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A tired old whore.jpg
Chi-Chan24 is a professional e-whore. If you're willing to spend $500 on a Dōjinshi of Sailor Moon fucking her cat, then spend away.

Chi-Chan24 = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Doopie/Chi in the beginning of her cancerous weeb stage

There are many attention whores who are of little interest to anyone, ever. Then there are the ones who are just so desperate and beg to not be ignored that they live forever.

Chii-Chan24, Real name: Danielle Anita Pitts, also known to go by Danielle (Danny) James Willow is the most-well known username of the individual also known as Chii-Chan, Chii24, Dis Bitch or most recently Doopie DoOver.

Her new name Doopie DoOver is a less than obvious hint at the fact that this stupid Trailer Park Princess nigga does the weed.  Only the dumbest of Church dwelling grandparents that missed the drug culture of the 60s, 70s or 80s, got out of serving in Vietnam, or played Dungeons and Dragons for days on end and still have their original character sheet  wouldn't get.  Doopie DoOver or rather Chii-Chan24 is a self-proclaimed weeaboo who has a wide road of drama behind her, currently occuring at this moment and well into her future.  Pulling over for the occasional pit-stops of  desperate attention whoring and the occasional speedbumps of unwarranted self importance, Chii won't be forgotten any time soon. 

Like all cliche comic book villains or bad horror movie spree killers Chii-Chan24 comes with her own very special origin story that nobody really cares about or wants to hear. Chii's occurred way back in 2007 at the tender age of 13 when her home town Public Library had an art contest to show off and educate people about something sane people have no real desire to learn about, animu. Being 1 of the 4 entrants, Chii received an honorable mention for the brilliant artistic vision she creatively named Inu-Chibi which only succeeded in causing the over inflation of her ego that led her to believe that in 3 years time she could quit school and succeed in the world of art as an uneducated twit because she convinced herself that she'd be rolling in cash by the time she was 20. Currently 25, government aid and E-Begging pay the rent.

She first gained notoriety as a maker of fanime, but has yet to actually make one, prefering more to produce fanart.

To this day, she remains on the shittastic weeaboo opus known as DeviantArt and spends her days sitting in front of the computer somewhere in a California trailer park watching as her various fans kiss her ass while crying Notice me senpai until their horse in the throat. More recently, Dis Bitch has relocated to Doopie DoOver on YouTube hoping to throw away her cancerous days as a piece of teenage cancer on the Internetz.

Her main artistic claim to fame is being able to make shittastic pictures in MS Paint. The weeaboos on dA eat this bull up so much she gained enough minions to sufficiently power her super kawaii desu dildo and achieve a brand new Trailer Park Princess level, learning the shake and bake method for making meth.

Chii is also quite well known for having the fucked up family consisting of 7 siblings. One of them, she claims is a lesbian and one of them got pregnant at the age of 16. She kept the baby who is turning 1 in September. She is also still with the baby daddy. This same sister, Destiny Pitts, of Chii's made Florida newspapers in March 2015 when she was off getting high instead of watching her kid and let it drown. Fortunately the kid was recesitated, but this is the height of responsibility Chii was instilled with as a kid.

"Keep both eye's on your weed but none on your kid because you can always have another kid, stolen weed is gone forever."

16 must be the magic number for this collection of Florida trailer trash because it was when Doopie was 16 she was kicked out of school for giving a Hummer to her gym teacher for a gram of Meth.

Some have said that she may have skills other than: smoking meth, smoking weed, begging for cash, applying for welfare, breathing, feltching, shrimping and taking up space but we haven't figured out what they are yet.

The Art

One of her first kawaii artsu
This is what Chii's art looks like when she doesn't trace. Is that Sonichu?
Chii's manga style, poorly drawn, no backgrounds and filled with text looks surprisingly like another famous artist
Chii looks a lot like CWC in that she can't see beyond the character

Chii's art can be described briefly: animu. But her art itself can be divided into multiple categories: shit, moar shit, some other shit and that huge shit your dog took in the middle of your livingroom when you had your boss over for dinner.

Her shit is easily recognizable because it all has the same abnormally huge eyes, the same Sailor Mercury flipped and recoloured style that has only gotten worse over time.

