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Tumblr: The Animated Series

In recent years, the proliferation of Internet tranny trash and Tumblrinas has presented an opportunity to cash in on this new audience, and you would think that writing for those whose attention span is exactly 140 characters long would be an easy task. Combine half-assed writing with one-dimensional characters and shitty Flash animation, and you get Gen Zed, basically the worst thing ever. At first you will think it is satire, but we promise you it is not. Gen Zed is a Drawn Together ripoff, Real World-type web cartoon which panders to SJWs and tumblrinas in ways never before thought possible.

Created by a Jew named Hayden Black with a failed career, and starring a tranny Jew with no career to speak of other than a couple voice-over roles on some shows nobody's heard of They came crawling back to the Internet after the first Jew's disastrous adaptation of his first web show to television assured that it will never happen again. A mere two-minute trailer for this thing was enough to make the entire Internet erupt in endless keks and turn it into its newest laughingstock/trolling target by spamming and DMCAing the video into oblivion.

The only reason this show exists is for the Jew who are creating it to scam gullible SJWs into buying the overpriced merchandise he's already created for the show. Something that will surely make him a very happy merchant.

The show

Breaking new grounds in race relations

The plot is that four online gamers decided to finally leave their parent's basements and share a basement of their own. It stars a red headed tranny, who is clearly supposed to be a ripoff of Claire from Questionable Content, but looks and sounds more like Brianna Wu when he colored his hair red and went through his hysterical goth phase. A stereotypical big-lipped, wide-nosed dindu that looks like Michael Brown, and a privileged rich azn drug addict, who loves anime and Oxycontin. You would think that would be enough to make the Tumblr crowd wet their collective panties. However, they decided to really crank it up to 11 and made the only straight white guy on the show an angry violent psychopath who, in the brainwashed minds of SJW cult members, is the personification of all white men.

There are also a bunch of other characters in the cast page, two of which are noteworthy. The first, who was featured slightly less prominently in the trailer, is a self-righteous feminazi (presumably she's a feminazi by the electric blue color of her hair) who's supposed to be voiced by some celebrity as one of the show's few selling points, but no one honestly has no fucking clue as to who the hell she is. The other character was not in the trailer at all, but you can see him in the character chart they posted on Twitter and he looks like a stereotypical, smelly Mexican day laborer. His name is Miguel and he actually is a smelly Mexican! This is what these people think Hispanics look like!

Hola. ¿como estas?

Despite their efforts to claim that they have the first tranny lead role in an animated series, they apparently never did their research, as a tranny by the name of Maddie Blaustein had already done the voices for Meowth from Pokémon, Omega from Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Kureha from the 4Kids One Piece dub, Yugi's grandpa, and plenty of other anime English dubs and cartoon roles a full decade before Gen Zed. Which further destroys the lie that Gen Zed is the first to feature tranny actors roles, and even humiliates the creators of Gen Zed, because fucking 4Kids beat them in having a tranny role.

The merchandising

Would you like to pay $30 for a T-shirt with something on it that looks like it was drawn by an autistic 6-year-old?
In case you were ever wondering why the Gen Zed Twitter account, which has over 40,000 followers, only averages between zero and two favorites per tweet. It's also the case of its creator and affiliates.

Much like Mighty No. 9, these thieves are already busy selling cheaply-made merchandise (which rips off various actual pop culture icons from South Park to Doctor Who to Scooby-Doo) for a show they haven't even made yet. They generally think that their never-coming show warrants a T-shirt priced at 28 fucking dollars (the price has gone up to pay for all the harassment), without shipping obviously, for something they slapped together in two minutes. That's obviously more time than they spent on the actual show. The T-shirts are pop-culture references, so you know these guys are legit. But wait, there is more to this: you could also pour more of your money down the toilet by buying one of their shitty posters. It is pretty easy to see where all the fucking effort went and it wasn't the animation.

The true irony in all of this is that a bunch of privileged crackers and kikes from California are selling people T-shirts about oppression made by 8-year-old Hindu girls in some sweatshop in Calcutta or Bangladesh living on only $1 a day.

