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Deviantart-favicon.png Johaan-N, who can be found hiding at Deviantart-favicon.png dunbroch, (formally called Kique7), is a 24-year-old insecure Swedish artist obsessed with German Shepherd Dogs. He's most noted for his entirely traced artwork on the cancerous site DeviantArt where he’ll throw bitchfits when people don’t give asspats to his dog OCs, and block out any comment that isn't hero worshiping his substandard artwork. Spending up to 24 hours a day drawing dog shlongs, Johaan-N has recently opened his own Patreon, where you can spend $15 of your parents’ hard earned cash to see exclusive comic pages of photocopied dogs having seizures while fucking, or $4 to see artwork that has already been featured in the comic already but with slight edits due to the fact that Johaan-N is the laziest slob on Deviantart and knows he can get away with reposting the same cringe filled crap due to his fanbase being completely braindead. Currently this furfag makes over $2000 a month through drawing dog dicks on Patreon for rabid wolfaboos, so you should quit your job right now and start tracing doggy penis for a living instead. If realistic dogs doing it missionary doesn't turn you on, then you're not a real fan, but he might forgive your sin if you pay $8 to watch him copy dog photos {whereas other artists offer livestreaming for free, Johaan-N believes what he does is revolutionary and deserves $$$}.

An immature manchild, Johaan-N has the attitude of a 12-year-old kiddo and handles critique the way children handle ass whoopings. Having decided his comic is his end all goal in life, using it as 'therapy' to deal with his anxiety and insecurities instead of going to a therapist like any normal member of society, Johaan-N claims it ‘will continue forever’, throwing hissy fits at anyone who critiques or questions his comics. He never accepts a lick of critique. Instead, when this compulsive liar is not hiding such comments or disabling the comment section for people agreeing, he's telling the commenter that they are wrong and they don't know how to read his flawless comic.

Johaan-N enjoys bullying 15 year old 'treacherous' girls who give him over $200 of their own money for his shitheap of a comic, then setting his rabid fans on them to rub some extra salt in the wound. Even if you yourself do not comment or follow the comic, if Johaan-N catches you critiquing the comic on another user he's stalking's journal, you're getting blocked. Unless you are a nazi, in which case Johaan-N will pop by your account and banter with you. That's right kids. Giving critique = instant ban. Being a literal nazi = Johaan-N will befriend you.

His girlfriend Deviantart-favicon.png Megs-n has to talk him down each time, though her own identity is questioned due to their consistent matching pattern of typing, complete lack of any personality and lack of evidence of her existence. She's a mysterious creature and tends to appear only when the god himself feels threatened, often attempting to delete this page under numerous different accounts or threatening people by claiming she's tracking their IP addresses and reporting them to the authorities for upsetting her boyfriend. Her tagline is 'the girlfriend' - most likely put there by Johaan-N in an attempt to show that someone actually loves him, unlike his family. She's been replaced by Johaan-N's new live victim - a dog he adopted from a shelter purely because it looked like a GSD while leaving the rest of it's less 'sexy' siblings to die. Due to the fact Johaan-N never leaves his apartment, the dog is never walked and left to wallow in its shit.

Awful Comics & Abysmal Characters

Johaan-N didn’t earn fame by being a great artist with creative skills and a unique style, he got famous by spamming Deviantart with shit, blatantly traced pages of dog comics that are drooled over in the furry yiff community, these comics being Asmundr and Home.

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If you were unfortunate enough to come across Asmundr on DeviantArt, you'd notice that it is a cesspool of terrible anatomy {look at that pup's reaction to her father being mauled!}, obvious tracing, multiple dropped plot-lines {the mystery meat's effects and Ghost Wolf's visit = never explained}, countless inconsistencies, shitty panels lacking any dynamic perspectives or angles, complete refusal to grasp the 180 rule {he says so right here}, clear copying of realistic dog breeds with his own breed name pasted on to copyright them {"Northern Rifle"? That's obviously a black German Shepherd}, a lack of a clean or original style {he magically had one away from the shit comic and its pages (pay attention to the dates) , lack of any logic {i.e though the comic is about wild fictional canines, everyone is a purebred dog}, awful attempts at sexy dog romance with an embarrassing obsession with dogs making 'fuck me now' eyes at each other, a disgraceful fetish for rape and all villains being rapists {seriously, all of them}, unrealistic use of realistic dogs using Paleolithic human weapons for no reason other than to look cool {it's never explained how these realistic dogs tie knots, use tools that require thumbs, or why they even bother}, and sexist male superiority "writing" with every female character being a breeder, exposition girl, or damsel.

