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George4title preparing in southern california for nuclear fallout from Japan while holding advil tabs and a showercap and surgical gloves

His headaches are fucking contagious.

It gets depressing every time, everybody needs money, everybody's panhandling...


—George, totally not talking about himself

Every time I do a video, I hate it, I hate the content, I hate the way it's done. I don't feel good about it, I don't feel good any more, I don't think I'm doing anything beneficial.


—George, feels the same way about his shite as everybody else

George4title (Powerword: George Hemminger) is a youtube conman (currently broke), with five kids and a wife named Perla.

His wife apparently married him for the money because she's supposedly hot and, according to him, he used to earn a 6 figure salary before he lost his job and home and moved in with her inlaws. He's asked for donations all the time during his 'career' and has been caught lying (mostly contradicting himself) several times, and in many ways. A true sensationalist, he tries to paint economic collapse scenarios: spreading more doom and gloom, he hopes to cash in on views. A classic attention whore, to the bone.

George4title Nude on his webcam

George4title pretending he was burned from radiation fallout from the japan nuclear plant
George4title showing us his barfing in the bathroom on the way back from mexico pretending he got the swine flu virus during the swine flu scaremongering panic of 2009

George4title is kind enough to now take us to the bathroom for another scene of his barfing up close


Early Youtube History, 2008-2009

Faking homelessness

Originally starting out in a tent, pretending to be homeless, he was soon "sponsored" by a scammer pump-and-dump artist named Jonathan Lebed. He would have frequent BlogTV chat sessions live from his tent where he would pretend he was outside braving the wild, when in actual fact he was sitting on his fat ass at his mother-in-law's backyard the whole fucking time.

George4title in his tent


He also made a video where he was arguing with his wife and threatening to leave her. He branded it as a reenactment, but many people believed it to be true. They were not acting in front of the camera and it looks like george hit record without his wife knowing he was recording the situation.

File:That fucking tent.jpg

"Legal Defense" Donation Scam

In early 2009 George4title and Lebed were threatened in an email for their video "peter schiff was wrong 2008" where Jon Lebed (george4titles sponsor) made false claims about peter schiff and then promoted his penny stock scam business. George4title also asked for donations for his legal fund and quickly changed sponsors to Schiff never actually said he was going to sue him but Georgie boy saw it as a golden opportunity to do his first donation drive. DTOM News Justin exposed the fact was also run by Jonathan Lebed. George4title eventually cracked and confessed was run by Lebed. Many thought for 2 years that Peter schiff never contacted George and the whole thing was orchestrated. It wasn't until Peter schiff had George4title on his radio show for calling out that Schiff finally say that it really was him.

Never learns

George4title also did a homeless reenactment video where he literally drove out in some neighborhood and went to bed in the back of his van and woke up early in the morning. Some suspect his wife kicked him out, and he used that as an excuse to pretend to be homeless. Once again, it was soon uncovered that he was still doing everything from that same fucking tent in his mother-in-law's house backyard. He has since deleted all his tent videos and currently records his shit from his in-laws' place instead.

Swine Flu

During the swine flu outbreak George4title went to Mexico to do a video series after the owner of Godlikeproductions paid him 4000 dollars. The money was used to do real reporting for them, but instead he Jew him and called up Alex Jones to post the videos to his own youtube account and profit from them. To cover this up, he pretended he caught swine flu himself and did 2 barf scenes in his videos. He also added a video of him visiting a Tijuana brothel with a Mexican girl in a schoolgirl skirt but that was later deleted. He also claimed to give a gold coin to his cabbie in Mehico because he was going to get arrested cause he owed him money. They had an argument over payment cause George bribed him to go undercover in the hospital and drive all over into shady neighborhoods and in front of federal police in mexico city. A few months later George4title upped his attention whoring even moar when he made a video saying he was going to contract swine flu and was looking for someone to contact to give it to him.

