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- Chris Bores' Mother, Linda DeCaro (AKA LadyBuggin777). The Maternal White Knight


Chris Bores selling out.
Chris' Internet DVDs always draw in a crowd.

Christopher Michael Bores (Pronounced Bor-is, thus making any "Chris Bores us to tears" puns dumb), also known as The Irate Gamer is a fat, lulzless, ill-informing YouTube user, who thought there weren't enough Angry Video Game Nerd rip-offs on the Internet. On April 28th, 2007, Irate Gamer put up a review of Back to the Future for the NES, which might as well have been AVGN's exact review with his voice dubbed over, as he made the same exact points on Marty's vest, his skateboard, and the game's enemies.

Irate Gamer would later reveal that he doesn't know shit about video games, by trashing classic games such as Ghosts 'n Goblins, Super Mario Bros. 2, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and Tetris, and expecting everyone to agree with him about how these games are "way too hard" and therefore suck. Later, the Irate gamer would admit that he has never owned any video game consoles before he bought his entire game collection on eBay. All just to sell DVDs.

Today, the Irate Gamer Syndicate spans all of the YouTubes, where any dissent towards him is repressed, and dissidents are flamed to death by butthurt Irate Goon Squads and all movies exposing his blatant plagiarism are DMCA'd by the Irate Gamer himself, formally through his pathetic (and now defunct) company Y2B Productions.

The Irate Gamer is the perfect predecessor to the first Angry Sega Genesis Nerd.

Typical "game expert" quotes from the Irate Gamer

The REAL Super Mario Bros. 2 is the perfect predecessor to the first Super Mario Bros.



—Chris Bores, on his spectacular knowledge of video games.

But the one thing that really sucks, is if the character loses his last life, the game ends!!!



—Chris Bores on Contra Force, unaware of how games work.

Now either if you decide to cheat, or manage to get past level one, You end up on level two.



—Chris Bores on Mission: Impossible, showing off his impressive powers of observation.

Touch the lava you die.



—Chris Bores on Disney's Aladdin, sharing us some of his wisdom.

Why couldn't the easy setting just be a little bit more easier?



—Chris Bores on Resident Evil 5, showing his incredible grammar skills.




—The first part of the Bores and doors meme.

Uh yeah, ya think!?



—The second part.




—The final part.

And finally...

Mother (Linda DeCaro)

Irate Gamer's mother, in response to a comparison to the AVGN's Silver Surfer review.
Yes, she is a grown woman.
Linda DeCaro,
the woman you can thank/blame for inducing the Irate Gamer onto this Earth.
That wise sage, hacking my boy's YouTube >:(
A typical retort from Chris' mother.
Chris' mother admitting she's responsible for picking the winner in his multiple competitions he runs every other second.
Linda, clearly delusional of Chris' actual output.
Godwin's Law in... 3... 2... 1...

Of course, not content with completely ripping off the AVGN, Chris decided he needed his very own Mike Matei to maintain his day-to-day activities of being an Internet douche. But, as no human being can stomach the Irate Gamer for more than a nanosecond, the only person he could turn to was his mom Linda (Known as LadyBuggin777 on YouTube).

Linda will defend Chris' honor, no matter how retarded the action he has committed, to the bitter end, and will openly attack "trolls" (AKA anyone who disagrees with Chris' gospel like testaments of factual accuracies), with total bullshit, such as childish names Chris has PM'd them. Chris' mother is also responsible for picking the winners of his many many competitions he offers to win.

Eric Allen AKA The Wise Sage,

Betrayed Ex-Best friend of Chris and "expert hacker" from beyond the grave.
(Do LulzSec use Ouija Boards now?)
An example of Wise Sage's Hacked Chris Bores' Mature Private Messages to his fans: About missing Pics
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Irate Gamer reviews another game AVGN did, and Lucky Charms too

An Irate Gamer DVD you say? $10 you say? Five minutes of special features you say? HOT SHIT!!!

On September 10, 2007, having sneaked on to YouTube relatively unnoticed, Irate Gamer watched and hijacked James Rolfe Review 93 (the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles review) and copied it to spread his mixture of AIDS, fail and anti-lulz on a scale never before witnessed, where he cried about the same problems with the game as the AVGN did; with the enemies, the dam level, bosses, and used the same exact spotlight effect to show a power up that was unobtainable in the game. He would then start another meme while reviewing fucking cereal: "Face it, breakfast is ruined!"