Just look to the right to see all these STRONG female characters who don't need rescued by no male! Oh, wait...nevermind.

For this, Johaan-N might claim he "can't connect with females" despite connecting to fucking dogs just fine, and this excuse just shows his sexist mentality since according to that statement, and his comic, he can only see females as damsels, love trophies, mommies for his 'stud' babies, and exposition diarrhea.

To add shit to the pile, the comic ends with lazy and never explained sci-fi copouts and random alien antagonist forces that are shown once or twice and never seen, explained, or mentioned again. The list goes eternally, but to save you the precious time that would be wasted on reading this book of polished shit: Asmundr is an inconsistent, tasteless, dull, insulting bowl of porridge oats that can only be enjoyed if you've never read good comics, share Johaan-N's obsession with DARPGs and German Shepherds, take pleasure in fapping to dogs seducing each other, or you like the magical Norse concepts. That last one's not an option, because the concepts that look interesting are turned into insulting shit when they're no longer immediately convenient to the excuse for a plot, and they're never actually developed.

Sounds awful, but it gets worse. While Asmundr was finally ending, Johaan-N announced he was expecting a sequel and was taking a break to work on it. Turns out he went into labor early, because he was popping out the next comic's pages in less than a few days. The everyman would expect the sequel comic to be better than the first, but no one was prepared for how much farther down the waste pits it turned out to be.

While comic creators normally improve through time, Johaan-N proves to DeviantArt that you don't have to improve to be successful. Just always pander to your rabid shipping fans and you're in the clear.

Johaan-N decided to use the same rapid shitposting method Nickelodeon uses to keep Spongebob alive to get his sequel comic Home up and running. Home somehow managed to be worse than Asmundr and shows that Johaan-N decided he was too good for writing, proofreading or editing any form of a script. If you thought that Home would provide for the lack of world building, relationship development, gender equality, consistency, and dynamic panels in Asmundr's "story", you thought wrong. To shit out as many pages as possible, Johaan-N completely traces every pose and headshot and consistently reuses them - including the rehashed shit he posts on patreon, despite being paid over $2000 in Patreon donations for 'new, patreon only content' - simply recoloring characters or slapping on new heads so that he is less likely to be caught being the lazy whore he is. If confronted, Johaan-N will be quick to deny any such thing, claim he is using his own dog as a reference, or block your ass on the spot. More evidence of yet another of his lies can be seen in the blatant tracing and breed rip offs section.

Home's story starts with an ironic quote: "and the next generation will bring our species even farther". It's ironic because not only is our main protagonist an only child and gay at the same time {his parents' legacy is doomed}, but the next generation repeats every single mistake from Asmundr since characters are as smart or as stupid as the plot needs them to be, so they never actually develop. The story obsesses over nauseating dog romance so much that the story and world building are nonexistent, the only characters that matter to the "story" are male and in a romantic relationship {this youngster that was a pup in Asmundr barely has character or page time since she's neither of those}, we have more dropped plot devices {that traced horse with a sable antelope head exists to shove a dog off a waterfall later and never appears again}, more shit use of human weapons to the point these fucking dogs never use their teeth to fight, more obvious tracing {the last two panels are one dog lying or jumping and another dog rolling over}, female characters again being rape victims, damsels, or exposition vomit, more lack of dynamic panels, and fucking more obsession with villains being rapists. As we speak, the comic has 300+ pages but no set plot or storyline. Johaan-N's been too busy fapping to gay porn of his OCs to write one.

Everything in Home is just scenes, dogs reacting and never being proactive, shit attempts at romance, lack of any development, insultingly obvious conveniences and random 'plot' devices, offensive use of rape and mental disorders, complete inconsistency with character personality and development, and hideous character design choices like this little shit's zombie cheekbones and jarring Disney eyes. The inconsistencies in the comic are astounding, but if you point out any flaws or voice confusion, Johaan-N's rabid lapdog and 'cowriter' Deviantart-favicon.png j-harper will be on your ass faster than Johaan-N's trained sex toy.

