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GOG, diminutive of Good Old Games, is the successful digital publishing arm of CDProjekt. If that were all they were, we wouldn't have this article.

The Witcher

Developed by CDProjectRED, corporate contemporary of GOG, The Witcher follows one Geralt of Rivia, protagonist of Andrzej Sapkowski's series of dark fantasy novels, on his quest to... well, if feminists are to be believed, humiliate all the women of Temeria by going Descartes on their peasant asses. Nevermind that there are some 16 sluts possible in a game spanning 80+ hours, and some of those are mutually exclusive. Let's just... listen and believe, shall we? What heinous depravity is on display that forced ever rational feminists into a menstrual rage?

HORRIBLE MISOGYNY About missing Pics
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The Witcher 2

Ever one to cave in the face of howling Westerners, CDP announced early on that Witcher 2 would have none of those damnable sex cards, so SJWs should have been able to rest easy. One of this mindset clearly doesn't know what he's up against. A preview rolled around showcasing the tutorial, and... what's this? Some poor woman is being tortured? Pay no heed to the fact that it was a dungeon, and by this point the viewer had seen several men tortured, there's a fictitious woman to protect! Once more, CDP showed the world what massive balls they had by removing a plot critical scene because a few women were wringing their hands over it.

GOG Customer Service

The corporate execs at CDP had demonstrated years before that they wither in the face of criticism, but those guys worked down at HQ; what about the mid level people, staffers in their GOG publishing arm? That had yet to be seen until April 2015.

While Good Old Games specializes in archaic titles long since out of print, they also distribute games with an "old school" feel, as was the case with Pillars of Eternity. Within said game lies an easter egg of sorts on a gravestone; it was neither placed by GOG or that game's developer, rather, it was bought with a hefty bid from a Kickstarter backer.

Here lies Fireborn, a hero in bed.

He once was alive, but now he’s dead.

The last woman he bedded, turned out a man.

And crying in shame, off a cliff he ran.


Anyone of sound mind knows it's a harmless, perhaps even humorous joke. One tranny who purchased the game didn't think so, but let it not be said that they are of sound mind. It immediately fired off an email to GOG customer support in a rage, demanding it's fetid money back, and received this response.

Hello, I’m afraid that sale is considered final either 30 days after purchase OR when you make a download attempt for a game or its bonus content. Once either of those happens, an immediate cash refund is no longer possible.

Since you have already made an attempt to download that game you are not entitled to the refund or exchange however because we believe that everyone could make a mistake I will make a one time exception in your case and will offer you a store credit. Please send me the following, in order to verify that you are the account’s owner:

(depending on whether you used a credit card or PayPal)

a.) The last 4 digits of your credit card number or b.) The PayPal Transaction ID you received after the order purchase.

Also personally I’d like to ask you – and I really hope that you wouldn’t find it offensive – why you find it so offensive?

Regards, [Name withheld] GOG.com Support


—Courteous reply

As for your question: if the same ‘joke’ as the offensive content was made about black people, Jewish people or gay people, I imagine any of those groups would find it equally offensive (i.e. being in a relationship with them is so shameful one should commit suicide).

Considering that transgender people have the HIGHEST suicide rate of any minority in the world (43% success rate, over 50% attempt rate) the ‘joke’ is in especially poor taste.

That the developers allowed the ‘joke’ through makes me deeply regret spending money on their game. I was attracted to Pillars of Eternity because everything I read pointed to it being a game for a more mature and sensible audience, free of that kind of bigoted garbage.


—Unadulterated butthurt

Thank you for your answer. I will present below my response to it however first I’d like to point that it is my personal opinion and if in any way you will find it offensive I sincerely apologize for that as it would not be intentional and in such situation please simply let me know to stop and I’ll do it.

I still cannot see point why it have to be offensive to anyone. First of all the laugh is not from transgender only from the bigoted guy (and it wasn’t a relationship – unless one night stands are such). let’s change characters into a guy and ugly woman – is it offensive to ugly women, or catholic and not a virgin on a wedding night – is it offensive to sexually active? Second your statistics are not showing the actual situation. Despite such percentage it is rather a small minority and the suicide rate is always higher in smaller groups (it is obviously also strongly connected with often shameful reactions of “normal” and even less controversial minorities) – it’s kind of like saying that over 50% of Polish citizens who are not catholic declare themselves as non-believer but overall it is less then 3% of all citizens. And finally I believe if someone demands to be treated with equal rights shouldn’t make such hassle on situation like this. Tolerance does not mean that everyone should like transgender persons and specially forbid to make jokes no matter how bad tasteful they are.


—Polite and rational

That should be the end of it, right? Not in America, you heteronormative commie. The above exchange was posted to Reddit by a user named "legallyawoman" (what else). Before long, several feminist rags and even that attention whoring fucker Brianna Wu were all over this, shouting transmisogyny from the rooftops. It's almost as if the lynch mob deliberately failed to notice that GOG is based in fucking Poland, and said employees likely have no idea what the fuck you freaks are.

What can we take from this? Nothing we didn't already know, but here's a parting shot.

Tolerance does not mean that everyone should like transgender persons and specially forbid to make jokes no matter how bad tasteful they are.


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