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Typical drawhore bitch replying to the comment "stop sucking my hueg shlong".
Sometimes when a drawhore thread inevitably reaches a certain point of fail, at least one will be smart enough to rule 34

A drawhore is an incarnation of faggotry found on 4chan's /b/, brought there along with the Newgrounds and Gaia rejects and exiles, as rats and fleas were brought around the world by the British. The word "drawhore" stems from the word "camwhore". It is basically a person who feels the intricate need to attract attention to themselves by creating and posing an avatar instead of using real pictures, just as one would at Gaia Online.

Drawhores have been widely overlooked and been recognized as part of the cancer that is killing /b/. When you see a drawhore, you will know it by these signs:

  1. Relatively little or horribly wasted drawing skill.
  2. Desire to bring attention to oneself. Orgasmic reaction when succeeding.
  3. Complete lack of shame.

As of 1/1/10 Drawhoring is dead. All that you will see now on 4chan are the occasional request thread.

Creation of the Drawhore

Attention whores were first created by ingesting the happy slappy fruit of faggery. With the eradication of the name/tripcode input on /b/, attention whores needed a new outlet with which to cause internet drama and attempt to become internet superheroes. By keeping to drawings instead of using cameras, they are able to hide their utter repulsiveness as well as avoid being categorized as "just another dumbass camwhore". Because of this, they have been able to slip under the radar of the senior trolls and spammers. However, they have been gaining more recognition lately, as is evidenced by an increase in trolling their threads.

It is thought that the creation of the drawhore was mainly stemmed by the increased traffic that /b/ is now receiving from sources of faggotry such as Gaia and Newgrounds, as no true /b/tard would ever subjugate themselves to that kind of failure.

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Thread where the drawhores said goodbye,e- penis enlargement and faggotry for everybody! drawhores purpose is entertain, not creating drama. get it right tards!
The badly drawn dog in question. Original artist apparently has a fetish for crying and rape.

Notorious Drawhores

Fail at hentai art Anon-Chan? Don't worry! Your baby barf will be accepted as "teh hottest thing evar" at /b/!


One of the more recent of drawhores and a self-hating furry. Created a series of threads about how "she" was so sad, had been raped, was being raped, and how it sucks so much to be a badly drawn dog with an addiction to smoking. Ended in a climax of her dying or something. (I don't know. It was too retarded to follow without being forced to bludgeon my head against the wall.)

She managed to spawn a group of lifeless faggots who went on to circlejerk over her memory in at least 100 threads everyday.


Another drawhore that managed to spark a circlejerk. Started innocent enough, and then when she deemed she wasn't getting enough attention, she started drawing bad hentai of her bald horrible looking female anonymous character. As with any drawhore, if you insult her, her army of 12 year old fanboys will rabidly attack you for neither seeing the artistic merit of a non-anonymous anonymous female (ANONYMOUS!!!!!!!), nor "teh hotness". Fan art of "Anon-chan" is generally much better looking than her own scribbles, but still fails to be attractive.

Disappeared not too long ago (maybe she hit her head and her shame gland turned on). Threads are still cropping up about her to this very day.

The artist for Anon-Chan is actually the same drawhore for Boxdog and Chainchomp-chan. Don't tell anyone though cause because being a drawhore is an "important" secret identity.



Possibly the most ill-conceived of drawhores.
Seriously, what the fuck is that thing? Is that Ms. Pac-Man + torso + tits?
No! It's a female version of a Mario baddie!

Chainchomp-chan threads generally go like this:

  1. hay guyz! Can I have my own thread?
  3. *tits*
  5. *Chainchomp is raped*
  6. *Pathetic 13-year-olds masturbate furiously*

How one even rapes a razor-sharp teethed living metal ball tied to a stake is beyond me.

How CAN'T you rape something tied to a stake?



Drawn by a guy, Cap-tan was born from a "gender bender" thread in /i/ but reached her fame in /b/. her debut thread failed as a trolling attempt since most of the anonymous users liked her submissive character, always willing to wear shoes on head, show TITS, fry her clothes, and other stuff.

A majority of cap-tan threads are created by a sad fanboy under the name of repost guy, who spammed during the GET race of April 2007 and still reposts the same tired images. Her most remarkable achievement might be her (failed and unfinished) doujin, which is basically page after page of fanservice. Anonymous is still trying to decide if this is win or fail.


Other well known Drawhores

Drawhores that regularly had circlejerk orgies in threads on a nightly basis until the exodus.

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The Not-So-Notorious Drawhores

drawhores you have probably never heard of.

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Drawhores 2: The Suckening

With the mass exodus of many of the more prominent drawhores, a new group has recently appeared to fill the void of shit with more shit. most of these threads are met with the ever-familiar sage-spamming and calls to "bring back EFG"

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Drawhores 3: back from outer space

the 'return' thread in question.

On 4-22-07 a thread was posted that had all the old vanished drawhores singing "Don't stop me now" by Queen. Few doubted that the song selection was based on the fact that Freddie Mercury was a massive faggot and died of aids. There is a great deal of contention between /b/tards as to whether this is a bona fide thread from the drawfag /b/luminati or just one lonely fat shit in his basement with nothing else to do spreading lies. After great discussion it was decided that nobody gives a shit.

True to their nature of hating everything original a lone furfag proceeded to attempt to kill the circlejerk by using an automated program to post spam of the usual bland tripe from deviantART.

as of this date, it is unknown whether this means a return of the faggotry and attempts at entertaining anonymous with 30 second doodles or if this was just a rare one-off occasion.

Drawhores 4: The return of suck

Even in the face of the drawpocalypse a few new drawhores have shown their faces. These daredevils go against the "traditional rules" of being a drawhore and do so for more selfish reasons than simply trying to entertain. Meaning mostly they suck ass. Some examples of these include:

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Drawhores 5: The Exile

More recently, Drawhores have been migrating away from 4chan to make their festering nests elsewhere, going so far as to host their very own board. After countless civil wars and nomadic moves, they have resolved their issues peacefully and have agreed to eat shit and die alone. Among the 5th generation of failures:

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Drawhores 6: The Coming of the Scribblefags

After the big ban of Summer '10, a cataclysmic event that destroyed all of drawfag civilazation as they knew it, most, if not all, of the prominent drawfags fled to drawchan.org and other various not important enough to be named places, never to be seen again. In their wake, new drawhores filled the void, forever cursing 4chan with their faggotry.

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The Drawhore/Drawfag Dispute

Recently there has been some contention over exactly what the difference between a drawhore and a drawfag is. Some say that the drawhore consists of the "attention whore/camwhore" that uses an avatar to garner praise or infamy instead of just posting pictures of themselves; probably because the actual artist is hideous or has a penis. Even with the return of the name/tripcode feature on /b/ they still exist, possibly as trolls. Others claim that the "whore" in the name is a reference to the fact that some will "whore" themselves out to Anon and draw whatever is requested of them. The drawfags, conversely, are labeled as being completely unfunny and circle-jerkers, creating threads where a bunch of template characters do nothing but talk and "fag up the place". A recent theory has been put forth that the drawhores are females and the drawfags are males, but this has been discredited as being simply stupid. The smart people, however, have accurately said that anyone who cares is a loser and should an hero immediately as it doesn't fucking matter. Current situation defines "drawhores" as faggots who contribute nothing to threads and are there only to show their face and name, "drawfags" as people who are entertaining to some degree and are able to contribute.

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