Johaan-N is incapable of writing female characters as anything other than rape fodder or breeding machines. Lifa, Niita, Raela, Ronja, and every single female in that tribe of fuckery are either threatened with, effectively coerced, or full out raped by Johaan's big bad boi males. Lifa is kidnapped, develops stockholm syndrome (for someone obsessed with mental illnesses, this cuck never addresses this) and gives birth to her rapists' pups. Her sister Niita is nearly raped repeatedly including by the same male who fucked her underage sister, and is 'cured' of her PTSD by a pair of wolves saying 'hey don't worry, we wont rape you!'. The sweet innocent Ronja gets fucked in the ass then thrown to the guy's father to be raped, as are all females in the Meteor Tribe of Fuckery. Every single female in the tribe is systematically raped because the overlord Johaan is a sick fuck, yet none of the females show any signs of PTSD and are quite content staying in the tribe despite being given the opportunity to flee. This could have been put down to them having grown up in this environment and normalizing the abuse, only an outsider female is wrangled, raped by the previous Jarl repeatedly and makes no attempt to flee. The rape harem established, Johaan-N decides that not only should the females stay in their toxic situation because he's an awful writer/rape fetishist, he figures he'll 'redeem' the male members, because yknow, rapists don't deserve to be castrated and thrown into a fire (spoiler alert, you fucking imbecile, they do.) Many commenters have discussed their own history of abuse and rape (some have discussed their mental illnesses too to try and dispel the stigma, mainly of NPD with Ranach), but you bet your ass Johaan-N completely ignores them because he can't have anyone putting a dampening on his fetish. Raela exists only to be bred with by the main character, then is carted off screen never to be seen again. Fucking Ferah, of course being female, despite being portrayed as a wily and intelligent character, constantly ends up in damsel in distress situations. Oh, and she was raped repeatedly. Good on you, Kique.

As for the male characters which the overlord Johaan-N claims to be able to relate to so well, their characterization is sloppier than a soaked copy of Fifty Shades of Gray. Roamer is portrayed as considerate and kind, yet as soon as he gets some wet dog dick, he completely abandons Ronja who he had previously claimed to be searching for. Kainan is an abysmal, bland main character who should have been ripped apart from the very first page to spare people from that insufferable idiot (don't worry, he's a GSD, so OF COURSE he's never going to die). Kargo is basically Edward Cullen, but since Johaan-N has been obsessively lurking this page, he's now been raped too! Equal raping for all! Every male villain, as addressed already, has a mental illness slapped on them even though they barely show any actual traits - Ranach, the supposed 'NPD' sufferer, shows apparent suffering after killing his boyfriend (another bland, useless character). Some characters are claimed to be 'autistic' due to behaving like common dogs instead of the 'intelligent' beings Johaan-N faps to. Every other male character disappears after serving their purpose and do not have any actual personality beyond a couple of lines per 100 pages, so we'll completely disregard them. After all, Johaan-N seems to have no problem with that.

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Don't worry though folks, to try and give his story an unique 'twist', he's thrown in incest all round! A few characters have even raped their own mothers and given birth to their siblings/grandchildren, too! That doesn't make your panties wet? Too bad, Johaan-N is sharing his sickening fetishes with all, whether you like it or not, so suck it up.

Johaan-N is completely inable to write a story without using at least 100 tropes directly from other media, claiming that the reason his comics are completely unoriginal and blatant bullshit is due to the fact he never watches movies or reads books (yet he obsesses over gay men making out on YouTube)... The list goes on {again} and the shit storm shows no signs of stopping.

Scam Artist

What his fans don't seem to realise, due to the fact the majority of them are underage or reek of immaturity, is that Johaan-N has a nice couple of scams going. First of these is the Asmundr website, which costs $15 for an alpha code to play. This would be fair enough, if the website ever actually worked. It is constantly broken, usually due to the disgustingly lazy admins, who provide great lulz by pulling the shittiest excuses from their asses onto the Facebook page - whilst demanding yet more money.