In the year 2007, lulz was beginning

A man by the name of Silent Rob declared war on the Internet with Irate Gamer, suspecting that Irate Gamer had weapons of mass deletion. With an army of haters, Internet tough guys, sock puppet accounts, Gunfever members and other types of Internet weapons and hardware, Silent Rob deployed a video about how Irate Gamer loves the cock. Silent Rob's message was heavily diluted among 200+ instances of the word "cock", while pointing out similarities between AVGN and IG, and the failings of the M.U.S.C.L.E. review. He predicted that the upcoming TMNT review (At the time there was only a trailer for it) would be a ripoff of AVGN's review, and was hailed as Jesus when it came out. Irate Gamer would not let his AIDS fail and retaliated by having YouTube delete his video (Since he used footage of the Irate Gamer, which is a no-no), making Silent Rob an martyr for the cause. Sensing drama like blood in the water, fans were inspired to counterattack with hate videos of Irate Gamer liking the cock. During this time, Irate Gamer had amassed a huge army of fanboys, hereafter known as Irate Gamer Nazis. In the soon coming wars tons of lulz, fail (mostly), and butthurt (enjoyed mostly by Chris Bores himself) was to be had. Irate Gamer has since become one of the most loved/hated people on YouTube, becoming an chadwardenn of his time.

The Irate-Angry conflict heats up

While Angry Video Game Nerd fans were quick to accuse the Irate Gamer of ripping off AVGN mannerisms such as the phrase what a shitload of fuck, the concept of reviewing games while stringing curse words together and argue the similarities as previously outlined. Self appointed bad ass mother fucker SilentRob AKA LeisureSuitGaming and Amish look-a-like Roth (SlyDogStudios/ astounded the gaming world with this shocking evidence:

The Irate Gamer accused of plagiarizing AVGN's videos:

IG fans responded by accusing the AVGN of ripping off the IG also. According to iratefanboy345, "The proof is undeniable":

A note on his (boring) videos

Evidence that the Ohio press is as about as accurate on information as Chris is.

Unlike the AVGN, who releases videos once a month, the Irate Gamer blesses the net with his work every two to three months (often longer), always promising his reviews will be "epic" to make up for the wait. His fanboys, being the faithful individuals they are, not only buy this but cream themselves when Mr. Bores posts his fail because ZOMG SPECIAL EFFECTS!!!!!!!!!!11111!, which absolutely makes up for his shit acting skills and fucktarded writing. Is there any wonder why the AVGN is a noob? Who the fuck wastes time with quality when you can have SPARKLES?

The spam

Under the impression that Mr. Bores is a fucking plagiarist, AVGN fanboys with no life thought it would be a good idea to spam the fatass's videos. IG, obviously king of the h4x, used his magical powers to shut down the comments, effectively ending the attacks. He then fapped in celebration and went back to making more fail.

Irate Gamer NEO

Unbelievably, Irate Gamer thinks there's not enough of him as it is. To solve this problem, he came up with a new show called Irate Gamer NEO, in which he unleashes his mighty e-peen to rip modern games a new asshole in return for free consoles, games and computers from GottGame.

Once again, he decided to skip the usual method of actually playing the games before reviewing them about them, so this series is just as shitty as everything else he's made.

The games he's reviewed so far are:

  • The Simpsons Game
  • SD vs. RAW 2008
  • Battalion Wars 2
  • Mario vs. Sonic at the Olympic Games
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Zack and Wiki: Quest for Treasure
  • Harvey Birdman
  • Final Fantasy III
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • Order Up
  • Top 5 DS games: New Super Mario Bros., Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits, Contra 4, Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones, and Lego Batman, and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
  • Sonic Unleashed
  • E3 2009 coverage
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Boom Blox
  • Guitar Hero: Van Halen
  • DJ Hero
  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game
  • Dante's Inferno
  • South Park The Stick of Truth
  • Brutal Legend, which he reviewed after playing for only one hour.
  • Tekken 6... or rather the Beat 'em up mode of Tekken 6, obviously the main feature of a FIGHTING GAME.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time: The Remake

This list will be updated for moar lulz. Too late! Irate Gamer NEO is no more.

Irate Gamer sucks up to the AVGN

The Irate Gamer is a massive dick even by Ron Jeremy's standards!
Further proof that Irate Gamer has no life.
"Thats right, in addition to conning you out of your money, I'm also selling out to Domino's!"

Despite his insistence that he came up with the concept of being an angry video game reviewer out of the blue (as stated in his DVD), a private message Chris Bores sent to Angry Video Game Nerd seems to state otherwise. In it, he sucks up to James and begs him to do a collaboration video. But Chris, in his haste, didn't realize that James doesn't actually maintain the JamesNintendoNerd YouTube account and unknowingly sent it to Mike Matei, James Rolfe's on-screen partner and currently rapidly ascending lolcow, instead. Mike, smelling the sweet scent of lulz, promptly posted it on the ScrewAttack forums...

