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The FCTC, or Fried Chicken Trolling Crew (sometimes referred to as "Foocy Toocy"), was a group of basement dwellers with horrible acne that was founded for unknown reasons, but is best known for namefaggotry. The FCTC were the second most active force on the side of lulz in the Youtube Furry War. The first was, of course, the intellectual capacity of your average furfag.

Formed as the FCTC, the group started out by simply posting comments on furry userpages and videos, they eventually progressed to making videos and phishing the accounts of furfags. The FCTC boasted such Youtube "famous" trolls as ATXScubaSteve22, Dei3and8, Sylvesterfox, and Ultraforge. It was also home to many lesser trolls who were shit.

Humble Beginnings

The FCTC began when four Ausfags, Togusa_section9, AngrySonicKid (now Charlie McRapekit), Robert Smith (missing in action), and KFCTCNaota were chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool and all shootin' some b-ball outside of the school, when Lord Niggertron descended from the heavens and said to them "YUO FAGGITS SHOULD START A TORRLAN KREW AND TORRL FURRFAGGITS ON THE INTERNETS". So they did just that.

For several months, the FCTC existed only as a secret trolling clubhouse for the four friends. In fact, the FCTC would have remained tiny and pointless if not for a (semi-)fortunate accident: right before the Youtube Furry War began, the Patriotic Nigras had a terrible (but temporary) bout of the drama and the AIDS, and so several of its members left like spider experts. These members wanted to keep trolling, but trolling as a group is more fun than trolling alone for various reasons, and so they were looking for a new group of Internets superheroes to waste their time with. Thus, when Naota's video was put in the Youtube Furry War article, the PN refugees flocked to the FCTC. However, most of them just grew disinterested and vanished because of the lack of freedom Youtube could offer in comparison. Fortunately, there were hordes of eager would-be lulzmongers waiting in the wings to fill the vacancies.

And so it was that, being offshoots of the furry gestapo that was the Patriotic Nigras, FCTC poured fuel into the fire that was the YouTube Furry War of 2007, instilling fear and butthurt through throngs of wishful manimals via their comment boxes. Even though founding memebers slowly stepped out of the game towards greener pastures it seemed as though the good times were there to stay. The oldfags however left their proteges a dire warning learned from their days as failed PN; to avoid the dreaded serious business and focus solely on the good of the lulz. There were elements out there that would try and use the good and pure intentions of a YouTube troll crew and use them for self-serving and completely irrational purposes, and it was imperative that said elements were quicky handled to prevent spreading of cancer.

However they were a bunch of reject PN that were quitting altogether, so fuck what they said. What's the worst that would happen?

Notable FCTC Trolling

One of many FCTC phishings

The Icky-Ricky Era/Trouble A'brewin'

One of the men who's going to revolutionize trolling.
The faces of Legends right here.

Clearly deciding that the wise oldfags that founded the beloved FCTC could shove their sage-like advice straight up their asses, FCTC continued their reign of terror across the many furry accounts on YouTube. It was a golden era of Wolfeedarkfang showing his malnourished face to the masses warning of the coming furry genocide, of Tori Belliachi crying greasy tears or furry indignation at the actions of FCTC and their affiliates; their e-cred was at an all time high. As the FCTCs old guard stepped down, new blood was needed to fill the empty positions of leadership. RickyRicardo123 took on a more active role in FCTC operations and became one of several de facto figureheads. Feeling generous, this newer, leaner FCTC decided it was in everybodys best interest to invite anyone remotely humorous they crossed paths with to join up.

With this liberal recruitment policy in place, high ranking FCTC Dei3nd8 remembered of an old Army brat buddy of his from years prior. Thinking his old pal would be good for a few larfs, Dei insisted that Ickeriss69 audition for FCTC and see if he had what it took to be a part of one of YouTubes premier lulz extraction crews. He did, and since the video passed the sole requirement of admission (i.e. being able to spout "Yiff in Hell"), Icky joined his new brothers and was psyched for some hell raising. Before long, Ickeriss regaled his cohorts with grand and exciting tales of his past trolling adventure, and was quickly shuffled to a high rank in the FCTC, who clearly had no problem believing that a mysteries, pale scarecrow man had such epically trolled so many for so long and yet couldn't prove any of it. Regardless, the new blood revitalized the crew.

Unfortunately for all involved, the Furry War was now dying down, and FCTC needed new and exciting targets in order to remain relevant. The group attempted several new ideas; trolling Gay Diamond, inserting themselves into the Paul Fetch debacle, several high profile yet ultimately unsuccessful SWATting attempts, but nothing reinvigorated the crew quite like the shrill screams of roasted furfags months prior.

But it was during this lul that an idea struck the group, and Icky and Ricky concocted a plan that would not only reinvigorate FCTC, but make them Trolling Legends...

Icky Brings Baggage

Quite unbeknownst to Dei3and8 and the rest of the FCTC, prior to joining FCTC, Ickeriss had himself a little fling with one Brittany Holechko as he dabbled in /b/tardation. While this normally would only be a problem for Icky (depending on whether or not he had an appetite for blubber that particular evening), Ickeriss made the brilliant move to introduce Brittany to the crew. Then, as they tend to do, things quickly went sour for Icky and Bri, ending in a bitter break up, resulting in them fighting over rights to who got to use FCTC. Internally, opinion was split over who to bring into the crew, since FCTC being as epic as they thought they were, immediately believed both of them when they declared themselves to be elite internet terrorists and valuable assets to the team. A slight majority favored the IckyRicky powerteam, and thus Brittany was set aside as an honorary FCTC affiliate. Icky's indignation that not 100% of FCTC immediately picked him ignited a rage that would later set off a chain of events that would forever change the FCTC.