The website coding itself is broken beyond repair, being a blatantly traced Lioden ripoff - except the system on Lioden is actually functional. Just try designing a dog on Asmundr. Pro tip: you can't. The system to make characters makes no sense unless you are Johaan-N himself and can understand 'dog genetics', aka random lettering he's sourced from his rectum since he has no clue how dog genetics actually work.

Not only do both Johaan-N and the website admin EJ beg for money constantly for their shitheap of a website, they both claim they are being threatened and stalked for even more asspats. Johaan-N and EJ use it as a pity seeking tactic for their constant fuck ups and revolting attitudes. "J-Johaan has been stalked, therefore you CAN'T critique him! his poor little heart would seize in chest if you do!" - likewise the Asmundr Facebook page, under EJ's adminship, posts a crock of lies too, claiming they have been threatened by 'multiple IP addresses' - when reality, none of this has happened. Alas, their fanbase will hungrily eat up these lies and give them more moneys to heal their wounds.

Upon speaking to a few ex-fans, more information revealing Johaan-N's lies has been revealed. Not only does he constantly pull the 'woe is me' tactics to increase his patreon income, claiming he's feeling upset and can't put out pages as often as before (maybe don't steal from Spartacus and this wouldn't happen, cuck) - he also lies about what he requires the money for, claiming it is to neuter his two cats with behavioral issues, only for this to turn out to be a lie. Johaan-N instead used the money to buy himself a new dog (whilst living in a one bedroom studio apartment), whilst crying to his fans that he and Megs have no money to feed themselves or live. Johaan-N's new excuse for lying about not getting the cats neutered? neutering male animals is cruel! How will he have sex with them if they can't get hard!!

Tracing, Reusing Everything and Breed Ripoffs

If you think it's fishy that this, which actually looks good, is the same age if not older than this shit, then congratulations! Unlike the majority of Johaan-N's brainwashed cult following, you have critical thinking skills and can see that Asmundr was Johaan-N getting used to tracing photos of dogs. His tracing skills get cleaner into the comic, but that's the only thing that improves. Everything else is still shit. If you possess an IQ of higher than 10, you can even type in dog breeds into google and find the exact pictures Johaan-N has completely copied from. Don't worry though, if you point out this blatant theft (which he's getting over 1k a month to do... kek) his fans will REEE at you and claim that he simply 'referenced' them. Okay jan. If you spend five minutes actually looking at the artwork itself instead of fapping to the cringe filled 'story', you'll notice a constant re-use of panels, headshots, and linearts. Again, this kiddo is getting over $2000 to make this comic (and claims he draws from the moment he wakes up to his bedtime, but surely copy pasting lineart and backgrounds can't take you THAT long lmao), yet he can't even create original artwork for new pages (not including his patreon where he'll slap on a coat on a dog and charge you $4 to see the same artwork from a few pages before). What makes it utterly hilarious is the fact that the God of laziness is so far up his own rectum, he will screech at you if you point out any of this.

To this very day, Johaan-N can't draw dogs without tracing every single fucking pose, and therefore, he can't make dynamic panels in his comics or create dog breeds that aren't recolors of real dogs. Every single page he spews has been ragdolled to fuck - that is, when this lazy whore traces dog photos, he will alter parts of them by tracing parts from separate images (such as legs, tails etc) so as not to be caught. Or he'll just trace from dog videos on youtube since no one would happen to look for his sources there (except when he's liked the exact videos he's stealing shots from... well done, idiot). His human artwork has been entirely traced from the television show Spartacus and animated movies Prince of Egypt and Sinbad. We know you're watching this page like the insufferable cunt you are, Johaan. To try to 'disprove' his blatant tracing, Johaan-N's taken to posting his pages on YouTube - despite the fact the sketches are already lain down and traced prior to recording. Lmao try harder kiddo.

All of Johaan-N's fans are rabid wolfaboos, so none of them can deduce the shit that is poured from Johaan-N's completely bland and non-existent imagination from real life breeds. 'Rifles' are re-skinned German Shepherds. 'Gazal' are Rhodesian Ridgebacks. 'Royales' are cropped Doberman dogs, and 'Jaros' are rainbowfied Norwegian Elkhounds and Siberian Huskies. That's right folks, this asshole thinks he can copyright nature if he just recolors it.