Hello James,

I'm not sure if you know me but my name is Chris Bores, I do the Irate Gamer videos on youtube.

I feel compelled to finally write you since my videos are starting to get popular on youtube and tons of people are comparing my quality of work to yours.

I don't know if you'll end up reading this because you probably get tons of emails in a day and I know mine would be swimming in the sea of them, but I wanted to write you anyway.

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know I've been a fan of your videos ever since I saw your Ninja Turtles game review around last year. And I gotta say, it was very inspiring to me. In fact, I hardly got any sleep that night because I had hundreds of new idea's flowing through my mind of what I could do with this intriguing thing you started. But due to my career, I had to tuck them away for a few months until I could get some spare time to record them.

Now I'm not sure if you've ever seen any of my reviews or ever heard of me, or heck, even like me for that matter, but I just wanted to take some time out of my busy schedule and let you know I respect your work and I do try my hardest to not copy your material. Although in my earlier reviews, I will admit, that I accidentally used some of your well known made up words in my review and I only found this out because people were telling me I did. I felt really bad about it and still do because the last thing I want to do is steal your catch phrases.

Since then, I made a point to watch all your reviews again and to make sure not to make that same blunder again. So if I ended up causing any negative feelings because of it, my apologies. But hey, I just wanted to email you and let you know I respect your work and clear the air of any hard feelings if there are any, because I'm just doing this stuff for fun and I know you are too.

So thanks for everything, and I should mention, since day one I thought it would be neat to do a duel[sic] review with you, but I'm still trying to figure out how getting both worlds to collide would work. Hmm Oh well, maybe one day. Thanks again my friend, and I'm glad to see you doing so well!


—The Irate Gamer, unknowingly confessing his plagiarizing to Mike Matei.

Suffice it to say, shortly after Matei's posting, there were major flame wars between the AVGN and Irate Gamer fanboys across ScrewAttack and YouTube, ending with ScrewAttack closing their forums for a day.

Irate Gamer (The Freedom Fighter) Vs. AVGN (The Evil Oppressor)

Has Chris turned a new leaf and has began to fight for his fellow video game reviewing comrades against the oppressive shit load of fucking might of James Rolfe and Mike Mattei?

This Facebook interview with Alexander4488 (another AVGN rip off) suggests so...

I saw James at E3 and really did not care to go up and talk to him because I do not like the way him (sic) at Mike Mattie treat other reviewers.
I think they take everyone else as a joke personally when in reality its supposed to be fun.


—Chris Bores, Fighting for his fellow comrades

Y2B Productions

Y2B Productions was the Irate Gamers non-existent company that he uses to ban Youtubers who expose his fail through parodies and satire.

Eventually, everyone caught on that Y2B was as real as Irate Gamer's gaming skills, but that didn't stop the him from banning other Youtubers because he is a YouTube partner.

Buy my T-Shirts, BITCHES!!

Y2B also distributes Irate Gamer DVD's, but because he's too retarded to make a fake address and instead puts his home address on, thereby doxing himself, and anyone with half a brain can order the DVD and send a letter-bomb to his house.

Possible effects of sending a letter-bomb to Mr. Bores house.

Name change

Y2B's website since been defunct on 2011, with IG changing it to something just as fake, called "Irate Entertainment". That website is now defuct as well due to IG being a lazy fuck and not being able to keep it up, and instead changing it to just

The conflict dies down, but don't tell the troops!

For the most part, the conflict between IrateGamer and the AVGN has died down, as AVGN reviews every game related to every movie release, and IrateGamer complains about Contra, but that hasn't stopped their loyalist armies from creating mass drama and/or lulz. When the AVGN put out his Rambo video, his detractors immediately accused him of stealing material from several YouTube reviews of the same game. People who were denouncing IrateGamer for jacking material from AVGN were suddenly willing to give the AVGN the benefit of the doubt. Butts were hurt. Subscriptions were canceled. Trolls were fed. The Patriots lost the Super Bowl.

Today, a vicious cycle of trolling and butthurt continues to perpetuate despite the absence of actual conflict. Fans troll trolls, who then become trolls, who become trolled by other trolls before even MORE trolls troll the trolled.

"After watching him, viewing posts, and seeing all the haters out there, it seems to me that it really is a battle between Coke and Pepsi."


—ScrewAttack User A

"Coke and Pepsi are quality products and Pepsi is a rip off of Coke."


