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Cheryl Shuman was not at the top of her game in 2006 through 2009. She had a few years of being a reclusive Internet whack job. Her behavior on Youtube and a few other web sites during 2006 to 2009 are the center of this article.

She still spams the Internet with boring shit, but that's ok. Lots of people do that. Virtual mountains of her spam and dishonesty are still online.

And the highlights of Cheryl Shuman online in 2006-2009 begins here:

Cheryl Shuman is a batshit insane YouTube vlogger with such a massive case of unwarranted self importance and so many sockpuppets she has now been banned from YouTube over 1,000 times. YouTube offenses are generally too boring to land someone in an article on this fair wiki; however, her overall behavior has escalated beyond YouTube offenses and includes spam, obvious lies, threats stalking, multiple threats of lolsuits in which she has created her own internet court judicial system, and general fuckwittery. She used to work on the fringe of Hollywood and has reinvented herself more times than Cher with often hilarious and wacky results. Here comes the crazy.


Cheryl had some minor success in Hollywood in the 80's as a sunglasses fetcher for those superior to her in the entertainment industry. Many of these people still enjoy some success. All of whom have shunned Ms. Shuman because of her psychotic and generally annoying behavior, and because she is a massive fucking nobody. She gathered some wealth as "Optician to the Stars". Despite not being an actual optician, she still refers to herself as this even though no one has called her for consultation in decades. Shockingly, the internet is not impressed.

She used to be married to unknown Fox News reporter, Phil Shuman. Phil hates her now too, and has stooped to her level having had almost as many sockpuppets as she has... minus 1000 or so.

YouTube Drama

As with most YouTubers, Cheryl is desperately obsessive and has a glaring personality disorder. Her destructive attitude has given her much attention; however, this is mostly attention from her own sockpuppet accounts she uses to write supportive replies to her posts.


She has been banned due to actual Terms of Service violations which she has actually committed, and she committed the very same ones in 2008 that got her banned in 2006. However, none of this is her fault; it is yours. Common violations that she absolutely did not commit include:

  • Copyright infringement.
  • Cheating with dummy accounts.
  • Partial nudity.
  • Spamming.
  • Threatening users.
  • Maliciously revealing users' private information.
  • Being a huge cunt.

The cheating part? She voted herself up in the YouTube popularity contest because she thought it would help her get her autobiography published, attract investors for a series of reality shows she had repeatedly pitched (and had rejected) by various television networks, and some other inexplicable scheme involving product placement in videos. She is not the only one who has sought to exploit the YouTube system in these ways. She just happens to be a consistent, severe failure at it.


The face of crazy, at some kind of "On The Ranch" theme day?.

This list of Youtube profiles shows examples of what we mean by "banned over 1000 times". We don't have all 1000+ profiles, but what is here is plenty to account for a whole lot of Youtube bans. These are clickable links, and every single one is banned.

Some of the sockpuppet profiles Cheryl used for making threats, spamming docs and to write fake support comments for herself:

Illegal DMCA Infringement Complaints

Cheryl Shuman has sent many illegal DMCA complaints against people's videos on YouTube. These are copyright complaints she sends to get people's videos taken down. Most of these are videos opposing her in some way. Many of these have been resurrected due to successful and legal counter claims sent by the real video owners.

Here are some examples of videos which were down and have been brought back:

Almost every video at YouTube Favicon.png anticherylvids

She was trying to get Youtube's 3-strikes suspensions on some Youtube accounts by sending copyright claims on videos such as Welcome to the Internets.

These two profiles are from the early days, still holding reinstated videos:

The ED Singers video Deleted by ED Singers but we're keeping the link here.

These, which are in this article: YouTube Favicon.png ueytbdbn and the "acid attack" videos as well.


  • In one of her videos she states that she was paid $1,000,000 - one million dollars from a client of her matchmaking service. This is probably a lie concocted after someone totally important on YouTube called her broke. A sly retaliation.
  • In another, she claims she is going to sue Google, and a whole other bunch of people. Not that she's litigious.
  • She attempted a DMCA complaint about a video uploaded by YouTube user Ellhow demonstrating how sloppy her cockpuppetry was. The DMCA was not upheld.