Megsy herself does not understand how copyright laws work and REEE's violently if you mention anything to do with Johaan-N's blatant tracing directly to them. If you point out the obvious tracing/stealing, she will claim she is filing a DMCA report against you. Because being mean in a livestream = the same as copyright theft. 10/10 for intelligence from the girl who moved across the world to a country that doesn't speak her language (therefore rendering her unable to find employment or make any friends other than Johaan-N - not including the fact she has no friends nor family there in the first place and is totally isolated in some shitty Swedish village due to her own stupidity) to be with her toxic 'roommate'.

Johaan-N has now decided that, having been caught tracing photos from google, he'll use youtube videos instead. Only, the cuck is so stupid, he's posting on his public youtube account the sources of his tracing. You kids really thought this manchild who had never drawn horses, humans or lions before is suddenly able to shit them out like he's been drawing them for years? Pfft.

Don't worry though, because not only does Johaan-N trace humans directly from the TV show Spartacus, he also steals plot lines and direct quotes from the characters and slaps them into his comic hoping no one will notice. Due to his complete lack of any writing talent whatsoever, it's been revealed that his two main characters, Roamer and Kargo, are in fact Nasir and Agron from Spartacus, and will use the EXACT same lines when talking to each other. Sauce? Check out this page. Now google Agron lines/quotes from Spartacus - have fun matching 'em up! Fjordir? Lucius Caelius. Ferah? Naevia. And the list just goes on and on...

This comically stupid manchild seriously thinks he can get away with rewriting Spartacus with gay dogs and no one will notice. Now we know the source of the dogs' armour, too! The thievery continues, but if Johaan-N thinks you're using his ideas/content, he will threaten you with copyright. Stealing from world renowned TV shows is fine for our lord and savior himself, but God forbids you peasants use an akiulfr with closed genes in roleplay!

When not stealing from tv shows, Johaan-N can be found rummaging DeviantArt for other artists' linearts, which he will happily steal and use for his shitheap comic and give no credit whatsoever. Not only that, but OF COURSE being the DeviantArt furfag he is, he had his own little All Dogs Go To Heaven, Balto, Sinbad and TLK phase, which he happily traced and marketed as his own drawings - a trait he shares with our very own DisneyFan01.

Kique or DisneyFan01? About missing Pics
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Compulsive Liar & Thief

If you're confused about anything that might've happened offscreen or nowhere in the comic at all, just check the comments.

An insulting move Johaan-N makes for his comics is how he uses the comment section of every page as his fucking script, where he pulls ideas for dialogue, plots, and plot twists, and where he explains the story and character motives (Johaan-N forbid the comic fill those voids). His butthurt godliness will upload some pages with the comments disabled after people dare to question him, but he'd never keep them that way since he needs the comments to continue his comic. Not only this, but now Johaan-N also steals full characters! This contest entry never won, nor did the artist get squat, but Johaan-N decided he would steal their character (right down to the fucking accessories) and change the gender from female to male (fuck those females, amirite?) because as he is God of dog shlong, he is untouchable. You 260+ patreon contributors are paying him to literally sit on his fat ass and steal with no consequence. Proofs?

Most recently, Johaan-N and Megs claimed that they would not be blocking any more users or hiding their comments. Guess who completely backtracked on that? That's right, this manchild is a compulsive liar who constantly reverts all promises he makes his fanbase in order to pander to his insecurities.

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Any time someone critiques or even attempts to question the goings on in this trash comic, Johaan-N swoops in, replies to them with insufferably arrogant bullshit, then hides their comments. If you're extra lucky, he'll throw in a block too! Don't worry though, he's just rescuing you from his pandering, rabid fans who will answer everything for him with their own cringe inducing filth.


When he's not stealing his fans' theories for the 'story' (without ever giving any of them credit) or touching himself to dog breeding videos on Youtube, he can be found in the comment section of his comic pages explaining things that would've been shown in any well written (or written at all) comic. He'll always use the comment section to explain what he's too shit a storyteller to show in the comic, due to the fact he is too busy shitting out pages at such a fast pace that he completely skips everything to focus on the dog dicking, dropping plots whenever he pleases and marking it down as 'mysteries' that will never be revealed. Most of the time he completely ignores his fanbase and their questions, setting J-Harper on them instead.

