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I want a fucking John Solomon review! Of course, he'd hate the comic too but at least he'd write a review I could enjoy while simultaneously weeping into a massive pillow!


— Dave Cheung then.

Content removed due to reported violation of Terms of Service.


—Dave Cheung now.

Dave Cheung is the sick fuck to end all sick fucks. When this Scotland residing rice picking necrophiliac and potential rapist isn't drawing shitty webcomic, deleting his shitty webcomics and being a crybaby hypocrite, he is furiously masturbating to pictures featuring the mangled corpses of little girls.

Ladies, if you see this man, cover your pussy and run!


Dave first showed up on the internet under the alias "Scribblekid" or "shizzle scribblekid". The name was vary fitting because at the time Dave was barely a teenager (and already a repulsive pervert), and all his drawings were hideous scribbles that look like they were made by someone with broken fingers. Despite this fact, Dave thought he would be able to make some money off his ugly drawing, and started making pile after pile after pile of kiddy guro porn, offering to draw requests for money.

Later Dave pulled a Preston, and today he pretends he was never a pedophile, and that the only reason he ever drew guro or loli hentai was for money. He also attempted to delete his old "art", but web archives still contain almost all of it.

During his time as "scribblekid" he also made a weeaboo Kingdom Hearts ripoff comic with some crazy faggot called Jay Esthar, and attempted to start his own webcomic collective group called "Teh Gawd Guys". But being the hard working guy that he is, he abandoned all these projects without notice and joined Snafu comics, feeling more at ease alongside other perverts like himself.


Dave's job and main source of revenue are his online comics, all of which are unfunny animu rip offs that focus almost entirely on little girls either having sex or being killed. Here is a quick rundown of them:

Chungworth Academy

Status: Dead.



— Anyone who read this comic.

They say "Chungworth Academy" used to be full of this stuff. But now this is the only evidence left.

His first comic (if you exclude drawing kiddy porn for years before that) was a poorly drawn piece of crap with too much Lens flare Called "Chungworth Academy", that he wrote together with some camel jockey named Jamal Joseph Jr. By "Academy" he of course means "High school", and it being named after him signifies his desire to have an entire army of pre-teen girls for him to molest. The story of the comic is about a bunch of 14-16 year old girls going to high school, having sex, being racist, stealing jokes from Azumanga Daioh and getting killed.

Although almost all evidence have been deleted, rumor has it that the comic originally had more than just partial nudity and preteen panty shots. But said pages are now missing from the archives. The comic was also racist as fuck towards anyone none white that was unlucky enough to appearer in it, like niggers who can only speak in ebonics in the comic. He was also racist towards Chinks, in spite of being one himself. The only stereotype that was ever broken in the comic was that all the Japanese characters had huge cocks. That is because Dave couldn't handle the truth about his own tiny, yellow penis.

Boss Noodle

Status: Deleted.

-Deliver a tight, focussed storyline that doesn’t wander off in pointless directions.

-Create an engaging and interesting group of central characters, each with their own goals, motivations and backgrounds. -Include some comedy elements, while avoiding the farcical. -Provide a reasonably large amount of action. -Have some lurvley ladies in there.


— Things Dave promised would be in the new comic.

Eventually Dave abandoned his first comic and decided to do something more serious. He promised that the new comic will be an epic action adventure comic that everyone is gonna love. In reality, a few pages in everyone was already calling it shit and he abandoned his magnum opus after only 24 pages, deleted every trace of it,and went back to drawing porn.

Instead of the "traditional Samurai tale in a modern setting" that Dave promised, what we got was a gay Kill Bill rip off, with the main character that looks like gogo yubari, And the plot in a nutshell was: "A girl gets almost raped on the street, but is saved by some other girl, so she tries to have sex with the girl who saved her." In reality the only reason Dave made this comic was because he gets off on rape.


Status: Dead.

I was unable to make a decent living off Chugworth.


— Gee, I wonder why.