George4Title Requests to be Infected with the Swine Flu

George4Title Swine Flu Barfing Scenes


George4title stole someones video of the UCLA riots and put his voice over in the beginning shouting "Hey you over there get out of there". It was obviously dubbed in and the original footage didn't have Georges voice. Youtuber Montagraph exposed this and George4title attacked him and offered to fight him in real life and then post it on youtube so they could cash in. Montagraph gracefully declined and then made a parody on video with toys of a pretend fight. George4title made a follow up video saying it was his and he would be proven right after a copyright was filed against it. He never got it back cause it never was his fucking video.

George4Title Pretending to be at UCLA Riot

George4Title Pretending to be at UCLA Riot

Detroit Michigan

See the truck waiting for him?

In early 2009 George4Title did an 'economic survival' video where he went to the worst parts of Detroit, Michigan. In the intro scene he looks like a total n00b, because he is trying to convince us that he is stranded on the side of the highway. However, when you see the reflection in his sunglasses you can clearly see there is a car there waiting for him. Later in the video he breaks and enters an abandoned warehouse and pretends to fall down a propped up ladder. It is clearly an intentional act when watched in slow motion because he falls so perfectly. Also if he broke and entered a warehouse he would likely be breaking the law. Sorry George you didn't fool us this time.

George4title in Detroit falling

Cash for Gold

Fake falling down action:Detoit Warehouse

George4title along with his buddy discovered a new way to profit by scamming people out of their gold. They strategized ways to take advantage of people who hold precious metals such as jewelry and rare coins, by offering them much less cash than the metals value. The best customers would be those desperate for cash due to the recession, or the elderly and stupid who didn't know any better. These fuckers would do anything to avoid doing an honest days work.

Survive and Thrive

Survive and Thrive in style living in a van down by the river

George4title figured he could increase his pessimism porn style fear mongering for greater profits. He created 'Survive and Thrive TV,' in which he would show users how to profit and survive in the 'new economy.' He would make sure that people feared the economic downturn by showing many homeless bums and prostitutes. He would hide out in his car when he filmed these people, because he is too pussy to get out and be seen. He showed how we could go fishing in polluted Los Angeles California rivers if we couldn't afford food. He also told us that we could live in a minivan like he was allegedly doing at the time. He did some videos outside a beach mansion to make him appear rich and successful. He was possibly trespassing during the mansion videos as he never went inside, and he then later deleted these videos. Geoerge4Title was always conflicted between deciding whether he could make more money looking homeless or rich. He also contradicted himself many times, because he said he cared about the poor and homeless. In one video he called the cops to kick the homeless out his neighborhood, and he complained about people asking him for change. However, in an inflation.US video he said he was going to stop the government abuse of the homeless. George4Title is a pure tool, and only cares about lining his wallet with cash.

Just Call George4title to live in a van like him

George4Title Mind Fuck

Mental State

Some have claimed that a lot of the stuff George does is a big act as an attention whore to get viewers and that he isn't like that off camera. Whether or not its an act he clearly has some emotional problems.


Just skip to 8 minutes in for the Crazy.

George4title Begs Not to Be Arrested

Oh and he thinks that Government Disinfo Bikes are out to get him.

George4title And the Evil Bike Conspiracy


He may suffer from Bipolar disorder based on his erratic behaviour, insomniac episodes, and mood swings going from extremely positive to acting like its armageddon. George4title started making videos in 2008 talking about how he was on some anti-depressants due to his depression. He claims that they were making him feel like he was seeing the depths of hell and a mental state he doesn't want to go back to again. He claims to have gone through heavy withdrawals getting off them and that they made him feel suicidal.

George4title tired of the collapse


George4title clearly has sociopathic behavior because he used to sale title insurance as a sleazy salesman and made the big bucks. This made it easy for him to transition as a front man for conman Jonathan Lebed and doing other sleazy tactics like asking for donations and creating false stories on youtube.