Chii used to take to posting her drawing process on Youtube, but doesn't do so as much now, usually hiding behind the excuse that she has Border Line Personality Disorder and one thing or another has her feeling too depressed to do anything other than Eat, Sleep and schlick. (See YouTube Drama)

Her art process can mostly be broken down into the technique of drawing something in paint, coloring in flats then dragging it kicking and screaming and pleading for its life to be snuffed out into Photoshop, then lazily coloring it with brushes and messy pixels. This is the next Tezuka, people. So, yes, as you can clearly see, this girl has a lot going for her.

She wants to venture to Japan one day with her BFF Suki, and constantly pursues fame in her fanimes and mango drawings.

Both of those is something to be ashamed of.

However, Chii loves her fame, and uses it for all sorts of things.

She seems largely un-evil in her actions towards her fans when they are buying her items from her online wishlists though she is popularly described as a supercilious cunt by those who had the misfortune of getting to know her a little too well as she is particularly fond of jerking them around emotionally and taking advantage of them for cash handouts more than a 16 year old girl selling off her virginity to a dark web-site populated with Arab sick fucks.

She seems to have an overly inflated opinion about her talent and skills. Despite all her talk about her quitting school and art being something someone can learn on their own, it is more than obvious that she is easily overwhelmed by people with better education and talent on the internet and why she attaches herself like a blood sucking tick to people like Twitter-favicon.png Jaltoid. Even more, she easily angers and strikes out when her deficiencies are getting set out for anyone to see, for instance, correcting her in any way. For instance, if she were to say it was Voltaire who wrote about the Uber Mensche and you correct her by informing her it was Nietzsche, she will fly off the handle, use the word fuck every second word, and tell you what a loser you are for correcting her because she wasn't taking a test just making conversation even though she started this whole conversation trying to look smart.

Beware, as we have said before she is a real CUNT and if you make her look stupid enough she will put out the call and you will be fending off an army of virgin boys that will defend their goddess to the death. Do this only with a disposable account.

For the most part, all her art is a vehicle to sell herself so she doesn't look so much like a slut when it's time for a new boyfriend or because it's a Tuesday, she's bored and starts posting nude shots of herself for attention. A tactic that has earned her quite the following, a shitload of 14 year old fanboys and why they are so rabid about white knighting the cunt.

Her Fanime

Since her art is so amazing, she decided to go to the next level. No, not porn (but she's close and has done some CP), We mean Fanime. Chii not only thinks she is God's gift to art, but also a talented animator. She probably sees this as a way to become a famous mangaka or animator in Japan ^__^ A good point to make that all her ideas are utter bullshit not one fanime has ever have been close to being completed, not even going past a shitty half assed unfinished opening title (with some j-pop song from some shit ass group with 700 rapeable loli's ). Due the content of what these fanimes seem to contain, we wouldnt know if it's even legal for us to watch this shit. Some believe that this is probably the work of Chris Hansen because of all the rape.


Looks like something about a guy being lusted after by a bunch of catgirls. No one cares.

Hory Affectun

Chi announcing her retarded Christian fanime coming to an end before the shit started

Holy Affection based on the totally original idea of an angel falling in love with a human. A 10 year old is pwned by a car and given a chance by God to become an angel. She gets her wings faster than anyone else like a true Mary Sue, but is too much of a pussy to finish the tasks to get her halo, until God threatens to pwn her again if she fails to get him the love of the first person she sees on Earth. The rest is your generic "angel falling love with a human" story, only everything takes place in a high school and the guy she's in love with used to bully her so it's totally wacky!

Sayuri: The Last Sanku

Avatar: The Last Airbender rip off about a legendary catgirl who will stop growing at 7 and stay a loli all of her life, but will be able to destroy the universe for some reason.

Pen Pal


Some cancer bitch gets fucked in the ass by an emo nigger. Oh and they write letters.

Morning Wood Morning Sperm Morning Dew

Child abuse :'(

Ever wonder what would happen if a true Christian made a fanime?! Chii is here to put those thoughts to rest. This is about some girl finding God because her evil pig disgusting atheist parents drink and abuse her. Everyone went on about how brave she was for making a Christian show when she was working on it, because everyone knows that Christians are an oppressed minority in the Western world and stuff made by diehard Christian groups always turn out good and nonpreachy. I mean, look at Jack Chick's stuff.

