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Jews may use lies to circumvent a Gentile.


—Baba Kamma 113a, Talmud

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Good goyim don't read dissenting literature.

The Lolocaust[citation needed] was supposedly the systematic extermination of 10 million people, 600 trillion of them being Jews, by the Nazis. However, if one looks at the evidence it is clear that those death tolls are total bullshit, and for many reasons. For starters, if 10 Million people were killed by gassing and then burning them, it would leave about 60,000 Tons of human ash deposits across Europe, which haven't been found. Secondly, even that it is a well-known fact that the Germans are the most efficient people ever, even with the Jew power and machinery they had, it would have been impossible to gas and burn even 1.5 million people in the time-span history says the Holocaust happened. The motives behind the Holohoax are to allow the Jews to get away with pretty much anything and earn the world's sympathy as-well as jewgold. Trolling opportunities abound as well, as the easiest way to troll a Jew is tell them the truth about the Holocaust—it didn't happen.

Denial Of The Fittest

In November 2008, a British Bishop by the name of Richard Williamson gave the Jews a massive case of butthurt by declaring in a televised interview that there were no gas chambers in Germany during the 1940's. In an attempt to make peace with their fellow superstitious brethren, the Catholic church gave Williamson the boot, smacking him with an excommunication. At this point it seems that the lie known as the holocaust will live on...

...or will it? In an impressive display of his non-wavering contempt for anything circumcised, former Hitler youth and current Nazi pope Benedict the XVI has lifted the permaban on Williamson. While this upset the Jewish community to no end, the pope was quoted as saying IDIFTL.

Holocaust Denial Bullet Points

Many Jews themselves like to make fun of the lolohoax.
  • Not a one person in the camps took part in the trials, was invited or even allowed to take part. The Confession of Rudolf Hoess the Commandant of Auschwitz was written in English, not his native tongue, and signed by him.
  • Signs of torture (such as crushed testicles) were found from the interrogated Germans, and their confessions were used in the trials.
  • In the book Legions of Death, British Jew Bernard Clarke admits to torturing Hoess.
  • The gas chamber doors of Auschwitz were NOT airtight (This would've killed the guards not just the prisoners)
  • Some gas chamber doors open in and can be unlocked from either side.
  • The chimney of the gas chambers were not high enough to safely release the fumes without killing everyone in the camp.
  • There are ordinary windows in some gas chambers, as if nobody would smash them to get out.
  • If you look at the blueprints of Auschwitz the Gas Chambers are labeled as Morgues to hold dead bodies (Hence why they are underground).
  • No written order concerning extermination of jews exists. Papers about the Madagascar Plan, however, do exist.
  • The German code was broken by the allies, meaning one knew even of the secret happenings at Auschwitz, yet none refer to any gas chambers or extermination plan.
  • Equal amounts of zyklon were delivered both to "death" camps and work camps.
  • Auschwitz only had 5 Ovens that fit single bodies, it would have taken 1 week and 6 days to process 2,000 jews.
  • The Auschwitz "gas chamber" has no Prussian blue staining from the cyanide gas. This is explained away by the fact that it takes less gas to kill warm blooded humans than it does to kill cold blooded lice. Yet the Majdanek "gas chamber" is covered in Prussian blue, and one nonetheless expects to see Prussian blue staining in Auschwitz due to the sheer amount of gas needed to kill as many as quickly as is told.
  • Photos from Allied planes do not show gas chambers.
  • The numbers given by the Soviets are used to this day, Soviets who claimed that jews were annihilated with electricity, masturbation machines, and steam chambers as well as nuclear bombs.
  • The "death camps" were all captured by the Soviets, who refused to allow inspections of the camps.
  • People were supposedly gassed upon arrival yet from the pictures of mass graves had enough time to starve and become skin and bone.
  • In 1990 the number of people believed to be killed at Auschwitz was officially reduced from 4 million to 1.5 million. Despite this, the generally accepted number of people killed remained at six million.
  • Why would Germany, fighting on both its Eastern and Western fronts, and stretched for resources, go to the trouble of rounding up all of her Jewish people, take them to camps, tattoo them for inventory and house them... just to kill them. They could have shot them where they stood. And six million, srsly.

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