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Using Fanbase as His Personal Army

Back in 2016, Johaan-N, flustered and realising the stupidity of his underage fanbase, published a journal begging his fans for assistance, claiming his private facebook account had been hunted down and private photos leaked across the interwebs. Instead of simply ignoring the troll and blocking their account, or manning up and dealing with the situation like functioning adults, Johaan-N and Megs had to make the biggest scene in history since the Emu War. The prepubescent fanbase quickly united for battle and rushed to their glorious senpai's assistance, mobbing en mass the person's account who had shown said photos, leaving hateful comments and REEEing that their own feelings were quite clearly hurt by an incident which had nothing to do with them. Satisfied with the resulting shitstorm he had created and the money he had gained from said personal army (via begging for donations to help heal his wounded feelings via patreon, of fucking course), Lord Cuck returned to posting his dog rape comic to DA.

After the pity party and subsequent increase in bank balance did this turn out to be a load of bullshit. Both Megs and Johaan-N's facebook accounts have their settings as PUBLIC, shock horror (really, are we actually surprised?) - meaning every single photo posted was already public knowledge anyway, just not commonly available to the DeviantArt fanbase. Johaan-N doesn't want people knowing that he gets off to dogs raping each other, after all. Megs will keep that dirty little secret for him, since they both share an email account (fucking kek). Or, will she? Considering the majority of photos available are on Megs' account, including cringe inducing screenshots of personal conversations between them (yeah, you're both SO concerned with your privacy aren't you?). Literally all you have to do is type 'Johan Nordin' into the search bar and low and behold, you found 'em! And every single public post. Yep, that's some 10/10 stalking skills right there. Give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard effort.

Funnily enough, Johaan-N uses his facebook to publicly complain about the critique he receives for said rape comic. And apparently in order for him to cope with life, he has to create a comic full of incest and rape. So therapeutic.

Dog Rape n' Sex Fetish

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See the cringy shit above? That's not NSFW according to Johaan-N. No, that page is on Patreon {and here}. As a furry of greed, Johaan-N made his fans waste $15 for this shit. It's just panels 4 and 6 of the last page repeated and a panel of Oreo dog licking Sexy Brown Stud's stomach. If the acid from your stomach just tried to choke you, that’s normal. It means you have some sanity left.

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Having achieved Patreon status from your parents' hard earned cash, you can now enjoy bland, pointless pages of utter trash like this and numerous canine sex scenes Johaan-N spends hours trying to draw whilst masturbating furiously (for only $15, what a steal!). But the cringeworthy sex scenes are not just available on his Patreon, but in the comic itself. Johaan-N has an obsession with throwing in dogs raping each other, which while realistically dogs have sex with each other with no qualms because they're fucking dogs, Johaan-N has made it perfectly clear that the dogs in his comics are basically humans trapped inside canine bodies. Meaning the rape is just that: rape. Every antagonist he creates has to be a rapist plagued with a mental illness of sorts (traits he takes from a Wikipedia list on mental illnesses because, y'know, he is incapable of creating a villain without copy pasting an ailment onto them), all female characters are raped or otherwise abused in some form or another, due to his inability to relate to females other than by having them gangraped. Wonder what his girlfriend thinks of all this?

Don't worry, though! To show that he's all for equality, Johaan-N now has his male characters being raped! You go kid!


Spoiler alert - dogs don't actually behave this way. Nor does Johaan-N seem to understand a shred of canine biology or behavorism. Generally, female dogs go into heat twice a year. It is physically impossible for a female dog to be mated with out of season as the vulva is too small and closed off, it cannot be penetrated. Johaan-N of course doesn't give a shit about this because he's a freak obsessed with dogs being raped and has stated numerous times that the dogs mate at any time for 'pleasure'. Sure they do, you sick fuck. Fucking Ferah gets dragged into the tribe and is there for less than ten minutes before the males start trying to rape her.

