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about to flag your video go on a jog.[1]

The RPG Fanatic/Jfreedan, (Jfreedan being his comic artist pseudonym "Jim Freedan") Real Name Carey Ray Martell, also usually known as Jfreedan, also known as Running Faggot (and more recently, Running Flaggot) and more recently affectionately known by trolls as "Cupcakes" is a little man/nobody/smug, douchebagish, homophobic ephebophile who takes unwarranted self importance to the next level and barely qualifies as a US Veteran. He claims to be an expert at everything he does such as martial arts, weight training, film and game design, but often gets into arguments with people who actually are professionals. He will never admit he is wrong, and go through great lengths to prove that he is correct about every subject known to man even if the rest of the world knows he's nothing more than a lying sack of shit. His review show "The RPG Fanatic" shows just how much "talent" he has in film making, which is nothing more than a low quality mimic of AVGN Irate Gamer staring Jfreedan who claims to know everything there is about RPGs and talking sword that says "hilarious" quotes such as "Well this game sucks donkey balls!" He also occasionally dresses up as Pedobear too, showing us for what he truly is. What a coincidence that he also practices cybering as a young girl too to keep that label. We're just waiting to see him on the news and the person who caught him to say "I found him out using Rules 29 & 30."

Jfreedan doing what he does on a daily basis: Threatening to sue.

Carey Martell is the most vain, self-centered, arrogant troll you'll ever have the displeasure of meeting online. There simply is no match for his deluded ego on this planet, it makes Billy Idol Doug Walker seem like the most humble person ever to have walked the earth in comparison. Apparently, he also suffers from That Guy With The Glasses syndrome, because jfreedan thinks that whatever he says is holy and true and whoever makes a video disagreeing with him will inflict severe butthurt and will send his fanbois (and occasionally himself, if he can get off of his lazy ass from eating lead paint chips to do so), flag the video to oblivion, then fap in celebration once it's removed. If the account was removed too, he picks a random fan to suck his minicock too. (regardless of gender 0.0) Normally, we would not give 3 rat shits about this guy, being a typical video game reviewer and all, but his recent beef with Asalieri and the trolls of Youtube caught our attention and forced us to take action. Amazing on how you can go from 0 in e-infamous in just a few videos, huh?

Cupcakes and his 60% disability. The government pays Carey Martell because he can't control his bowels.
One of Jfreedan's many fantasies.

He dared tell people he was an expert on martial arts on grounds that his training was all hyperbolic and pulled straight out of Dragon Ball. (of course he'll swear up and down this is all 'military training' and that our puny civilian training is just no match for his power level of over 9000) He also has a job of making the legal system his bitch, because he thinks his videos are so prized and flawless, that only he can use them and anyone else who can get their hands on them will get sued for copyright infringement and get teh banhammer.

How Jfreeden is percieved dressed as a clown to a child.
A screenshot of Carey Martell's Gkaiser comic showing pedophilia

His other hobbies include scaring the shit out of little kids at McDonalds with a scary clown costume[2], working out (looking like a complete faggot while doing so) [3], being self deluded that he is god [4], making straw man arguments, stalking his supposed "trolls", searching himself on youtube, and threatening to sue those that do rants on him and/or commentaries on his shitastic show.

Carey Martell also has won several awards nationwide for most punchable face in the USA in back to back years. If you see him, congratulate him!

He's also available for parties, weddings, bah mitzvahs and the like. Book him now by doing an internet search for Martell Brothers' Studio. [5] You know, in case your bah mitzvah wasn't gay enough as it was before.

He also suffers from a MASSIVE e-penis size. Do us a favor, go to every site that jfreedan is associated with, and cut it down to size.

The Failure Begins

Jfreedan admits he trolls on purpose for lulz and profit.

Jfreedan was born in Germany last Thursday and wanted to become a nazi to take over the world. In collage, he was the most despised little guy in the whole world, thinking he knows everything when clearly, he doesn't know jack shit about it. After getting raped by Youtube's gigantic penis without showing a scratch (but giving him goatse in the process), He was made into a partner joining the group of lonely Youtube game reviewers with nothing to look forward to but tons of fail and trolls. He is also a dedicated member of /b/ and rides the short bus to primary school. He owns a Pedobear suit, a fatass ballerina suit, and an evil Ronald costume, and has family reunions/foursomes with them every week. He believes that he is some kind of an hero for saving lives just by shooting a fucking gun.

Carey Martell on the cover of his long lost classic work of art.

When he joined the military, he was forced to scrub shitty latrines in order to keep from going back to his job as a cashier at Burger King. When he was stationed in Kuwait, he complained that it was raining, and the little pussy didn't want to melt. He put up with it, knowing that the Burger King was calling his name. After 2 weeks, he faked the fact that he had a disability that he can't control when he shits, and asked to leave. They said yes, knowing they can't take his lying ass anymore, and jfreedan left for his cashier job after taking one of his uncontrollable shits on the admiral's desk.

