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Joe Mathlete runs one of the best blogs in the world. How could a blog be good you ask? Well, it's not a blog that whines about Democrats/Republicans/Religion/America, rather it's one making fun of famously unfunny comic, Marmaduke. Originally running on, Joe has since moved to after a long hiatus. Because of his hotlinking of a comics site that throws images out after 30 days, Mathlete's comics from June 6, 2006 til July 30, 2006 have been lost. The formula is pretty simple, Joe posts a Marmaduke comment and then explains its subtle humor for the sake of everyone being able to enjoy this wonderful comic.

I have received a number of emails about the missing images from the first month or so of this blog. When I first began this public service, I linked the cartoons from United Media's website (which is very similar to this blog, only it just posts the comic strips without giving them proper context). Then I figured out that after a month they switch out all of the Marmaduke comics with pictures of a little red X, most likely to piss off bloggers and the like.


—Joe Mathlete, [1]

Like many other webcomics in the lollersphere, Marmaduke Explained can be extremely polarizing. I might find it hilarious while you might not get it. Either way, here's some examples.

Other blogs

Joe Mathlete also has a few shorter run blogs, including Joe Mathlete Draws a Nipple on Ziggy's Nose So That His Nose Looks Like A Titty, Joe Mathlete Will Draw Anything You Want on an Index Card, and JOE MATHLETE'S GREAT AMERICAN BLOG. Naturally these are less hilarious than the Marmaduke blog, but ziggynipples might be worth some giggle humor.

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