Delusions of Grandeur

George4Title has cited that he makes a lot of money. At one time he alleges that he made six figures flipping homes, and was now making roughly 10 grand a month with NIA. He says that most other people aren't even in his league, and that those who criticize him are communists. He also claims to be a prophet seeing things before they happen. He has visions of hyperinflation and people starving in the streets. He believes everyone will wind up like him, broke and lost his home living with his in laws. He believes he was just the first to go through it as a cleansing process for a pure life on earth as a economic prophet.


On many occasions George4Title has complained about being unable to sleep. His sleep issues are likely resulting from his paranoia induced from Alex Jones radio program. In a video he explains how he was unable to sleep so he thought drinking a coffee might help. Then later he went to say that lights from electronics were keeping him awake. The rantings of a nutter for sure.

Rantings of a Nutter

George4title Can't Sleep? Turn off all the lights at night!

Fat Fucker

George4Title has many times talked about his battle with weight. He is self conscious about the fatness of his face. He said that when he lost his job earning 6 figures he was then forced to ride a bike. When riding a bike he said he lost weight, but seems to have since secured a minivan and put the weight back on.

He also made a video one time making fun of people who lifted in the gym. In other words he thinks everyone should be fat and weak like him and walking around like a pussy for exercise. George4title has since stopped walking though when he bought that minivan and now he is fatter than fuck.

Multiple Personality Disorder

One day George4Title will be filming himself at the beach saying how he's financially liberated, and living the American dream. Then next he will do other videos saying he is living in a tent city and barely scraping by. He says he can help anyone become financially successful like he is, but then also says he can't afford to live as he used to. He also tells people that housing prices are too high in price to buy and that they will crash in price and everyone will lose their home. Then in another video he will say he is planning on buying a house right now.

In early 2011 George4title turned a new leaf and decided to embrace the funny side of his content by creating a channel called George4titie that looks exactly like george4title channel, but where he would show videos he had previously deleted and parodies done of him. The channel seems to show Georges more humourous personality and he doesn't even block people who make fun of him like on his original channel.

Panic Attacks/Fear of Living Inside Houses

George has claimed that he gets many panic attacks, especially in closed buildings. Its gotten to the point now that he is actually afraid of living in a house.

George4title is afraid of houses


George4title and NIA often cite fucked up solutions to the economic crisis. These include complete abandoning of social security, and all welfare systems. George4title believes that we must allow people to lose their homes in order for the economy to recover. Only once everyone is suffering and homeless will the economy be able to recover. Although George4Title has said we must become poor before the economy can recover, he has displayed dislike towards the homeless by calling the cops on them repeatedly. They would like to dissolve the federal government so that there are only states. NIA and George4Title are free market fundamentalists; The solutions for everything is the free market. They would like to remove all rules and regulation of the economy. They worship at the feet of Peter Schiff and Ron Paul. They dislike anything involving national security such as the TSA, because they believe every act of terrorism is a government inside job. They have also said that we should remove all government rules on health and safety, such as not allowing non-pasteurized milk to be sold. According to them we can trust the market to make sure our food and drugs are safe. George4Title has said many times that education is a waste of time, and therefore people should not bother to go to school. George4Title says that the old economy (consumerism) is dead, and that the solution is to make money through advertising (consumerism) which is a total contradiction.

FEMA Camps

George4Title believes that the outcome of the coming hyperinflation for those who haven't protected themselves (by buying Lebed penny stocks;) Is that they will be placed into FEMA concentration camps. He believes that Warren Buffet has invested in Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, because that is what they will eventually use to transport human cargo to the FEMA camps. When everyone loses their homes they will be placed into FEMA camps by force and turned into work slaves for the state.

FEMA Concentration Camps

Tent Cities

Life is great in the tent city here guys!

George4Title believes that the one solution to the economic crisis is for people to move into tent cities. These are places where people can live for free either in cardboard boxes or tents. They resemble a shanty town, and are usually on the outskirts of the city. The main benefit to living in a tent city rather than a FEMA camp is that you get to keep some freedoms.

