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Pedobear HD.png DID YOU KNOW?
The age of consent in Hungary is 14. (Or 12 if the other person is under 18)

Yes, this is their fucking flag. A 4-year-old's drawing of your mother's asshole against the horizon, using the most ugly fucking colors together possible.

HunGAYry, Hungry or in Hungarian, Magyarország, is an inbred Mongoloid enclave in Central Europe. The country's capital city is Budapest, a crime-ridden shithole full of AIDS and hookers. It is notable for not being notable.

The land is mainly populated by Hungarians, but there is a minority of Gypsies. Everyone in Hungary is a fucking Gypsy. The offical language consists of spewing out 44 letters in two seconds and burping, making Hungarian more disgusting than Jewspeak. Hungary also used to have Jews, but luckily some lulzy folks decided to put a stop to that. They came back with Moneyz.

Hungary is a popular tourist destination, despite having absolutely nothing of interest. Tourists in Hungary are less welcome than a nigger at a Klan rally.

The national pastime in Hungary is getting drunk off Pálinka and committing incest.



Scientists, scratching their heads at the root of this abomination of a nation, have debated from when and where Hungarians came. This is a pointless exercise as not even the Hungarians themselves give two shits. However, genetic and linguistic studies have shown that the Hungarians are, to the surprise of fucking no-one, related to the FUCKING FINNS. This is an insult to the Finnish nation, as they are far less inbred and only enjoy bestiality during midsummer. Because the people of Hungary are a primitive, inbred and dirty lot, they were picked on by larger, and arguably dirtier, primitives. This marked one of the first instances in history of apes trolling other apes. While this clusterfuck was happening, the Archduke of Austria married the shit out of the Hungarian princess, effectively committing Grand Theft Nation, leaving the peoples of Hungary now the laughing stock of the globe because their princess was a dirty fucking whore. This event in history is known as the Double Penetration of Austria and Turkey. You can google that for proof.


Then, in 1911, WW1 broke out. Unfortunately for all soldiers involved, the general tactic was to Zerg rush the enemy at full speed, and of course resulting in much pwnage. Austria and its buttbuddies Prussia and Turkey, ALMOST won, because they had superior tactics, firepower and infrastructure. However years of continued buttraep by Britain and the Allies eventually caused them to lose.

History trolls Hungarians for the lulz
History trolls Hungarians for the lulz

After the war the Allies decided that Austro-Hungary and Prussia were too dangerous, and cut the Empire up. Most people know about the Treaty of Versailles, which completely fucked up Germany for a while, but the Treaty of Trianon was even more lulzy. Although not permabanned from the world (A BIG FUCKING MISTAKE), Hungary lost 50% of its previous land and nobody gave two shits.

Hungary6.png Hungary7.jpg

Nothing interesting happened after that, besides an epic fail revolution in 1956 when Soviet Russia buttfucked Hungary and accidentally the country.

Geography and Infrastructure


Nope, your family decides which one you get to marry.

Hungary is a boring place with boring scenery. Enjoy flat land? Go to the Alföld, a big fucking grassland. Enjoy lakes? There's only one of any importance, Lake Balaton. Apart from that, there really is nothing to see in Hungary.

Hungayrians take great pride in the Alföld, viewing it as the homeland of many great poets and artists. However for the average farmer living in this boring grassland, the only fun comes in the form of Bestilolity, as there are more sheep and cattle in Hungary than there are humans.

Pride of the Hungarian countryside


The capital city, Budapest, has a population of 2 million and consists of 90% Gypsies and 10% dead bodies. Almost everyone is related, due to the Hungarians love of incest. This city is also a tourist trap, where nightclub owners will buttrape you for small change and murder you for free, but only if you're a nigger. Map of Budapest:

This is normal transportation, even in a supposedly "modern" capital.
A standard sight in the capital.

What they (the tourist sites) want you to see...

  • The Parliament - big house where Hungarian politicians watch gay porn on their iPads. There's a supermarket inside in case they feel like getting drunk.
  • The Castle - here be rich Gypsies.
  • Heroes' Square - a bunch of green statues of people sitting on horses (again)
  • National Art Gallery - a small museum with shitty works of art that no Hungarians could ever afford to buy

And what they don't want you to see...

  • Gypsies
  • Gays
  • Niggers
  • Gypsy ghetto
  • Jews (noisy and otherwise) THERE ARE NO JEWS IN HUNGARY FUCKHEAD.
  • Skinheads
  • Football hooligans
  • Soviet era cars
  • Porno 'taches
  • Chinese Mafia
  • Gypsy Mafia (Also known as FIDESZ)
  • Ukrainian Mafia
  • Russian Mafia
  • Homeless people sodomizing each other.

There are no crimes in Hungary, only "incidents with the locals".


—The first thing told to all tourists when they arrive in Budapest

In post-Communist Hungary, bus drives you!