"Shortly after he was kicked out of the army for installing peepcams in the men's room (which were known as "CareyCams"), he needed to find a new source of income. He then auditioned for what would be his on screen debut in the now lost classic adult film "The Man Sandwich" . After failing at taking it in the ass, he decided to embrace the world of RPGs. And Thus, the fail that is "The Rpg Fanatic" was born. However, during this point he soon discovered he did not suffer from a self-assumed man-boy sandwhich loving disorder, but rather the love of hobosexuality. This soon is what would spark the love between Ed and Carey to new, and exciting heights and highs."

After a few years, he had grown an obsession with teenage girls. He keeps packs of them in his basement in jerk off to while he makes his videos. He finds new teenage girls once they grow too old, keeping him supplied with fresh jailbait while his real girlfriend isn't looking. His most recent Youtube debate was a 19 minute video on why JRPG is racist. He made four of them just to show us how lonely he is. He thinks that he is the Chuck Norris of the internet and to prove it, if you use any part of one of his videos, he will rape you with his incredible dildo and his ball buddy and convicted rapist, RetroGamer3. He also likes to fap to little kids when he is out of teens to fuck, and thinks that he will surpass EricDouglace in terms of trolling.

Jfreedan's words; translated to newfag: You are not allowed to make fun of me or parody me in anyway. I want to maintain my false reputation to make myself look good in front of my college friends. You are all scum compared to me, and I will soon be the Raptor Jesus of Youtube!

Carey's "military" record

Carey brags to the whole GD universe about his glorious military record claiming to be a greater one man army than Rambo. Fact is jfreedan is a complete wimp. I’m surprised he was able to aim his rifle the right way.

For example, jfreedan claims that he originally was a truck driver then became infantry. He said it took him nine months to become a truck driver BULLSHIT! It takes just nine weeks.

Jfreedan also said he wanted to go on armored convoys which is also mega bullshit. Anyone who is in the military will tell you that it’s one of the worst jobs you can be on. The only people who take on those kind of jobs are people who are on the verge of committing suicide or super ego maniacs who have something to prove.

Also on jfreedan’s discharge form states that he needs a waiver to get back in which means he did not have a honorable discharge. In states in military code either a JB (Involuntary discharge) JD (Fraudulent Entry) JP (Drug Use) or JR (Homosexual) In other words jfreedan is a flaming homo who got caught giving a whole platoon head in his barracks.

jfreedan collects disability from the V.A. because he claim the anthrax vaccine gave him an allergic reaction (In other words he got I.B.S. AKA the Shits). The fact is you don’t get disability for that kind of thing. You generally have to get a horrific injury to get even just a pittance. I’m thinking he went to a V.A. hall dressed as Sora from Kingdom Hearts and let the head of accounts whale slap his face and ram him up the backside.

When jfreedan showed his military record he blacked out parts of it. In the following video rambotweety talks about the unit that jfreedan was in is a bunch of misfits. Also he says that jfreedan didn’t take any special training which most people in the military do.

the original jfreedan video

jfreedan’s vlog on tour

While on tour jfreedan decided to film himself of all days when it was raining and instead showing what a manly stud he was decided to whine and bitch about it. Sounding worse than a emo on depressants Carey mopes around the tent while the rest of the soldiers look at him like he’s nuts. Probably because they know that it rains less than a inch a year there and know what a blessing it is in that part of the world. This is all he does during the video.

The video was set to private due to the troll factor it has to it. Also al qaeda used it on their youtube page to use as propaganda trying to show how the average American Soldier is a complete douche bag coward. It wasn’t up long because (everyone say it with me)… He flagged it!

Evil Ronald McDonald

Jfreedan enjoys scaring the shit out of little kids who eat at McDonalds.[6] To this day he continues to defend his actions. It was unintentional, but Jfreedan refused to take off the mask and apologize to the little girl. Here he is defending himself:


I don't usually respond to this crap but I'm feeling frisky; look, idiot. I was in the US Army Infantry for five years of my life. I would strongly suggest not making threats of violence to people you don't know nor would I encourage you to fight someone who pulls a harmless prank that happens to unintentionally scare a little girl. That prankster probably is like me; he has the confidence to do stuff like this because he's not? afraid of people like you.


—Carey Martell, lying through his teeth and pretending he has a pair.

However Jfreedan does not respond to the comments that make violent threats against the father. He enjoys it so much, he even sells T-shirts based off of that incident, [7] and made a follow up video a year later.

Jfreedan Vs. Asalieri

Jfreedan's Moriarty.

After harassment and "slander" by local meta fatass, Asalieri, Jfreedan decided to exercise his power of God and close Asa's account just because he does not want to admit he is wrong. Shitstorm on the way and lulz to be had? You betcha. Earning himself a new nickname "Running Faggot" to boot. Just don't call him that, since he's mighty sensitive around the word faggot.

