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Longtime readers of ED will know that autistics who act like total retards both online and offline are ripe with lulz for the picking. But today, we present to you what may be the most insanely autistic person you’ll ever have the misfortune of knowing about. Bryce Peter "Popped" Cherry, best known online as dev-catscratch, is a 33 year old manchild from Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. He is notable for having having high levels of autism and making Chris-Chan and ChristianU2ber look like sane and well-adjusted individuals.

Dev has many of the traits associated with these retarded fucks, as you'll see below. He has the autism card on him at all times to bail him out of trouble, he obsesses over kiddy and childish things while having the mind of a child himself, has Unwarranted Self Importance oozing out of his ass, not very intelligent, extremely gullible and is hands down the creepiest and lulziest person from "The Land Down Under" since Rolf Harris. Seriously, though, the shit you're about to see from this guy is so strange and weird that even people who have the same fetishes as he does are really confused by him. You'd have to really dig deep down to truly understand how the fuck his mind works, and even then, you'll still have more questions than answers.

Make sure you have brain bleach and a puke bucket on hand before proceeding.

Meet the weirdest person on the internet

File:5 Year old Bryce.png
Bryce at the age of 5, the same age he'd be mentally stuck in for years.

Bryce came to DA in January 17, 2006 while looking for art of the obscure Nicktoon Catscratch, which is where part of his completely odd username comes from. What’s funny is that there’s only 8 pieces of Catscratch fanart in his DA gallery, as the majority of his fanart consist of kiddy shows you’d see in Nick. Jr, PBS, Cartoon Network and even Disney to a lesser extent. While it's not uncommon for autistics to have odd interests, Bryce's obsessions are extremely batshit insane, even by those standards. He takes it to astronomical levels that could basically span the fucking universe and beyond. Usually autistics are into shit like Sonic the Hedgehog, My Little Pony, Minecraft or other inane shit. Bryce's obsessions? Well, prepare yourselves for a mindfuck.

Bryce's kinky obsessions

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He really LOVES little babies!

That’s just scratching the surface, though. He has a list of crazy obsessions like this and more dating back to his childhood which he posted himself. The list basically shows you where and how he developed these interests, some of which he still hangs onto to even to this day. It’s at a point where he basically finds something new to jack off to nearly every year.

Things that trigger Bryce

  • The Ad Council
  • Female CEOs
  • The word “dude”
  • People being a “maybe”
  • Error Messages on HDTVs
  • Risperdal
  • Cyberbullying
  • Promotions on front loading washing machines
  • Ronald McDonald
  • Israel
  • Children eating their vegetables (He claims it’s toxic to children)
  • Nickelodeon shows not being offered on cable/satellite packages and streaming services
  • Kiwi Farms
  • People not understanding the “substance” of his artwork
  • People not catering to autistics like him
  • People not treating him with “sensitivity and understanding, especially online”
  • Not knowing the identity of the “I’m Luggin it” guy
  • Environmental groups
  • Harmony Day
  • Earth Hour
  • The 10% challenge
  • Melissa Evans
  • Donald Trump being president of America
  • Nickelodeon’s “hazardous content”
  • Hyundai
  • Smoking
  • Luvs not being sold in Austrailia
  • Criticism
  • Males being victims of sexual assault not reported in the media
  • Electrical poles
  • This page should he happen to know about it

Why Bryce is totally fucked up

Bryce has no theory of mind so he expects people to be into the same things he is and is very surprised that they don't appreciate his creativity and cleverness. Most of the shit he posts on DA has blatant fetish overtones, and when people call him out on it, he'll either derail the conversation or come up with an excuse for why he's into things like belly buttons and diapers. The lack of a conversational filter also easily explains as to why he regularly posts fetish and gross-out material to his DA gallery and has no qualms about taking pictures of him wearing bumpbows and posting it to the internet for everyone to see, not realizing that this causes people to either laugh at him or call him a weirdo. He has the mind of a child yet speaks with this strange legalese and technobabble speak that makes him hard to understand what the fuck he's even saying. Due to the fact that he doesn't understand how to properly socialize or act on the internet (No doubt because his parents coddled his ass for far too long), Bryce tends to come off as very robotic or erratic in his responses. He also has no sarcasm detector, so unless your insults are very blatant, it'll go right over his head.