Ysabella Brave vs. Cheryl Shuman

Expert Banned Vlogger Ninja

Cheryl's YouTube Favicon.png CherylShuman90210 YouTube account was suspended after she attempted to launch a stalking campaign on YouTube Favicon.png ysabellabrave. The sycophantic retard led into it with an odd, ass-kissing post on Ysabella Brave's Youtube (as seen below). Once Shuman could sense that her PR Ninja proposition had been rejected, Shuman created a story about Ysabella in which Ysabella allegedly created millions of sockpuppet accounts in order to harrass Shuman. Cheryl claimed that her "private investigator" had traced the sockpuppets "ISP" to Ysabella Brave, adding Internet ninja to her already unimpressive repertoire.

Cheryl shuman ysabella brave comment.jpg
Shuman smells a tort

Lolsuits OTI

Cheryl Shuman has been known to assign people various internet crime cases. Those who dislike, oppose or confront her are usually e-rrested and inevitably will be going to prison for 5 years. She repeats and emphasizes the 5 year sentence mandate often mainly to her own sockpuppets in order to reinforce the notion that this is, in fact, serious fucking business.

Cheryl's Serious Internet Judicial System works like this: You will hand over your private real life information or she will intimidate your e-friends into giving her your info. You will then sit back while she spams your info on her blogs, some web sites and to a few hundred YouTube users. Luckily you can work out retarded plea deals with imaginary attorneys, sign perverted fetish confessions, and agree that you got convicted to Internet Prison for 5 years. Apparently, when anyone commits libel on the internet by commenting negatively on her videos (definitely not libel), it's called a tort. Many people keep their torting private -- mainly doing it outdoors or in a bathroom equipped with a sturdy fan. Anyone who torts her will be convicted to 5 years in prison. The case will be officially tried and documented in her blogs. Shuman will also spam your blog-trial to multiple profiles and videos on YouTube in order to put in on public record.

OMG Acid Attack

Cheryl shuman youtube.jpg

At one point, Shuman uploaded videos of herself with seemingly severe burns all over her face. She named several YouTube users and described a brutal acid attack against her. To some it seemed like the endless threats and online vitriol had reached a violent and unexpected head... Were it not for the fact that this is the age of cosmetic surgery and a chemical peel is as easy to spot as a ragged old attention whore with nothing better to do.

CShuman chem peel 1b.jpg
CShuman chem peel 2b.jpg

David VS. Cheryl Shuman

For videos on this subject, David's YouTube profile is YouTube Favicon.png anticherylvids. His alternate [YouTube can be found YouTube Favicon.png here under the name jaydavee.

Cheryl was desperate to stalk the Youtube user YouTube Favicon.png ilene888. She believed she could get Ilene888's personal information from David. When Cheryl found out she was not going to get the info, the fireworks began. This is the strangest reaction to not getting what you want in the history of Earth. Here's how she reacted:

Cheryl called David on the phone, October 14, 2007 and left a message informing him that he had confessed to being one of her adversaries using the moniker of Uptownmostly. This is something he had not done because he was not Uptownmostly. She also informed him he was YahWeh at LiveVideo, which is a fact he openly admits with it being his public LiveVideo and all. The account he supposedly made the grand confession to was SamanthaAJones, one of Cheryl's sockpuppets. Once David received this voicemail, he went on the hunt for Cheryl's lawyers, private investigators and law enforcement agents. To date he has been unsuccessful in his search.


The voicemail in question:

A few more confessions on YouTube Favicon.png Cherylshumantriumphs from David in his kind attempt to help her super sleuthishness:

I am YouTube Favicon.png Ilene888
I am YouTube Favicon.png cherylshumanspanties
I am YouTube Favicon.png Jackkline
I am YouTube Favicon.png cherlyisafraud
Damn straight I am Yahweh

Shuman decided to retaliate in a mature and dignified manner; she unleashed the fucking fury and plastered his name, address, telephone number and family information on every profile of every website she is affiliated with. This is the woman with literally hundreds of accounts just on YouTube. Ban her a thousand times, she makes a thousand more accounts. Accounts with people's full names, addresses and phone numbers all over them were easy to get taken down by Youtube.