Jfreedan approached Asalieri in a podcast, where Asalieri made a complete ass out of himself by doctoring the audio so JFreedan could not be heard in the Asa version. [8]

Believe it or not the relations between asa and j's were not as bad as the cold war. Asa actually endorsed (half-heartedly) jfreedan in a RAR. This is interesting to note because jfreedan didn’t flag this due to amount of stroke factor this gave his thimble sized cock. In the video asa praised him for his “qualifications” (qualifications that jfreedan has never been able to prove btw) in videos games but criticized his poor diction (which sounds like a 4 year old with a ten foot tongue)

Reviewing A Reviewer #18 Fixedfront River

This praise that asa gave jfreedan would come back to bite asa on his medicine ball sized ass.

In the clanofthegraywolf video of his review of Lufia II he went on a mini rant talking about how JRPG’s are not racist. In this video Roo doesn’t even so much as mention jfreedan’s name but jfreedan took this as a personal attack and made a 30 minute video where he not only stole Roo’s footage but called him a racist as well. Jfreedan also gave no facts, links or anything substantial to prove his point making him look like a egomaniac super douche bag.

Asa who is friends with roo just asked jfreedan to redo his video in a non-condescending manner, include some actual FACTS instead of pulling information from his I.B.S. ridden asshole. The irony is Asalieri does this himself.

Asa even made a couple videos about it.

Where's It From Is JRPG a racist term

Jfreedan A Legacy Of Pride And Elitism

What followed after this was a nuclear explosion of jfreedan’s butthurt rage and trust me you didn’t want to be around the fallout. Instead of being humble about what happened jfreedan became more aggressive and violent. He sent a bunch of messages to asa over youtube saying that if asa didn’t stop he would not only close his channel he would also sue him for slander and harassment.

Asa tried responding back to this messages but couldn’t because jfreedan blocked him (jfreedan is bowl of maturity isn’t he folks? XD )

Why You Shouldn't Disable Comments Responding to Jfreedan's Empty Threats.

One day asa was having problems with youtube so he made a "test video" to see if he could upload anything. The video he made was the legendary “Running faggot” this would be the video that would push jfreedan over the edge and he went on a flagging campaign that would be the end of Asa’s channel.

Running Freedan

Asalieri also made a couple of parodies that make fun of the this wannabe god of gods. The only reason these videos haven't been flagged is because they don't use any of jfagden's super professional epic mega footage.

The first pardody makes fun of his excersise routine. In the original video (which has been taken down due to butthurtitis) jfreedan shows his "martial arts kicks". In jfreedan's mind they looked like moves that would make Mr. Miyagi weep, in reality they looked like something Paul Lynde would do if someone gave him the wrong box of See's Chocolates. Any person who practices in martial arts could tell that he doesn't know a tornado kick from a dishwasher. In another video he tried to demonstrate hyperbolic traning. In it he put on a bunch of weights all of his body and in the end looked like some West Hollywood twink getting ready for a rave. In a act which can only be described as epic stupid begins to run and starts getting winded within a 100 feet of jogging. He then walks the rest of the distance and looks like a complete pussy.

Asa seeing the exploitative E-Drama in this made a video.

Jfreedan Vs. Asalieri's Father

Bill Gaede,
Asaleri's father, Super Spy and blackmailing device of Jfreedan.

Of course, Jfreedan had an ace up his sleeve, after doing some research he discovered the history of Asalieri's father. In that he was a double agent for several communist nations by supplying them with secrets from various US computer manufacturers and was b& from ever stepping foot on American soil again.

Carey's dreams of intellectually checkmating Eric unfortunately ended up making the stupid fuck shoot himself in the foot, bringing up the sins of the father, crimes that Eric were totally innocent of and was branded him a piece of shit (well more so of a piece of shit then).

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

The War Room

The War Room was created after Asa's first channel got deleted due to jfreedan's multiple copyright strikes against him. Instead of his fanboys loling about it like sane people a small group got together and was plotting revenge. While Asa wasn't necessarily active in these discussions he did condone their activities including trying to get jfreedan arrested. The moar insane part of this was they talked about this shit for two months (from 09/29/11 to 11/19/11). The reason they quit the whole thing was rather lulzy it was because Asa stopped being mad. Since he let it go they decided to let it go. Asalieri is like a modern day Jim Jones now if only the fanboys could drink the kool-aid they'd do the world a favor. Here is the document, all 621 pages of it. If you have no life like them then read it GOD DAMMIT.

The War Room

Asalieri surrenders

Near the end of November, Asalieri decided to give up and take it in the ass from Jfreedan, destroying more credibility that ED's favorite copypasta has to offer.

However Asalieri still has no problem complaining about JFreedan or sending his subscribers to his channel on a daily basis.

Sums up the drama in a nutshell, no pun intended.

havocy91 (AKA The Templar Gamer) vs. Jfreedan

Havocy91 is a dude in a hat who whores out his shit everywhere he goes to piss off the fanboys.

The funny thing is Jfreedan is just as equally butthurt by his comments as he would Asalieri’s. Since havocy91 has started jfreedan has flagged almost all of his videos that were about him.