Matsu DaYo Circus

Pure and innocent circus fun.

Basically this story is about a 15 year old bitch named Mitsuki. Shes so ttly puurrrfect in every way, getting 101% on all her spelling tests and hemming her skirt just right that the nuns don't whack her wrists off with a ruler. Everyone just LOVES her! But not all is well in her amazing wonderful life. Her father pimp-slapped and left when he found out his whore wife was knocked up with the spawn of Satan, she then died while pushing this demon child out of her loose hairy vagina. The kid was given to the abusive azn grandma to raise but it was just so goddamn annoying she upfront croaked. So she does her best to be a goody-two shoes so The Man won't arrest her and throw her in jail for the crime of (gasp) living alone at the age of 15! Through some wacky turn of events, she ends up living with a supa supa kawaii acrobat from a circus that's in town and may have to go onstage because the people running the circus are dumb enough to let any untrained moron perform one of their acrobat routines. But oh noes, what will people think of her living with the circus?! (Spoiler: They probably won't give a shit since the circus isn't full of gypsies or creepy Carnivàle style freaks.) Also mahou shoujo and nothing like Kaleido Star at all.

Close but no cigar, this one ACTUALLY has 1/4th an opening and part of an ending sequence (that had its audio disabled by the lawyerfags at some company no one's ever heard of). It got canceled cause her BFFLLYKETTLYOMG SUKI HAETS HER NAOWZ!!!11 OMG T___T <///3 So, her ex-boyfriend sent her the culmination of all their years of effort on this project: All 2 minutes and 15 seconds of it.

MatsuDaYo! Circus is about a 15 year old girl, Mitsuki, who is smart, beautiful, and talented. Everybody looks up to her! She's always gotten straight A's, perfect attendance, she's the president of the class, and head of the school council. She's very well-known around the school. Why is she like this? Well.. Her dad ditched her mom when she became pregnant with Mitsuki.. and short after her birth, her mother died and left Mitsuki to live with her grandmother.. then years after that, her grandma passed away as well. Mitsuki didn't want to be put in a foster home, this city is where she grew up.. she didn't want to have to move somewhere else, so she lives alone. It's illegal but Mitsuki wants to take that risk -- so she does good and gets great grades so people don't suspect a thing. She has a job and fends for herself... Until the circus came into town. The circus planned on staying in the city for a while, bringing Chiyoko, the young acrobat living at the circus, to Kojin Highschool. Mitsuki tries to befriend her, but ends up LIVING with her instead! What's the school going to say if they find out about her living at a CIRCUS?! Uh oh-- and what if she has to perform on STAGE?!! Find out by watching MatuDaYo! Circus! The only fanime with action, drama, romance, comedy, AND mahou shoujo!


—Chii, explaining the best animation the world would never know

Where Does Chi-Chan24 Find Her Inspiration

Hi. I'm Usagi Tsukino, 14 years old. I'm in the eighth grade. I'm clumsier than others and a bit of a crybaby. That's about it. One day, a strange black cat, Luna, appeared and gave me a peculiar transforming brooch and made me a sailor warrior. But, she wants me to fight against bad guys.


—Opening to Sailor Moon

Hi, my name is Mitsuki Fujitara. I'm 14 years old and am in my freshman year at Koyin Highschool. I'm a straight A student and the smartest kid in school. I'm also ahead of the student council, and am president of my cla--


—Opening of Chi-Chan24's Matsu DaYo Circus

Stylistically the Sailor Moon opening works because Naoko Takeuchi is creating a continuation of an already popular work, Codename: Sailor V and Usagi is being introduced as another character in an already established world that the reader is expected to know something about. Here we are introduced to two characters, Usagi and her cat Luna. We are also shown a bit of Usagi's personality when she chases off the Elementary Schoool boys for picking on a cat.

On the other hand, Chii is just giving us a cliche opening rather than starting the story at the begining of it's drama. Instead, what the reader gets is a Mary Sue page of having to read her fantasies about how great this fictionalized character of herself, Mitsuki, is. We have to endure hie everyone worships her, how everyone thinks she is so cute and hiw everyone wants to fuck her.

