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Nutshell will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

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In a nutshell (Otherwise known as A nutshell, or simply-Nutshell) is a forced meme plastered all over YouTube about abridging things in the least funny way possible.

The shell of a different kind of nuts


Know Your Meme says the origin of this meme was "To Kill A Mockingbird - In A Nutshell" on youtube, but KYM is wrong about everything ever. The faggotry really began, like all gay shit on the tubes, with weeaboos on Newgrounds. The first "In A Nutshell" was a crappy flash video on Newgrounds that became popular even though the only thing animated about it was little flashing black circles representing mouthes. Soon this turd spawned it's own series, then about 100 copycats, then the cancer spread to youtube and was used by jpedophiles to summarize anime shows like DBZ and Yu-Gi-Oh! in a an unfunny way. It was popular around 2005-2006 and has now faded away like every other forced meme and people no longer use it to make youtube poop. Now "In a nutshell" is used for crappy, 30 second videos, and oldschool ones are called "X The Abridged Version" (or "X abridged").

And being nothing if not willing to jump the bandwagon after it has already left, tf2 fanboys are just now discovering this trend and trying to copy it.


Oldschool nutshells:

The original

What KYM thinks is the original

New Crap:

Tom Preston in a nutshell

Ctrl Alt Del in a nutsell

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