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Comic Genesis (formerly Keenspace) is site for scarily-obsessive anime fanatics, but primarily functions as a gay male dating site. A large majority of users are obsessed with homoerotic furry porn (in fact, one of their administrators authors a comic about a hermaphrodite wolf-skunk hybrid, if this website wasn't bad enough to begin with). Comic Genesis also dabbles in the world of webcomics, the lowest form of art in the universe, and some of the worst webcomics ever produced are hosted by this server..


Keenspace was created in July 2000 as a free webhosting service for comics. Since its founding, it has undergone many technological and design upgrades, which have done nothing to increase either the quality or reliability of the site. It primarily hosts poorly drawn hentai, shitty video-game sprites, and angsty comics by emo-wannabes.

In March 2005, Keenspace announced a name change to Toonspace, because Keenspot bigwig Chris Crosby didn't think the original name was godawful enough. They finally settled on a new name, "Comic Genesis" in an attempt to leech off of the non-existent popularity of the Sega Genesis.

Since the site crashes so frequently and the administrators like to edit the posts of the only comics creators that bring traffic to the site to the liking of their furfag administrator, a lot of people have left the site. Traffic has significantly gone down since the only successful comics creators who've ever been a part of this site have left because of already-established issues and creative control drama.


Members of Comic Genesis claim that the server is a breeding ground for next generation Keenspot comics, because they think it makes them feel special. If you've seen some of the crap posted on this site, you can tell that hardly anyone on this site will ever achieve any level of success. Many people on here try to convince themselves that they will, but at this point, it's just sad and pathetic in its level of bullshit.

The Crosby Brothers



— Bobby Crosby's response every time he is mentioned anywhere on the internet.

Bobby & Chris Crosby are the batshit crazy duo that run one of whom runs Keenspot/Keenspace/Toonspace/Comic Genesis/The webcomic cum bucket/whatever they are calling it now, and the other would sabotages his efforts to make money off his users by throwing insane tantrums on the forum.

Chris Crosby

A.K.A "The slightly less crazy one" is the brother who was able to suppress his raging insanity and not end up a total failure in life (only a partial one). He set up "Keenspot", an ugly and horribly broken site, to host and promote webcomic... His own webcomics.

Although officially both his sites are made for other people to use, in reality this is nothing but a front for it's real purpose: Making Chris a shitload of money and promoting his terrible webcomics that everyone but him hate. That is why, if you go to his websites, you will find his own comics are always on the top of the front page.

He is also an avid Reputation Defender, but not a good one. Like the time he found that he was mentioned in a thread on "The Bad Webcomic Wiki". In the span of only a few replies he managed to insult all of his own comics, admit they are bad and leave. Clearly an epic win for him.

Bobby Crosby

A.K.A "The second most crazy webcomic artist" preceded only by JDR. First of all, Bobby will show up anywhere him, his brother, his brother's websites or his comics are mentioned. Comics like: Pupkin, Marry Me, +EV, Dreamless and LAST BLOOD. all of which are shit and hated by everyone, some argue even by his own brother. His comics are, in fact, so bad that he drags down any artist that dares associate himself with him. Even the creator of Phoenix Requiem, one of only good webcomics ever made, had the displeasure of having her work called shit after agreeing to collaborate with Crosby.

And if you are wondering why Chris will white knight himself at the slightest provocation, this is where he gets it from. Over time Bobby has gained a reputation for having meltdowns on SA, his own forums and the comment section or forum that dared review his works. When this happens, he shows up on the respective sites forum, raging at them and using the word "lier!" over 9000 times.

Bobby's asperger is so bad that Chris had to offer him money to agree not to associate himself with the site anymore. and for a while didn't even let him host his comics on the site. At one point artists on Comic Genesis even organized a walkout if Chris did not agree to ban Bobby from his own forum so that he will stop starting flame wars with them.

The most delusional thing about him is that he thinks he is a "producer", adding the title to every web page related to him, setting the url for his shit comic "Marry Me" as at some point and even setting up an IMDb page for himself, Despite the fact the only thing he has ever "produced" was his shit comic.


Keenspot is a the Comic Genesis shoot off site that hosts "the best" comics from Comic Genesis. At least in theory. In reality it's Crosby's site that exists for nothing save shameless self promotion, and houses 90% comics made by him, his brother or one of the artists who draw their comics for them. Regardless of quality, which is usually pretty low. Other than his own comics, the site also advertises a few other webcomic bottom feeders no one has ever heard of or cares about. All in hopes someone will confuse this for a legitimate publishing company that can help the people in it achieve e-fame and financial success.


In exchange for the placement of advertisements, Comic Genesis provides automatic updating tools that frequently don't work, a free .Comic domain that makes it impossible to bring traffic to any comic website because of the long length of the domain name, a free message board for hosted comics that will likely never be used by anyone, and community/support in the form of an active forum constantly brimming with fresh trolls.

As there is no requirement to join other than having a comic to put up, a great deal of the comics hosted on this server range from horrible to horrendous.

Gallery Of "Quality Comics"

Poorly drawn bullshit About missing Pics
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Vomit Emporium About missing Pics
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See Also

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  • Sore Thumbs - This comic is made by Chris... If this is the best the owner of the site can do then you can guess what you can expect from the rest of the site.
  • TwoKinds - This shit is on there too now.


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