They're all of rather rough quality, and yet still manage to be more entertaining then anything Jfreedan has made. Which would explain his butthurt

Carey gets butthurt in zero seconds flat

Yesterday (09-12-11) The Templar Gamer uploaded a video reviewing jfreedan's "Dragon Age Origin's". jfreedan's review of it was like watching paint dry in super slow motion replay.

The second after Templar uploaded this jfreedan smelled it over the internet with his butthurt detecting snout. Flew on his broom to the nearest computer and flagged it which is the only thing that Carey is good at.

The video was only up less than an hour which may go down in the guinness book of world records for "fastest way of proving that you have no life". Jfreedan must sit in front of his computer all day fapping to his own self in Google image search with one hand and typing in "jfreedan sux" in YouTube on the other.

In related news Carey bought a truck load full of anal ease to alleviate the pain.

UPDATE - The videos were just uploaded back on to youtube!!! Let's see how long jfreedan can resist not being a flaggot.

UPDATE - Too Late he flagged them in to oblivion.

Carey teams up with his butt buddy "The Gaming Rapist"


On Oct. 1 While jfreedan and Ed were watching a marathon of Beaches and Steel Magnolias they both talked about their feelings and agreed that the internetz were out to get them so they both teamed up again to close down The Templer Gamer's account. They felt so good about that they went to the kitchen to eat cheesecake and painted their nails pink.

Also this attempt of taking down Templar Gamer ended up in vain as he got his account back.

Templar's Defeat

On November 19th, Templar confesses that he was the one that clickbombed Jfreedan. This confession drove Jfreedan's detractors into a hypocritical frenzy against him. Even though many of them, including Asalieri, had been praising this action before hand. This also pretty much marked the end of drama against Jfreedan.

Typical backtracking on part of his fans.
Hypocrisy from the God Emperor of man himself!

Youtube vs. Jfreedan

Since Jfreedan enjoys pissing off many Youtubers by getting well known accounts flagged/terminated, it has come to no surprise that nearly all of youtube will go to war against this demigod.

Will jfreedan ever pay for his crimes on youtube?…

This was a question posted by NikoEspeon on the help forums of youtube. He said…

For like over four months now there's been a youtube partner known as Jfreedan that has been harassing and falsely flagging his haters videos/comments for copyright, harassment, and hate speech to name a few. When all his haters are just expressing their own opinions about him, even if they're doing it on their own channels and other places, because Jfreedan stalks them. This link is proof of Jfreedan's stalking and predatory behavior.


Also, the videos that he takes down for copyright fall under fair use, or even in some cases, have NO copyrighted material in them. And he also makes vile lawsuit threats towards anyone that just makes a simple commentary on his work. These pictures are proof of that as well, these screenshots are from just a few victims of Jfreedan's wrath.



Lastly, this all started because of him, because he made like a 19 minute rant calling someone a racist for using the term "JRPG". And he made that video on purpose just to start a flame war, and to earn profit from it. This screenshot proves that too.


That is all I have to really say, the reason why I decided to bring all this up is that he just won't let all of this go, he keeps filing copyright claims, even on videos that were already countered DMCA claimed before, since he decided to file them under a different name (which is obvious perjury btw), but he's going to end up getting away with it if youtube doesn't get their heads out of their asses and do something

What followed was a barrel of lulz. jfreedan interjects and sticks his foot so far in his mouth that he shits toe jam now. He basically said nothing new the only difference is now all the people who have had their accounts terminated by him and or been victimized by him shoved evidence right in to his shit eating grin of a face showing him the contrary. In fact, one of Jfreedan's defenses is that all the "trolls" he's trying to banish from youtube are all from Encyclopedia Dramatica.

As time went on and people were presenting the facts jfreedan slowly was saying less and less and now has not posted anything new the last couple days. Check it out.

youtube help forum "Will Jfreedan ever pay for his crimes on youtube?"

The thread is now currently archived, dead, and buried, and the furfag that made it closed his account.

Jfreedan Gets "Clickbombed"

Just recently, according to Jfreedan, all of his partnered channels were clickbombed. Although it is unknown who done the clickbombing, but we can rest assure that Jfreedan was in a dire need of cash is going to use this as an excuse to attack his trolls.

He also made a help thread about it for whatever reason on the youtube help forums, shortly after, all his trolls arrived to give their honest opinions on him.

The thread

Soon after he was clickbombed, Templar eventually confessed to Jfreedan's clickbombing, that's when all hell broke loose and lead to...

The House Always Wins...

After Templar's clickbombing confession, Asalieri and many others surrendered to Jfreedan, allowing the faggot to continue ruling youtube under an iron fist. Sure, there are some no names that are still going at him, but really, do you think that'll make any goddamn difference...

...For About A Month

After about a month after the "trolls" finally left him alone, finally realizing that no one is going to give the faggot anymore attention (and money), he then desperately calls out to the fans for help on how to improve the show.

To sum this all up, he lost the war, and only an heroing is the only way to improve himself.


Recently he has received partnership of GotGame so he can join other talentless hacks such as Irate Gamer and Retrogamer3.

