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Denalynnn is a 36-year old drama queen and Youtube/Livevideo attention whore. She is engaged to fellow aspie TadrockHogan, whom she refers to as "her husband", although they live together, they are not married. Denalynnn is best known for her fucking retarded music slide shows, which were yanked by Live Video for infringing copyright. Denalynnn compulsively used video bulletins, demonstrating a pathological case of unwarranted self importance.

Denalynnn left Livevideo after being called out by other camfags as being a delusional psychopath with an e-penis matched only by Argent009 himself.

Denalynnn is a self proclaimed "photographer", "journalist" and, perhaps the lulziest claim of all, attorney of law. In response to the latter claim, SlickJimmy fashioned his own portable internet attorney out of an empty shoe box. Soon after, other LiveVideo users were sending away for the Denalynnn Attorney In A Box kit.

Why People Like Dena

He Beats me Because He Loves Me


Denalynnn is an old hand at playing the victim, even allowing Tadrockhogan to return to her home after beating the shit out of her. Tadrockhogan not only physically beat her, but stabbed her in the knee with a knife, which he served time in a state penetaniary for. Within less than two months of his release Denalynnn allowed Tadrockhogan to live with her & her two daughters again, redefining the term attention whore.

When called out on these claims Denalynn plays the victim & cries out against drama, but her perpetual drama on Live Video was bouncing from one person to another. By the time of her exodus there were no videos offering support, but according to Denalynnn - hundreds of emails from her subscribers. Of which over 9000 were dead accounts & at least 100 her sockpuppet accounts, it is believed the emails of support she was receiving she sent herself.

Cheats at LiveVideo

Denalynn attempt to seduce Kyhell

Denalynn was also called out for use of the infamous "Live Video Friends Script" made famous by Victor1st, askthetyrant and her physically abusive fiance, Tadrockhogan. Her use of attention whore tags in her video's was phenomenally irrelevant in particular suggesting she was sexually attractive.

Is Engaged To A Faggot

Denalynnn Gone.jpg

Denalynnn's first Live Video Drama can be traced back to February 2007 - this was with krotchtich, started when he jokingly called Tadrockhogan a faggot. Denalynnn came to his rescue, forgetting that she had revealed to many friends that she and Tadrockhogan had separated in the past, because she had found him cross dressing at a gay club & having his ass fondled. This is naturally a valid and acceptable reason to angrily rail against such a vicious accusation of faggotry.

The next dramarama Denalynn got into was with SlickJimmy in May 2007 over a comical video he made which caused her psycho friend Xbox to leave Live Video, even though he opened & closed 5 new accounts over the following week. This was followed by a vlogwar with Tyrant077 & SNOWSTAR-BABYANGEL, who created lolzy videos depicting Denalynnn & her crew as trailer park trash inbreds.

The final chapter in the Denalynnn Live Video story was started again by SlickJimmy, he made several videos which Dena quickly blasted the bulletins about. Dena also became notorious for creating fake accounts to comment with on anyone's videos she didn't agree with.

Failed Parent

Denalynnn's proudest moment on The Promised Land happened when she trolled a 10 year old boy off the site. The son of GregLions, pwned Denalynnn in a battle of wits. Greg removed his son from the site in an attempt to kill the drama but Denalynnn still continued. Long time friends KyHell & Dramatube spoke out against her psychotic outbursts although Denalynnn failed to respond in video but in her usual style flooded the bulletins with propaganda. Denalynnn also allowed her 12 year old daughter to enter a The Promised Land dance tag on her behalf, grinding & gyrating in ways more appropriate from a $10 lapdancer.

Welfare Whale

President Demeter tried to warn Dena

The constant internet tough guy act and deleting of comments managed to piss off the entire Live Video community and within a week over a dozen videos were made calling Denalynnn out on her lying & cheating ways. Even Dramatube, who claims to have defected to Live Video to avoid the drama, tried to communicate with Denalynnn in private but in the end unleashed the beast within to Denalynnn, whom he could not subsequently control.