Abandoned Properties

Another resource often cited by George4Title are the empty houses left over from the housing bubble. If you can break into one of these you can live for free as long as the cops don't find out. George4Title has often been shown breaking into abandoned warehouses and homes.

George4Title breaking into homes


This is what I think of Lebed's penny stocks!

If all else fails you can live out on the streets. According to George4Title you don't even need to have shelter in Southern California. You can find a patch of dirt and sleep on it. George constantly is saying how there are no jobs as a convenient excuse for not looking for work at all in the last 2 years. He thinks he is above working for 10 dollars an hour because its actual hard work and he is having too much fun sitting on his ass all day youtubing from his house or car. Hed rather just live in his inlaws backyard in a tent and do youtube videos while his family suffers financially.

G4T and MOT talk about the benefits of being homeless

George4title isn't going to get a job for 10 bucks an hour


George4Title and NIA will routinely censor anyone who questions their operations. They will delete comments on YouTube and block users if they ask about the business function of NIA. George4title has also deleted his prior videos when he got caught in a lie. NIA and censorship go hand in hand.

Fear Propaganda Marketing Technique

OH NOES It's a Conspiracy!

George4Title and NIA target the Alex Jones type tin foil hat fuckers. They made the Inflation.US website look like an official government organization to look more authentic. George4Title has been influential in all of the inflation.US documentaries to date before being fired in late 2010. NIA use investors in their documentaries who say there will be hyperinflation, and none who support the idea of deflation. We are not told whether the investors in the documentaries own the stocks or not. They have more recently produced Infowars type documentaries to gather a larger audience. The premise of their videos is that the government is going to create a fascist police state, and that the bankers will take everyones property away when the dollar crashes. NIA says that the way to protect yourself from hyperinflation is to own precious metals, and invest in their stock recommendations. George4Title focuses on survival also, but has said he doesn't invest in Lebed's penny stocks. They have figured out that the most effective way to gather subscribers to their newsletters, is to scare them into doing so.

Partners in Crime

Jonathan Lebed

Don't be fooled by dis angelic face.

This guy is the mastermind fucknut behind the NIA (National Inflation Association.) Back in 2000 he was featured on the 60 minutes television show for having pump-and-dumped stocks. He was 16 years old at the time and was forced to pay $285,000 to the SEC for stock fraud.

This fucker now has the audacity to hijack the 'truth/Ron Paul' movement to continue promoting penny stocks. Now he has figured out how to rig the markets and get away with it using disclaimers on his websites. George4Title admitted hiding Jonathan Lebed's name from his subscribers, as he felt it might make them not want to subscribe for his stock newsletter. I wonder why... FUCK! Lebed gets paid by piece-of-crap gutter garbage companies to promote their stocks. One of televisions greatest moments came with Jonathan Lebed got totally pwned on Fox Business. Yeah Pwn that n00b bitch!

Jonathan Lebed Pwned on Fox Biz

Vision Victory

I have a gun so I can shoot stuff

Youtuber vision victory started out youtubing his mother in laws basement on a grainy video camera that looks like he got at a garage sale. He became friends with George4title early on. He always portrayed himself as some wealthy young investor who was knowledgeable about economics, yet the fucker couldn't afford a decent camera. What he actually is someone who just rides the coattails of economist like Peter schiff. He even did a video titles "vision victory was right 2008" just like the infamous peter schiff video that was titled that on youtube. None of what he says is original, your better off going to the real source of his information, Peter schiff.

Eventually George got him to also be a sponsor for like him. Vision victory lost credibility and has been labeled a fraud trying to cash in. In one recent video Vision victory gleefully joked about how he shot his neighbors dog because it dog under his fence and ate his chickens. The fat ass was too weak to handle the dog himself so he instead he had to use his gun like the ultimate faggot with small penis. After george4title was suspended from vision victory continues to promote them showing he is two faced relationship between his pump and dump boss Lebed and butt buddy George4title. George4title was pwned by vision victory cause George helped him get the job as sponsor and ultimately he has proven to be his replacement on youtube for promoting I guess there is no honor among thieves.