Deathfist Ninja GKaiser

The Deathfist Ninja Gkaiser comic, created under Carey's pseudonym, Jim Freedan.

Deathfist Ninja GKaiser is a film Carey is working on with a $1,000 which he got from idiots who were stupid enough to fund his Kickstarter. He first wanted $6,000 but real film professionals called him out for the hack that he is. This caused a 16 page long argument. [13] Carey later decided to e-beg for another $1,000 [14].

Deathfist GKaiser is a attempt to scam his ignorant fanboys and tokusatsu retards out of thousands of dollars. Don’t believe me go to his Gkaiser channel and look at the title of all his videos. Every other video is titled “Why GKaiser Needs Your Support”. The funny thing is he admitted in one of his videos that he gets a lot of money from his “youtube partnership” if that is true why beg your fan for money. The simple fact is he barely makes a $100 a month from the partnership and he gets a bulk of his money from Government checks. He raised about $950 from a tokusatsu forum and instead of spending it frugally like a good director would he blew it all on a cheap motor scooter. Speaking of cheap it’s rumored that jfreedan is not paying most of the crew up front. Also when possible he tries to get them to work for free convincing them since this is a independent project that it will someday be more successful than Star Wars and the royalties will make them richer beyond there wildest dreams. Translation they’ll go back to eating Pork and Beans on their ikea couch. Also since most of the production team comes from the film school that he goes to that adds more validity that they probably are working for free.

Also for lulz jfreedan has this banner on every video.

“Please support us! ‘Like’ this video and send it to your friends! Let’s make it go viral! Thank you”


“Send me all the money you were saving for community college. “Like” this video because all the people that I screwed over will thumb it down. If you also have any stupid or ignorant friends that have Bill Gates bank account then please send them this way and I will personally unzip them and give them the student sword treatment. Let’s try to make this video go viral because I’m a nobody and I measure my self-esteem in how many views I get. Thank you and go fuck yourself before I flag your video and threaten you with a lolsuit.”

GKaiser is a comic book that he self-published in 2005 (Translation it sold zero copies. Not even his mom wanted that bloody abortion…which she ought to know about abortions since jfreedan survived after a stabbing with a wire clothes hanger in a back alley.)

In jfreedan’s words it’s about a wizard that accidently summoned a zero instead of hero. (Translation Gkaiser is nothing but a Kamen Rider rip-off with a wickedly unoriginal story). The Zero part is based off of jfreedan’s life story.

The Costumes are a complete joke. They are designed by a Latina Jabba-The-Hut and some chic with a afro. Since they probably didn’t have a decent budget to work with all of the costumes end up looking like cheap clothes that you would find at Party City. Jfreedan even admits that "they are not as professional as I’d like them to be". For example there is one character (I’m guessing the stereotypical bad guy) whose costume looks like 1960’s Batman the only difference is they have gay looking wings on them that look similar to Dumbo’s ears. Also jfreedan said he got one actor called just for his “Expressive eyes” and is easily one of the cheesiest actors in the group he is the main villain called “Dark Shinobi” (Once again he couldn’t be original if tried) His Costume looks the same as the Dumbo ears ones except he’s got a bank robbing ski mask with what looks like the logo from G.I. Joe’s Cobraon it. He also has another costume which is his business suit that also doubles as the one he uses for job interviews. Also to top off this fail sundae is the Dark Shinobi character also has what looks like a gay bondage suit and he wears a power glove. A prop which half of youtube has used already. Way to go Carey Martell! On a side note the guy out of costume looks like a child molester.

Believe it or not jfreedan misspelled one of the names of his characters. In this setting jfreedan is obviously going for a Japanese motif. So when I see a character called “Dragon Age Siyoki” I LMAO for multiple reasons.

1) He names him after a video game series 2) He spells his name wrong. In Japanese there is no such spelling as “Si” there is however “Shi” which only proves the fact that jfreedan is insensitive towards the culture and is just doing this to make a quick buck. 3) Also there is no such Japanese word as “siyoki” For bonus lulz the actor who plays this character thought siyoki was a Japanese hygiene product.

Speaking of siyoki his costume looks straight from Mortal Kombat specifically Raiden.

The locations he is using is completely stereotypical for tokusatsu. He’s using a dojo (The most overused setting for a movie ever) jfreedan says that this looks like a authentic meiji setting…UGH!

Way to go jfreedan! Did I mention he needs another $1,000 XD!

Cosplayers: The Movie

One day Carey was filming a bunch of teenaged cosplay tifa’s in the bushes to put in to his fap bank collection when a anime fanboy came up to him and said “You’re making a cosplay documentary?! That’s so cool.” That was when jfreedan came to the realization that he could make “money” off this.

Cosplay: The Movie is the equivalent of being locked in a room of a thousand weeaboo’s who all talk about how cool Utada Hikaru is at the same time. It is shear hell on a DVD-R.

Released in October 13, 2009 and sold exclusively on Amazon.com Cosplay: The Movie has sold a total of three DVD’s so far (One to his Mom, one to the gaming rapist and one to his “fan”)

On the cover of the DVD is a chubby bull dike version Cloud holding that ridiculously big sword that she wish was her penis. Also plastered all over the cover is Carey’s name just to remind you of the “quality”.

