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MS Paint - helping the world's undiscovered artists to be told their artwork is shit.

"Dr.Choker and Pals" is a J-Type webcomic, intended to be hardcore through 'explicit sexual activities' and racism, thus failing like an Italian Cruise ship. For many years now, it has mercilessly dumped it's load on many an art site, although most people are clever enough to ignore it and not pay it any attention. Of course, if you want to avoid ever coming across the greatness that is Dr.Choker, a list is provided here: [1].

Dr.Choker himself, is a badly-drawn Azn doctor, who screws up operations, and then screws the nurses - totally unlike Dr.Nick Rivera from the Simpsons - although if you stuck Dr.Nick and Apu in the same blender you might get a better drawing style than Matt Groening's.

It is drawn by one Patrick David Jenkins, (A.K.A Fastartist) whose self-OC looks like a cross between Jesus and a porn movie director. Recently PDJ, (which sounds like a form of AIDS - that's gotta be a metaphor for something...) who has always tried to strafe into popularity, has decided to follow the trend and has posted lovely brony porn for the internets to enjoy.

While many artists would be concerned about showing off their spelling-bee skills earned from their one year in kindergarten, Patrick, who is obviously not some sand nigger from India, decided that this actually wasn't important. This of course, was the turning point - because it was here that Patrick possibly came briefly so a state of conciousness and realised that nobody actually reads any of the text on his work, after seeing how shite the artwork is, and thinking 'oh crap not another one of these' and quickly browsing elsewhere. Unfortunately the smell of weed in the air made Patrick revert - leaving the spelling situation well alone.

You'll not find a comic with this much effort put into it anywhere else on the interwebs!
Self portrait/self advert. If you had always wondered what a porno flash animator looks like, you get an idea of how bad an animation you are to expect.

Is it a genuine Dr.Choker?

Patrick using the birdshit-ticker for webstats.

Dr.Choker and Pals is a base art for all of his work, which is recognisable because it always contains at least one of these features:

  • Word art
  • Oval-tool eyes
  • Zero shading
  • Use of colour palate a colour blind 2 year old would find vulgar
  • Practically no effort on the art at all really...
  • Plot lines which once read have wasted life which will NEVER be returned to you.
  • The whole concept of spelling and grammar has never dawned here...

Patrick claims on his DA account - alias 'the garfield touch' - that certain people are stealing his artwork. His allegations, if true, would mean that a highly dangerous lunatic, stoned on a mix of ketamine, meth, acid and weed is on the loose - so the internet and Patrick both agree that stealing his artwork is a very bad thing. Of course this didn't stop him from posting a 'how to draw' section on his DA account. No really - he actually did a step-by-step for it, just incase you find it hard to copy his work.


The oval tool in MS Paint has aided Patrick again!

There are some some animations as well, which have been recorded by the web's finest voice actors, using the best sound equipment $6.99 could buy in Wallmart. When you get past the long and pointless opening sequences, and the gold-record sound - complete with more hiss than snake house - you'll see that like the webcomic, there is absolutely no plot line at all. Whereas the rest of the world does it without realising - outside of trolling the muslims which using his wit, which of course PDJ has had to put his best effort into, and of course, a failed attempt at soft-porn. And boy do we mean soft...


PDJ thinks his webcomics under the Dr.Choker brand are so good, he's actually asking people to donate money for his time and effort. Despite his artwork being wanted as AIDS is to the uninfected, it seems that PDJ will never improve his artwork style - so there's a good reason to donate to him to keep him drawing for the next 20 years!


Given the success of his comic, PDJ setup and actually paid money for a server, to host Dr.Choker - especially after the haters who own other art sites banned him saying his artwork was 'trying to be offensive' - to ensure that the world would never run dry of good e-toilet paper.

If you thought from his self portraits Patrick looks weird, then that's nothing compared to what he actually looks like on his facebook page

Anime version

Patrick has started uploading his animated version of Dr.Choker to the YouTube - because YouTube needs more quality content like this:

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