Camp Vision Victory Dead Dog

Man of truth

Pgib money plox so I can e-beg

Man of truth is a egotistical asshole who hooked up with George on trips to california and in his failed attempt to go to mexico with him for swine flu (he pussied out at the end). Like George4title he pulled his own online e-begging when he asked for donations to his legal defense fund to his lawyer because he harrassed his ex-wife on the phone against court orders. A week later he was in california on vacation. He seems to be on a perpetual vacation year around. He was also exposed in videos as driving a luxury 60,000 dollar vehicle and prances around in an iphone and new MAC laptop. Man of truth always talks about how smart he is and how he graduated from harvard, yet the douchebag is left selling pyramid schemes on unsuspecting idiots This idiot goes around the country selling pyramid mlm schemes. One of them was a lotion to make you look younger.

George4title Scam: Man of truth exposed


A broke film producer living in the brooklyn was hired by George after meeting him on blogtv. He became the regular producer of documentaries. George and him were in a hotel for days working on the films. Backburnernews videos got false flagged and he decided to stop publicly doing videos. He continues to work for behind the scenes. He may be doing the videos for George4title now that George doesn't work for anymore. The videos George is doing for his new sponsor royalmetalsgroup look eerily similiar to backburnernews style videos.

Mikey SoCal, George's "bodyguard"

Being an attention whore on Youtube must be way more dangerous than anybody suspected. George hired Mikey SoCal as his "24/7 bodyguard" to protect George's personal safety and security. You'd think his bodyguard would have to sleep sometime, but there you go.

George hires a bodyguard

To pay his bodyguard, George takes him around to food charities to collect free food. It looks like George consumes a lot of that free food too. For max lulz, pay close attention at 2:45, when Mikey pulls out a bag of powdered milk. George: "OHHHH AWESOME!!! Dried milk!! That stuff's expensive! That's like twenty bucks!!". Twenty bucks for milk powder??? Is he taking the piss???

George very excited about "awesome" dried milk

George4title e-begging history

George in one of his videos said he was tired of people begging for money, yet he frequently asks for donations. Hes asked for donations for his legal defense fund for his phony peter schiff email, lucky the dog, gas money, northwestern trip, and many other instances.

George had a video where he showed a couple random girls panhandling on the street. He asked for donations that he would "send" to them. Total bullshit since he didn't know who they were and of course hes not going to find them again and give them the money.

In another video George humiliated a guy in a video that was asking him for money at the gas station. Ironically, the asshole asked for donations in his next video. George has a video showing him and his friend bodyguard Mikey scamming free food from food charities. Surely the fat fuck can buy his own food out of the thooooouuuuuusands of dollars he gets from Google Adsense? On the other hand, maybe he needs that money to pay for (tranny) hookers and coke.

George asked for 4000 dollars from Godlikeproductions to help fund his mexico trip to investigate swine flu. He apparently spent a good portion on a tijuana teen hooker in a video he deleted. He also had to bribe a mexico cabbie with a gold coin to avoid arrest because he bribed the cabbie to go into the hospital undercover. Godlikeproductions owner was pissed when George spent his money on hookers, gold coin, and calling up radio host alex jones and promoting gratuitously his george4title youtube channel instead of doing real reporting for only Godlikeproductions as he had promised.

George4title broke a story about a child being taken by CPS. Of course he couldn't miss an opportunity to cash in. He asked for the donations to go to HIS paypal account and he would send the money to them "on behalf".

George4Title vs. The Homeless

George4title asks for donations to HIS account

The Scam Exposed

The first nail in the coffin of the scam came along when the video 'CheckMate George4title, Inflation us, Jonathan Lebed, Lebed biz' was uploaded to YouTube in 2008. In this video, the producer traced the website Inflation.US back to Jonathan Lebed. After this video aired George4Title finally came clean and said that Inflation.US was intentionally hiding Jonathan Lebed's name. George4Title later deleted that video, but several users had preserved a copy.