Speaking of quality the reviews for it have not been good. Here’s one for example

Why would you waste money on a product that you can watch online for free on YouTube?


This is pretty much a "what is cosplay for dummies." Some of the interviews are ok, but there are odd cuts, wonky lighting, odd camera angles, and varrying sound levels. I'm pretty sure none of the animé footage they used was licensed. TV Tokyo, WOWOW, and Animax would probably be interested in knowing that. Really, all they have done is dummed down cosplay.

Don't buy this product.

As you can see he's being a hypocrite again. jfreedan doesn't want you to use his "precious" footage to make a video critiquing him but if Carey wants to make DVD where he can make a dollar then he'll steal as much copyrighted footage as he damn well wants.

If you want to rape yourself and pay $10 for a 44 minute film then by all means go to amazon

Cosplayers: The Movie on Amazon


There are plenty of lulz in the comment section.

For example this comment...

<CrappyAmvNetwork> Oh im sorry I thought this was about cosplay not the anime industry..>.>

When you watch this travesty you'll agree. There is more anime talk then there is about cosplay. Do you think jfreedan would be humble about this comment. Take a fucking guess.

<jfreedan> The title very clearly says "video documentary about anime fandom". Cosplayers is the title of the movie. Cosplay is part of anime fandom and cosplayers are interviewed.

if that's true why didn't you call this mutilated corpse "anime fandom: the movie" it would have made a lot more sense but once again he can't stop being a hypocrite for one second.

jfreedan's Dream House

Not so long ago jfreedan gave a tour of a home he was going to buy. He was so proud of it that he filmed it for his “fan” to see. According to jfreedan “Willy Wonka might have lived in this house.”, through his rainbow tinted glassed there was nothing wrong with the house and anything that was wrong he claims he can fix it yet he didn’t even know what wood varnish was.

During the tour they do a bunch of disturbing things including talk about how the upstairs bathroom would be a great place to keep prisoners. Talk about how a poll could be used to lure kids in from the neighborhood to see the girlfriend strip (while jfreedan charges them admission). They also get in to random fights. While the girlfriend is beating the shit out of Carey he is getting a raging boner. Carey also randomly exclaims “THIS IS MY HOUSE!” during different parts of the tour(This usually happened when the girlfriend jammed her penis in his ass) Also he used the word “Gay” in a derogatory manner when the girlfriend wanted to paint flowers on a living room wall.

During one point the girlfriend asked jfreedan about the electricity and for some reason he randomly mutters “Everything will be fine. We’ll watch the toilet”

At one point the girlfriend randomly harasses some neighbors dogs in the backyard and exclaims “WHY ARE THERE FOUR OF YOU?” then proceeds to break the fence with her man cock.

The most interesting thing that was mentioned jfreedan wanted a dog and his girlfriend said “You don’t have the fucking money for it.” Confirming the fact that jfailden is a penniless bastard.

Jfreedan wants to “rosh” marshmallows in his epic fail of a fire pit.

Jfreedan also tried to slide down a staircase, the problem is the width of the handrail was as wide as a couple inches almost resulting in a hilarious suicide.

The cherry on top of this fail sundae is he couldn’t even pronounce the name of his show right. He called it the RPG “finitic” show. He also admitted he made “shitastic reviews”

Facts about jfreedan’s house.

  • His girlfriend calls it a “doll house.” and “the house for the doomed”
  • The house is filled with termites
  • The house has several leaks and plumbing issues.
  • Dogs were so hungry that they chewed up various parts of the house.
  • Some of the rooms looked like they were painted by Liberace’s Barf.
  • The house smells worse than inside of a skunk factory.
  • The house is worth around $200K but looks like it’s worth $200.00 (Actually, according to the Hays Central Appraisal District, the property located at 150 Wild Buffalo Dr Kyle, TX 78640 is only worth a bit over $100K and has been steadily declining in value since he [and, apparently, his brother and sister-in-law] bought the property. Make of that what you will.)
  • The backyard deck looks like the "Home Town Buffet" for termites.
  • According to the girlfriend a child was raped and murdered in one of the closets.
  • Inside of the house the jfreedan’s girlfriend was climbing all over the cabinets and fixtures like she was a monkey on speed.
  • According to the girlfriend the upstairs bathroom could be used to hold prisoners of war. (One of the methods of torture is to show each victim every episode of the RPG fanatic in a endless loop)
  • According to jfreedan that same bathroom could be used to lock his girlfriend in their where “No one will ever find you”
  • The roof has a lot of shingles missing.
  • The A/C is leaking
  • jfreedan has to take a leak
  • The fence around the house is being held up by bright orange football goal posts.
  • jfreedan wants to get a BBQ for the backyard so he can cook “tricken”
  • jfreedan wants to make a Star Wars Mural with “Hand Solo”
  • They want to build a strip club for teenagers so the girlfriend can show them her flat chest and vagenis.
  • jfreedan wants to put up a barbed wire fence in the backyard and the girlfriend wants a open alleyway filled with candy so they can lure boys in the house, show them a trick with handcuffs then jfreedan would kill them then have sex with their rotting corpse and bury them in their crawlspace beneath the house...Just like Carey's hero John Wayne Gacy.

