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Pope Francis announced on March 29, 2018, that the War on Hell has been successful and Lucifer is now homeless. Everyone now gets into Heaven, no exceptions!

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Furries yiffing in hell.

Hell could refer to several things.

  1. Hell - The dwelling place of Satan.
  2. Hel - A Viking goddess of the underworld and where we get the name Hell
  3. Gehenna - The Hebrew name for Hell and what Raptor Jesus called it.
  4. Hell - A town in Kansas (Correction: It is in Michigan, not Kansas. Get it right!) that used to be funny for always being frozen over because it is in Michigan.
  5. Hell - The proper, designated place to yiff.
  6. Hell - Where you'll think you are if you spend more than 5 minutes on DeviantART
  7. Hell - Where your mother refines her fellatio technique.
  8. Heel - A place to see someone in.
  9. Heaven - Like hell, only gayer. According to Mark Twain, the climate is nice but if you want cool neighbors you'll literally have to go to Hell.
  10. School - A hell you're forced to go to for 10-12 years of your early life.
  11. The state of Arizona.
  12. The city of Detroit.
  13. North East Ohio
  14. IsraHell, world capital of Crime, Greed, War Crimes, Terrorism and Human rights violations. Makes Ireland look like a pedophilic day-care center from the 1980s

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yuer_zvPR0o One type of Hell.

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