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The epic cat
in all his/her glory...

i bet the owner of keyboard cat is happy to see his cat is famous even after dying because it was probably sad to see him die and then he was famous and fulfilled


—A 3rd grader with PTSD

Keyboard Cat does not care about your feelings. But he will make your fail a win.

Keyboard Cat is a horrific meme started off on the internets' toobs by animal-abuse exerciser Charlie Schimdt (no doubt Austrian), the poor animal shown in the growingly popular YouTube video "Charlie Schimdt's "cool cat"" (See above if you haven't already, you dumbass) is known to have been shot with a high dosage of morphine or something equally euphoric terrible before being put in some kind of horrific torture sweatshirt and made to play two kawaii tunes on a small sized keyboard with at least two settings!

As predicted, the cat community of /b/ were in two minds over whether or not the meme should become the next big thing - some of their less fucked up members protested about the cat's health after complaints were sent in by hilarious caturday celebrities such as Ceiling Cat, Bike Cat, Limecat, Kitler and even Tubcat - from beyond the grave! These cats still continue their anguish, planning a shock-rescue mission into Charlie Schimdts basement where Keyboard Cat is being held.

The rest of /b/, and indeed most other sites held by hardcore internet users thought the cat was cute and have tried their best to incorporate him/her into their retarded obsession with fails and wins. So now, most epic fail internet videos - such as a disabled person falling down an escalator - will be accompanied by Keyboard Cat "playing them off" with his cute keyboardy antics! How I love the internets.

Video Format

Videos are usually of some sort of semi-lulz fail followed by the music, often with a short slow-motion clip of the moment of fail. The title of the video is usually in the format "Play Him/Her Off/Out, Keyboard Cat". It's such a simple format to duplicate that there are over 300 videos on YouTube now with Keyboard Cat in them.

For example:

Whereas videos with over 100,000 views used to be noteworthy near the beginning of YouTube, now they're so common they usually get lost in the YouTube oblivion of Chocolate Rains and Broccoli Dogs. However, Keyboard Cat is srs business, and YouTubers elevated the video to meme status. However, even the power of Keyboard Cat has limits, and many of the videos that were unfunny before remain unfunny even with the power of Keyboard Cat playing them off.


Just a sample;

September 3, 2009: Ubisoft kills keyboard cat

Believe it or not, this is an official video for Splinter Cell: Conviction created by Ubisoft.

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