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And Broglex is not a dickweed.

Because putting an "i" in front of something automatically makes it cool.

iScribble is a site with a stupid name where a person can draw or chat with other users, thus providing entertainment for at least 100 percent of people on the internet who would rather waste time ruining a blank space with a terrible user interface than actually draw something that will be deleted within hours of uploading it.

The Boards

Typical selection of boards. Notice the board where they're "Dawing" Pokemon.
Nice car! Almost like a photo! Why on iScribble?
iScribble's rapidly deteriorating community cause boards like this to appear.

iScribble has a forum-like format where users browse through a selection of boards like a plumber's snake through a clogged toilet. The post-it note sized boards are too tiny for multiple people to work on. Since collaborations always look like shit due to the often massively varying levels of skill between users, some people choose to draw decent looking work with the shitty tools and infinitesimal size of the board, which is a waste of effort since a person could just as easily open Photoshop, or even Paint, and produce results in infinitely less time.

All the boards can be classified very easily, since people who create public iScribble have no creativity whatsoever, and can only force their deflated tire of a brain to identify the topic of their thread as "Randomness!!XD" or similar shit.

When boards actually have a topic, it is usually overdone shit like anime, or video games and shows, or even worse, animals. These pictures of animals are lifeless and dull. The animals are never doing anything, they're just sitting there and looking like the 2-dimensional etching on a blank board that they are. Not only are most pictures of animals drawn on animal boards the most boring pictures of that animal you'll ever see in your life, but sometimes, furfags get on and start drawing their faggotry, which is also terrible.

Drawing Games

Explain how in fuck people can draw something satisfying in this space.

The most terrible kind of board are the dreaded "Drawing Game" boards. These boards take the already incredibly shitty size of the drawing space and chop it up into sections for people to draw in. A person is forced to draw in a space the size of a ticket stub, and it's fucking miserable.

Judges (who are just normal users who have imaginary power and are filled with fake authority because of this) decides the topic of what to draw in a drawing game. Drawing game boards are typically cut into 8 or more squares, each of these too small to hold a proper drawing. Even worse, one has to draw these drawings in a very short amount of time, so no effort can be put into it and it ends up looking like a piece of shit.Judges appointed among the users decide which of the drawings are best, and label them with a 1, 2, or whatever according to how they compare with the others. However, nobody fucking cares if they turn out to have the best drawing because there's no prize or anything, just proof that you can draw a horrid drawing in five minutes instead of an even more horrid one. It's only temporary, too, because you have pride for about 10 seconds before everybody has to erase everything and start over, leaving you with a wasted 5 minutes you could have spent DOING SOMETHING ELSE.

RP Boards

The first thing you'll notice in the huge clusterfuck of boards is the "RP boards". These are grossly enlarged tumors of wolfaboos, weeaboos, 13-16 year old girls, furries, neckbeards, transtards, and beyond. Mods bitch and whine about "omg y r there so much daym rp boards all of u r retards", but irony, they don't do shit about it. These boards are by far, the most easiest thing to troll. Trolling results into great victory of butthurt while a mod comes in to strike their mighty banhammer, that is if you can withstand the sheer shit that these boards have to offer.

NOPE. As of December 17th 2010, roleplaying has been banned in public boards for a variety of reasons including being swamped down with reports, easier access to trolling a specific group of people, and the possibility of mature content being displayed with younger users. This development at first glance may seem like a step forward for iScribble, but in the typical retarded fashion that flucuates within the moderator team, role playing is still well and alive in many public boards. Using 'OC drawing boards' and 'warrior cats drawing games' users are allowed to use their well thought out characters so long as they make sure they are just 'personifying' it subtly.

The Users

"Fuck you, you selfish fuck! That isn't fair!"

Most of the users on iScribble are like fucking Alcoholics Anonymous members, always supporting each other. That might sound nice and utopian, but if a person should say one mean or disrespectful thing, they go batshit insane, not believing you're talking to them. They hate anybody who messes up their board with an undying anger only a rabid bull could hope to match. If you type all your words backwards, they'll think you're speaking in a different language.

TLDR; Users of iScribble cannot detect sarcasm, seriousness, or lulz.

iScribble users are also incredibly self centered and stupid. They have the belief that the rules they make are to be followed, no matter what, if they put rules in the title or description. Naturally, most of these boards are public, and thus completely open. If they didn't want their shit to be raped, that's their fault. They had the option to make their board private.

The Mods

Courtesy of lurking moar by using the "guest" button.

iScribble has a wonderful selection of caring moderators, whom will go out of their way to help maintain the site as they were told to.

Iscribble's mods are diagnosed with major USI, F.A. syndrome, and internet tough guy attitudes. Ranging from furries to old people, these people are considered the epitome of all scum. It used to be the case where if you created a crude depiction of a penis, a moderator was to come within half a second and terminated your existence on the site. But as of recent times, there has been a growing amount of negligence surrounding the priorities of moderators on iScribble. In layman's terms, they are too lazy to lift a finger and ban you. At odd hours of the day, it is possible that an entire board can report a single user, and a moderator will never respond to the flood of complaints. In this sense, one could pull off a thorough trolling on the public boards, baiting the aspiring mangakas into an intense flurry of panic and anger as their calls for help go unheard. It should also be noted that a crippling 32 moderators still listed on the Feedback page are no longer active on iScribble, and have most likely left the site for better, more wholesome activities.

