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You just know this guy's a secret /b/tard.
A young Geert Wilders, with his mentor.
An imitation of Butthurt Muhammad fanbois
Geert Wilders, dressed as traditional Dutch butt pirate.

Geert Wilders is a Dutch politician and Saviour of the world who has caused massive butthurt to Muslims around the world by releasing a film (more like Powerpoint presentation, amirite?) called Fitna that criticizes the Islam but fails horribly at this because the movie matches the fail of a propaganda movie made by Bin Laden. The film compares the Koran to Hitler's Mein Kampf.

The son of Anne Frank and Shutzstaffel "Scheissefresser" Wilders, lil' boy Geert didn't see his working-mother often, but his father compensated providing both love and a solid European education.

After Pakistan managed to pwn JewTube for a couple of hours over the film's trailer, causing the site not to work worldwide, the mass media threw a shitfit and started BAWWWWWing over the potentional international repercussions.

He received a fatwah against his life recently, ordering all Muhammad fanbois to kill him with brute force in the name of Islam, all because Geert said Islam was violent.

The new movie about Islam has been lampooned by Arabs all over the world who begged him not to release it because it will insult their imaginary prophet and religion who previously trolled all towelheads 100 years ago. They have also been burning flags of The Netherlands in response to his movie, which will just entertain people around the world, and prove to everyone that the median IQ of Muslims is on par with a zika pinhead.

In the latest dutch elections Geert Wilders had made the largest profit of all parties. Because of this, he thought his party shouldn't be neglected in the forming of a government. But because everyone was butthurting over his extreme ideas, noone wanted to form a government with him, wich obviously made him BAWW. Feeling sorry for little Geert, Jew party leader Maxim Verhagen and Right-Wing party leader Mark Rutte decided he could support their minority cabinet. At this moment his fellow party members are collectively revealing their criminal pasts and crying on Geert's shoulder.


Technically Wilders is not a Jew,(in fact, he is part Indonesian) but he loves Israel and everything about it.

The love is not mutual, however, and with Jews you lose.

The Jews douched his web server for Babylonian TOS violations that might take place in the future. They tried to blame it on Islam and Arabs but everyone knows Arabs have no such skills. Pakis, however...

Moar Fail

=Not Mohammad /b/

Wilders, being a White person mistakenly used a photo of Dutch-Moroccan rapper Salah Edin instead of Theo van Gogh’s murderer Mohammad Bouyeri. Edin was only awarded €3,000 after the judge argued some of the blame was on Salah himself for mimicking the mugshot of Mohamed B.

Wilders' hairdon't is truly exceptional in the way it prevents everyone including himself from taking him seriously.

Wilders has united White people, the Jews and the Muslims into a single force against him and managed to show the world that even an idiot is free to speak his mind in the Netherlands.

Jacqui Smith was singlehandedly responsible for expelling him from the UK when he was going to present his film Fitna in the British Parliament.

Rivers of Bleach

Geert has crossed to the other side!

Last week a not so prominent British Conservative and confirmed Aspie, Enoch Powell, warned of much bloodshed unless the coprophiliac niggers got expelled from Britain. He was only slightly mistaken. The threat was not niggers, but Islamfags, and their background philosophy was not excreta, but something close to it, the Koran. Unfortunately for him, he was a gloomy, unpopular cockmonger and died before his predictions became blatantly obvious. Dead as he was, he was in need of a new image and a new, less faggy country. Thus, he reincarnated into a Dutch, and bleached his hair until it penetrated into his frontal lobe. Since he realized this, he does not longer die the hair on his forehead and you can totally notice his Jew horns.

Dutch municipal elections 2014

For the Dutch municipal elections in 2014, Geert Wilders asked his followers two months before the elections to answer if they wanted "More or less Moroccans" during a speech, where they answered with "Less, less, less", just like any smart and sensible person would do. Moroccans got extremely butthurt of said quote and tried to sue Geert Wilders, with over 6400 reports coming in from offended people and eventually the Dutch Public Prosecutor taking him for a court session because fuck freedom of speech- only Americunts get that.

How to attentionwhore by Geert Wilders

  1. Say that the Quran is fascist and needs be illegal. But don't go to court make a political proposal which will undoubtedly fail but creates lots of drama and butthurt people.
  2. Bash muslims.
  3. Moar muslim bashing.
  4. Get butthurt over something the Queen said.
  5. Get butthurt over something the Princess said.
  6. Get butthurt over something random teacher said + facilitated muslim event in his school = demanding teacher 2 b fired
  7. Say that having 2 passports means you aren't loyal to the Motherland
  8. Say that the left media is being biased
  9. Make a shitty movie about islam with Dinesh D'Souza as a consultant.
  1. Use ANY chance you can get to start ranting about Muslims and how they islamazise The Netherlands.
  2. ????
  3. profit

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