Continuing on with Johaan-N's complete lack of knowledge or total disregard for dog biology, if this furfag knew anything about the species he claims to love - he would have realised that that completely pointless plot twist with making the dogs walk to the other edge of the map within a period of two weeks would utterly ruin his characters' joints (this information has come from a qualified dog behaviorist, so go fuck yourself Kique). Rhovanion, who poses with that retarded stack that the KC mutilated German Shepherd dogs into doing through constant breeding of dogs with fucked up spines and joints, would in particular, be fucked. A dog should only be walked five to ten minutes a day per month of age. Johaan-N forcing those pups to run that distance would have completely rubbed away the cartilage between their bones, rendered them messes from the age of two onward, and increased the likelihood of hip dysplasia and arthritis. Johaan-N bypasses this by claiming that the dogs, despite having completely fucked hocks and posing like those retarded KC inbreds, can simply be 'cured' by some hard work! A new character introduced in Home, Aira, is being cured of her ailments through some agility - because that doesn't cause these ailments to deepen further, you fucking idiot. Forget veterinarians for some good ol' fashion hydrotherapy, kids. These dogs defy biology time and time again because Johaan-N doesn't understand a damn thing about dogs. Pity his poor fucking cat who he forces to stand with a GSD stack.

As for the behaviors of the dogs themselves, they act like complete morons in some sort of horrific attempt at combining human and dog behavior. Johaan-N bases his entire comic on the behavior of wolves - but guess what you retard, there are thousands of years of selective breeding between domesticated dogs and wolves. Dogs do not behave like wolves. Dominance and the alpha theory was based on an outdated study of unrelated wolves in captivity in the 70's and has since been disproven). But mention any logic or scientifically proven theories to Johaan-N and you will be completely disregarded or banned.

Johaan-N loves to draw realistic dogs having sex or implying that they want to fuck each other's brains out. It's all over his comics, especially Home. If you read his comics and you have the balls to say this makes you uncomfortable, then if you're not blocked, the god himself will tell you that the comic is for mature audiences. What he won't tell you is that when he says 'mature audiences' he actually means horny teenage furries that get turned on by dogs but are too ashamed to admit they're into zoophilia. They're not as brave as their lord and savior, Johaan-N.

Johaan-N faps to fanart like this when he's not shitting out comic pages.

Zoophilia Suspect

Johaan-N takes extensive time to draw dog dicks in the finest detail no matter what angle the dog is in (no matter what), but that’s just the tip of the fucking iceberg. He drools to his realistic dogs raping each other in his comics, he moans in pleasure while drawing dogs grinning sexily at each other’s privates, he gets so wet when it’s time for his fursonas to make fugly puppies. Inspired by the dog breeding videos he faps to on Youtube, Johaan-N isn’t just obsessed with gay dog sex, pet dogs themselves give him a boner, especially their furry dangly bits. Just try pointing out that a dog’s penis is drawn too big or the testicles shouldn’t be visible at that angle, he’ll shoot your face for interrupting his fap session and tell you he won’t ever ‘censor natural dog anatomy.’ Translation: dog penis makes me so hard!! I can’t stand it not being seen on every page I draw!! How dare you fucking judge me!!! Yet you wont see any female dog anatomy - despite his female characters ALL being used as breeding fodder, not a single one has nipples? If you look at the nipples of nursing females and female canines who have produced pups, they are all incredibly pronounced and elongated. But Johaan-N isn't interested in female anatomy! Only big hard red rockets get him writhing in his panties!

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Johaan-N has a new live victim for his dog penis fetish. You can see from this photo that Johaan-N’s wasting no time to flaunt his new toy to his fans and put his hand close to it's junk. #Can’twait2touchit4real!!. He named the poor mutt Kargo after the ‘sexy stud’ that was made to buttfuck Johaan-N’s Mary-Sue self insert, ‘Roamer’. Let’s hope Deviantart-favicon.png Megs-N {if she’s real} never leaves them alone for too long, or Johaan-N will give that dog a one-way ticket to pound town via red rocket. Unfortunately for Johaan, apparently the dog has to be neutered according to the shelter's terms of adoption, but you bet he'll manage to sneak past that so he can keep getting his ass pounded by doggy dick (when Megs isn't pegging him with their bad dragon dildos, of course).

Like most zoophiles, Johaan-N thinks humans are EVILLL!!! and need to go extinct. Except for himself, of course. He has to stay alive so he can fuck the male animals that he refuses to neuter. Johaan-N refuses to own female animals, as they are disgusting. Neutering males is also apparently "unnatural and harmful" to the male. 'Home' is just Johaan-N's fetish being forced upon the unknowing.