Some of these lovely workers:

Kerr: UPDATE: OH LAWD, KERR IS A CHICK!!11! A raging furry that never calms the fuck down unless heshe gets what she wants. This is proven because she sticks her vagina into any furry cock that reaches the front page. Being able to strike down extremely famous ones (Sullivan/Kesame and Celupo-fox) to draw for her so that her ugly sparklefox can be on the front page so she can look omgprofessional and popular!!11! as she quickly sucks up pageviews to her devianTART. (Note the use of the name Joeseph.) Beware ye shitty anatomy and sparkleanimals that lurk there.

Funfact: Kerr had to take it up her pooper to become a mod.

Sarahsays: Think's shes sexy. Trolling her results to her to sic her little mod buddies onto you because she's too lazy to do her own job because she's too busy riding Stevo's cock and/or drinking beer. Remember, if you want to talk to her, use small, short words. Pictures will work out too.

Broglex: Think's hes the coolest thing ever and everyone likes him.

Stevo: Not to be confused with Jabba the Hut. His daily routine on iScribble is comprised mostly of sitting dead in a board 90% of the time. 10% of the time he'll talk about shit nobody (and even the mods) care about. Followed by an endless stream of "What a cunt" where ever he plants his fat ass. If you don't talk about his prostitute Sarahsays, food, or beer he will sit on you until you suffocate. If you happen to leave your account in the lobby while you do other, more important tasks, be forewarned that Stevo will force-kick you off of the site to justify his insatiable need to be first in the lobby.

Sketchpad: An overweight man of little integrity, he is dementedly obsessed with iScribble; so much so it has come to be considered an anomaly. Sincerely, put the lulz on hold for a second, if you are a doctor, please help this person. He has some horrid disease that makes him obsessed with iScribble, to the point where he is signed in all day just so he can feel the thrill of banning someone instead of getting it like a real person. Sketchpad is crippled with Unwarranted Self Importance, and will not hesitate to flagrantly wave about his pseudo-intellectual capacity at a moment's notice.

PROTIP: Make as many wolf/furry/warriors RPs as fucking possible to piss him off.


iScribble is not very well maintained by its moderators, so it is very easy to dash in and ruin somebody's board, then get out and go elsewhere to make more mischief. Since iScribble has an anti-fun system that allows users to vote to undo everything a user has done, this kind of attack is not very effective, but it does annoy the fuck out of the board users, since they have to wait for the board to load again while it undos your operations. However, if the board has no regular members in it, the lulz last indefinitely until a regular should come along and initiate the undo vote, since non-regulars cannot initiate that vote. Also you can effectively ruin the board by voting an undo for the most skilled user in the board since mostly all the time all the users say yes to the vote resulting in even moar lulz.

Trolling Methods

  • Enter random board, erase the best work on said board and immediately leave.
  • Reference a couple of memes. If someone actually understands them and understands where they are coming from, proceed to spam every meme that comes to mind for lulz.
  • Bring in a mod. Once they enter, personally insult them and then wonder why you were kicked from the board.
  • Critique someone's work. It is that simple.
  • Jump between the line of pretty cool guy and troll constantly.
  • Stumble upon an internet tough guy, act like an idiot until he leaves butthurt.
  • Draw shitty images that take up 60% of the board, bitch loudly when people attempt to set your ass straight.
  • Have friendly conversation with an eliteartistfag, suddenly turn your back on them and start acting like a typical nigra. When drama ensues, take his side again and claim it was because you are "just a tool like that".
  • Draw a crude penis into the background of the board. Be sure to include a pulsing vein, a lot of hair on the balls, and decently detailed helmet.
  • Mention naruto in a video game board, and watch people believe it.
  • "Accidently" start dotting randomly on the board with piss yellow, large points.
  • Get everyone on the board to yell FAILZZ!!! at you after meme spamming.
  • Explain delicious cake.
  • Explain the crack head, nigger infested cesspool that stands between you and delicious cake.
  • Use shocking and vulgar language. Such as: Fuck, Cunt, black person, and Dick.
  • Draw offensive and shocking images. Such as: pedobear and baby fuck.
  • ???
  • PROFIT!!!

The "Overwhelming Horde" Method

With proper planning, it is possible to overrun the public boards of iScribble with hundreds of operatives to destroy the boards and cancel the undo vote with their superior numbers and equal vote. Users would scurry away into their private boards and cry, or beg for entry from the public-private boards. It would be chaotic, magnificent, and epicly lulzy, but will probably only get done at least 100 years from now because organizing a raid on the internet is like getting Goth teen fucks to sing in a choir.

The "Solo Run" Method

Trolling and pissing off iScribble users is as simple as knowing how to navigate a proxy. One may wish to use a VPN or TOR to save time when IP hopping. Using this method is moderately effective, and you can successfully rape a board however many times you want.


Last Thursday, Post-it (The brand responsible for marketing Post-it notes) released a flash game eerily similar to iScribble, unoriginally dubbed "Draw-it". The game plays out like Pictionary, minus the team aspect and using the interface's limited number of drawing tools. Drawing turns are limited to 60 seconds, with 1 player drawing at a time while the other players in the room attempt to guess what is being drawn. Of course, this is assuming that the game is being played seriously, which 9 times out of 10, it is not.

You can expect to see the chatbox being flooded by endless streams of spam, artist's renderings of the Klu Klux Klan in action and WTC in progress, or if you're lucky, the game being broken entirely (As demonstrated in the video below).

METOKUR destroys Draw-it beyond all repair.

A Typical Run Through iScribble

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