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A creepy, obsessive email that he sent to Milo. Note the number of tabs and inbox messages. Second and third parts of the email

Joshua O'Donnell Idehen is a 34 year old Britbong half-assed poet, the type of guy Milo Yiannopoulos would try to entice into a gay orgy. His "poetry" mostly consist of him ranting about his ex for having "shitty racial opinions". This dindu rose to fame in the Great Butts Shaming of 2015, during which he developed a reputation as a rape and pedophile apologist saying such things as “@srhbutts you’re a champ yo, never forget that!”. When this nigger isn't terrorizing nerds on the internet he spends his free time sucking more dick on the internet, performing his poems, and trying to impress other edgy retards IRL. He has also released some good songs. ED would medically advise you to not listen to it for the protection of your ears.

ballz in your mouth

Please bear in mind: I'm a freelance poet/musician. I don't, um, work for anyone.


—-Idehen confessing that he is a NEET, though we already knew that.

Pre-Butts, Butt Not Really

Born in London to Nigerian parents, he returned to Nigger Land at four when his father started the country's first video rental store. Your friendly editor is guessing that this is about the time that the four year old dindu came into contact with a time traveling version of the aforementioned pedophile Sarah Nyberg. After being raped by Nyberg and seeing a dick-girl for the first time he began to lose his mind, leaving his conservative Christian upbringing in search of another path. At six years old he began to travel in search of more dick-girls with which to plug up his rectum. This would eventually lead him to a small island in Japan where he would learn the art of rap and from then on he would keep rapping trying to make a name for himself in the hope that his lover from another time would find him and give him more anal gape.

Post-Butts 2015



—his battle cry. Archive today-ico.png We are not joking.

Seeing as how nothing important happened in J-Dawg's life before Sarah Butts gave him the chance to white knight for a tranny, child fucker I figured it was in your best interest to simply get the short version. On that note, these days Ideheni is still white knighting for a lost cause (see also Arthur Chu, Zoe Quinn), as we all know @srhbutts raped those kids. When he isn't bashing his head against the brick fucking wall that is GamerGate, and has also been seen talking about how much he wishes white gurlz liked him. Ideheni also has a penchant for playing the infamous internet tough guy, pretending that Tekken is real life and that he is Jin Kazuma in this bitch, which is really quite funny because he is not even from a cool place, not to mention that fact that he writes shitty music and poems for a living.

Nig Kazuma

Bad Person

Moses was white. Noah was white. The Bible was white. Slaves? Not white.


—Jews are the new white.

By default we know that SJW's are bad people, however Idehen is a special type of evil.

Making fun of Rape Victims

Team Mischief is a rape survivor. He was raped at the age of 8. The sick fuck who did it also recorded it. When GamerGate had a campaign for rape victim charities, Idehen accused them of using charities as PR tools. Needless to say this accusations do not hold any water and were merely his own projections, as he and his friends are often using tragedies and victims for their cheap political points.

GamerGate supporters tried to explain to him that he was wrong, he just called them names and blocked them. One of them was Team Mischief. When Mischief told him his story, Idehen mocked him and called him “Lol wank child, lol.” “lol, do they call you jon snow in whatever basement you shack in?” Idehen asked him, “pro tip "salt bath" isn't always good for you. I'm not supposed to know I'm hurting you, lol” he continued. “I laughed @ gg using a rape victim's charity to score points as gg's always done” he added. He accused Mischief of “using [his] rape to justify gg's actions” and literally laughed at him “hahahahahahabored.” After a few dozen of cruel and mocking tweets he finally issued a non apology “Anyway, if you have been raped, and anything I said triggered, apologies. But you're still a shit for supporting gg” and blocked him. A few screenshots and archive links survived (see External Links section).

The Advocationist is another rape victim. He and his sister were raped by their own brother and his sister drank herself to death because of that. When The Advocationist told his story Idehen started lashing out on him. Idehen called him “an utter shit bag” and “how much of a shit bag do you have to be to use a family tragedy to justify your own shitheadness? GG in the flesh.” The Advocationist just ignored his tweets. After that Idehen started to freak out. “the Fucking toad” he called him. “the nerve of these Fucking scummy tl stalkers. And when they're called out? "I donated to charity"” he continued. “Naaaaaaaah bruv you're a shit. Your charity work doesn't wash that off. I do charity. You're a shit. Andn” he added. And finally “this advo is an utter fuck boy. Not even "haha fuck boy". An actual waste of space.” Yes he called a male rape survivor a fuck boy. You can read the whole conversation Archive today-ico.png here.

Homophobia and Racism

Idehen’s favorite slur is “fuck boy.” He is using it so often (and almost always in a hilariously misspelled way) that everyone is simply referring to him as “fuckboi.” For those who don't know fuck boy is a homophobic slur.

His other favorite slur is “uncle tom” a racist slur that he is using against any minority who holds different views than he. He also called an indian woman Archive today-ico.png “white” and called another woman Archive today-ico.png “dickwad.”

He used those slurs against actual LGBT and ethnic minorities. But what he doesn’t understand is that this can be classified as a hate crime according to the UK laws.

Having fun on Tumblr

Now lets look at his Tumblr. Here he can be seen Archive today-ico.png making fun of a suicidal person and also Archive today-ico.png telling someone to kill them self. Like most SJW's he is fond of Archive today-ico.png posting extremely rude answers to mild criticism as he sees them as tier 1 personal assaults to the extent that he Archive today-ico.png would flip off an inanimate bitch. He also hates religion and endorse Archive today-ico.png islamophobic jokes. If you couldn't tell before, he also is fine with pedophilia Archive today-ico.png as he casually jokes about it, probably in part due to his experiences as a niglet. No wonder his family and especially his father are so disappointed in him.

Warning-This is one ugly dude
EDitor sends Idehen the link to this page

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