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Firthfenion modeling the latest in rubber muscle suits, and trying to look tough


Firithfenion (or "Andreas") is an internet tough guy from Berlin, Germany who attempts to uphold the 'honor' of JewTube user MRirian at any and all costs. He believes that JewTube is his only path of connection with MRirian, as the jews have infested his German brain. Believing he can come to ED to stop trolls in their tracks and force them to experience troll's remorse, Firithfenion is also among the top 5 most wanted Magiphiles on the internets.

Journey to ED

Believe it or not, THIS is What Firithfenion Fights For...TEEFS!

It all started when an EDiot and failed troll by the name of Arguecat3 decided the MRirian ED article needed a little spicing up, so she traveled on over to Wikipedia where Firithfenion had created an article to try and counteract the 'negative' one at ED. Although the small amount of failed vandalism of the Wikipedia were reverted by Wikipedo Mods, Arguecat3 at least succeeded in pissing off Firithfenion to the point where he felt he needed to come on over to ED to "keep the trolls in check", but has thus far failed quite hard. Lulz.

Upon his entrance to ED, he immediately became involved in an edit war with everyone on the fucking planet over his userpage (effectively fucking his intentions to get involved in an edit war over the Magibon article right in the ass). In reality, even the most basic ED user could have guessed what was going on simply by watching the recent changes page and joined in on the lulz (as many did). Soon, the lulz were switching between his user and talk pages, and Firith found himself overwhelmed by all the people he recommended psychiatry to.

At some point, he decided it would be a good idea to argue in different languages so as to deemphasize his shitty grasp on the English language. However, it was not his weak grasp on the English language that made him a lolcow. Rather, it was his almost non-existent grasp on logic and debate (see also: muscle suit, old freaking stalker and white knight). By the end of it all, trolls from all over the spectrum of intelligence were having their way with him.

Firithfenion's "Accomplishments"

Firithfenion's Other passion besides Magibon, and what many believe he wishes to do to her.

Magibon Wikipedia Article

FirithFenion was an editor of the wikipedia Magibon. During his tenure of editing, the Magibon article becames so fanboyish, that it attracted the eye of other wikipedos, and it wasn't before long the article was ridiculed with NPOV tags. Much drama were had as Firithfenion slowly lost his iron grip over the article. Butthurt over it he rape spidered the nut case whom he believed responsible. The funny ghey part of it, is that even to this day, Andreas fucking denies it.

MRirian 'Official' Fangroup

Pedo of the internets;Firith, you should tattoo a pic of Maggie on your arm for real to show all the other fantards how cool you are!

As if writing the Wikipedo article on a weeaboo camwhore was not already enough faggotry to deal with, Firithfenion outdid himself by founding the Yahoo Mririan fangroup as well. As expected, this particular group has been declared 'official'... or so they claim.

Butthurt Group Discussions Gallery About missing Pics
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Fenion's Army

Firithfenion's fat hand.

Prominent B& Members of the Group

  • Toolohen- Banned for suggesting Magibon make a sex video to make a quick buck.

Fans Who Have Left of Their Own Accord

  • Forry - Former translator of Magibon videos and member of group, unclear why he left. YouTube Favicon.png Forryga
  • maginiffscentT- Faggot on YouTube that ventured over to ED after becoming butthurt over a CopyVio placed by MRirian. YouTube Favicon.png maginiffscentT

Annonbacca Troll Discussion Gallery About missing Pics
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Magibon FAQ

Firithfenion's greatest accomplishment is a FAQ he wrote about Magibon in order to try and 'clear up false information' and answer other questions that people may have about her. In this FAQ, he shows a strong disliking of ED, and tries to play down everything that is written in the ED article about her. Proof he hates ED.JPG

Alas, he also steals ideas from the ED MRirian Talkpage! He copied the idea of writing about what Magibon did in Japan; it looks as if it is just a summary of what is written on the aforementioned Talkpage. Lol plagiarism.

Trolls who have contributed in the trolling of this Massive Lolcow

How Firithfenion deals with jews trolls.
  • Annonbacca (Pioneer troll. Not much information is known on him. If anyone knows if he is actually an ED user, please help in finding him.)
  • Arguefag3 (Article writer, vandalizer of Wiki page that brought Firith to our door. She lovingly received first homosexual nickname from Firith despite being a girl, and was the first to receive advice from him about seeking mental help.)
  • Campus101(Co-author of the MRirian article.)
  • CroakHoar/CrokHoar (Author of Firithfenion Bel-Air, receiver of 5th and 6th nicknames.)
  • DCY (Sysop who was kind enough to not B& Firith upon request so lulz could be milked, and also kindly allowed this article to be published.)
  • Elhomo (Winner of the second homosexual nickname from Firith. Contributor of Graveyard TEEFS photos of Magibon to piss off Firithfenion.)
  • Fdl (Firithfenion page reverter.)
  • FukkenTroll (Contributor of 50 Meatspin to Firith userpage.)
  • Hagger (Vandalizer of Firithfenion ED Userpage in the Wikipedia template vandalism manner, co-reverter.)
  • Stupid Cat (Intrepid user of the Graveyard TEEFS photos of Magibon to piss off Firithfenion. He too, had the honor of getting advice to seek psychiatric help from Firith, and also received a nickname.)
  • Sgt. Crowboy (Apparently Firithfenion's favorite troll, demanded nickname as well from Firith and was dubbed with a failed prototype nickname. Apparently, he was running out of ideas for latently homosexual nicknames.)
  • Siriusblack (Co-reverter of Firith userpage, giver of advice to Firith.)

You've been had, ED!