Original video (See it before jfreedan comes to his senses and removes it)

Money Pit by westernestates

My Beloved House by asalieri

Carey wants you to name his castle AKA his termite infested shack

jfreedan decided not to paint a mural of "Hand Solo" on his wall and made a castle instead. It is made out of cheap wallpaper that he found at the bargain bin at Toys R Us. In the video Carey shows you his crappy half-cocked game collection. If look at his "collection" closely you'll see he doesn't really have anything particulary rare.

In the video jfreedan decks himself out in his finest of T Shirt and Pajama Bottoms (A great clothing combo). Carey starts out with his collection of books and out of no where begins to name drop like any of us give a shit. Carey also weeaboos out and shows you his immense collection of anime and manga (and by immense I mean less than 20 and most of them have the pages sticking together from his cum stains). Jfreedan is so insecure about his craptastic job in his "Castle" that he wants you to name it. The winner we'll get a autographed book that he printed and binned together at Staples. A book that he wrote which if it's anything like his cosplay DVD won't sell jack shit (and will never sell jack either).

Here are some names that I suggest.



No-Sense-Of-Humor Fort

Student Sword <COUGH>I mean Dildo<COUGH> dark hidden secret caverns (That only the Gaming Rapist is allowed into)

House of Hand Solo

The JRPG Palace

The USS I.B.S.

DUPEy Shooby DUPEy Woop

If you do a in depth analysis of jfreedan’s subs you will discover that most them are either fake, dupes, channels that no longer exist, etc. wheather jfreedan pays for this is unknown.

The numbers of these fake subs are not known at this time but it is believed to be as high as 50%.

jfreedan dupes

Word Butcher extraordinaire

Jfreedan is to the English Language to what Jeffery Dahmer was like with teenage boys. Carey slices and dices our lexicon in a way that would make every New York Jewish Deli worker weep with envy.

It is believed that Carey took English lessons from a 70 year old newly immigrated Chinamen and later took diction and elocution lessons from The Irate Gamer, Game Dude and NC17.

Some of the biggest lulz are the way he says Japanese words because he claims to be the biggest japanofile since the last anime con.

Here is a short list of the atrocities that jfreedan has commited to various languages around the word. (Any word on the right is the way Carey pronounces it)

Sushi – sue-shea

Pronounces vagrant with a silent “A”

Reputable – Rea-poo-table

Onyx – (Pronounces it with a long “O”) O-nicks

Fantasy items – ba-na-sai

Wrong – Ron (like the name)

Cherrl – Chair-all

Anime – enemy

Fanatic – fi-ni-tick

Chicken - tricken

Han Solo - Hand Solo

Roast - Rosh

Read a book - Read e-book

List of things Jfreedan has done

Each part needs its own section, so expand on each.

  • Removes videos and channels that he don't agree with.
  • Stalks people on the internet and take screenshots of their conversations and puts them on his blog.[15]
  • Wore a Pedobear suit.
  • Sucks up to other shitty video game reviewers that just happen to be "popular" (Like RetroGamer3) to get popular himself.
  • Blackmailed his ex programmer for his Gkaiser video game. [16] (Comments section)
  • Dragged Asalieri's father into this argument when he had nothing to do with it.
  • Threatens to sue anyone who disagrees with him and scares them into backing down.
  • Sees absolutely nothing wrong with scaring little girls at Mcdonalds.
  • Threatens to beat people up screw attack. [17]
  • Spends his disability checks to buy xtranormal points for his lucha video but can't use it to pay his co workers upfront. [18]
  • Makes videos about trolls where he profit off of them. [19]
  • Flags people for harassing text comments, even though the comments are posted on their own and/or other peoples channels/videos and even though he's looking for such comments himself.[20]
  • Begs for thousands of dollars even though his disability checks could easily cover all of the Gkaiser cost.
  • Dropped out of high school middle school.
  • Was once in jail.
  • Thinks it's ok for his friend retrogamer3 to find rape funny, but it's not ok for anyone to use and/or call him the word "faggot", even though he's fine with using the word "gay" in a derogatory manner himself.
  • Calls people racist but call Japan the land of the freaks even though he worship everything that they do. [21]
  • Thinks calling video games JRPG's is as bad as the bombing of Hiroshima and the KKK burning people at the stake. [22]
  • Treats his girlfriend like shit. [23]
  • Think running with weights will get me huge muscles which allows him to treat the kids filming him like shit.
  • Claims that Asalieri is making fun of an autistic person when in his "I Want to be a Dragon" video calls furries retards (even though we enjoy that) and makes fun of people with Aspergers.
  • Starts arguments on purpose in order to get ad revenue as proven by his facebook comment. [24]
  • Accuses people of things with no proof.
  • Thinks regnant women should not get money during their last twelve weeks.
  • Interested in the sexuality of girls under 18.
  • Lives off disability yet he can do manual labor.
  • In Kuwait he whined when there was rain and talked to himself.
  • Brings up irrelevant arguments to make other people look bad.
  • Calling RPGs on consoles "computer RPGs".
  • Gets into arguments with professional film makers who have made real TV shows and movies when they try to criticize his work. [25]
  • Watches and faps to lesbian loli porn in his spare time.
  • Decimates ANYONE who questions his logic with his b&hammer and e-peen.
  • Cannot pronounce simple grade school words to save his fucking life.
  • Got a lobotomy when he was 2.
  • Faps to a picture of himself every Thursday.
  • Has an ego the size of three Suns.
  • Wants to grow up to be the next Archfiend in terms of trolling and TL;DW videos.
  • Gets paid disability checks because he can't control when he shits.
  • Scares little girls for lulz.
  • Got his ass beat down by you.
  • Was born in Germany, probably contributing to his nazi-ish personality.
  • Thinks he saved lives, when all he did was shoot a fucking gun.
  • Reviewed Chrono Trigger [26]