Bryce’s Deviantart gallery

He’s been on DA for the past 12 years making the most bizarre, nonsensical shit to ever grace this website. Much of the fanart generally consists of characters talking about things that are only interesting to Bryce, often involving cartoon characters or plushies talking about them, half-assed attempts at PSAs for causes that only he cares about, of him interacting with cartoon characters while having a creepy dead-eyed stare that appears on every piece of artwork involving him, and making stamps he uses for himself because they revolve around his fetishes. It should be noted that by his own admission he never watches any of these preschool shows, not that this stops him from making fetish fanart of them every chance he gets. This makes too much sense to be fair, because the actual cartoons wouldn't even be interested in mundane shit like bumpbows, suspension insulators or obsessing over belly buttons on characters that don't really need them.

Most of the time he traces characters and uses them like a base, often not bothering to change expressions or poses most of the time. Even then, some of the traces look rushed and poorly done with some expressions looking derpyor just plain inaccurate (The characters from Gumball are a blatant example of this). When he does a comic, he usually doesn't put speech bubbles in the proper order, making it hard to tell who speaks first and rarely even does it correctly. Since he doesn't have a theory of mind, he often makes pieces and expects people to make sense of what it is, not realizing that nobody can figure out his material. He often tells people to look at his pictures before commenting to understand their substance, but he never provides enough context to his pictures for people to get it. And even when he does, you either need to understand his train of thought (Not an easy task), or it's so disgusting that you can't help but call him out for the Sickfuck he is. There are obtuse puzzles in point-and-click adventure games that made more sense in their logic than anything Bryce has ever come with.

We won’t cover every crazy-ass obsession he has, just the most notable.

Insanely autistic activism and petty protesting

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Because autistic people want images like this to represent them

While on the surface he tries to raise awareness for various causes through the art he creates, in reality he needs an excuse to jack off the many and various fetishes he has and basically complains about petty things that don’t really affect him, but somehow does anyway.

For example, his idea for raising breast cancer awareness is to take pink cartoon characters (Or characters who wear that color) and sticking the pink ribbon logo on them, saying they support cures for breast cancer. He does something similar with the color blue for autism awareness, but also insists on stupid crap like autism compatibility statements, a website called and various other organizations to cater to autistic people, never mind the fact that people have a general idea of what autistic people and they have various ways of educating themselves on the net anyway. He even made a video on Autism Awareness Day saying that him and other autistics like him “Require sensitivity and understanding, especially online”.

The ultimate proof that he should NEVER be trusted with your kids is the fact that he wants children's shows to show mothers breastfeeding kids, little boys standing up when they pee and kids wanting to know where babies come from (As in actually seeing the woman give birth to their young) as he thinks it's educational, realistic and natural. Yes, he is totally serious about these things. He also made a picture where only women are sexual assault victims and it can't happen to men because the media never talks about it.

Bryce also has a huge grudge against the AD Council regarding their use of how PSAs are delivered outside of the USA as well as wasteful spending, partially because their CEO is female. No joke, he hates how if the CEOs for male or female aren’t 50/50, he insists on people boycotting the company, if the company is female-centric like Avon. Though Bryce specifically focuses on companies with more females than males, never the other way around. Someone even calls him out for this.

Where he really gets overboard is his protests regarding Israel. Deviantart was purchased by Israeli company Wix in late 2016 and he tells people to send letters to the companies involved so Deviantart can be purchased by a non-Israeli company. Bryce also blames Hyundai because their construction vehicles are being used to demolish Palestinian homes and are supposedly violating human rights and they chose to do nothing about it. And yet he still uses their vehicles in his artwork.