The Boys

Chii, being the lovely, charming girl she is, is quite a magnet for the sexii bois, and has had quite her fair share of sweethearts in her day, each of them carry new stories of lulz and interest. Some more than others.


Teen pregnancy is so sugoi.
Hook up your shower massagers ladies. This is him, the champion lover himself, all 28.6 stones of him. Remember, this pendulous, marshmallow of a man claims he was a Navy Seal

In the league of evil ex-boyfriends, Jesse is possibly one of the, if not the magnum opus. He is the one who had the most coverage as a boyfriend, and his relationship with Chii was arguably (but who would bother aruging about this, amirite?) the boyfriend who got the most coverage from Chii's shenanigans. Chii often draws him as a sexeh blue-haired cat boy with a sleek black and gray outfit, not unlike Ikuto from the anime about the eggs and lolis. Way to stay original even with real people, Chii. But as evidenced in photos of him, he ain't no looker tipping the scales at what looks like 400 pounds, long greasy hair, and a douchestache completeing the face only a mother and a desperate homeless, syphilis ridden, blind, wapanese mama-san could love. Still, their relationship was deep and they never ceased to deny that they were in absolute and true love forever and ever, never to part unless eaten by zombies and such. Jesse also had crucial technical skills that Chii's fanime-making-and-killing ass could use to further her quality to something out of the trenches of negative scales. Chii often drew Jesse as a woman, or as an over-exposed anime character with her bra showing, or even with huge tits and a maid outfit, which when you take a closer look at Jess it isn't to far fetched because he does have soggy pair of B-cup man boobs. Unfortunately this wasn't the case as she took the line between teasing and emasculating her boyfriend and ran a marching band over it, complete with elephants. But Jesse, being the loser he is/was/will alway be, took it with stride and smiles, all holding out for the day that he would get at teh vagoo.

So they went on, but then, the relationship went to the next level.

One day, Jesse, in a fit of romanticism (or, more likely, extreme stupidity, went off and proposed to his beloved Chii. On television. With his cell phone. And Chii, being the romantic and realistic girl she is, accepted straight away. On television. With her cell phone. Taylor Swift would be proud of you two. So they were set to be married, and Chii could simply not be happier with things.

Until they broke up.

No one gives a shit knows why, but the two were torn. But they remain friends to this day, meaning Jesse still faps to her nightly without her knowledge, and Chii still has a technical worker who she can always entice with her various midriff-exposing cosplays and accidental nipple slips to get her bidding performed by him. As a result of their split, though, Chii decided to practically delete fucking everything that evidenced she ever wanted Jesse's cock.

But, to be honest, who could blame her? Imagine yourself staring at the ceiling while that 400 pound bag of crisco is grunting away, sweating on you. Everytime you have sex is another chance the condom could break and getting stuck having to push out his brood. I'd run away too.

However, the two are dating AGAIN, probably even engaged. Teenage love never lasts, let alone desperate adult love when you're Doopie or Chii and desperately in need of a place to live because most men can't put up with her for more than 72 hours once they realize Chii is a desperate, needy, crazy, ball busting bitch.


No one knows where the fuck this bitch came from, but Chii started dating Ash Ketchum right out of left field. While his all black-and-grey appearance left much to be desired and much less to laugh at than Jesse did, James had his own interesting features. It was quite obvious James probably wanted to tap dat for whatever reason (drugs are presumed to be involved), and Chii was probably unaware in her Southern celibate mind. But quite an incident occured one day when James slept over one day for whatever reason.

Chii explained to her father that James would sleep on the couch, away from her, and he would not have to worry about him sneaking into her room to give her some delicious peen while Daddy Billy Ray slept peacefully. Daddy Billy Ray (no, srsly) believed her eventually, but because Papa BR is a big lulzcow on his own (We assume her entire family has something to lulz about), he often criticized the bastard while he was visiting and left the room to find pocky or ramune desu to feed to his beloved waifu. But then it culminated. You see, as Chii explains, she sleeps in her underwear as a result of being OCD, so James wanted to play video games with her the morning after the sleepover, so she kept under the covers because putting on pajamas is too hard. Eventually, he started tickling and kissing her, hoping for some pussy, and she fell off the bed. James began to secretly relish this great success, until Pappy walked by and saw.