Drug Whore

She was also revealed to be snorting coke with Tadrockhogan in stickam, although one can only wonder how a welfare whale could afford coke. Apparently Denalynnn receives SSI for Epilepsy - yet in her final video on Live Video she is seen wearing sunglasses with flashing lights - a major trigger for epileptics. One can only come to the conclusion that Denalynnn is a lying sack of shit and fail.

On September 10th 2007, Denalynnn deleted fucking everything. News of her departure quickly spread, and the international sales of Dom Chandon and party hats rose approximately 1.8%.

True Confessions by CosmicMind2012

In January of 2008,Denalynnn,after having a pack with Tad on his hate channel,claimed love for me,said she wanted to be with 
me,wanted me to come live with her,yet when I wanted to finally move in,she gave me only excuses of when her daughters got out of 
school,she would come live near me,no plans,buy her,were ever made.I saw her in her stickam room lately,looking at young guys who ask
 her to show her tits,right in front of me,i am in the same room,she only smiles,no kicking,and then her friends ask guys to show 
their dicks as they giggle,no loyalty or care to me.Everyone tells me Tad is still with her,she denies that to me.She got arrested 
for assault lately,for an instance with Tad where she claimed to got hit on the head and knocked Tad over a table,where he hit his 
head and got hurt.Whenever we start to get along,she goes off on me for not agreeing with her 24/7,lied about what celticcharm said 
in a video she made about Katybrewer,called her out on it and she ,once again,turned against me.Made a channel on youtube called 
crossredtroller and harrassed me,calling me a monster and a retard,she admitted to me she did this,and still I was stupid enough to 
accept her love,I know she is a liar,caught her lying about playing the guitar,lied about me and JimWayne laughing in stickam about 
JennySue`s grandma`s death,and lied Howard`s death to all livevideo.I truly loved this woman until she started reminding of someone 
else who constantly hurt me and was a liar,so I had to let her go.My health is getting better since the stress of her constant drama 
emails aren`t bothering me and those accusations all the time of being against her,she put it all on herself.She used me to cover 
Tad`s still being there,I knew this,her kids came in talking about him and went into the fridge and said"Is This Tad`s?" I was a fool
 to think she honestly loved me,now I feel a fool for ever even getting involved with someone who hurt me so.Please,stay away from 
this heartbreaker who just wants to own your soul,I`ll be damned if she can have mine!

Sincerely Joe [CosmicMind2012]

Dena has also has a lackey named *Nornna,a mentally retarded fan of hers who follows her every move.Dena made a youtube channel agaimst the one she professed love to on livevideo,imyoursavior.This"strokevictimjoe' was made out to be Dena`s kids,although Dena claims it is one of Joe`s relatives,which was proven a big lie.She is currently still pining for Joe,making love videos while giving him a bad name with false accusations,a totally psychotic behavior,she doesn`t know whether to love or hate this man,but still insist he did her wrong.She has not been on video for over 2 months,using her stooly Nora to put her ancient videos on to harrass Joe,although they do not pertain to anything that Joe has ever done.Joe has given up on this woman and is moving on with his life,gladly so,with all the lies and hatred she has told all her fellow trolls on youtube.She will sorely regret having causing this man harm when he finds a nice woman instead of a hateful bitch from hell.Joe gave her every chance to talk to him but she refused,making love videos then ignoring him the next day.She uses her kids as a weapon against him,saying he should apologise to them,although we don`t know what for,he did nothing wrong accept trust her,she is pityful and useless now,letting Nora do her dirty work like the pathetic Special Olympics reject she is.Dena admitted to Joe that Nora jerks off to her photo,but still keeps her around,a failure at life and love.She talks about double headed dildos on camera,her children must be proud!


  • Denalynnn is a huge fan of theredskull and agrees with everything he babbles about.

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