The transportation system in Budapest is both shitty and expensive. Trains younger than 30 years old are nonexistent. The average age of a bus used by public transportationin Budapest is more than 35 years. No matter if it's the tram, the bus or the metro, the trolley or the boat, they all have a few things in common: being old, being loud, and being Soviet.


Gypsies & Sheep

"You'll die" - this happens when you leave gypsies alive
The transformation of people when there are too many gypsies in your country

Hungary is a primarily Gypsy nation, and any concept of a "pure" Hungarian race disappeared long ago when the great Gypsy king MEGALOLZOR the 2nd shot his mighty load into the last full-blooded Hungarian girl. In recent years, some niggers decided to give Hungarians AIDS. However, most Hungarians have still never seen a real negro, instead learning all they need to know about the negroid race by visiting the monkey enclosure in Budapest Zoo.

As if Niggertunes couldn't get any worse...

Racial Equality

Racism in Hungary is alive and well. In fact, it is legal to kill a black man at night, so long as you pay the cops a couple forints and let them gangrape your wife and daughter (being Hungary, it is mandatory for you to join in). White tourists will still find themselves becoming victims of Hungarian racism, for looking too much like a nigger or too much like a German or whatever. Basically Hungary is the only European country where a black man can't get laid with anyone just by being black.

Circa 2009 with fun camera filters to emphasize skin color differences

Food And Drink

Hungarian "food" looks like a corpse ate shitty Italian food and then puked it up before ejaculating onto it.




Warning: Although it's true that Hungarian pussy is tight and sweet, they age fast as holy motherfucking christ and look like this at age 30.

Hungarian girls are generally very hot. This is pretty much the only thing they have going for them. The reason Hungarians girls don't abandon this shitty country is because the average Hungarian man has a penis length of 16.51 centimeters(6.5 inches for you Americunts). This confirms that all Hungarian girls are superficial sluts.


Hungary is also (in)famous for its nightlife. It is great...if you're Hungarian. Tourists will find themselves being ripped off and possibly held hostage for no reason other than because they're not natives. A lot of tourists think it is fun to enter the first club they see, usually one with hot women standing outside. They are often robbed, killed or their valuables are stolen. Drugs and other dark business is an every day occurrence in Hungarian clubs and more people go to the toilet in a Hungarian nightclub to take drugs than to piss. Missing persons who are later found dead or never found again after being around nightclubs are common.

Waking up in the middle of Detroit with a T-shirt that says 'death to niggers' and jumping in Budapest's nightlife as a tourist without knowing how to roll around ends pretty much the same way.


—unknown author

Original link and more reviews

Politics and the State


Hungarian ex-prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány (2006-2010)

As you can see democracy is very new for Hungary. Democracy for Hungarian politicians means that they are free to lie and talk shit to get the votes and then change tax regulations in their favor. Hungarian prime ministers, presidents and all politicians are absolutely retarded, uneducated and know nothing about how economics works. This seems to be some kind of unwritten law that only true faggots accept. No wonder they're in the Parliament. A few pictures of Hungarian prime ministers will explain. Hungarian politicians are also famous for their love towards their country. For example an ex-Hungarian prime minister showed his love towards his country by calling it "a fucking shitty country". Afterwards he admitted he accidentally the country up and he also added "shit" and "fuck life".


Current Hungarian Gypsy Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (2010-)

Hungarian police have all of the corruption of Russian police with all the casual nigger-hating racism of American cops. There's scientific proof that an average adult male chimpanzee solves complex tasks faster and better than a Hungarian cop. And the law shows this high level of intelligence. Example: In Hungary if you drive through a red light whilst using your phone and not having your seatbelt on, you're looking at two years. And if you drive through the red light three times in two years, you are going to prison for life. Enjoy your time, criminal scum.

Trolling Hungarians

  • Ask them where they are from, then when they reply tell them: "Oh I'm hungry too, let's get something to eat!"
  • Tell them that they are Gypsies.
  • Tell them Imre Nagy is sucking cocks in Hell.
  • Ask if Mr Biro stole his idea for the ballpoint pen from a donkey.
  • Call them Mongoloids.
  • Say Trianon was the best thing to happen to Hungary in history, or that Slovakia and Romania have rightfully earned their independence.
  • Tell them anything in English, they won't fucking understand a word anyway.
  • If on teh internet, troll them by telling them you are a nigger who has fucked many Hungarian wimminz and impregnated them all with your african seed. FUN FACT! This also works on Estonians, Finns, and Ruskies, or any other race who value their hawt bitches over life itself. DO NOT ATTEMPT IRL as this will result in being permab& from existence.
  • When they try and speak to you in Hungarian, reply with "Sorry, no hablo español por favor"
  • Remind them that Romania has a lower incest and first-cousin marriage rate than Hungary.


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