Then in early 2010 YouTube user GypsyHustled uploaded the video 'George4title Scam : Inflation.US Exposed' which went viral. Here people finally got an understanding of what the NIA was up to.

CheckMating George4title, Jonathan Lebed, Lebed biz

George4Title, Man Of Truth Exposed

George4title Scam: Inflation.US Exposed

George4title Scam: Manoftruth Exposed

George4title Scam: Legitimate Questions (Part 3)

George4Title Scam: Compassionate George (Part 4)

Other Controversies

Paying with silver

George4Title did a video where he went into a grocery store and paid for items using junk silver. The Asian man who accepts his silver is his personal friend, so it is unclear whether this whole transaction was staged. The same Asian man appears repeatedly in future George4Title videos. George4Title allegedly later said that this video was pulled by YouTube. Both George4Title and the silver trader are involved in the scrap gold scam together.

Criticism of George4Title


This video is one of the first and infamous criticism of G4T video. Here he is responding to Georges video of his homeless reality show plug we show above earlier in the article. George was outside with his van and starbucks coffee bragging about living the life of freedom on the road. George said he would guide people through their "personal economic collapse" and to just give him a call.

MJC77 Response to George4title Homeless Reality Show Plug

George responded to this video and other youtubers with his "george4tite a message to the haters" video linked to later below in the article. MJC77 responds to that video with this funny video.

MJC77 Response to George4title "message to haters" video


In March 2010 YouTube user 001just4fun did a blog complaining about George4Title, and calling him a 'scumbag.'


In April 2010 Demcad voiced his opinions on George4Title and NIA.


May 2011 Truthcrackers goes over the video where George is on the verge of a break with reality in anger has he goes off slamming Peter schiff and defending NIA.

Ripping on the g4t scam because it just so easy

George4Title as an E-thug

George4Title Threatens Demcad

George4title in a video calls out Demcad and tells him to censor his comments that are not Pro-george4title. He tells him that he won't have his back if he doesn't censor his comments. He also tries to give him an offer he can't refuse, join team or he will take the motherfucker out.

George4title Attacks Youtuber Demcad

George4title calls out Safearmsreviews, MJC, and other youtube "haters"

George4title calls those who don't agree with him communist. He calls out safearmsreview and MJC and all of his other youtubers that don't like him as "haters". He says if you want him to do what he wants you gotta pay HIM 2 grand a month. He then praises Jonathan lebed as being better than Schiff! George also says no one is in his league unless they made 10,000 a month like he used to.

George4title message his haters

George4title Threatens to fight Montagraph in person

Youtuber Montagraph makes some videos against George4title. George gets pissed and offers to fight Montagraph in a video and to cash in on the fight. He brags that he weighs 200 lbs at 5'9 yet he fails to say that he is fat and not fit.

George4title threatens his wife

George did a video where he recorded him verbally abusing his wife. He yelled telling her she spent too much money and that maybe he should leave her. He titled it as a reenactment, but the camera was pointing off screen and looks to have been secretly recorded.

George4title the Wife Abuser (Audio Excerpts)

George4Title Threatens Demcad and davincij15

In April 2010 George4Title verbally called out Demcad and davincij15.

George4title Attacks Fellow Youtubers

George4title as the Prophet

George prides himself on supposedly seeing the future. He repeatedly seems to see a future of hyperinflation, fema camps, starving kids. He also has made other wild predictions including a oilcane (hurricane over the oil spill) and michael jacksons death saying it was a suicide. Hes even worn the Jim Jones style sunglasses in some of his videos as he rants about his prophecies. He has said repeatedly in videos that he already knows the future before it happens. He believes he is a prophet who had to go through the purification process of economic collapse himself before everyone else had to as a way to help lead people through it when they experience it.