Obtaining the Chris-chan Medallions

"Yeah guys, I really can't see a downside to this. Epic win awaits!"

During the FCTCs less than stellar post-Furry War era, the rest of the internet caught wind of Christian Weston Chandler, Sonic recolor artist and retard extraordinaire. This being very early in the epic that would become the Chris-chan Odyssey, many theorized about the manchilds trademark clay Sonichu medallion, with many a troll hypothesizing the reaction that would result of the successful snatching of said necklace. Sensing e-fame to be had, Ricky, Icky, and then unknown HordeParade came up with the epic idea to contact Chris, convince him there was poon to be had, and get him to send away his prized possessions to the trio, who would them destroy the priceless artifact and claim the legacy that await anyone who succeeded. Discussing the operation openly with and under the moniker of FCTC, Ickeriss was still bitter towards the elements in the crew that had considered adding his ex Brittany Holechko, and he proposed the idea of ditching the crew before the Chris chan operation was concluded.

His growing discontent with the group however took a back seat to the mission at hand. Creating Blanca Weiss, the trio cybersexed Chris-chan long enough to gain his trust and convince the mongoloid to ship off his beloved medals to his apparent sweetheart. The operation went even better than expected, and in addition to the medallions, Chris had sent pictures of his deformed dick to the three. Because this was 2008, and therefore it was not yet common knowledge that the autastic Mr Chandler would hand out noods and toys at every prospect of fine china that crossed his path, the trio celebrated the fact that their troll had resulted in such an epic ween and gleefully showed off their get to bros on the FCTC forums, now ready to set their insurrection. Unfortunately for them, the rest of the crew were just too damn excited to brag about the communal epin-get to the internet at large, and plastered their infamous logo all over the pictures before sending them out to the masses. The results were not quite what they expected.

FCTC Begins to Crumble

"God we're so awesome...

While the FCTC saw absolutely nothing unusual with then idea of branding a retarded man's penis with their logo and bragging about it as though it was a mammoth accomplishment, the rest of the internet was a bit more discriminating. The crew faced enormous backlash against those who were confident that the unveil would completely ruin Chris-chan psyopsing forever all in the name of toys and disturbing nudes, in addition to those that genuinely believed that there really wasn't anything too dignified about being ecstatic about now becoming forever synonymous with an autistics genitals. Betrayed and having as much disrespect as they could handle, the trio of Icky, Ricky and HordeParade immediately jumped ship and denounced the FCTC as a clubhouse of dickriders and failtrolls that had done nothing of relevance and simply stole the pictures out from under them quite unexpectedly.

The attention now on the FCTC, their poorly written vanity page on Encyclopedia Dramatica was vandalized, and the organization was now the center unorganized yet widespread trolling. While it had seemed the Trio has escaped righteous nerdrage, Ricky managed to be dragged down with his FCTC ship, and was trolled off the internet alongside HordeParade going into self imposed exile in an attempt to avoid the dreaded GOTIS. The end result was that Ickeriss had now become both instantly internet famous because of the medallion get while suffering none of the ill affects of being associated with organized 'tard baiting.

The Awful Truth

Ickeriss69 brought his girlfriend to his faggy internet cool kids club, broke up with her, cried about it, threw a tantrum, and then lied and said they were stealing his super epic trolling from him, despite having very little to do with it himself, lied again and said he was never really involved with FCTC anyway once it became obvious they wouldn't cave in to his demands that his ex be given das boot. That's right, friend. FCTC died an undignified death not because they realized trolling furries on YouTube wasn't actually cool, not because it fully sunk in that throwing their nametag on retard cock was an ill-advised and foolish thing to do to gain e-cred, not even because they came to the conclusion that massive and unwarrented pride in their crew and their pedestrian accomplishments put them on par with juggalos. FCTC died a slow and horrible death because Ickeriss had a vendetta and a newfound personal army of CWCfags to do his bidding.

The FCTC was never involved with Blanca, ex-FCTC members made Blanca and the FCTC fucked it up. It's very very fucking complicated.


Someone silly, trying to save face


  • Despite being the butt of 80% of all veteran CWCfag jokes, the FCTC's patented "fake girlfriend" trolling became a permanent staple of hardcore Chris-chan enthusiasts for years since?
  • Despite trying to later cover his ass by joking about it, FCTC member and EDiot DouchemonkeyJr was the one that actually watermarked and dropped the cock pictures that set off the faithful chain of events leading to FCTCs demise?
  • Ickeriss69 was able to do the same FCTC brand of USI spreading drama whoring and fail-trolling for about 2 years before anybody did anything about it?

IHM Attempts to Reanimate a Corpse

Months after FCTC was vanquished to the pits of internet hell, Brittany Holechko thought it would be a sweet idea to restart the FCTC and return it to its former glory.

Complete list of Nu-FCTC Members



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