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Tsunamis present a great challenge to local swimmers.

A Tsunami is when a large amount of water from the ocean hits onto a city or a suburb, causing mass destruction and killing many Hookers and Gay men. It is caused by the violent shake of an Earthquake (An Earthquake is when a lot of people have sex at the same time that at one point, a country would rumble).

God also sent out a Tsunami and told mighty Jew to build a damn ark.

The tsunami that hit Asia in late 2004 is an example of God ass-raping azns for the lulz and to punish faggot Sweden for being fags. Fred Phelps exposed the gay fag conspiracy by butt-raping his daughter until she vomited all over Puxatawney Phil, thus proving that God will send us six more weeks of winter unless we stone five fags a day. Woe to faggot Sweden!

A second tsunami several months later wiped out all of Sri Lanka which resulted in moar lulz.

Several attempts to raise money for the victims accomplished precisely dick, but they did make several people feel good about themselves, which is all that really matters. In addition, every tsunami event is usually forgotten about in a matter of days either because a tornado, which is more awesome and more damaging than a tsunami, rapes America, or because people realize that the odds of getting hit by a tsunami when you live inland is actually 0.

Important people who died in the Tsunami

What really matters

NOTE: Skip to 3:55 to skip over all the bullshit.

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