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Break.JPG is what YouTube used to be before all the banhammers came down on "illegal content" and everyone started making vlogs. That's not to say doesn't suck, since it's content is there to help college roommates masturbate together.

Every video is a repost of a repost of a repost, many of which are also older than the internets, and as such should not be viewed by anyone. Of course, Break will never be as popular as Youtube or Livevideo for this very reason: No shitty vlogs = no pathetic subscriptions = no users.

Sadly, reading comments on Break is just as bad as YouTube. Every video is flagged as fake, even if it is some shitty Flash movie. This causes every video to turn into a flame war led by retards and the cunts that follow them. If you do manage to find a video which has very few comments that are actually somewhat readable, please say the video is fake and proceed to laugh at the hilarity that will ensue.

As of November 2008, the Break faggots went batshit-crazy with the almighty 404hammer. The reason for this was that trolling and general disobedience had become a true problem on (As if there ever was anything like that.)


Uploaded videos to Break are a shining example of IRL trolls. Take this wonderful father teaching his kid a valuable lesson in life. If you will notice, the comments are generally supportive towards the father. This is because most users on Break are sick fucks and most probably closet /b/tards, and any chance at lulz will be taken with no remorse for anything or anyone.

Note: Trolling on Break is simple. All you have to do is:

Step 1: Create a profile.

Step 2: Look at the front page and click on the newest video available.

Step 3: Post a comment about either peace, racism, Yankeedo, the vid being fake or technically anything in general.

Step 4: Sit back and watch the illiterate retards reply.

Step 5: ?????

Step 6: PROFIT


Here is a list of widely known users on and some info about each.

  • Yankeedo

Yankeedo is a cool guy and a christian. He hunts for subscriptions and seems to live in front of his computer since he is able to post comments every single day/hour/second. He's also in the epic dawgs series on Beast4Life's website. Lately, info about Yankeedo has surfaced. It seems he is a 45+ male who is unemployed, a pedo and a "very uneducated and borderline illiterate" person. People abuse him verbally and call him names, yet he responds with a wit and intelligence no one has ever seen alike.

  • Beast4Life

Beast4Life is a stuck-up annoying brat who thinks he's a cool guy and looks at himself as one of the veterans on He appeared at least 100 years ago and he has been a tit ever since. He's what could be referred to as "a newfag on Break." Also, he made his own site for the sole purpose of showing the shitty lulz that appear on break to the rest of the world.

  • Looneybama

Same as Yankeedo, only he's a REAL fag.

  • VeryHotGirl

She is amazingly hot, possibly the hottest girl on Break. Like, if you looked at her avatar, you would instantly gain an erection, and your penis would grow so big and so rapidly that it would explode. Luckily, no other user on Break suffers from exploding penises, as they are all gay or have chopped off their own dicks for the making of the BME Pain Olympics. Some say that 'she' is actually a guy that tucks, but we all know that's not true, and even if it were true, it doesn't matter as nobody on Break likes vaginas, but shitty sweaty assholes instead. And believe me, she has the sweatiest asshole in the world. Actually, Magic Man does. but whatever. She suffers from at least 8 STDs, with an estimated 3 more unknown about. In fact, HIV originated from VeryHotGirl's mutilated vagina. However, she is still totally tappable, and quite frankly she is the best troll on Break ever. Also, she gives out blowjobs for only $5, which is half the price your mom charges, and she even gives the first one out for free. Take this bitch for a ride; she's amazing in bed.

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