George4title - Jim Jones Ressurected

George4Title man with visions of the future

George4Title Twighlight zone the man who predicted it all

George as the Rent a Cop

I'm a pretend cop

George has made many videos where he goes around the neighboorhood following people, sometimes without the lights on. One time he was following a guy on a bike with his car just because he happened to be looking into cars as he was riding by. Another instance he freaked out at a fast food restaurant because someone asked him for a cigarette in the parking lot after supposedly tagging and he thought he was going to get mugged and gangraped by a couple of thugs. When he used to not be able to sleep he used to drive around in the neighboords in the middle of the night and patrol the area. He would sometimes turn his lights off and spy. He took a video one time of a couple people from a distance at an ATM from a distance. In another video some guy was acting weird at night so George followed him around and called the cops. His buddy in the car got out and creeped around in the bushes to see if they could find him.

George4title and his posse chasing someone at night

George4Title spying on streets

George the Good Samaritan

George watched as a car was lit on fire. When a woman came near by putting her life in danger George said he wasn't going to get out of the car to go help.

George4title Stoned With Beavis&Butthead Watching Car on Fire

George as the stalker

George took a video peeking into his next door neighbors window at night. He also peeks around streets and corners at night looking for something to put up on his youtube channel.

George4title - Hyperinflation stalker

George as the E-Pimp

George took a video of a couple college coeds in the back of his bangbus van. He interviewed them about economic collapse. No one knows how much he "paid" them for the "interview". In another interview George interviewed this sexy out of work latina. She looked like an escort and walked around strutting her ass in a short skirt. Were willing to bet George got a look at her shaved beaver after the interview. George also took some video interviewing some sexy spanish chick in a halter top with big fake titties and some poses of her walking around. During his mexico trip he walked up to a Tijuana hooker wearing a schoolgirl skirt in the red light district.

George4title on Bangbus

George4Title Interviewing Latina shaking her ass in a miniskirt

George as the Job Counselor

George has done many videos advising people to skip college. He tells them to get a productive job like him on youtube in the new internet economy. Yet George doesn't make anything productive either for the economy except promote shady outfits and clicks from advertisements.

After a massive bukakke George4title became enlightened and gave aged wisdom to his fellow teens on the job market. Some of his advice included the ability to eat other humans or kill yourself if things get bad enough economically.

After a bukkakke george gives advice to teens


George4title Goes "dark" temporarily

George recently took down his george4title account "temporarily" and said he was starting fresh with a new positive outlook. Ironically that lasted for only a week before reverting everything back to his usual doom and gloom videos.

George4title goes dark - new beginning

George4Title Fired from NIA

George4Title was recently suspended from NIA ( and its youtube channel because he didn't want to bend his ass over for Jonathan Lebed anymore.

He admitted the outfit was shady and that he didn't feel right about all the money he made. Then again, he sure was happy accepting Jew as a sponsor for 2 years from Jonathan Lebed. He claims he is going to dust off his resume and actually look for a real job.

George4title FIRED by Inflationus scam

George4Title confessing NIA Inflation.US Scam

George4Title Rebirth: Royal Metals Group

George4Title has currently gotten himself a new sponsor named royalmetalsgroup, which is probably why he didn't give a fuck losing Lebed's gravy train. His job search never started of course cause he knew he already had another sponsor lined up.

2011 to present

Mikeesocal and George4title have bad breakup

Mikeesocal got upset one night with George4title and they get into a physical fight. Rumour has it that George couldn't get it up and refused to pay him. Mikeesocal needed the money from George to get some meth. George caught it on camera as mikeesocal gave him a royal ass beating.

George4title & Mikeesocal - Looking back at their romance

Mikeesocal and George4title get back together

George like a true battered spouse has renewed his broromance with Mikeesocal. The only condition was Mikeesocal no longer drink cause it gets him all horny for George. George4title tried to start a "reality show" called Newport Shore with him, but after the first episode got critical reviews its probably going to be discontinued.