After the fiasco that was "Boss Noodle", Dave decided to go back to his first fiasco and reboot it for the third time. But this time he learned his lesson! The new "Chungworth Academy" was a hilarious and original, wonderfully drawn masterpiece. A true beckon of light in the world of webcomics! it was amazing! it was... JUST KIDDING!! it was just more racism, gore and pedophilia.

Because people looking for a good comic saw that it was shit, and people who were looking for loli porn couldn't see any of the girls naked, no one would pay him money for his shit comic. When he realized this thing will not be his cash cow either, he dropped that comic as well after about 5 pages, and moved on to his new comic. Because god forbid he should get a real job.

U.S Angel Corps

Status: Dead.

Each individual story would follow the same basic theme of the two girl agents faced off against the bad guys, and being graphically slaughtered.


— Dave explains his new comics brilliant plot.

Finally Dave decided to drop all false presences about him and his comics, and go back to drawing gore porn. Starting at a thread on gurochan, Dave soon saw the potential in selling away his last shred of dignity. So he took a bunch of his old characters, along with a few he ripped off from somewhere else, made minor changes to them - i.e. made their tits bigger - and started making a commission gore porn comic with all of them converted to looking like jailbait whores.

Every comic follows the same plot: One or more girls who are supposed to be adults but look 16 (and we all know they are even younger when Dave thinks about them while fapping) are sent to kill some guys. Instead, the guys disarm them, beat them up,rape them, torture and kill them in a variety of ways ranging from strangling them to dismembering them with metal wires. And after the girls piss themselves in fear in their last moments of life, the guys mutilate their dead bodies and have sex with headless corpses again. And as an epilogue his readers line up to pay him money for drawing porn he was going to draw anyway.

Angel Corps also has an absolutely brilliant forum where the dozen or so people worldwide who actually enjoy this shit discuss, among other things, what their preferred killing method is, in what order they want to see the murder, rape and dismemberment in the next comic and other lovely things. This would all be slightly worrying until one remembers that guro fans are all basement dwellers who are too fucking fat to hurt anyone and who have likely never even held hands with someone of the opposite sex, other than their ugly whore of a mother.

At the moment the comic seems to again be dead like all its characters.

Gross guro shit. About missing Pics
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The Critics Rave

O rly Dave? Then why were you drawing them before anyone was paying you?

In his extended career Dave Cheung has yet to receive a single positive review of any of his comics. Here are some excerpts from peoples opinions of Cheungs shit pile:

Cheung, you're a creepy motherfucker (as evidenced by the fact you used to draw guro for a living) and your comic's a piece of shit that's only notable due to you letting your creepiness spill over into it. I recommend that you either undergo a complete personality and morality transplant or take down your shitty site and go jump into a vat of nitric acid.


JDR never made good on her promise to kill John Solomon, but if Cheung ever got his hands on Lilith Ester he would have probably raped her, killed her, and raped her again.

Cheung seems to have some sort of illness that makes him forget who he is sometimes. He'll be happily drawing away, creating some new mockery of scum like Buckley or furries, and amazingly he'll completely forget that he himself is the creator of a shitty animu porn comic about ugly underage girls.


You, Mr. Cheung, are not just a pompous, arrogant asshole, a terrible artist, a brainless writer, and a creepy pervert, but a coward. You refuse to acknowledge just how shitty you really are, because if you did you'd likely be unable to take the full force of guilt and sadness without killing yourself


Dave Cheung is a Scottish guy with a deep fascination with the bodies of young girls. Really young girls. Really, really young girls. I've heard it put that there's a special place in Edinburgh prison where he's locked away whenever tourists bring their daughters to Scotland. Why they let him out, I have no idea.


Since it's the continuation of Chugworth Academy, expect not only the girls to behave and dress like 3-Dollar-Hookers as well as stumbling into LOLwacky situations with the other cardboard cut-outs, but also a fair share of racism and female degradation disguised as satire.

In case it should eventually come back, that is.