Promo and the reaction to it

If you can find anything worse than this we will give you a million Internets

We’ve seen a lot of this show’s shit trolling which doesn’t bother me at all.


The show's creator.

My knee-jerk reaction was to delete virtually every comment.


—clearly unfazed.


The trailer is two-and-a-half minutes of pure cringe, containing the lead character having a Joshua Alcorn poster, one character actually unironically saying to another "being trans is soooooooooo brave", bad animation, bad voice acting (one guy couldn't pronounce the S' at the end of "Cosby's" but they couldn't be bothered to do another take) and claims that the lead is a feminist comedian, juxtaposed by how unfunny he is. The trailer ends with the show bragging about how "edgy" it is, coming from people who probably couldn't look at this website without a panic attack and who's own trailer show's their main character showing how strong he is by responding to criticism of him being a tranny by bursting into tears. It should also be noted he joked about replacing his balls with candy to turn his penis into a Pez dispenser... a fitting sentiment that truly honors the struggle faced by Joshua Alcorn.

Even moar comedic hijinks include when the Oriental girl told the tranny character that "being trans shows huge strength of mind." Which is why transgender people attempt suicide at ten times the national average in the United States. Then, when the "minstrel" character wants to lay down some poetry, the tranny clearly forgot to check her white privilege and immediately constrained the aspiring lyricist to a haiku, a Japanese tradition cultural appropriation. Needless to say, the show's author and writers don't even assign any talent to the minstrel so he fails, just as planned.

The reaction

Everyone on 8chan, 4chan, ED and any other place that isn't full of faggots exploded with laughter. They quickly spammed the owner's YouTube with criticism, by which he was utterly triggered. They then allegedly flooded YouTube with false DMCAs which resulted in:


But the video was soon uploaded by the trolls themselves elsewhere because they just couldn't get enough of how bad this thing was. Naturally, feminazi shit-rag, unironic users of the trigger warning, and home of (admitted pedophile and suspected dog fucker) Sarah Butts, TheMarySue wrote an article about this where they defend them. They quote Encyclopedia Dramatica's Twitter-favicon.png Twitter account and refer to us as "Encyclopedia Douchebag", which is both amazingly unfunny (it doesn't even rhyme you retards) and hilariously inept (we run a site with pictures of severed heads, do you seriously think you're gonna shock us by calling us douchebags?).

Corrected Promo

Their only selling point is a lie and they know it

Gen Zed Lying Fucks.png

Fun fact: That image Gen Zed used claiming to be Casey is actually a more convincing tranny named Jamie Clayton. The real Casey is on the Wikipedia page and looks like a dude with long hair.


So what kind of male feminist could be behind this? Only the most sensitive, caring, and politically correct of minds could create such a revolutionary new show that sticks it to the evil cis white, vulgar, misogynist dudebros who make 2edgy4me jokes. And if there is anything show creator Hayden Black isn't, it's a vulgar misogynist dudebro who makes 2edgy4me jokes... right?

If you go to Hayden Black's Twitter, all you'll find him doing when he isn't relentlessly pimping the show or whining about how the evil cis-patriarchy keeps "literally raping" him is making /Pol/-caliber "shock" jokes about women drivers, feminists, pedophilia, calling women "bitch" and joking about poor people. Recently he's begun making "progressive" jabs at conservatives in order to appeal to all the SJWs, but really, these jokes are just cheap shots at people like Trump and Kim Davis that even Republicans themselves have made. Hayden is also notorious for blocking anyone who calls him on his bullshit. Interestingly enough, Hayden keeps his jokes about women drivers and child molesters up, because as long as it doesn't make fun of his precious trannies he is completely fine with it, even though people who have made actual progress for social issues have been skinned alive by Tumblrinas for far less.

We predict that if Hayden wants to keep all of his Tumblr supporters, these tweets are going to be doing a disappearing act very fucking shortly...

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