Get the FUCK off my daughter! See this is exactly what I mean by you BOYS having no RESPECT! I'll be DAMNED if you're ever allowed to stay the night here again! And YOU! PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON!!


—Daddy Billy Ray (YA DUN GOOFED, JAMES)

So James got the fuck out of there, not wanting to oncur the wrath of Hank Hill, and Chii was left alone and afraid. But the lulz did not stop there. She went on myspace to write out poetry for her beautiful boy James. But Daddy obviously wanted the world to know what went down, commenting on her bullshit, and posting this as his status:

So fucking pissed! I jump a boy for trying to feel up my 15 y/o daughter, now everyone is pissed at me? fuck that lil punk ass pussy bitch!


—Billy Ray, a true American hero

Chii proceded to weep heartily and call Suki Suki Five Dollar and James for condolences.

Things kinda went downhill from there.


Chii started dating this cute boy in her school and they dated or something.

They are assumed to be broken up, seeing as she never mentions him or draws him fucking her.


Chii used to have a YouTube account dedicated to her various crappy drawings, including fanart for preteen shows on Nickelodeon and tons of shitty animations for all to see and enjoy. Unfortunately, girl got trolled hard, and quit in a rage, crying that no one cared. So she stayed off for a while. But Chii was unable to resist the allure of making horrible videos about her rainbow-hair colored Mary Sue friends, and she soon returned because the trolls don't faze her.

Examples of her excellent animation work.


Chii has apparently always wanted to be a model, what with her good looks, charm and man-sized neck. It was her life-long dream and fall-back career of being a famous MANAGAKA in NIPPON DESU didn't pull through. Her extensive modeling portfolio consists of her standing awkwardly wearing shoddily-crafted, second-hand cosplays. After sending out said portfolio to literally one billion agencies, she was thoroughly excited when she got a callback from some no-name modeling agency. Life was going well. One of her dreams was being fulfilled!

Except, not really.

She bawed to dA, warning the populous that modeling agencies were actually cruel, cold-hearted corporations only looking for money and someone to put on their crappy outfits. She also said that models must "fuck their way to the top." She then claimed she was above flashing her tits to the camera or sucking some dick even when anyone could go to her snapchat account and see all the wonderfull masturbation fodder she uploaded. I am 100% serious. It was a virtual spank bank for 14 year old boys filled with wet shirts, upskirts, panties and the ever so accidental nipslip. Doopie only recently deleted it after someone called her out on it and said that Doopie is a whore who will do anything for money, including sell her ass. Knowing Doopie, she probably just made a new one and uploaded all her almost porn there.

So be warned: modeling aganecies aren't the happy sunshine rainbows you actually thought they were

I'm not willing to show tits for a million dollars, or give some guy head. I'm keeping my dignity, as well as my clothes on, thank you very much. I can't believe I've been chasing this dream, and it took me THIS long for reality to smack me in the face. Screw modeling. I'm going to get my education, go to college, and make something of myself. Hey, I might not make as much, but at least I'll have my self respect.


—Lol, self respect.

After that quote, anyone who knows anything about Chi-Chan or Doopie is laughing their ass off because as of 2018 she still hasn't gotten her GED so she can even begin taking college classes.

For all her talk of self respect, all she does is occasionally fuck a fat guy named Jess for a place to live, beg people online for money, earn her pennies by selling bad art on patreon and let us not forget the Child Porn she produces that she excuses by claiming she all of a sudden was molested. Something that never came up with her Chi-Chan identity.

Recent Ordeals

As of April 23, 2013, dis bitch has relocated to her new cancerous animu weeb channel titled "DoopieDoOver". Even though the pasty white whore has reached her adoolt years, she STILL has a love for her cancerous animus. As of today, "Doopie" uploads retarded anime shorts and speedpaints, one in which her boyfriend (which she has broken up twice with when she was in her teenie years) stars in, showing his cancerous storyline and art skills. Take a load of this nigga:

Oh, Mitzi!

Congratulations to my wonderful co-writer, assistant, and voice actor, Jess, on creating his first ever animation! I'm so proud of you and I hope you all enjoy his hilarious creation! My partner in crime (and art)!


Author - Doopie

Reaction To This Article

Like most Tartlets, Chii posted a link on her journal pretending to be amused and not butthurt about the ordeal.. Perhaps in a vain attempt to get her fantards to remove this article.

