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Kat Dennings (also known as Katherine Litwack) is a Jew and an actress, blogger, and most recently, an accidental camwhore. On November 5, 2010, her nude photographs leaked to 4chan, becoming the subject of a few threads. Her glamorous boudoir photo session debuted with a couple tit shots, purportedly belonging to a pregnant Jessica Alba. It’s hard to tell exactly when the photographs were taken and released, as the source of each thread in which they’re posted claims to be a friend of the person for which both sets were originally intended.

The n00dz

Kat fail blogger and camwhore

Kat Dennings Youtube Camwhore.

The Fail

Celebrity stalker and giant faggot Perez Hilton has gotten his fat, homo, greasy palms on the nudes and published them, simultaneously making them old news and robbing the internets of possible drama.

Kat's Respone

So far the only public response Kat has given is one simple butthurt twitter update. Hopefully there is moar to come.

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