Nickelodeon Fanboyism

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As you can no doubt tell from his DA gallery, he basically is a fan of Nickelodeon. His way of promoting it is ripping off of Marlboro’s “Don’t be a Maybe, Be Marlboro” ad campaign and comes up with “Be Nickelodeon". His point of making the campaign is wanting the network in every satellite and cable package, saying that not including them make them “maybes” (Whatever the fuck that means). Also adding onto this are adding more cartoons even from video game franchises that aren’t Nick related, passing notes to hotels thanking them for making Nickelodeon available to their guests, and spamming “Be Nickelodeon” ads everywhere.

That being said he’s also critical of the network for petty reasons. Years ago, he came up with an insane Conspiracy Theory about how Nickelodeon is planning to hide in the Netherlands and calling themselves a Nickelodeon B.V. company due to their asbestos liabilities. He also wants to be called Patrick from now on because reasons.

Some time ago, I started thinking about Nickelodeon was going to move offshore to the Netherlands, just like James Hardie did, with rumours that James Hardie would escape from its asbestos liabilities... I think the reason why Nickelodeon would hide in the Netherlands is because of some of its "hazardous" content in certain episodes of their shows, as well as neglect (or depecting characters in a negative light).

Nickelodeon might be able to run away, but they cannot hide their "hazardous" content and stop the community from asking for their shows to have the "hazardous" content removed... Nickelodeon BV is in Rotterdam, whereas the main hiding place would be Amsterdam.

Overall, I think the Netherlands is an excellent hiding place...


—Bryce's retarded logic in action

Bryce the ABDL

Bryce is really into babies, diapers and cartoon characters wearing them. He got this from doing a consumer group choice of all things and started subjecting many of his favorite cartoon characters into diapers. While some are baby cartoon characters, most of the time this isn't the case. You’d think this would stop there, but he also insists on characters who aren’t babies preferring certain diaper brands over others. He even started a campaign where he wants Luvs to be sold in Australia. No doubt because he wants to wear a pair for himself and relive his childhood like other degenerate infantalists. He claims he doesn't have a fetish for this, but we know full well he's full of shit.

Bryce is Luggin It

File:A futile search for someone.png
Yeah, good luck with that

This served as the basis for him “raising obesity awareness.” I’m Luggin it consists of an giant fatass in a wheelbarrow that Bryce found on a forum years ago. His hyper-autistic mind latched onto it like a leech and actually churned out at least one of these pics a week for a few years. He uses "I'm Luggin It" pictures to educate the public about the evil known as McDonald's and demanding that they retire Ronald McDonald, not knowing that if one eats responsibly and exercises they won't be lugging it. He also wants to remake "Super Size Me" with cartoon characters to educate kids, but like everything else he does, it's to encourage his fat people fetish. Just look at his favorites if you don’t believe us. Ironically, Bryce could stand to shed some pounds himself. His biggest mission is trying to find the person who made this image and asking him questions, which is basically impossible because for all he knows, anyone could’ve made a shitty image macro.

Garibaldi mettwurst food poisoning

Given that he grew up on Nickelodeon, it’s not surprising that he’d embrace the gross out humor popularized by Ren and Stimpy. In true fashion like every other shitty cartoon from the 90's, he makes unfunny stories with this theme without understanding how to use it well.

For example, his Garibaldi garlic mettwurst stories. After reading this story in a newspaper years ago, he had the bright idea to make cartoon characters (usually kids) get sick from eating this brand of mettwurst with very disgusting descriptions. Here’s one where Gumball gets sick from eating it.

One night, Gumball was hungry, so he went to the fridge and ate a new 750g stick of Garibaldi garlic mettwurst which has not been opened previously.

The following day at school, he developed diarrohea (mid-way through a class) which the smell became particularly offensive by the next morning, and had a convulsion during a lunch break on the same day he developed diarrohea at school which he was sent to a clinic for diagnosis and was prescribed anti-convulsant medication.

One day later, he started vomiting in the afternoon, and the following night, blood was seen in the vomit and faeces; so his parents sent him to hospital in the middle of the night, which made a diagnosis of HUS and he underwent dialysis for 14 days along with requiring two blood transfusions, and at least three convulsions occured during this period.

