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When a couple of guys who were up to no good,
Started making trouble in my neighborhood.


George Zimmerman's Big Game Hunter is the latest installment from Gizmo and NightSky, whose previous releases include The Clown Prince Rises and the FOX News making Bullet to the Head of the NRA. The atmosphere of the game is designed to put you in the shoes of George Zimmerman and give the player the experience of knowing what he was going through during his confrontation with Trayvon Martin. Twin Lakes Retreat is a beautifully crafted and accurate model of the actual neighborhood in which Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.


Development began in June of 2013 with progress updates and ideas being shared for the following months. Due to the vastness of the game and the desire for it to be a more serious attempt at modern graphics and gameplay, the time it took to create a finished product was far greater than that of previous installments. There was concern that George Zimmerman would not be relevant by the time of release, but by the grace of God, the jewspic can't keep his name out of the news. The game was created using the same shitty engine that their previous projects used - the Torque Game Engine.

Promotional Trailer

Game trailer released September 26th, 2013

Designer Comments on Racial Undertones

BGH Gizmo Quote Race.png


Better than an Arizona Ice Tea.
Twin Lakes Retreat
The elusive n-word.

Big Game Hunter has both a single player and multiplayer mode. In the single player mode, you take the role of Huntsman George who has taken to himself the honorable task of eradicating the Hooded Trayvons from his posh closed gate community. Pistol in hand, George takes to the rainy night to stalk and eliminate the menace plague. With each kill you take your victim's money which can later be used to buy more weapons and new apparel. Zimmer speaks to us throughout the game using sound bites of Van Pelt from the movie Jumanji.

Much of the single player game is spent hunting for those sneaky and elusive Trayvons while muttering to yourself, much in the same way as it occurred IRL. Once spotted, Trayvon will run like the fruit candy he is, but thankfully it only takes two shots to put him 6 deep.

True to life, you can receive a Stand Your Ground Bonus if you shoot after the Hooded Trayvon starts attacking you.


  • Pistol - 9mm Kel-tec with 7 round magazine
  • Hunting Knife - Kill in stealth and style
  • Hunting Rifle - Scoped rifle with 5 round magazine
  • Shotgun - 12 gauge pump-action with 8 round capacity
  • Assault Rifle - Semi-auto with 30 round magazine
  • Magnum - .44 revolver chambers 6 rounds
  • Sniper Rifle - Will drop all but the most freakishly strong targets in one hit
  • Silencer - A suppressor for your shitty 9mm

Cheat Codes

Advice from another seasoned hunter.
Samantha Scheibe

Press ~ and enter code:

  • AI_Spawn - Spawn more prey
  • sandrabullock - Dildo gun
  • mohamedscock - Rocket launcher
  • tastetherainbow - Skittles mode
  • therearefuckingghostsnow - spawn Trayvon Martin's force ghost at the player spawn. This is a host-only command that spawns an AI bot that can be controlled using Torque's default AI commands and the handle "TrayGhost". Google "Torque Game Engine AI Commands" for more info.

Easter Egg

There is an easter egg which lets you see Zimmerman's whore girlfriend naked. The first person to discover this was Milwin.


Development Screenshots

These screenshots are from an early build of the game.

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Gameplay Screenshots

HD Gameplay Screenshots About missing Pics
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