180 Rule

The 180° rule is a cinematography guideline that states that two characters in a scene should maintain the same left/right relationship to one another (Peña Film Studies: 180° Degree Rule). The rule is not specific to films, and comic artists that make good comics will tell you the same. Johaan-N is just one of few that refuses to ever yield or admit he's wrong. Proof?

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Can't Take Criticism


Johaan-N is completely unable to take any critique, assuming he is the greatest artist to ever grace Deviantart with his presence. Due to his entitled manbaby attitude, any comment even hinting at any critique is either ignored or replied with pathetic excuses like this to make up for his shit and pretend that the way you worded a critique is the perfect excuse to disregard anything you said.

Remember, Johaan-N can do no wrong, and if you dare question him and his flawless comic, you can bet your ass you’ll be set aflame and thrown out the back. On SmackJeeves where the |God of Dog Tracing is called Kique7, he's been caught deleting comments that dare to question him and proceeding to justify it, even if witnesses agree the comment wasn't as bad as he pretends it was, and all while lying that his manbaby ass accepts constructive criticism. Oops! Better delete faster, next time!

When faced with multiple persons critiquing the same comic panel/page in question or agreeing to said critique, Johaan-N will disable all comments or write a journal whining about how wrong they are and how they don't understand anything about his life - aka his comic. He’ll even go on a 'ban party' and proudly proclaim he doesn't give a shit about the most basic of things, like the 180 rule.]

Let's study Deviantart's favorite dog zoophile some more for the lulz. Hover your mouse over the pictures for instant commentary and context.

This cuck is extremely arrogant and so far up his own ass that he has developed a fun habit of completely ignoring his fan's fanwork/art they spend hours drawing for him, completely disregarding them. People have even named their pets after his abysmal characters and yet he does not respond to them, deeming himself far too glorious to reply to mere fans and completely ignoring their comments/existence. Don't worry though, since the pathetic baby watches this page like a hawk, he'll change his behavior for a couple of weeks. Just don't tell him you don't agree with his rape apologist, misogynistic stance, else you gon get blocked boy.

Salty Parodies

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class at Asshurt Academy, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on DeviantART, and I have over 300 confirmed traced comic pages. I am trained in the block button, and I’m the top canine artist on the entire DeviantART website. You are nothing to me but just another hater. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across DeviantART, and your IP is being traced by my fat girlfriend right now, so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, being fucked by bad dragon dildos anytime, and I can block you in over seven hundred ways in under seven seconds, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in not accepting critique, but I have access to the entire arsenal of mindless comic fans, and I will use them to their full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of DeviantART, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” criticism was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo

Salty Parodies About missing Pics
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Johaan-N flees DeviantArt

As of June 2017, after being confronted on a stream with clear evidence/proof of his traced artwork and sloppily reused panels, Johaan-N has realised he cannot get away with tracing google photos of dogs for his trash comic any longer and has fled DeviantArt to smackjeeves, another equally cringe inducing site - yet one Johaan-N can attempt to moderate (read: block and hide any evidence of his image theft, compulsive lying and shitty, manchild attitude).

His cowriter J-Harper has abandoned the cause, citing he no longer has an active role in writing Home but merely offers suggestions after the pages are shown to him (which was already happening so, well done for being completely useless and letting Johaan-N steamroll all over you!).

The swedefag's excuse this time, of course to seek as much pity as possible for maximum asspatting and increased patreon donations (if you're donating to his Patreon and haven't noticed this trend, you're a fucking idiot). Don't worry though folks, Johaan-N will probably be right back on DeviantArt in a couple of weeks as he craves attention from his underage furry fanbase - gotta get praise for the hours he puts into drawing dog dicks and full out feral fucking. His artwork has been hidden under 'storage' - not actually deleted, so expect it to reappear shortly. Already he has changed his mind and decided he will be deleting his account in '14 days', then changed it to the '29th' but officially deactivated it on the 28th... so full of shit. Knowing Johaan-N, he will pull some mental gymnastics to be right back spewing out horrific pages soon enough - he can currently be found hiding at Deviantart-favicon.png dunbroch. He even ran his own counter to the day he left as another method of emotionally manipulating his underage fanbase into increasing their patreon donations and begging him to not leave them (alas, since the furry of greed watches this ED like a hawk, he has left early).

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