One thing I've always wondered about Dave Cheung is why he hasn't given up on writing more mainstream strips and just start creating porn. This is a mystery to me. He obviously knows how to draw a woman passable enough for his target audience (internet slimeballs), and he doesn't need to write any dialogue or barely any story for it. He built his entire reputation on pure fucking cheesecake. He even used to draw guro for a living, which is a very extreme example of porn, but still porn. There's an excellent chance Dave Cheung could make a lot of money and be much more successful doing straight porn, so, why with the story? Why the attempts at dialogue and plot when he clearly has no talent for either? This is something that has always puzzled me. My best guess is that perhaps Cheung feels he's above porn in some way, that his intellect is more superior than that of the usual pornographer and that he has more important things to say. If this is the case, Dave Cheung must be one of the most delusional motherfuckers on the planet.


— Dammit! You asshole! YOU made him start making "U.S Angle Corps"! It's YOUR fault!

So there you have it: even though Sore Thumbs didn’t really change the personalities of the characters, by presenting them in a more creative and believable environment they’ve become much more tolerable, and perhaps even likeable. I think it’s safe to say that every aspect of Sore Thumbs has improved. Then you have Chugworth!, which is basically just more of the same except now with bigger pages. Oh well, at least it was short this time.


—There you have it: Even that crazy fuck's, Chris Crosby's shit comic "Sore Thumbs" compares favorably to Cheung's trash.

The comic is written in the later strips with the help of Jamal Joseph Jr., but the real mastermind is known pedophile Dave Cheung. Seriously, that’s not just something I’m saying to be a dick. This man has actually drawn pornography of children, often with the children being brutally murdered as well.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Cheung ended up on whatever the Brittish version of To Catch a Predator is.


I want to list you a few synonyms for “Humor”: amusement, badinage, banter, buffoonery, clowning, comicality, comicalness, drollery, facetiousness, farce, flippancy, fun, gag, gaiety, happiness, high spirits, jest, jesting, jocoseness, jocosity, jocularity, joke, joking, joyfulness, kidding, levity, lightness, playfulness, pleasantry, raillery, tomfoolery, whimsy, wisecrack, wit, witticism, wittiness. You’ll notice that the word “random” isn’t among them. Yeah… they didn’t get the memo at Chugworth-corp.


The story is basically Kill Bill lite for the Gurren Lagann crowd.


—"The Webcomic Overlook" describes "Boss Noodle" to a tee.

Yes, US Angels Corps is nothing but a series of loosely-connected comic short stories featuring pretty girls getting killed, raped, crippled, mutilated, defiled and so on and so forth. That's quite literally all there is to this webcomic. I know; I read all of it. In fact, there are only two (very short) comics where nobody gets killed. The rest is just slaughter after slaughter in increasingly horrible ways. One girl gets thrown in corrosive acid and we get to see the flesh melt slowly from her bones; another one gets drained of all fluids in her body, turning her into a mummy while she's still alive; another girl gets shot to death with nail guns; another has her neck snapped before getting raped... Those are literally just a small percentage of the deaths shown in this comic. If you can imagine a particularly gruesome way to murder someone, one of the characters in USAC has almost assuredly met her end in that fashion, most likely before, after, or while some enemy agents forcefully shove their dicks inside of her.


— "Project A.F.T.E.R" with an even better description of "U.S Angle Corps".

His real name is Dave Cheung and he lives in the UK. I'm writing this because I have a very faint hope that someone over there knows where he lives and contacts the police so that'll have a file all ready to go when this future prostitute murderer finally makes his move. Or maybe they can just lock him away for being TOO FUCKING CREEPY. I'm not kidding here, either. As John Solomon would say, "This man deeply offends me by his very existence." I don't care if he pets kittens and saves orphans from burning buildings in his spare time, he is a fucked-up piece of human garbage and the sooner we are rid of this waste of oxygen, the better.


this madman is actually responsible for two more webcomic abominations that befoul the internet. The first is a long-running shitpile called Chugworth Academy, which was his (miserably failed) attempt at writing a humor comic. It's the least offensive of the three, which is a little like saying Osama bin Laden wasn't as bad as Hitler.