Yes, I support SOPA. I realize laws like SOPA are necessary in order for our economy to recover. Video and music piracy is killing the entertainment industry in this country. FBI just took down Megavideo-- those are the kinds of sites SOPA will be targeting. Billions of dollars are made off illegal piracy and it's unrealistic to expect companies to spend billions suing everyone. But no, keep shaking your fists because it is more important for you to watch free TV shows that cost thousands to make than it is for the people who make that stuff to keep their jobs. And indies are hurt the most since we need every dime we can earn off our products in order to fund new, bigger stuff -- and give people jobs."


—The RPG Fanatic's thoughts on SOPA

You know what? Reasoning with him obviously isn't going to work.

You tell that psycho that if he doesn't stop harassing me and assisting these trolls. I will make it so that ALWAYS AND FOREVER the top Google results for any search of your name, his name and your company and anything you guys ever do for the rest of your lives returns dozens upon dozens of blogs with a log of my explanation of why we aren't doing business anymore, his comments on Asa's account (which I have copies of already), his attempts to check into my military history using a friend (which is illegal) and links to Asa's 9th video where he made fun of an autistic man, along with links to all Asa's homophobic and racist comments and videos.

Since he wants to be associated with Asalieri and Busy Street, I will make that happen for him.

And if you want to be associated with him, that is how it'll be.


—Email sent to his ex-programmer. This is how Carey Martell treats his co-workers, do not work for him or give him your money.

That was Henshin Justice Unlimited. The guy making the Ultraman fan film is, near as I can tell, jealous of my Partner account. He also has it in his head that because he makes fan films with no money as a hobby that my crew and I don't need money to make original intellectual property that can compete against shows like Power Rangers. I will probably release the opening title sequence as a teaser but it is not finished yet.


— Why would anyone be jealous of you? And he seriously wants to complete against Power Rangers. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA

You're a very big man here on the net.

Find me at a con and say this garbage to my face.


—Carey Martell trying to be tough.

We were in a directing class and in the same group, had to make a whole movie with the piece of shit, it was an advanced class and he signed up not knowing ANY of the software, and complained that he didnt when it clearly said what we needed to know, every week he tried to prove our professor wrong and eventually quit the class after trying to get the professor fired.....fuck that guy.......worthless piece of ass


—an old 'anonymous' college classmate.

And WW II absolutely was a war caused by extreme racist beliefs. Both the Germans and the Japanese used racist beliefs to justify their wars. And it is sadly true that the Allies used anti-German and Japanese racist stereotypes in their own propaganda.


—Carey Martell doesn't know his history.

Now I feel like punching jfreedan in the face so hard, his skull would come out of the back of his head.


1sam2345 , after getting a royal fucking by jfreedan's strap-on for speaking the truth.

He and I are really good friends.


Retrogamer3 on one of his live blogTV streams.

Jfreedan's videos now available in China

To jfreedan's dismay all of the videos he has been flagging for copyright have all been uploaded to different parts of the world including the place that's the king of legal piracy.

Since Carey can't even say a simple Japanese word like Sushi correctly, there's no way in hell he can flag a video for copyright in Chinese (Especialy when all the videos were fair-use and legal in the first place)

link on tudou to the channel where the videos that jfreedan doesn't want you to see ('cause he can't flag them.)


lawlsworthy videos that jfreedan doesn't want you to see (and takes them down on daily basis), as well as ones he wants you to see (and are still just as lawlsworthy)

Jfreedan Evidence Gallery

Since Jfreedan loves to collect screenshots of people talking shit about him, others love screencapping him being a general douchebag and/or hypocrite.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

See Also

List of Places Jfreedan's Whored Himself Out (External Links)

Jfreedan so far has been spamming his shitastic show and idiocy all over the internet, here are the following places where he has whored himself out, because the slut always needs more cash. This list may grow overtime.

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