—ScrewAttack User B

Since their idols aren't trading barbs between each other, the armies have taken to fighting among themselves rather than sit and wait for more drama. Some highlights include:

  • Demenstar accusing PyramidHead97 of ripping off the AVGN in a video parodying the Irate Gamer - The Nerd had a death montage in his Silver Surfer review, and in a video parodying the Irate Gamer's Contra video, PyramidHead87 did a death montage. So a video that would normally be supported by the AVGN camp is blamed because he did one small thing that Irate also did that AVGN also did...Wait, what the hell was I talking about again?
  • SlashManEXE accusing IrateGamerIsGod of ripping his opinions off another Irate Gamer fanboy.

If you ever have an epiphany and realize you're acting like an idiot on the Internet, take solace in knowing that you couldn't do worse than these people.

For those keeping score, let's recap all the accusations by both camps, starting with:

Concepts the Irate Gamer has been accused of stealing

  • AVGN's Concept for a show about doing Angry reviews of games.
  • AVGN's Back to the Future review.
  • Stringing multiple swear words together like "Shitload of fuck".
  • AVGN's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles review.
  • Destroying video games.
  • Posting video game posters on his backwall.
  • Selling a DVD of his work.
  • Stealing the idea to use flames behind him in photos to make him seem "angry". You can see in AVGN's T-shirt ad on YouTube he did the flame backdrop first.
  • Ranting about stupid nonsensical shit nobody cares about.
  • Using guest stars in his videos, which was a concept started by AVGN.
  • Using his Maplestory character on his videos to look KAWAII (which IG soon dropped at realizing Maplestory was too gay even for him, and instead made a 4th grade drawing of it to replace it instead)

Epic Troll?


Given the large amount of epic trolls that have taken everyone by surprise such as Megan Had It Coming, is it possible that the Irate Gamer has been attacking good games and generating much butthurt in the name of the lulz? Could it be that he got to be the twelfth most subscribed comedian on YouTube by trying to be funny instead of being srs?

~Another one bites the dust~

Probably not. But then again, last Thursday in his "Top 5 Worst Video Game Movies" movie, he slammed Final Fantasy X, and even Internet noobs know that bashing any Final Fantasy game, even the shitty ones, results in a lot of butthurt.

Buy mah Internets DVD!!!1

Chris has released seven DVDs to feed the ravenous hunger of his massive fan base. If you don't believe that people are literally creaming themselves at the thought of owning their very own microcosm of Chris' genius, just check out his stellar 1.5 star rating on Amazon for a DVD that they don't even sell anymore. Chris now only sells these exclusively from his home. The video below contains a review of The Irate Gamer Season 1 DVD (there don't appear to be any reviews of the subsequent seasons because no one gives a shit), wherein the reviewer confirms that he does indeed put his fucking home address as the return address on the DVD package (whether he is too cheap to spring for a PO Box or merely too stupid is a matter of debate):

Chris subscribed to himself, 100,000 times

On the 25th of August 2010, Chris's subscribers fell from ~121,000 to exactly 1337 within a day. It appears that several, as in A LOT of Chris's Sock Puppet accounts were being banned by YouTube staff. This is the reason he hid his Subscriber panel, and how Irate made all his money whilst doing fuck all IRL. Bot accounts = Moar views = Profit. Chris then went to /v/ to samefag and bawww about it, claiming it was just a script by someone to make his subscriber count go down. This was indeed bullshit and can't be proved since Chris would need to enable the display of subscribers on his channel.

Left with around 0 subscribers, Chris shat himself because of how YouTube pwned him. As in Chris's words, "all good things must come to an end". It was actually a script that exploited a YouTube counting bug. It became obvious once his subscribers hit 0. Or it could be that he is so bad nobody ever subscribed to him. Ever. If only.

HOLY SHIT, HE DOES IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!1!11 (?)

Just when you thought that Bore's fan's faggotry couldn't skyrocket any higher, One AnIrateGamerFan decided to step from the crowd and become the Whitest of White Knights for him. It turns out that Cry Wolf has been baleeted from the tubes. It also turns out that it wasn't AnIrateGamerFan, It was YouTube user jamesduxton that had been doing the false flagging. Because of that, Cry Wolf is now curb stomped like the dumb whore that it is, and is now just another piece of Irate "Gaymer" history.

For those of you just coming out from under the dumpster you call home, here's the summery of what happened: Jamesduxton and his group of closet furrys went by the company name Cry Wolf Productions, which had been flagging every video containing Bore's fugly mug.

