4 kids. Or just 3 kids if you disregard his retarded 5 year old son whom was obviously conceived by Bryke after watching one too many Shin-chan episodes.
  • Kya and Bumi - Aang and Katara's other kids. They haven't appeared yet because the creators have no idea where to stuff them for the time being. Bumi is also under General Iroh Jr.'s command and is unsurprisingly as batshit as his namesake. Confirmed badass.
  • Tahno - A pro-bending asshole whom looks and acts like the unholy fusion between James and Prince. Had his bending taken away by Amon in front of everyone but will probably get it back in the future, despite joining the vagabond club in pure shame. The most striking part of this character is that he's got a face that is slowly melting off his fucking skull that not even his own mother could love.
  • Lieutenant - Amon's second-in command who looks very Chinese. Loves to zap his bitches to oblivion. Was more than a little pissed after discovering the fact that Amon was a bender all along. Will either become a future ally for Team Korra as an Equalist spy or will simply disappear in the darkness.
  • The Commentator - The pro-bending sports commentator. Gets zapped off-screen.
  • The White Lotus Guards - Some dudes that went from a secret club for old people to an elite security force whose main job is to guard the Avatar. They're basically well dressed up decorative set-pieces in the show. These dudes would have been useful in the S1 finale, but did they show up to help Korra fight against the Equalist forces? Na.
  • Air Acolytes - A bunch of bizarro nuns & priests whom live on Tenzin's turf alongside Korra and dress up as airbenders in order to study and practice the dying culture of the Air Nomads, but without the cool airbending features. They're also part of the background but are very good for the Air Temple's tourist attraction profits.


And the theories just keep going downhill from here.

Basically copypasta everything from the Avatar: TLA fanbase and add absolutely nothing else.

The shipping wars are also as retarded as ever.

Who the fuck is Amon?

Amon is Tarrlok's brother Noatok and the son of Yakone. The moar you know~

A Korrafag's guide to shipping

Like the previous series, this show has just as many fans of all ages who obsess constantly over the love lives of these fictional characters and make up fictional scenarios in their warped little minds as a way to cope with their own miserable and empty lives. This new series also attracted an incredible level of yaoi and yuri faggotry that may even surpass that of the previous series. On the ever so wonderful Avatar Wiki you will always find plenty of shippers just waiting to be trolled into stages of raging butthurt by trolling or shitposting on their crappy romance blogs.

Canon Ships

  • Mako and Korra - known as "Makorra", fans known as "Makorrians" - The new Kataang of the series, has more past-Zutarians shipping these two fictional characters together more than anyone else. Possibly because this ship is so god awfully boring. Especially the ones whom say that Korra = Katara and Mako = Zuko just because they really resemble each other if you are as blind as a mole. Everything started with a promo trailer for LoK sneaking in Korra's impulsive kiss on Mako in possibly the worst Korra episode to date for exactly a millisecond. Of course the shippers noticed it, paused it, masturbated to it and posted countless gifs on Tumblr while squealing so hard that even pigs came to their houses to tell them to "Calm the fuck down, it's just a cartoon." After the actual cartoon started, Byrke shoehorned a really unnecessary love-quadrangle in the series just to piss on everyone who defended the crappy romance in the original series as "Well at least they weren't doing that on purpose-". People with a keen eye realized that the Avatar's love interest was always the very first crush, making the quadrangle dilemma fucking pointless. In the last few seconds of S1, Mako and Korra hook up and fuck in some weedy corner after she regained her bending through the power of bullshit despite the fact that Mako was still kind of involved with Asami. Oh well, it's not like that chick is loaded anymore anyway. Sucks.
  • Asami and Mako - known as "Masami" or "Mami" - This ship was basically the new Zuko/Mai. The main difference was while the previously mentioned emo couple were into black, eyeliner and Doom Music, this couple on the other hand was simply doomed to begin with and was basically filler. Asami was a prettied up plot device which helped the Fire Ferrets gain the sponsorship money needed to progress in the championship tournament of pro-bending, which they lost anyway due to another plot device (which was probably sponsored by the same guy- Hiroshi) and led to Asami eventually becoming homeless and penniless, especially after her father's alliance with the Equalists was raised from the dirt. Mako and Asami constantly fought but since they didn't fuck it wasn't the "cute" type of fighting. Whatever that is. They'll probably break up in the very first episode of S2, unless Mako wants to keep his finger-banging the Avatar's business a secret for kinky purposes. This will definitely not happen due to Mako being a goody-two shoes despite being a street kid.
  • Hiroshi and Asami's mom - known as "Hey Asami had to pop up from somewhere" - Asami's mom got blasted by a fire-bending mugger over 100 years ago. Hiroshi remained more than a bit pissed about that incident ever since, making him biased towards fire-benders from all over the world, including his daughters' ex flame.
  • Pema and Tenzin - known as "Pemzin" - Pema and Tenzin are married with three kids, with their fourth child being born during the series, meaning they fuck a lot and the prior ship is retarded. It is worth nothing Tenzin is 16 years older than his ex-loli wife, meaning that he is a pedophile.
  • Korra and Asami - The pairing used by 13-year old boys and people who really try hard to pretend that they're not giving a shit about shipping in any fandom, so they pretend to be wannabe-dykes and constantly spam Rule 34 images of this type of pairing all over the place in a "harr harr we don't give a shit" type of way and then justify their creepy over-obsessions with yuri by saying they only support it for the gay community, but in truth they simply support it because they have no lives outside of creating fairy tale romances in their own twisted little worlds. But meh, it works for Fandom_Wank. DISREGARD THAT, IT BECAME FUCKING CANON!.