I loathe this man with every fiber of my soul. He makes me wish I knew for certain that Hell was real, just so I could drift off to sleep at night knowing he was unquestionably bound for eternal torment. Dave Cheung is actually a worse human being than Bleedman, and the sooner he disappears from this planet, the better.


This is the worst webcomic I have ever seen in my life, bar none. Possibly the worst webcomic to exist on the internet. Every little bit of it down to its very existence is wrong. It's an offensive piece of garbage and nobody should derive any enjoyment from it, let alone donate money to its disgusting creator. I have never said this before about any webcomic creator or his audience, and I will probably never say it again, but this time I think it's warranted: I hope Dave Cheung and all his fans die in some sort of horrific manner similar to the victims in US Angels Corps, just so they can get a taste of the suffering they gorge themselves on.


One of the more bafflingly stupid story arcs in this thing involves one of the Angels trying to retrieve leaked CIA files from a Vanguard strike unit. After she infiltrates their safe house—armed with a handgun, I should mention—she runs into a naked enemy officer carrying nothing but a toothbrush and a wet towel. Guess which one of these two characters manages to subdue the other without any assistance.


Max wasn't exaggerating in the slightest when he said that US Angels Corps is quite possibly the worst webcomic on the internet. Nor was he overstating anything when he said the comic's chauvinistic fuckwit of an author is worse than Bleedman. David Cheung is such a thoroughly despicable person that he actually makes me ashamed of my own gender. Shame on you, Cheung. On behalf of all decent men everywhere, I hope the next woman you encounter knows who you are and takes the initiative to kick you right in your freakishly tiny balls.


Dave's response to criticism:

Dave responds to bad critique of his comic the same way every other webcomic artist does: "BAWWWW!!!" like he's a five year old. Which is too bad for him because no one could possibly say a single nice thing about any of his comics. In the past he has reported reviews about his comic to wikidot for TOS violations, and had his article on TV Tropes removed. He also throws hissy fits when the Deviantart mods remove his gross porn from the site, calls them idiots and compares them to the third reich. It is possible he even attempted to vandalize the Encyclopedia Dramatica article about John Solomon, where his name is mentioned and was banned. When he can't do anything about the bad reviews, like it is in most cases, he has no choice but to react with impotent rage. Like the way he threw a tantrum when El Santo said that "Chungworth Academy" deserved to be called shit. Or pretend not to give a fuck, like he did with "Your Webcomic Is Bad". Although it is obvious he is massively butthurt about these things, because if he wasn't he wouldn't try to delete those reviews that he can.

In short: Dave Cheung is a pussy.

The UbiSoft Incident

For more info on this retarded slap fight see: Ubisoft


Last Thursday Dave decided to make a gay, meme infested comic about Jade Raymond of UbiSoft, criticizing her for the use of her looks to sell games to desperate nerds, and the over sexualization in the Assassin's Creed series. How did he choose to complain about something being too sexual? By drawing porn of it, obviously! Also forgetting for a moment that he himself makes a living off being a shameless child pornographer, making him a double hypocrite.

A more tasteful version.

In response UbiSoft threatened to sue Something Awful if they did not delete the comic. They also wanted SA to remove anything from the site that contains Jade's name or likeness (which should not include the comic, because being the master artist that he is, Dave's cartoon of Jade looks nothing like her.), and hand over all of Dave's personal info to them, forgetting for a moment that UbiSoft is not the police so no one gives a shit what they want.

An avid fan.



—Something Awful's response.

Instead of the desired result that UbiSoft was aiming for with the lawsuit, I.E: getting rid of this comic forever, the attention braught onto some nameless hack and his comic by a major corporation only made everyone talk about it more. Finally, UbiSoft dropped all charges, after realizing that they have no case against SA, and Dave Cheung himself has no money to sue for.

Moar Cheung crap. About missing Pics
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