Apart from requiring anti-convulsant medication for about two weeks after his discharge from hospital, he has made a good recovery.


—All his stories in a nutshell. Feeling sick yet?

Mommy Widget

Since he’s obsessed with pregnancy, he draws characters getting pregnant and even breaking their water, even minors like Pajama Sam. But his most notable saga is having Widget from Wow Wow Wubbzy! become a mommy factory. Currently, he’s had her give birth to three abominations, her currently 3-year old daughter Alicia and brother-sister twins Tyler and Sophie. The pictures he makes consist of Widget going through the various trials and tribulations that mothers face such as giant asses, people poking her popped navel like a doorbell, and underwater birth. She also teaches Alicia things she a little girl shouldn't even know at that age yet such as watching animals give birth and where characters like mermaids and Care Bears go to the bathroom. It’s made more bizarre because Bryce says that she fell pregnant without a partner (i.e. artificial insemination), we strongly believe he raped Widget in the middle of the night and impregnated her with his insanely autistic sperm. If all else fails, we could put him on Maury for a paternity test.

Widget's adventures in motherhood About missing Pics
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The best gifts from mommy are belly buttons

He not only likes belly buttons, he LOVES them. Regular ones, people with genetic defects that have two of them, popped ones… Bryce really loves his belly buttons to the point that in his fanart, he sticks them on characters that normally shouldn’t have any like birds and lizards. Not only that, he insists that they be shown at all times and calls them “The cutest gift from their mother.” The funny thing is that Bryce never came up with that retarded phrase. He got it from some other comic on DA made by an inflationist and stole it from him.


Speaking of inflationism, he's into that shit too. He does inflation art and collaborated with a fellow depraved tartlet known as AxleGrease-75 and made pics like characters pumped full of air and trying to complete with Violet Beauregard as the biggest blueberry ever. Even AxleGrease-75 had his limits, though. When Bryce combined that with his diaper fetish, he immediately ditched his sorry ass.

Bryce the bumpbow fan

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Here’s something he’s really infamous for. Bumpbows are stupid looking stickers that pregnant women place on popped belly buttons during pregnancy. Bryce decides to not only spam the living fuck out of them in his artwork by making cartoon characters wear them like all of his other fetishes, but he actually bought them and wore them himself. Not being satisfied with just wearing them, he wants them sold in adult shops, makes a crapload of custom bumpbow designs, and wants bumpbow parties where people wear them and show them off, as well as worn on certain holidays and special events. Other dumb ideas include drawing them as bumpbows placing them on babies with a substance to “protect their unhealed navels” and a Netflix original series. He’s so attached to this mundane product that simply typing in bumpbows on Google will guarantee you see his work from the first page onwards. He even posted a photo on their Facebook Page.

Speaking of bumpbow parties, he actually had one on his 31st birthday. And it is just as mind-bogglingly stupid as you think it is.

Ain't no party like a bumpbow party About missing Pics
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Toilet duck bottles as sex aids

We saved the most fucked up obsession for last. Like the Garibaldi Mettwurst nonsense, he read yet another story in a newspaper where a burglar high on LSD and Antihistamines used one as well as a vacuum as a sexual aid. He basically takes cartoon characters holding them and states in the description that they plan to shove them up their ass like a sex toy. Bryce even admits to doing this himself a few times for his own sexual pleasure.

Other bizarre shit

Autistic hot garabge About missing Pics
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Other crazy ass shit he does outside DA

His DeviantArt gallery may be where all the madness is, but he's spread to other sites as well.

His YouTube channel

Bryce has a YouTube channel which rarely updates, if at all. While not as fucked up as his DA page, it’s no less strange and lulzy. Most of the videos consist of him failing to master the art of maintaining eye contact while reading a script and it comes off like poor attempts at advertising. He rarely blinks, if at all and usually doesn't smile until the end of the video. Some of his other videos consist of him messing with technology in some form or another, trying and failing to spread awareness of various causes and posting about worthless shit similar to DA.

