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The current Pope is in line to be the patron saint of creepy.

Creepy is a word that most teenagers would use to describe what it's like to watch their parents have wild, steamy buttsecks. In other words, creepy is traumatizing, disturbing, and lulzy. Creepy is also you.

Creepiness OTI

The internet is truly the home of creepy. Thanks to its anonymity, just about everyone on it is the IRL equivalent of the guy standing next to a dark alley with his hoodie pulled over his face, ready to snatch n' rape. The MSN chat rooms are a deep well of creepiness, as all the 16 year old girls in ~xT33N CH4T!!x~ are notorious for being srsly old men. 4chan /b/ is the true creepiness Singularity of the internet. Just ask Cracky-chan.

An Example of creppy from SPENGBAB! |

Creepiness IRL


Creeps in the real world are easier to find than pedophiles at your kid's pool party. Just join the Boy Scouts, and you'll find all the creepiness you'll ever need.

You are no doubt a complete fucking creep. Girls do not like it when you stare at their tits and say "yeeeeeessssss." Loser.

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