She Moves Away From the Camera

Consensus on Cheryl's weeping

In Real Life

Cheryl Shuman attempts to put people in real danger by spreading their contact information, property information and family members' names around the Internet.
Cheryl Shuman dropped docs of Dr Ross
Banned from that city too
  • There was a real life trial in late October 2007 where Cheryl Shuman (who is in Ohio) was trying to get a restraining order against a man named Mario Nitrini (who is not in Ohio). She has also named some sockpuppets after him, lucky guy. See: retarded

Four YouTube users went and sat through the Nitrini hearing, Cheryl didn't bother to attend. Here is a video uploaded to YouTube by one of those 4 people:

The judge threw out the case 'with prejudice'. That means Cheryl cannot attempt to reopen the case.

Case Number: ES011754

Filing Date: 09/05/2007
Case Type: Civil Harassment (General Jurisdiction)
Status: Dism Lack of Prosecution-Petn o/c 10/29/2007

Mario isn't the only person who Cheryl claims is stalking her. She tried desperately to convince the Internet she was being stalked by Joyce Danelen, Kenneth Dennis, Sam Conti Jr. and of course, David Briley. There were others. Those are just some of the more memorable names.

Cheryl Shuman is a Convicted Felon

We often see Cheryl desperately depicting others as convicted felons, and these people seem to always turn out to be not convicted felons. When you say someone is a convicted felon, yet they are not a convicted felon, that is called lying. Who's lying? The convicted felon herself, Cheryl Shuman.

Cheryl Shuman was convicted of perjury. She created and distributed some memo as if it was originating from a Steven Seagal employee by the name of Elena Sahagun.

March 13, 1995 article:

April 13, 1995 article:

This link is to a transcript of a case where Cheryl Shuman was a witness. She had to answer some questions about her history. Search this document for the word " convict " to skip to the section of interest. Or, you can scroll to page 74 of it.


Cheryl Shuman loves to come across as an expert on other people's felonies (which don't exist), yet she doesn't even know how many times she has been convicted of felonies. Oh she knows. She just has a hard time being honest about it.

Cannabis Movement Fallout

Throughout 2013, Cheryl Shuman had appeared on several television shows and news segments exploiting medical marijuana as the platform for her self-promotion and product placements. In the late months of 2013, we start to see a substantial eruption from the marijuana activism community against Cheryl Shuman. When Cheryl is being Cheryl, this is bound to happen. It's only going to get worse, ya'll.

October 2013 from Weed Activist:

November 2013 and Moms for Marijuana:

November 2013, Parents 4 Pot and others:

November 2013 and Brave Mykayla's family, Ricki Lake guests:

Same article link-posted with more comments:

November 2013 and Lindsey Rinehart, The View guests:

November 2013,

It appears as though Cheryl Shuman's 2013 media tour turned out to be a tour of bridge burning. The only shows she will be on in the future are shows with management who do not know about her yet, so she can burn more bridges.

December 2013 and Candace Junkin, (former) Assistant Executive Director of Moms 4 Marijuana:

Fun Facts

  • Made some money in the early days of Hollywood.
  • Thinks she is an optician because she chose glasses for people during the previous century.
  • She spends at least nine thousand hours a day, every day, on the internet.
  • Thinks meaningless buzz terms make great pitches, see: ShowBizBootCamp, TrendTracker, TheInCrowdvLog, JetSetDate, Cannalebrity, Stilleto Stoners.
  • Is currently hoping for investors for a reality TV show involving interns. You know shit's bad when you're having to steal ideas from Paris Hilton.
  • Is over 49 years old and is completely obsessed with creating sockpuppets on Youtube simply for arguing with other sockpuppets on Youtube.
  • Is attempting to reinvent herself as a spokesperson for the Medical Marijuana Movement.
  • Gives herself inaccurate titles such as CEO, PR Ninja, Optician to the Stars and other nonsense like Martha Stewart of Marijuana.
  • Became a paid tout for a sleazy penny stock [1]
  • Cheryl Shuman has at least EIGHT FACEBOOKS now. For fuck's sake! People must have been blocking her there too.

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