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Drawn-chan is a forgotten webcomic/drawhore that is loved and hated by many /b/tards for reasons unknown. Around the time when /b/ was good, a guy by the name of SOM had this idea of creating a little girl who was born with a penis, thus resulting in the flat-chested, scantily clad dickgirl we all know and love.

Reactions Of Anonymous

Unlike other drawhores, a few insisted that Drawn-chan is inferior, and that the artist is just wasting his time obsessing over his unique genius of artistic perfection. On the rare occassion that someone posts a thread related to Drawn-chan, Anonymous counters it by unleashing fail by the truckload.

For those who do appreciate a good time, however, they play along and ask Drawn-chan to do various things and offer her presents just for the sake of niceness.

The Comics

SOM posted 13 chapters (286 panels) of Drawn-chan's misadventures online, which you'll find here or here. As you already know, she was born with a penis but upon being visited by moot, she wished to be the little girl and got a vagoo. The rest of the comic involves her getting raped by monsters and trying to become the next hottest meme on 4chan since Jack Spicer.

It is also noteworthy that SOM is famous for drawing Rule 34 of obscure children's cartoons that no one remembers or even cares about. Find them here.


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