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Craig Brittain

"Craig shaves his unibrow straight down the middle with a face razor."

Craig Brittain, also known as David Blade, is mostly known by the public for operating (along with someone nobody really cares about) the now-dead website IsAnybodyDown, where scorned exes could post nudes of their former beloveds and laugh hysterically as their ex frantically tries to take the nudes down. Owning the website ended up bringing about the attention of many journalists and he even was covered and interviewed by places such as Forbes (Article: Revenge Porn Apology) and the site would even be documented on Wikipedia (AnybodyDown page). Unfortunately for everyone, this was not the extent of his attempt to shit up the Internet for people and was the only thing that mildly entertained trolls outside of just simply trolling him.

In recent years, he has taken a liken to annoying the piss out of people in far-right (or presumably) Facebook groups, and these especially include any anti-SJW crowds and running giant twitter followings of edgy and aggressive political asshats. Craig displays a vehement need to tell everyone how much he hates liberals, and usually this would be incredibly benign behaviour online, but Craig has taken his disdain for liberals and feminists to a new level where he believes that feminists and liberals are all part of the government's master plan to take over the world and of course they personally want to snub out Craig, because, you know, he "knows too much". And actually, if you wanted to really get to Craig, all you have to do is have a profile picture with an anime character or just in general be anything BUT yourself in your profile picture and he will spam report your account for being "the feds spying on him". Just exist and disagree with him or have a fake profile picture, and he will report you.

To really knock the hilarity up a notch, send him private messages around the lines of:

"We're watching you, Craig Brittain."

"We know what you're doing, Craig Brittain."

"You cannot hide, Craig Brittain."

"We know you're reading this article, Craig Brittain."

"Yes, I am reading this article." - Craig Brittain

Twist: Craig was found by the feds anyway. Some lame website coverage on Craig being found by the feds

A hero of free speech, free trade, a fighter of antifa, leftists, gamergate leftists and a committed libertarian.

A friendly guy to anyone who's not part of the aforementioned groups.


—A Davy

Craig Lives As A Professional Website Owner

All the websites that could be found owned by Craig at the time using DomainTools, as of late 2014

It only took a few months of Craig harassing normal people on Facebook for new people to start to wonder who the hell this guy thought he was, or if he had a history of being that insane anywhere else. Fortunately, the Internet is a magical place, and soon documentation of the websites he owns were found. Only took a quick search and some really weird things came up.


When more searching is done for this alleged, all that can be found is a redirect to a Facebook like page that is barren and a shitty DailyDot article on his new posession of the urls DailyDot ObamaNudes Coverage. Apparently Craig has been trying for many years now to start an underground movement of people who "know the truth" and want to stop the Illuminati/government/feminists/liberals.

How IsAnybodyDown Worked

Basically any person could go onto the website and upload nudes and dox of a person, and it would not be removed until someone paid the price, ranging from $200 to $500 dollars (this part will be elaborated soon). The price varied on how much money Craig still needed for rent that month. Also featured on the site, was an "Anonymous Bounty" section, where people were offered rewards to find the dox or contact information on any nudes that came up. This all of course made for some explosive drama and some lawsuits to show up later. Admittedly, this site led to great lulz, as feminists would cry and knock the site on their Tumblr blogs and completely objective journalling websites and it did absolutely nothing to deter Craig from doing what he was doing. Thousands of people would end up being exposed.

In an action of genuine cleverness, the offer to remove images through payment were directed by the site admins to go to an alleged third-party website (now defunct) known as were owned by Craig. The website could supposedly delete the images and content they don't like in exchange for real cash. Further research done by DomainTools has shown that Craig indeed owns and this is probably one of the few and only funny and/or intelligent things Craig has ever done, though if we really look at it, it just looks shady and smarmy and when Forbes asked him why he made it, he just said it was "parody".

Whatever, Craig. If you can't own up to it, don't fucking do it. People can see you backpeddling. And while that thought is here, let's look at a video of him pretending he did not make a website for anonymous people to post revenge nudes, it was purely and always "parody" and he has no idea how any of this could have happened.

cough liar cough

And when pressed even harder by the public for why he did what he did, he started to get a bit more defensive and say effectively, "Well if we all just had anarchy, this wouldn't even be a real issue." Also he brings up Switzerland.

Here he is trying to sweep all he has done under the rug with saying:

"Making things that we are morally opposed to illegal (solely on moral grounds) perpetuates a greater theft from society. Laws are not free and legislators have a fixed amount of time. Millions or potentially even billions of dollars would be spent in this instance, creating more pages of an already bloated legal code. When society makes laws based on morals rather than logistics, the inevitable fallout becomes worse than the initial problem...