From the mind of an autistic manchild

Him bragging about making weekly fat fetish artwork
His laughable singing abilities (Possible Headphone warning). Also, here's the lyrics.
Proof he never matured past 5 years old
Bryce thinks he's in the Winter Olympics
"I want Luvs in Australia, now!"
A poor parody of Marlboro ads with Nickelodeon characters
Making a video about fake toys for little girls
I have autism, please love and pity me
Talks about his misfortunes against Kiwi Farms and wants a personal army

Futile Facebook Activism

He mainly uses Facebook to bitch about the AD Council and his various crusades against various companies. He also posted for a time on the Bumpbows Facebook page before his creepy ass was blocked after finding out why he was using their product.

Bryce the would-be Terrorist

Not guilty, because of autism.

In late 2007, Bryce decided to hijack 12 internet connections around his neighborhood, and made bomb threats to his school with children inside, his local airport and murder the editor of his local newspaper unless he was given $50,000. Despite getting charged and arrested for his crimes, he successfully used his autism as a “get out of jail free card. What do you expect from a country founded by convicts?

Coming out of the pedo closet

There’s also the fact that he once threatened a woman named Melissa Evans to take down a petition where she asks the government to make child sex dolls illegal, else he be denied one of Helga from Hey Arnold for his own sexual releases. The threats he makes are more comical than serious though. When someone from Kiwi Farms on DA asked him why, he said that he likes “cartoons and adults-only Nickelodeon products” and is offering a cash bounty to have her murdered and the petition taken down. While the comments section doesn't exist anymore (And the petition has since closed), there are screencaps of the incident.

Bryce's threats About missing Pics
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Memorable Bryce Quotes

Do you drive a Mitsubishi?


—His typical response to derail a conversation when he can't handle it

You're a sad person, and you should get some help for that.


—His other used response when called out on his shit

Buy a Mitsubishi and go sit on my face.


—One of his nonsensical threats to take down a petition for child sex dolls

I'm just expressing concern about pressing issues in a creative manner - but I do understand that some don't appreciate creativity, especially when expressing concern about pressing issues in a creative manner.


—Why he makes fetish material under the guise of "activism"

Do you really want to be that kind of person?


—Another thing he says to people who ridicule him

"One of the things I suggest doing is covering new General Motors vehicles, HP printers and PCs as well as IGT gaming machines with woman's underwear and sanitary pads (both clean) and empty boxes of tampons."


—One of his batshit insane suggestions

Don't be a maybe. Be Nickelodeon!


—His butchering of Marlboro's slogan

I have seen a number of members making comments on my pieces who have not read the description which contains context and/or substance for a particular piece.

So before making a comment, PLEASE take the time to read the description first.


—Bryce thinking he's above his art rightfully being criticized

We shouldn't censor navels (Other than covering them with bumpbows) as they are not private (and simply a gift from their mother).


—Bryce justifying getting off to belly buttons

Everyone has a genius within... and I used it to get more out of various things.


—Bryce giving himself an ego boost

Would anyone personally correlate Bumpbows with transsexuality? I seriously doubt that anyone would make this association.


—Bryce possibly thinks about going troon

I think you have seen the existence of my postings but have not fully understood the substance of my postings. Is this correct?


—Bryce justifying his nonsensical "creavtivity"

Show me how you smile to gain the confidence of a child.


—Bryce projecting his pedo tendencies onto other people.

Armchair psychology

One of the symptoms of autism is to hyperfocus on very mundane interests (memorizing years of baseball statistics while having no interest in the sport, memorizing all of the train schedules for the London underground, etc.). This guy has actually hyperfocused on the topics of his hyperfocus. That's, like, meta-autism right there...


—Muscle Bra on Kiwi Farms

From what I can tell, Bryce doesn't understand sex, let alone many of the things he's obsessed with. It's really just an obsession with no real sexual context, but he doesn't get that much of what he puts on dA would be considered socially unacceptable.


—DisposedTalent, a tartlet

The really creepy part is how all of his interests/perversions seem to follow common themes and are sort of related. He's interested in people with two navels. He's interested in bump bows, which are used to cover up the navels of pregnant women. He's interested in pregnant women, who tend to have big distended bellies. He's interested in women who are breast-feeding (which obviously follows pregnancy). He's interested in people with big distended bellies wheeling themselves around in wheelbarrows.