But what was the reason behind this jfreedan-scale flagging? Lulz? No... Pissed fans? YES! Every channel that had Chris "Boring as Cow Shit's" material in them was GONE, ridding YouTube of any lulz (IF any could have been found in the first place). That meant commentaries, parodies, Bores N' Doors, everything got flagged and removed just for having his face in your video.

Don't shit yourself just yet though, there is good news. Seeing as how jamesduxton is going to be b& from YouTube for his stupidity (Disregard that, he IS), the group that supposedly made up Cry Wolf will most likely be disbanded, and jamesduxton will receive a personal VIP Invitation to the party van.

Now let us celebrate the downfall of Cry Wolf with lulz and cake for everyone!

Survivors of the flagging and how (More as we find them)

Irate Gamer currently

The Irate Gamer is still relevant, somehow. He currently is becoming more and more as an obvious parody of an average video game reviewer each review he puts out, as you can tell he's not really taking this shit as seriously as he did when he was making his older reviews. There's currently over 20,000 hate videos on YouTube about the Irate Gamer (Not to mention all the ones that were false flagged and deleted). For whatever reason he unblocked EVERYONE on his channel, only to block them again whenever they start spamming "AVGN rip-off" once again.

Due to the recent trend that AVGN is getting more and more haters lately thanks to him e-begging for his movie and promoting a kickstarter for a shitty game to be made, Irate Gamer saw this as a perfect opportunity to make an epic video that involved him spoofing AVGN's e-begging. Instead, making Chris look like the massive hypocrite that he really is. This of course created a huge shitstorm among AVGN and Irate Gamer's fans in the comments of that video, but still somehow, through some reason that both God or Satan doesn't know, a lot of people liked this video more than they disliked it. So somehow, this guy is slowly gaining more respect, while AVGN is slowly losing it.

Hell freezes over

January 25, 2013 is the day in which Hell finally froze over when Irate Gamer uploaded a peculiar video. While the start of it wasn't anything special, just sponsoring GotGame as usual, about half-way there he randomly gives shout outs to Asalieri, TheArchfiend, and Mr. WeenieProductions (some guy with an afro). Now two of those guys in particular had made videos before bashing this faggot before, but now he's actually giving them shout outs thanking them for their support. Well, all three have been going after the AVGN as of late, and been trying to uncover some sort of truth behind him. Other than that, he still gives his fans the usual thanks and such, even doing another wise cracking at the AVGN stealthly for good measure.

Even though Chris blatantly advertised this faggots, giving them more viewers than they ever needed, this act of kindness actually is converting some of his previous haters into followers. Is this a sign of Irate Gamer actually improving perhaps? What other random shit did the Irate Gamer come up with next?

He blatantly ripped off the Nerd again by creating his own video game for the iPhone. He claimed the game was in development for years, but it came out over a month after the Nerd's game was released. The game was eerily similar to the Nerd's game as they both feature the NES Zapper as the weapon of choice, homage to NES games in the form of levels and insanely difficult levels. The game was pulled off the App Store due to nobody buying the game and there's a shitload of bugs that plagued it. Whatever the case, now he makes mostly Skylanders figure reviews as the new main content of his show, because he sucks at other games that pose a challenge to him that he can't review on. Instead of playing old NES games for his mindless drone army, he looks at toys and tell manchildren which toy is the best in the game, so they can pwn monsters with plastic they bought with their parents money off of eBay.

The game that won so many Game Of The Year awards.

Where is he now?

Since his main "storyline" reviews are finally over and Bores has since quit the Irate Gamer character, he continues to make Skylanders reviews, E3 garbage, his reviews of 80s junk and Minecraft figures, trying to get himself of TV through various means, etc. He even tried to bring back his ghost-hunting show under a different name and his History of Video Games series after it had been put on hiatus for over 9000 months.

It took years, but the worst part of him is finally over. Now his reputation will quietly decompose into nothing more than generic. Rest in Pieces IG, your e-drama, attention whoring, and fanboy flame wars shall be remembered for ages of lulz to come.

Or not, and he can just keep coming back like a goddamn zombie. Oh, and he's doing Let's Plays now. Gird your loins.

And now he's got a fucking book coming out too. Expect Y2K fakers to give it 5 stars just like with his DVDs. Also he's got a new toy review channel starring the shitty man character from Minecraft


Irate Gamer hidden message in fanart.
Fans of Bores left a hidden messages in a pieces of fanart for him.
The Irate Gamer meme (Bores n' Doors).
More Bores n' Doors.
The Irate Gamer is SCAMMING his fans with DealDash "prizes".
DEALDASH.COM: The Scandal & Review - The IRATE Gamer


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