When trolling gradually subsided, Firithfenion sprung his devious trap - his lolcow behaviour was not, in fact, inspired by a pedophilic obsession for Magibon, no, it was a psychological experiment! Firithfenion revealed his true self: behind the façade of the dirty old pervert was the cunning deviousness of the Internet psychologist. ED fell into his trap! Arguecat3 and consorts gasped in horror as their psyches were mercilessly dissected and laid in front of their disembodied eyeballs. Firithfenion's findings were perplexing:

  • Arguecat needs a psychiatrist. And medication.
  • The hatred of a jealous and bad girl created him, Arguecat's antithesis
  • Alcoholics and junkies prefer to stay in their black person and so do many EDitors
  • If you can't stand the heat, stay away from the kitchen
  • El Stormo is actually El Homo
  • A lot of ED authors have a sympathy for Magi, even if they don't like to admit it openly
  • Luke Skywalker went into the Death Star but this didn't make him a part of the Dark Side of the Force

Needless to say, all brave EDiots participating in the Firithfenion massacre were down for the count, so cunningly entrapped, and they were at Firithfenion's mercy. His victory was complete. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, ED!


Firith has been known to reference many high-brow sources. Some of the following quotes were very slightly altered for clarity (unless Firith fucking the English language was the funny part). He also enjoys giving "advice."

Hi, I am Andreas. I live and work in Berlin, the capital of Germany. If you wonder about the strange nickname Firithfenion, it comes from a Website called where you can find a name generator to translate your name into the language of Middle-earth. A great way if u r looking for a nickname which isn't already in use. :-)



—Firithfenion, revealing he is also an otherkin.

Dear visitor of my page. You can not impress me with your primitivity. If you want to have the amazing honor of getting a personal response from me, you have to obey some rules. In other words: You have to make yourself worth of an answer. My page seems to become the Lourdes for wannabe-trolls. In order to get the privilege of a personal answer from me, do not add idiotic pictures on my page (this is not 4chan) and try to speak at least like a half-civilized human being. I know this is very difficult for most of you. Okay then, try at least to speak like Arguecat3 or ELhomo or SgtCowboy. These guys already won the honor of a personal answer from me. So.. try your best



—Firithfenion, giving fair 'warning' to potential trolls.

The main reason why I am here is NOT the shameful ED article about Magibon. I still see this article as stupid, shameful, mean and disgusting, but this is not the reason why I am here. In fact, I ignored ED for a certain time and in the first time I did not even mention ED on the Magibon FAQ. However, some people like Arguecat3 started to show signs of megalomania. She did not stay in her place with this shitty article, she started to cross the Rubikon. She vandalized Wikipedia (I have documented this incident with screenshots and links) and she tried to invade our peaceful Magibon fangroup. This forced me to take some action to keep people like her at bay. I found out a lot of other interesting things, but so far I was generous enough to keep them as my secret. This account was created to talk with each other. If I had other intentions, I probably would not have chosen this nickname.



—Firithfenion, denying he is here to vandalize.

If you wonder about the strange nickname Firithfenion, it comes from a Website called where you can find a name generator to translate your name into the language of Middle-earth. A great way if u r looking for a nickname which isn't already in use.



—Firith referencing "Lord of the Rings".

Oh, interesting idea! The article looks promising! Hm.. maybe you are right and I should contribute. However, it sounds to me a bit like the imperator tries to convince Luke Skywalker to come to the dark side of the force. You remember that the imperator failed?



—Firith referencing the George W. Bush redub of "Star Wars".

No, it is not sad that I expanded the 'Arguecat' article that you created. Luke Skywalker went into the death-star but this didn't make him a part of the dark side of the force.



—Firith referencing "Star Wars" again, this time in complete contrast to his first argument against working on an article making fun of Arguecat3.

A fitting quote: Of course we must fear evil men, but there is another evil that we must fear more and that is the indifference of good men.



—Firith referencing "Boondock Saints" to describe a troll sympathizer.

However, remember what Sly said in Rocky I to a girl (I quote from memory): 'If you hang around with smart people, you'll get smart friends, but if you hang around with yo-yo people, you'll get only yo-yo friends. Keep this in mind Argue.



—Firith never ending his quote as he references the philosophical gold that is "Rocky".

A wise man once gave her this advice: 'If you hang around with nice people, you'll get nice friends, if you hang around with smart people you'll get smart friends but if you hang around with yo-yo people, you'll get yo-yo friends.' The latter was exactly what happened to Arguecat.



—Firith referencing himself referencing Rocky, and getting completely lost in simulacrum.

Leontes te devorant.



—Firith incorrectly referencing "Asterix and Obelix" (cartoon vikings Gauls). This is a corruption of the phrase, "Leones te devorant," which means, "The lions devour you."

As the German philosopher Hegel once said, every thesis provokes an antithesis and he called this stuff dialectic. Well, he was right. The hatred of a jealous and bad girl created me, the antithesis of Arguecats stupid hatred.



—Firith finally referencing something of value while throwing in a little unwarranted self importance. It should also be noted that Arguecat3 is intelligent and this makes sense.

Remember the roles: I am Batman, you are Joker. You and your stupid jealousy created the necessity for my supporting activities to Magi.



—Firith referencing Batman while having a "NO U" argument with Arguecat.

Arguecat, you really need a shrink.



—Firithfenion, failing at giving advice.

You need a psychiatrist. You have a lot of complexes and issues, Stupidcat.



—Firithfenion, failing yet again against successful trolls with the same advice.

If you don't know the difference between slander, vandalism, stalking and satire, you're probably not the right person to give other people any kind of advice.



—Firithfenion, being hypocritical about giving others advice.

On JewTube

Firithfenion's fan video of Magibon.


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