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Create Your Own Story (intially Choose Your Own Adventure, then Create Your Own Adventure) is by far's largest wiki. As such, one would expect that it's owner RobKohr's largest money-maker, but no:

Being an advocate of free speech, the only limitation I care about is what would get the site shut down or get me in legal hot water. If you notice, CYOA is now ad free. Google Adsense complained about the content on this wiki, and rather than force the wiki to follow their rules, I now operate this wiki without any revenue to allow the content to remain uncensored.

What's RobKohr protecting in the name of free speech in spite of the loss of revenue? The answer is pedophilia, incest, bestiality, and other sickfuckery. Create Your Own Story is where anyone, be they pedophile, pervert, or furry, can create Choose Your Own Adventure-esque stories based on their deepest, darkest fantasies or wettest dreams.

In August 2012, RobKohr revealed that the "most active section of the site" was the adult stories:

Also, please bring the adult section back to the home page with the top items from it. That is the most active section of the site, and it generates a lot of traffic from google.


Approved by loli-connoisseurs.


Are you a jerk, or just an anonymous idiot?


Platypus to an anon

ASSHOLE! Is there some reason why you're being such a jerk? Knock it off, asswipe!


Platypus comforts a vandal with words

Thank you, thank you! If only these slime puppies would stay put under their rocks instead of vandalizing other people's work...


Platypus thanking a brave vandal-fighter

And I will see to it that your attempts to do so are reverted. You are not users. You are abusers and you are not welcome here.


Platypus says you're not welcomed

Final warning. Your next uncategorized page will be your last. You will be blocked from the site and your pages deleted.


Categorization is serious business

  • Thomas Strohmann – An early sysop who was only around from late February 2006 to late April 2006. He spent his short stay at CYOA promoting his Wiki RPG project before abandoning CYOA and in favor of He's largely irrelevant to the CYOA of today.
  • Platypus – CYOA's only active sysop and its most predominant user and pervert. Platypus created the majority of Smutty Sex Romp. He's also a major Grammar Nazi who won't hesitate to permaban users for not categorizing pages. In fact, the only blocks he hands out are infinite blocks. His account is Platypuz.
  • Fruitbat – A sysop who was only around from January 2007 to September 2007.

Invasion of the Roman Empire

On February 22, 2007, CYOA experienced its first vandalism spree when the Roman Empire. Gaius Flaminius the Censor of the Roman Empire led the initial assault. The Roman Censor began moving pages and replacing page text, including the text of the Main Page, with the following:

<Censored> by Gaius Flaminius the Censor.

This wiki has been conquered by the Roman Empire attacked. Do not resist. We have already destroyed several wikis. We have a few dozen members, and are allies with the ISV, which has over 150 members. Join or die.

History of the Roman Empire

We were founded in 2006, by Emperor Octavian, a legendary vandal. Octavian left after destroying nearly 3 wikis (haven, bioniclemoc, and Code: WIKI). I, Gaius Flaminius, am now leader. We have attacked wikipedia, destroyed D. Coldheart's wiki alternateuniverse, destroyed Code: WIKI, and attacked SW Fanon and several other wikis. Your wiki is next.

Platypus reacted by freaking out on's Feedback page (source). RobKohr saw the message, and promoted Platypus and Fruitbat to sysops. Gaius was succeeded by Decimus Callaicus and Brutus the Younger, but both of them meet their ends on Platypus' banhammer.

On November 26, 2007, CYOA was targeted by a second wave of Roman-themed vandals (accounts whose revisions are still visible are marked in bold):

This incarnation of the Roman Empire vandal was known for calling Platypus a pervert and being a moralfag:

I am fighting for this site to become something other than a hive of perversion and porn. However, this will probably never happen, as all that anyone comes to this site for is adult content. I am not a vandal, whatever idiots may think. I want this wiki to be a wiki for people with an honest interest in Choose-your-own Adventure stories.

Name changes

In late June 2012, RobKohr renamed the wiki from "Choose Your Own Adventure" to "Create Your Own Adventure". RobKohr stated trademark concerned as the reason for the name change.

In mid-August 2014, RobKohr renamed the wiki for second time: this time from "Create Your Own Adventure" to "Create Your Own Story". As with the previous incident, RobKohr cited trademark issues as the reason.

Pedo purge

Elerneron's AllTheFallen profile. Note the preference for "toddler loli".

In September 2015, RobKohr finally changed's policy regarding pedophilia-related content:

Removed pedo stories

I created a filter for the story pedo__romp (with only 1 underscore, but used 2 underscores to get through my own filter). After a little research this content would be considered illegal as obscene even though it was only in text form.


I don't monitor the content on the site, but this was pointed out to me by a user. If you find any content explicitly related to sex with a minor, please remove it or edit it. --RobKohr 20:00, 25 September 2015 (UTC)

Platypus responded by trying to make his stories less pedophilic and telling people not to post pedophilic content: [1], [2], [3].

Unsurprisingly, the change in policy didn't sit well with the resident sick fucks, and Godwin's Law quickly came into play, with one person, Elerneron, claiming that the person who report the pedophilic content "must be a free speech hating Nazi". After Platypus responded with "just following order", Elerneron advocated the creation of a new Create Your Own Story-esque wiki at pedophile forum Elerneron's request was enacted, and Elerneron began advising people to leave for "" : [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9]. Later, Platypus gave Elerneron his blessing to advertise

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