Ginger Genocide

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As you can see, she is a wog from Britain.

We all know that gingers are mutants who must be eliminated from the human gene pool. Elaborating on this well-known fact, British singer/rapper M.I.A. (real name Mathangi Arulpragasam) released a video for her single Born Free on Jewtube.

The video itself depicts a paramilitary roundup and mass execution of redheads. Under the absurd rationale that this constitutes offensive content, Jewtube deleted it. Initiating the Streisand Effect, this generated an assload of attention for M.I.A.'s career. This has also lead to news coverage on the video by CNN and BBC.

The Video Itself




—M.I.A, sticking it to the man

When people were asked why they were offended by M.I.A's brilliant new video, they didn't mention the gingers who were lined up and shot or the extreme violence, just the negative depiction of the US flag. When asked, Jew said, "M.I.A. is a provocateur and someone who tries to rile people up in a variety of ways. Yes, it's brutal and at times a bit overly dramatic, but it's also a form of political protest, a downright subversive bit of art created by an artist on a major label, Interscope."

One has to wonder exactly what she was protesting.

But today many gingers are beginning to accept the fact that they deserve to be put down. [insert picture of Kathy Griffin here]

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