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Fuck Arabs, man. Fuck 'em right in the ass.

Lj-favicon.png fuck_arabs is a LiveJournal community that was taken over by an army of novice trolls.


Back in September of 2004, a pissed-off 17-year-old furry named Lj-favicon.png rayne_vandunem created a community called "Fuck Arabs." Being a gigantic pussy, however, he promptly apologized and tried to weasel out of what he'd done by claiming he was only against the Arabs in power, not all the Arabs.

Along came irate nationalist and Internet tough guy Lj-favicon.png americanbulldog, who had no problems whatsoever with looking like a racist. He decided that "Fuck Arabs" was a great name for a meeting-place for like-minded racists and liberal-haters to get together and complain about the towelheads, and so he took over from Lj-favicon.png rayne_vandunem. His first post was a long string of neocon cliches and xenophobic rambling, all delivered in the pseudomilitaristic style white supremacists pick up from their relatives who washed out of the Marines.

Expecting a slew of new friends to appear, American Bulldog set his LJ mood as "accomplished" and sat back to await the praise and privileges that were his due.

The takeover

Within 24 hours, Arab LJ users Lj-favicon.png sabotabby, Lj-favicon.png habibi, and Lj-favicon.png kynn banded together and declared jihad on the new community, except with a lot less religious crap and a lot more lulz.

The next post?


one time i had a boyfriend that knew the commie sutra backwards. apparently it applies to boy on boy sex because we fucked all night in crazy positions and a lot of massage too. i've never had better sex, certainly not with any american boy blockheads who's semen has more steroids than cow feed and lowers your IQ each time they shoot it into you.



—loveislife, here

Poor American Bulldog and the few trailer park refugees who'd been cheated out of their 7/11 jobs by those dirty sand niggers were shocked to find that a bunch of gay homo liberals had infiltrated their community, flooding it with posts about Arab porn, more Arab porn, sandy vaginas, and still more Arab porn. Community members expressed their desire to fuck such diverse candidates as Ralph Nader, Frank Zappa, Tony Shalhoub, and Osama bin Laden (you know he's a naughty boy). Even Rule 34 made an appearance.

The aftermath

After 135 posts in 24 hours, American Bulldog turned over the reins of the community to Lj-favicon.png mp_reyart and promptly committed e-seppuku, except not seppuku because that's for gay Japs. The community, now with a kitschy pirate theme, went dead within a week as the novelty wore off, but there are still 245 members and the occasional post about hot Arab chicks, which is probably more activity than the jingoists would've managed.

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