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Muhammad Hosni Mubarak was born 4 May 1928 is the Pharaoh of teh Egypt. He was summoned Vice President in 1975, and assumed the presidency on 14 October 1981, following assassinating President Anwar el-Sadat. He is teh longest-reigning dictator of Egypt since that black nigger. He spent/is spending his reign perfecting torture techniques, eating cheese, buying life supplies of botox, and getting paid by anons to mubarak to the throne (to Mubarak: to stick to something). And his mom is Jordanian.

Mubarak in 2009, 82 years old.


  1. Pwn previous president and become pharaoh
  2. Raep country
  3. Become bff with jews
  4. Butt-fuck protesters
  5. Fake elections
  6. Prepare son to be next pharaoh
  7. ???
  8. PROFIT !!
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A dramatic drop in support for Mubarak occurred with the news that his son Alaa was favoured in government tenders and privatization. With both of his sons directly and indirectly owning shares in a large number of companies and minor projects, Mubarak's corruption is leading a series of corruption cases among his cabinet of minor governmental employees.

While in office, political corruption in the Mubarak administration's Ministry of Interior has risen dramatically, due to the increased power over the institutional system that is necessary to secure the prolonged presidency. Such corruption has led to the frequent imprisonment of political figures and young activists without trials, illegal undocumented hidden detention facilities, and rejecting universities, mosques, newspapers staff members based on political inclination. On a personnel level, each individual officer can and will violate citizens' privacy in his area, using unconditioned arrests, common torture and abuse of power, depending on simply brute force, rather than law, to enforce order in the officer's designated area. This has resulted in the common belief that "A policeman is more dangerous than a criminal".

The rise to power of powerful business men in the National Democratic Party (Egypt) in the federal government and People's Assembly led to massive waves of anger during the years of Ahmed Nazif's government. As a result, frequent laws and bills are passed, with undergiant monopolists (such as Ahmed Ezz's)influence serving personal and corporational financial interests rather than public's. Transparency International (TI) is an international organisation addressing corruption, including, but not limited to, political corruption. In 2008, TI's Corruption Perceptions Index report assessed Egypt with a CPI score of 2.8, based on perceptions of the degree of corruption from business people and country analysts, with 10 being highly clean and 0 being highly corrupt. Egypt ranked 115th out of the 180 countries included in the report.

Furthermore president Mubarak has succeeded in taking over the election process , which has enabled him to remain in the position for a life time and to eliminate any kind of refusal even before arousing. Though the Egyptian people are against the rule of Mubarak , he continues to reign over all the facilities that could enable democracy to flow. Also, Mubarak has lately introduced his son Gamal into the political field in order to prepare him to be his succesor in the rule over Egypt.



His greatest achievement is that he figured out that teh perfect way to rule sand-niggers is by enforcing emergency law, thus, staying in power for 30 years.


The pharaohs second son Gamal will inherit the kingdom of Egypt as written in the ancient scripts of book of the dead.

Foreign Affairs

Mubarak aids Israel in the Gaza blockade, and when asked why is he doing this... you guessed it.. he did it for the lulz


In his youth years, Mubarak appeared in a movie with some fat bitch and a guy with a moustache

Actually Egyptians look moar like this in Mubarak's prisons streets

Death Conspiracy

Teh Motherfucker jumped the shark at least 100 years ago but the secret ruling class is hiding his death until the next election when they pronounce his son teh new pharaoh. ZOMG KONSPEERASY !!!!

Al-Ahram Fail

Recently, Al-Ahram newspaper thought of stroking Mubarak's E-Penis to a few inches bigger, and as they failed horribly in making a decent shoop, the result was Epic lulz after being exposed by Media around the world.


Mubarak Ranked world's number one terrorist after butt-fucking 85 million egyptians in 7 days.

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