—Muscle Bra again

When I was on drugs for a long period of time (and these were things like Prescription weird-kid drugs like Ritilan, Lithium, Abilify) I made things and thought things similar to this guy. I would not be surprised if he is also victim to the insane pharmaceutical/medcal conspiracy I was belonging to. Look at me now, I'm normal. It seems that the majority of these Autistics were born a little quirky, then were force fed drugs until they were full-blown MKUltra'd. I think ChrisChan is the same.


—An anonymous /cow/boy

I like that he keeps posting that picture of the "party supplies" and asking people if they can guess what he's going to do with them, not realizing that absolutely nobody can guess. There's no cohesion, it only makes sense to him in a very specific and autistic way. If you were buying a box of bullets, a shovel, and trash bags or cucumbers, condoms, and KY jelly someone would probably be able to guess what you were going to do with them. Candy bars, bleach, Bumpbows, and beer are so incomprehensibly off the wall that the closest anyone has come to getting it right is "weird fetish shit".


—Super Collie, a fellow Kiwi talking about his "party items"

Seriously. Bryce and his party planning and CWC and his Mark Cuban/lemon cake/Delaware riddle are prime examples of the autistics' lack of theory of mind. Just because they can somehow see a connection between these random things, they assume that everyone else can see the connection, too, and are honestly surprised that no one else is getting how clever they are. It's actually a wonderful illustration of how autists' minds don't work the way ours do and don't process things the same way.


—Muscle Bra for the follow up

General Reactions about Bryce

That's such a...detailed list of obsessions.

It is not just "When I was a kiddo, I used to watch Dora The Explorer and I got a crush on her."

This is more like "In the year of the Lord 1453, while the holy city of Constantinople was pillaged by the fiendish Ottomans, I took a glimpse of a dark haired, dark skinned maiden on the way to the country of Siebenbürgen. To this day, her visage still lingers in my dreams."


—Roosechu, a kiwi

What the fuck? I have so many questions. How does something like this happen? CWC is not as autistic as this guy. CWC is autistic, but holy fuck this guy takes it EVEN FURTHER. How does something like this happen? Why?


—Another anon from /cow/

Y'know, Bryce had the chance to do something creative with his fixations. He could have made an interesting, or bizarre world with them, but alas, instead he uses the power he is given to use characters as shills for off-topic causes. Oh, and he's a wannabe paedophile who would be eagerly supported by the social justice movement, and who can just use his condition as an excuse for committing horrible acts, all thanks to Australia's terrible legal system. (No offense, Australians,you guys are pretty cool)


— Jacob Pearlman from YouTube

This waste of oxygen needs to be locked up and not allowed to have unsupervised internet access. He's scary as fuck.


— A youtube comment by DandyW

Scientists need to study this guy. He's beyond autistic. He IS the fucking spectrum. Not only that, but he seems to have smoked himself onto another spiritual plane. This is going to be a ride.


—KFC from Kiwi Farms

This is the type of man that just by his looks alone I would not let him near my children

It's not even just the developmental disabilities he has but his general demeanour is just really off


—Bugaboo from the Farms

It's like this guy never grew out of playing Mums and Dads as a kid.


—Admiral Piett from the Kiwi thread

Jesus Christ. Even his own avatar shows that something is not right with this guy.


—NoxusMaximus91, a tartlet

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen since I first discovered Chris, and Nick Bate. Combine the shock and amazement and times it by two. We need a scientist, where does a creature like this come from? How does it survive?


—Another anonymous /cow/boy

Whatever busted sense of "sexuality" this guy has is in full force and everyone here knows it's the driving force behind his art and mannerisms. Given the nature of this cow's artwork, nobody wants to acknowledge it.