Newport Shore - MikeeSocal Gets Kicked Out of House & Becomes Homeless

George4title has new baby

George4title pretending there will be a severe economic collapse, yet he just had his 5th kid. Vision victory also announces he will be having his 2nd newborn in just a 2 years time. These guys are so full of shit. If they knew it was going to be really bad they wouldn't be having kids.

George4title and NIA still estranged and going broke

NIA still refuses to Hire George4title back. Vision victory recently "resigned" and it was agreed that NIA was going to hire George back to take Vision victories spot. Vision victory had been doing work on the videos after George left. NIA refused to rehire George4title so George4title got pissed and decided to slam NIA in a new tell all interview. George4title admitted in this interview that Lebed was autistic, gerard adams and Jon lebed the owners of NIA went out on town buying hookers, champagne, and limos living the high life as 25 year olds. He also admitted that Gerard adams and lebed are pump and dumpers, with Gerard adams (president of NIA) and a longtime friend of Lebed as the biggest offender of pump and dump. George also said that NIA fired vision victory after disagreement. This story was in contradiction to the rosy picture vision victory portrayed in his video where he made it seem like he voluntarly resigned from NIA on a good note. Vision victory also continued to defend NIA recently in the comment section by saying that NIA did not take positions in stocks before buying them. Bob chapman had also recently exposed NIA just days before vision victory "left".

George has admitted in another recent video that lebed paid him 2000 a month as a sponsor and that he is currently not even making a profit on george4title anymore after expenses. Royalmetalsgroup and his other sponsors are finishing up their work it seems and are not enough to fill the financial void that his previous sugar daddy Jonathan Lebed filled. George may have to go on welfare or actually find a job now!

George4title Exposes Inflation.US NIA National Inflation Association Scam

George4Title Teams up with Don Harrold

George4Title became partners with Don Harrold in the early part of 2011. Don Harrold is a notorious Youtube scammer who promotes MLM schemes and stock picking services. The best scam was when he had a website selling copper rounds that he pretended were precious metals. He also pushed an overpriced fruit juice MLM scheme to his subscribers. Now Don Harrold is promoting freeze dried foods with the help of George4Title and his stock picking services. Don Harrold is a tool because he will routinely delete comments/videos to cover his tracks. He once said to go short on Apple shares and the price later continued to explode higher. George4Title loves to work with e-scammers so he can avoid doing an honest days work.

Peter Schiff Versus George4title

In May 2011 famed investment manager Peter Schiff came out with a youtube video blasting NIA and Inflation.US saying they were scams. This is the first time that a famous investor had actually called them out on their bullshit. George4Title gave a rather odd response to the video and looked like he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It's still unclear why George4Title is always changing his mind about whether NIA is a scam or not. It seems odd that he is now defending NIA even though they fired him. Visionvictory also will not discuss NIA any longer since he too was fired.

Peter Schiff Exposes Inflation.US NIA National Inflation Association Scam

George4Title does a horrible job defending NIA against Peter Schiff


George4title gets depressed; picks up a hooker

George4title Just say no to drugs

George4title: a new product for Economic Depression

George4title Acting demo

George4title on the prowl

George4title vs. the homeless

Fear monger living in a tent

Arrested For Threatening To Bomb Children

Hemminger was arrested in April 2014 for calling in a bomb threat to a local school.

A man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly making a phony bomb threat at a Riverside high school.

George Aguilar Hemminger Jr., 43, was later taken into custody in the 10800 block of Bayonne Drive in Riverside.

He was booked and is now being held in lieu of $5,000 bail.


—CBS News, showing what a swell guy George Hemminger is.

George4Title Parody

In early 2009 YouTube user Montagraph did a hilarious impersonation of George4Title. Another user futarius250 also did a parody of George4title

George4title Parody

George4Title Parody Scam

George4title look alike

George4title has a resemblance to William shatner at times when he lets his hair grow out.


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