Ironically enough, in a completely deregulated free market, the demand for things like ‘revenge porn’ is near zero. Less regulations = quality of life goes up = less desire for negative things in the first place = economy goes up as well… Switzerland doesn’t have a ‘revenge porn’ problem. In fact, the majority of their citizens have very limited internet privacy concerns because their bosses and government officials aren’t spying on them, there’s no ‘moral panic’ over hiring in Switzerland.

Craig enjoys the idea of having no laws and thinks it will destroy all the evil in the world. Unfortunately, this is something idiots only do.

Hey Craig, wanna know why Switzerland doesn't have a revenge porn problem? They don't have Craigs out there making websites for them so readily as you. And if there are, you certainly aren't seeking them out, and I certainly am not going to find them just to prove you wrong. You're just pulling something random out and saying, "See, look, there aren't problems here even though we have no actual data on it right now and I caused the problem initially in our situation, but look, see!"

The Anti-SJW Group

Transpeople are part of the government's secret plan to take over the world and destroy Craig. Fact.

(Rest of this article currently in the works. Lots of screenshots to upload and compile.)

Short Version: Craig started spewing radical opinions and calling everyone who didn't agree with him an SJW. After months of dealing with him, the main admin banned him in a flashy two hour long yelling match. This was not the end of it. He then proceeded to spam the group with sockpuppet accounts and trying to attract people to his new group REAL Anti-SJW, all to the lulz and disbelief of all. He then also started spam reporting accounts of people he didn't like and effectively taking down at least ten accounts before he finally gave up and had ten of his own accounts being banned. Meanwhile in his actual group, anyone tried to post anything, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING, would get deleted and if you questioned Craig's authority he would ban you. The salt was heavy that week.

GamerGate Flaming

Yes, Craig was the main reason GamerGate didn't get taken seriously by people. He was so fucking awful, even that self-centered cunt Twitter-favicon.png shoe0nhead ended up having to block him like ten times and warned her followers to not even give him attention. I shit you not: he is that annoying.

Twitter-favicon.png GamerGating would have been successful if not for this ridiculous psychopathic lunatic annoying piece of shit asshole. Fuck you, Craig Brittain. Fuck you right in the nose.

The screencaps below show her screencaps, which shows her blocklist and then Craig yelling about how people with schizophrenia, gender dysphoria, and anyone who enables them thinking they have those conditions should go fuck themselves essentially. Unfortunately for Craig, he already suffers from severe schizophrenia and could benefit from seeing a psyche.

How To Troll Craig

Despite what has been written here, he is incredibly easy to fuck with, but it is short-lived lulz, because he'll ban you or block you so quick since he has spent years being laughed at on social media and forums. Good times can be attained by simply:

  • Saying anything vaguely suspicious and might be noted as liberal or government related
  • Disagree with him in any way
  • Call him autistic or retarded
  • Prove you're a real girl to him and not actually the feds
  • Ask him why he is single still
  • Ask him how the trial has been going
  • Show him this page
  • Use the words "Trickle-Down Economics", he really hates that shit

Craig Demands Google Removes All Material That Links To His Name

Craig has fucking tried to make a copyright claim to 23 websites because he's afraid of the feds. Little does he know, you can never hide from the Internet and his copyright claim is bogus, so good fucking luck.

Here's a copy and paste of his claim:


DESCRIPTION: Unauthorized use of photos of me and other related information. Unauthorized use of statements and identity related information. Unauthorized copying of excerpts from Using photos which are not 'fair use'.



Well, thank god nobody has posted those links anywhere else and shared them with people.

Other Projects Nobody Else Cares About

Currently running a fairly popular twitter called @AuditTheMedia. Just to save you time from searching, it just has garbage image macros bashing liberals and any political figure Craig doesn't like, which is fine, since liberals do the same shit too. Also is running a Twitter begging for money at @dryvyng that is apparently to kickstart some mobile app that will probably never end up finishing because we all know Craig is using that money to spend on himself.

External Links

  • Fb-favicon.png realcraigbrittain - Personal main use Facebook, remade after craigisgone was destroyed
  • Twitter-favicon.png craigrbrittain - Personal main use Twitter 51.7k followers as of 10/29/16
  • Twitter-favicon.png auditthemedia - 93.4K followers as of 10/29/16
  • Twitter-favicon.png dryvyng - Money begging twitter at 75.4K followers as of 10/29/16
  • Reddit who the fuck uses Reddit

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