He obsesses over pregnancy & breastfeeding, plus he's bringing slime and an "interestingly shaped" bottle to "a party". With bumpbows. When was the last time you went to a birthday, graduation, BBQ cookout, or wedding and someone told you "hey Kiwi, be sure not to forget the giant box of instant slime and that bottle in the perfect shape to fit up someone's ass"? Unless you're dev-catscratch, never.


—Super Collie from Kiwi Farms

When I first saw this guy, I thought he was just another run of the mill dA creep.

Then I dug deeper and realized that he's pretty much the king of all dA creeps.


—DisposedTalent from DA

This guy is one of many reasons why DeviantArt and it's reputation are in the shitter nowadays.

It is beyond baffling that innocent users get banned for being hacked and/or promoting raunchy humour, yet potential and registered sex offenders are still allowed to roam rampant, while continuously polluting DA's servers with their crap.

No wonder why a few of my friends have decided to leave DA lately for the past 2 years.


—CartoonFan1994, a YouTuber

Bryce vs. Kiwi Farms


On February 16, 2016, Kiwi Farms found a potential goldmine in Bryce and started a thread on him after his work was featured a few times in their DeviantArt Horrors thread. Many of the reactions from his various antics were priceless as they poked though his DA, YouTube and Facebook accounts. While Bryce got trolled a few times beforehand, it was basically small-time compared to what would happen next. His discovery by the Farms would take it to a new level he wasn't prepared for. As a result, the trolling on his DA page became more frequent than normal, especially on the front page. After a few months, he eventually made a journal post on June 12, 2016 where he whines about the trolls picking on an autistic person like him.

As a person with autism, I have received harassing comments about me.

So I fought back in a legitimate manner, by blocking users in confidence who make such comments and reporting these comments (again, in confidence) as harassing or if necessary, as hate speech - this included a hateful comment by a user on my YouTube video asking that ALL people who have autism need to be treated with sensitivity and understanding - a "zero tolerance" approach was clearly demonstrated on my behalf when this hate speech from another user which I reported on my YouTube video (mentioned earlier) was promptly removed on my behalf upon receipt of my report in confidence.

My message here is clear: your insensitivity and intolerance of people who have autism will not be tolerated anywhere, especially online.


— Bryce whining about being trolled

The journal got attention, but instead of feeling sorry for Bryce, the tartlets let him have it.

DA members get sick of his pity party

Well darn it couldn't be from all the random stuff you post could it? All the things linking to references to children from small store racks to a child sized hummer arcade photo. As someone withOUT autism and from some on this comment thread who claim to have it we all seem to think that what you are doing is questionable, I mean you're older than I am and you have things that kindergarteners would post or be interested in. Can you not see why people would find that odd or suspect? If they are harassing you with obvious cursing and such that's one thing but comments like mine who aren't attacking you in anyway isn't trolling and I hope you have the intelligence to see that and not accuse me of something I'm obviously not doing. I've talked to infamous people here on dA who've been down the trolling road and some have managed to move on with their lives and discern criticism FROM trolling. MY message is pretty clear here, autism is not an excuse for not professionally handling situations. Even people with autism have to realize that in order to function well in society is to understand that society is not out to get you. You can just ignore the ones that are obviously trying to anger you.


—Jaeger19Ultima laying the smackdown on him

Uh, people don't hate you because of your mental diseases BUT because of your gross art. Trust me.



I have Asperger Syndrome, (now labeled as high functioning Autism), and I must say you're playing the 'Autism Card' rather poorly at the moment. People appear to be agitated over your fetish art, not your predicament.



I'm autistic and you using it as an excuse to post weird pedophilic fetish art is vile and disgusting. You don't get hated on because of your fucking autism and what you're receiving is NOT "hate speech". As an autistic person, you should have a thicker skin than this especially since you're supposedly older than me.

I was bullied mercilessly in school because I had to take special needs classes. I was told that I deserved to be raped, killed, and have my body dumped in a ditch. I was bullied to the point where people would beat on me almost constantly and nobody did anything to help me. I had to deal with my pain by myself, I didn't expect special treatment from any fucking body. I don't want to be treated with sensitivity, and anyone who tries to treat me like I'm a fucking child will get punched in their face.

