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On October 28th 2007, some funny b/tard hit upon the cunning and deeply original ploy of DEMANDING tits or he would microwave the cute kitty. Despite the obvious trolling and fake image, a few PETA camwhores played along and actually posted tits and vagoo. The original thread lived for 2 hours when it finally reached over the 9000 post limit and died.


Scavenger Hunt


Another thread called "MICROWAVE CAT SCAVENGER HUNT" was created later, with an actual picture of the date and the OP's cat, which he pretended was not his live plushie luvbuddy. In order to shake things up a little he demanded a bunch of other random stuff, including a revolver and some weed.


The typical baying /b/tard howls for the sizzly and no doubt potentially humorous and fap-worthy feline demise were gradually overwhelmed by the big-hearted and generally fairly silent proportion of /b/ users who have still retained some shred of humanity, morality and compassion.

These are the people who undermine the reputation of /b/ as a pit of dissoluteness and depravity. The people who, in between responses reading "Kill yourself LOL" will actually offer sound advice.

For the scavenger hunt, in the end all the items on the checklist were procured, with dates, and the dear little kitty was released.

However it was probably later sodomized to death by the OP, perhaps, but that is another tail.


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