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Internet Revolution (also known as Twitter Revolution, Wikileaks Revolution, or Social Networking Revolution) is a term coined by Moralfags to pat themselves on the back for doing absolutely nothing except sitting at their computers and wanking all day. The term refers to the protests and riots that were allegedly sparked or reinforced by the power of the internet.


In 2009 protests began Iran after suspicion of a potential election fraud involving perjury to the highest system of government in Iran and possibly attempting to establish a coup. Once the news spread into the internet, the raidfags of 4chan got boners with excitement and moralfaggotry spread out all over /b/ faster than a forced meme on tumblr. Next thing you know Anonymous Iran was born.

Anon Iran.png

This anal cancer ended up spreading to Youtube

Youtube users began realizing the corruption of the Iranian government and vowed to fight it to the bitter end. Their plan to help the Iranian government fall was taking the painstaking amount of time to change their youtube icon green.

Lookit! I am an activist now! LOL!

Considering the internet has the attention span of a flea, everyone completely forgot about Iran after the protests failed.

Of course the term was harmless at this point, it was just classic moralfags showing support for a failed protest. It's not like they were actually taking credit for toppling oppressive governments, right?

The internet takes credit for toppling oppressive governments

In late December a revolution sparked in Tunisia followed by a revolution in Egypt. Both aimed at ousting their president. Soon the internet showed it's strong level of support by copying and pasting a status on Facebook. Anonymous decided to DDoS a few sites, and Wikileaks decided to show cables of the Tunisian president being a dick. Both revolutions succeeded and their presidents stepped down. What came as a result of the success of the two revolutions was the internet taking complete credit for the revolution by doing virtually nothing at all.

Moralfags patted themselves on the back while Wikileaks founder Julian Assange took credit for starting the whole damn thing. Every other internet user sat back and felt good about themselves knowing every time they logged on to facebook to stalk their ex girlfriends they were actually fighting the man!


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