Most autistic people don't want special treatment, they want to be treated just like everyone else and you're making it so much harder for them to be treated normally. You know right from wrong and you should be ashamed of yourself. Don't lump me in with this "I want muh safe space" bullshit. You don't speak for all autistic people and you should stop doing that.



Please quit using autism as an excuse. It gives fellow autistic people a bad name that's very hard to clear. As someone with autism, I can't condone this behavior. You're getting bashed because of your art which is, from what I've seen, quite off. Autism is no excuse for crude behavior nor is it a scapegoat for when you need it. Autism is a mental illness that shouldn't be taken lightly, I agree, but it shouldn't be seen or used as a handicap either.



Listen, buddy, where do you get ideas for all this stuff you call "art"? Like what others are saying, autism isn't an excuse.

See, I'm autistic, too, but I'm only on the spectrum, meaning I may or may not be affected by it. Based on my behavior sometimes, my mom (even myself) thinks I'm affected, but just in a minor way. Even the doctors I've visited think that.

I'm not affected that much and I don't make art like you do.

Like I said, autism isn't an excuse for shitty art. Now, I don't know where you get your "creative ideas", but it's not funny, fucking pedo.



before you whinge more: I'm autistic as well.

the reason people don't like you is because you draw fetish art of children.

That's the primary reason, I don't know how to put it any other way.

You are a thirty year old man, somebody almost twice my age, drawing fetish art of minors.

Though not strictly illegal since it's not quite porn, it's extremely immoral.

Please don't use your autism as an excuse.

It just adds a stigma to the rest of us, and I really don't like being seen as a paedophile.



Autism isn't an excuse to do weird crap. Besides, when you photoshop Squidward's head on a cat, your kinda asking for free hits. :/



So much people use autism as an excuse..

It's sad <__<



He takes down the Farms and has his CONFIDENTIAL info leaked

He eventually got sick of being trolled and people calling him out on his shit, so he took matters into his own hands. On August 21, 2016, rather than sign up for an account and beg for them to stop (Though it would've ended poorly for him regardless), or just ignore it, he filed a complaint form to the domain running Kiwi Farms stating that he's part of a "legally protected group, being disability" and took the site offline himself. Unfortunately for Bryce, the site came back about a day or two later under a new domain with everything intact and doxed himself in the process. Not only that, the domain they were on was going to expire in early September so all he really did was save Null money in the long run. Supposedly, he had help from someone. Even funnier is that if you look at the form, it's poorly designed and totally half-assed, with a mix of typed questions he made up and his godawful handwriting. And they still accepted the form and took down the domain. Needless to say, the Kiwis were taken by surprise. Sadly for Bryce, he would invoke the Streisand Effect because of his actions and doxed himself for nothing. Thanks, Bryce!

In his complaint, he says he believes we are in violation because he belongs to a "legally protected group, being disability (autism)". That doesn't mean that you're legally protected from everything, including criticism. It just means that you're protected from workplace/housing/public services discrimination.

Motherfucker makes it sound like he's an endangered plant.


—Some LOSER pointing out the flaw in Bryce's logic

Nearly a year later, he makes a video about what happened between him and the Farms, and not only begs for a personal army to report the site, but uses someone’s suicide to gain sympathy points. The trolling hasn’t stopped since then, with more people coming to his gallery and basically mocking his understandably confusing work even to this day. He has yet to try and take down ED or /cow/, though if his attempt to take down the Farms is anything to go by, he’ll fail spectacularly, too. Only time will tell if he becomes the next Chris-Chan.


Bryce is nothing more than a retard who thinks he's making the world a better place by being a creepy autistic moron who wants the world to cater to his whims. Period. As much as anyone who is reading this page likes to believe he is a troll, he is not. No troll would ever come up with a long list of things they obsess over and make some of the most eye-raping fanart ever to be conceived, as well as all of the other shit he's done over the years. Any attempts at helping him is futile and he lost his mind a long time ago. He's past the point of recovery and too emotionally detached from reality to save at this point. For this reason, he will die alone having accomplished absolutely nothing in his life.

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