Fanon Ships (AKA the wishful thinking and the fucked up ones)

  • Tahno and Korra - known as "Tahorra" or "Tahnorra" or "HA HA HA OH WOW" - Remember that dispshit whom lost his bending to Amon earlier? Despite being relevant only until the pro-bending part of the series had finally ended, shippers all over the world went crazy for this... cakefaced, nasally ear-raping voiced and pencil-thin fucker. Whom also had the final rigged until Amon showed up to rock the place up. Wait, how is this character likeable in any way? Oh yeah, he regrets being such a dipshit only after he loses his bending, which he probably will regain off-screen now that Korra knows how to nerf Amon's techniques of fake web browsing cleansing services after the S1 finale. So fucking what? If Korra doesn't make Tahno pay up to regain his bending powers, she's really missing a great opportunity to make this bastard suffer. Korra better use the renegade option.
  • Bolin and Asami - known as "Bosami" - The consolation prize ship aka the 'pair them spares up' ship. Which also falls under the "nice guy awkwardly shipped with female character because she felt sorry for him at some point" category. Except that this time, the opposite happened: Bolin was the one who felt sorry for Asami while she was getting her ass kicked by her Bioshock-inspired father, who was doing said asskicking in a steampunked mecha suit. Despite the fact that Bolin jumped into the fight just to help Asami, many people clearly see this action as an act of love and decided that Bolin and Asami are the new meant to be ship. Except that Bolin may have an actual love interest in S2 which doesn't involve his pet ferret, so again, this ship may be pointless and unfruitful. What are shippers supposed to do with their sparetime anyway? Get some real poon? Please.
  • Amon and Korra - known as "Amorra" - Is Was a hugely popular fanon ship and the greatest ship of all time- but which ship isn't according to these horny fuckers? Where the fuck was the sexual tension these guys love to rant so much about? Korra is the current Avatar whom obviously represents the bending and the spiritual parts of the series and Amon wanted to get rid of said bending while being a massive hypocrite. Korra got in his way just for being the Avatar. AND THAT'S IT. None of this shit matters though because unlike Bleach, unless you're the title character once you die in Avatar you stay dead. Just look at Jet.
  • Korra and Tarrlok - known as "Korrlok" (which sounds moar like a really lazy pirate name than a legit... anything) - "With Tarrlok trying to bribe with gifts, he looks more like a suitor than a platonic political figure." Ever heard of lip service you numskull? Tarrlok was trying to use Korra's very naive ass in order to gain political favor amongst the public. It's so fucking obvious that even the 5-year old kids whom watched the cartoon on Nick could see that. Tarrlok only wanted to succeed where his father didn't: to be the big boss in Republic City without major fuss and with good old propaganda business. Since Korra was completely politically-illiterate, Tarrlok's plans for domination kinda failed. And since when were Amon and Tarrlok twins? Amon was obviously the elder sibling while Tarrlok was the sqib in the family. Like Amon, Tarrlok is dead, so this "ship" is fucking useless in general.
  • Wan and Raava - known by the "witty" name of "Waava". An asian man and a tapeworm. Granted, a glowing tapeworm of light and peace, but a tapeworm nonetheless.

A Korra character's guide to shipping

Use scrollbar to see the full image


The Ex-Gaang

  • Aang - Was the previous shota-gold pacifist protagonist of the original series. He was the last surviving airbender in the whole universe until he finally scored genetic jackpot with his third and final child Tenzin, whom now bears the horrifying responsibility to fuck his wife to oblivion in order to procreate as many airbenders as possible. Has reincarnated into the black version of Aladdin because apparently being stuck in an iceberg like Captain America makes you die young. Grew a smashing neckbeard during his lifetime.
  • Katara - Is one of the few of the original gaang to not have croaked yet. She's a waterbending master and Aang's widow. Has replaced her grandmother and will probably croak off-screen. You'd think that the old watercracker would have gotten more screen-time considering she used to be one of the main characters but eh, details.
  • Sokka - Is definitely dead. His space sword is still MIA.
  • Toph - Was either killed or died a peaceful death in her sleep. Eitherway she probably round-house kicked Death right in its face when she reached the afterlife. If non-Avatar characters do not reincarnate, then Toph was definitely the first exception. Has had a daughter, even though her father's whereabouts are still unknown.
  • Suki - Became Zuko's bodyguard in The Promise comics, making a few shippers piss in their pants for whatever ship they rooted for. Was basically Toph and Sokka's chauffeur in the third part of the comic. Probably settled down with the snow savage people love so much a few years later and croaked by the time Korra was born.
  • Zuko - Is now some sort of ambassador for peace or some shit like that. Rather than have his butt glued to the throne until the day he dies like what any other normal royal ruler would do, he decided to abdicate and let his daughter deal with the responsibilities of being the Fire Crotch in order to take some family financed vacation trips around the globe. Out of all the original members of Team Avatar, Zuko is the only one other than Katara confirmed to be still alive. Yes, that whiny emo fuck only the fangirls adored whom was obsessed about his mom's whereabouts is still alive in TLoK. Be sure to cover your ears when he's properly reintroduced.


The real reason you watch this show About missing Pics
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I can haz Meme? About missing Pics
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Spoilers: S-on--b-b is Amon.

Korra's latest interview

What university did Aang go to? Avatar State.

His dream is to show up in SNL.

Iroh's legacy lives on

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