Lol, it's about time.


—Not an attention whore at all.

Recently, as this is Doopie's or Chi-Chan's what 2nd or 3rd article on ED the stress is starting to get to her as people are starting to recognize certain negative behaviours from her like outright begging for money through private messages with her fans thinking that if she makes them feel special enough, that they'll empty their wallets for her.

She has been currently limiting her time on the internet so she is either about to rage-quit or start a whole new alias again.

Since she's here now, let's go give Chii a big hug and a warm welcome to the ED community because she's going to be a part of this place for a very long time.

Doopie DoOver

Some time ago, much like all little girls, Chi-Chan believed the lies when someone told her that she could be anything she wanted and she decided on becoming a princes.

Having no subjects except for the empty beer cans strewn about the trailer park and the occasional dead body from an O.D., she bribed the children of her trailer park with candy and the promise of putting "Tastefully Composed Photographs" of them on the net so they would crown her their Trailer Park Princess. Seeing this as a new beginning in her life, Chi decided that she would need a name that reflected this brand new page in her life.

One day when she was trying to light a roach using two bic lighters because one had a flint and no fluid and the other fluid and no flint - she had an epiphany. She likes drugs and she was starting over. Doopie DoOver. Just like that, history was made and the world would never be the same again.

See Also


Doopie DoOver Links

They are the same person.

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AcrotomophiliaAddictionAgoraphobiaAlcoholismAlexis Pilkington SyndromeAlzheimer'sAnorexiaAntisocial personality disorderAnthropophobiaAnxietyADDADHDAsperger's SyndromeAutismBimboficationBipolarBorderline personality disorderBug ChasingBulimiaDeep thinkerDepressionDick ImpalementDown's SyndromeDyslexiaEating disorderFactitious disorderFake SchizophreniaFauxlimiaFeminismGender dysphoriaGirl on the Internet SyndromeHeterophobiaHero ComplexHFAHistrionic Personality DisorderHutchence's SyndromeHyperbolimiaInadequacyInconsistent personality disorderInsanityLiberal Butthurt SyndromeLow Self-esteem'Missing White Woman' SyndromeMultiple personality disorderNapoleon ComplexNarcissistic personality disorderNeurotypicalObsessive Compulsive DisorderParanoiaParanoid personality disorderPeter Pan SyndromePost-Traumatic Stress DisorderPsychopathyRetardationSchizophreniaSeasonal Affective DisorderSelf-diagnosisSelf InjurySexsomniaSickfuckerySociopathySocial anxiety disorderSpecial Snowflake SyndromeTrolling Induced Transsexuality SyndromeTulpaUnrealistic expectationsVictim complex


AcrotomophiliaAquaphiliaArborphiliaAudiophiliaAutogynephiliaBalloon FetishBestialityCarmen Electra complexCross DressingDollfiliaEmetophiliaEmosexualityEproctophiliaFatty Fetish (Female Fat Admirer) • FetishismFoot FetishFurniture PornFurrismGoo girlGuroHeterophiliaHomophiliaInflation FetishJapanophiliaJungle FeverLesbian pedophiliaLotion PlayMacrophiliaMaiesiophiliaMechanophiliaMpregNecrophiliaObjectophiliaOedipial ComplexParaphiliaPedophiliaPlushophiliaPregnant LoliPregnophiliaQuicksand FetishRangerphiliaSpectrophiliaStatuephiliaTrichophiliaVoraphiliaWet and Messy FetishismWetlookXenophiliaYellow feverZoophilia


Chronic Troll SyndromeDeletionismE-goE-PsychiatristE-PsychiatryETDHivemindI-DosingI have a 140 IQIRC DiseaseImaginary girlfriendInternet Disease & Internet Disease ChartInternet poverty delusionsInternet RehabInternet troll personality disorderMega ultra super geniusNerdy Fandom Gateway TheorySex by associationLulz-BlindnessWikipedia's Greatest Hits Diseases


ask.fmBrainwashingHypnosisMilgram ExperimentScientologyStanford Prison ExperimentThe Hivemind Corollary


Above Top SecretB/Bodies Under SiegeCYOCChatrouletteDefense Industries

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