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Cowkitty = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Well, at least she has some good dick-suckin' lips.
Fake Geek Girl at 12 o' clock!

Cowkitty (aka Tamara Gray Smith) is an ugly spic cunt with a weird voice and a lisp that makes her sound clinically retarded. She chose the name Cowkitty because that's what you'll see if you're ever desperate enough to look up her dress.

An otherwise unremarkable soul, Cowkitty skyrocketed to internet stardom after rustling the jimmies of Anita Sarkeesian, a notorious feminist who has spent years trolling gamers with her shitty YouTube videos. This has made Cowkitty a legend in the eyes of Reddit and a symbol for the hordes of angry neckbeards who have a raging hateboner for Sarkeesian.

Cowkitty. The Woman. The Legend.

How it all started

Feminist Frequency Navigation:
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Exhibit A, ladies and gentlemen.

A few years ago, Cowkitty drew some shitty Dragon's Lair fan art. Anita Sarkeesian, being the morally upright individual that she is, copied the picture from her website and stuck it in a logo for her Kickstarter project about wimminz in games.

Upon discovering this, Cowkitty became extremely butthurt. She was especially mad that Anita's project made over 9000 Jewgolds, and she didn't get any. Humiliated, she decided to enlist the help of the Internet to right this terrible injustice.

A battle for the ages!

When it came to Reddit's attention that Anita had done something so heinous as to use a picture from Google images without caring about where it came from, they immediately stopped downloading pirated hentai movies and began frothing at the mouth. Tumblr, being a haven for artistic expression, soon followed suit. Thus, neckbeard and social justice warrior both held hands as they sharpened their pitchforks and marched on the gates of Feminist Frequency.

Cowkitty led the charge, sending an email to Anita accusing her of copyright infringement.

Hello. I am the professional artist who painted the Princess Daphne image that Feminist Frequency/Tropes vs Women has been using as part of their logo and branding in several places online.

Here’s one of several online examples:

My original artwork is here:

I don’t have a record of licensing this image to Feminist Frequency for commercial use. Do you have any relevant paperwork showing that your company has legitimately licensed this image, and that this is a simple misunderstanding instead of intentional copyright infringement?

Since you state in interviews that the video series infringing on my copyrighted work is non-profit: do you also have valid proof of 501(c)3 status, or a transparent breakdown showing that the Kickstarter campaign’s net earnings (including derivative opportunities such as paid speaking engagements & site donations) are not being used to benefit any private shareholder or individual.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but content creation is how I make my living and professional reputation. I typically do not license my work or lend endorsement in situations where there isn’t the utmost transparency. I would greatly appreciate a speedy response (within 24 hours) so we can proceed to resolve this situation.

Thanks for your time,
Tamara Smith

Fearing her carefully concealed scam may be undone, Anita chose to stonewall Cowkitty by claiming that her use of the image fell under fair use doctrine. Cowkitty then demanded to see proof that Anita ran a non-profit organization, an important criterion for establishing fair use. After that, Anita stopped responding altogether, although her boyfriend and partner-in-crime, Jonathan McIntosh, had this to say:


Yep, that's right, nothing to see here, folks! Of course, the internet soon confirmed what everybody knew, that Anita's "non-profit educational organization" was actually a slush fund for her enormous collection of shoes.

Looks like she's running a for profit operation. And it's not on the list of non-profits.

Several prominent figures in the gaming community have jumped to Anita's defence, including hipster faggot Jonathan Blow and actual faggot Jim Sterling who works for Destructoid (worked there then but quit) The Escapist (quit because they wouldn't let him white knight Zoe Quinn like he did Anita) is currently E-begging on Patreon.

Jonathan Blow, everyone's favorite indie fuckstick, jumping to glorious femfreq's defense. Leave it to an actual faggot to be less faggier than Jonathan Blow.

A few shitty gaming sites also covered this story, taking Anita's side. For example Destructoid's Jonathan Holmes did so where Jim Sterling coincidentally worked (no conflict of interests there). At the time it seemed like most video game journalists just happen to be a bunch of faggots, but it later turned out they were all in-bed together with Anita during GamerGate.

The aftermath

The new and improved logo

After over a week, the internet remains silent, anxiously waiting for either Anita or Cowkitty to make a move. There was talk of lawyers and lawsuits, death and treachery, and a catfight of epic proportions.

Many are now speculating about Cowkitty's true motivations for making a big deal about her stolen drawing. Some suspect she is suffering from GOTIS and Fake Nerd Girl Syndrome, while others suspect she is simply doing it for the lulz.

After the internet spent many days and nights mulling over this whole situation in hushed voices, Anita and Cowkitty finally came to a resolution that involved Anita dropping Cowkitty's artwork in favor of another picture that looked exactly like it. This made the internet very unhappy, as they would never be able to realize their dreams of ruining Anita's whole life. Maybe they can go play video games instead.

Although there is still the issue of Anita not receiving official approval to be a charity until early 2015 and is currently being reported by internet trolls to the IRS and the FTC. We all eagerly await to see how that turns out.

In a more recent development, the GamerGate faggots realized that by refusing to comply with a request to show proof that FemFreq is a non-profit Anita broke the law, and technically still is. Meaning she owes the IRS $10,000 plus $20 more for every day that has passed since. They are now trying to report her for the lulz (you can join the fun here).

Personal Life

Cowkitty has worked as a freelance artist and animator, with her most significant contribution to our culture being this picture of an owl barfing rainbows on a shark with a moustache.


She's also designing a rotating wooden block thing that is apparently worth $175. Well, actually, her husband is. Everyone knows women can't build stuff.

Check out this fucking piece of shit. Or better yet, don't.

Cowkitty's Darling Husband

The happy couple.

In 2013, Cowkitty married the man of her dreams, a fedora-wearing fruitcake named Corey Smith. On the internet, he calls himself FyreHyde, a name he chose after an unfortunate sexual escapade with his beloved. They settled down in a quaint home in Burbank, California, which they foolishly decided to show everybody.

Woohoo, my house is on the internet! What could possibly go wrong?

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