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Derpaviangott (German for "cock lollipop") is GoddessMillenia's best friend. Derpaviangott, aka Andrew, mysteriously rose from the sea at least 100 years ago. He somehow magically became GoddessMillenia's "best friend" sometime in the last week, probably because she sucked his cock. But we don't want to think about that. He's fascinated by animu, Marilyn Manson, and naked blonde sluts. He claims to be a linguistics major, but clearly has no grasp of proper grammar, as seen here:

Of course, don't try to tell him he's wrong. He's a linguistics major, and he knows what he's talking about. You, on the other hand, are nothing more than a sad, ignorant, worthless peon, and you know nothing of the English language. View his response to RoseDincht:

And actually you retard, it is "IS PEOPLE", but everyone uses it wrong becuase like you, they are stupid. Don't argue with me, i'm a linguistics major. Don't be an ignorant child.


—Derpaviangott, wishing he knew what the fuck he was talking about (Note that because is spelled wrong. And that he failed to capitalize "I". Also, the word 'nuisance' is spelled incorrectly.)

Astounding grasp of history there, champ.

You see? We're all stupid. Everyone who knows that you use "are" with plurals such as "people" is stupid. Derpaviangott is at least 100 times better than all of us as human beings, and we should worship the very ground he walks on! All hail Derpaviangott, King of the English Language!

Derpaviangott, in addition to being a grammar Nazi, is also a real Nazi (well, if you consider a faggot with a uniform fetish to be a Nazi). We has a proof. Too bad he doesn't realize that Hitler would have thrown his lying, faggot ass in the ovens, too.

Youtube Lulz

He even gives the camera KainAIDS.
Derpaviangott, our newest an hero?

Derpaviangott was part of the YouTube lulzfest started by GoddessMillenia. The origins of his involvement are unknown, because when he was getting pwned in the flamefest, he chose to delete fucking everything rather than be a man and take it. We can only assume that he said something to RoseDincht on either GoddessMillenia's page or RoseDincht's own, and RoseDincht commented back on his own page, thus sparking the lulz:

  • GoddessMillenia called commenter MizGriz a fucking idiot because MizGriz actually understands what canon is and is not
  • Derpaviangott attempted to pwn RoseDincht and failed it
  • GoddessMillenia became outraged that RoseDincht was posting on Derpaviangott's page
  • GoddessMillenia flattered herself by implying that RoseDincht had a sick lesbian crush on her fugly ass
  • GoddessMillenia left one final comment after Derpaviangott had deleted fucking everything. This comment is so lulzy that it has been screencapped for great justice. And our posterity. Of course, we'll quote it here, too:

Hi! Just like to pop in and say Thanks for being such an Awesome Best Friend for the Past 11 years or so, probably more.

It's Great to be able to talk to someone who isn't a Dumb Ass. Thank You for actually being an Intelligent being on this fucked up Planet. It's been an Honor and Privilege journeying through life together.



Is Derpaviangott about to become an hero? Naw. The world couldn't be so lucky.

Note that his top video is a snake eating a rat. For four fucking minutes. And the others are stupid shit about his dogs.

Screencapped for great justice.

He proceeded to follow RoseDincht to her Youtube page(a tactic he learned from GM) and after a few false starts, made the most pathetic attempt at trolling I've ever seen.

Yes, that's exactly my point. We are just pathetic losers fighting over a pathetic site. If you'll notice i have only said a couple of things on my own site. I don't want to fight, you guys just keep leaving comments on my page and i'm defending myself. Of course i'm going to stand up for my friends, it's what they do. But you guys are the ones who keep spamming my page. I'd rather just be left alone.


— Derpaviangott, admitting he's a loser.

Oooh, I think RoseDincht would have something to say about that.

Defending yourself. Right.

Derpaviangott not only fails as a troll, he fails by falling into the same trap GoddessScheißekopf does, namely being an idiot lolcow. Now that he has been one-upped yet again, he'll probably lock himself in the bathroom with his Nine Inch Nails albums and do some cutting. Up the street, not across.

You call that a website?

Holy stolen content, Batman! (and just be glad you can't hear the midi)

Derpaviangott's website is a steaming pile of poorly-designed (well, it's on bravepages, so there you go) shit. He has a shitty midi file playing on his site, which makes his site run slow (and hurt the ears). To make things worse, every single image on his site has been direct-linked from somewhere else, which, in turn, causes his site to run more slowly than...than....well, damn. There's nothing slower than a Bravepages site with stolen bandwidth from everywhere on it.

He has not updated since tenth grade (3 months), according to GoddessMillenia, probably because he had the KainAIDS.


He generously encourages you to feel free about stealing his pictures, that he readily admits to stealing.

He has a poll at the bottom of the page. Feel free to vote until this kid sinks into a puddle of emo, never to return from the murky depths.



Derpaviangott also has a page on DA, mostly just shitty pictures of him and that welfare whale GoddessMillenia. But that's not important, the only reason he's on DA is to suck GM's e-cock when the big bad internets get her down.

"So I'm confused. GM comments that she likes your picture, so you respond by being an ungrateful bitch just becuase you didn't intend it to look 3-D. Then you go so far as to have some retard also comment and bitch her out for liking your art. That makes perfect sense, becuase of course you should be a bitch to people who like your art."(The person who responded wasn't even the artist)

"I'm glad I don't speak british so I don't spell like you. And don't call me an ignorant american becuase I'm not. I was born in Naples. My parents are Italian and German. So that means my home country and my adopted country kicked your ass. America should have just let Germany roll all over you. It's a much better country anyways. Our only mistake was helping you and France."

Yeah, and Hitler would've kept him out of the ovens.

Did you Know?

  • Hitler was a great leader?
  • GoddessMillenia is not a fucktard?
  • If Hitler was alive today, he'd only throw homophobes in the ovens?
  • GoddessMillenia is always right?
  • Deleting fucking EVERYTHING will save you from ED?
  • Taking a personality test to see what dragon color you are totally does not make you ghey?
  • Derpaviangott is a pathetic loser? No, really, he fuckin' admits it!
  • He can't speak British?

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