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found on Deviantart-favicon.png boh3m3s' page. this needle would explain A LOT

YouTube celebrity Boh3m3 (not to be confused with DiGiTiLsOuL) became an internets lulz all-star for his infamous Darfur conflict awareness meltdown on Stickam. Boh3m3 is also infamous for being a pompous asshole and YouTube-maniac.

A self-confessed "LoudMouth Smartass", Boh3m3 used to be (like DiGiTiLsOuL) a LoudMouth Fatass, but he deleted the video proof before ED could document it. He is constantly angry and concerned that he hasn't yet been picked up by MTV, despite being featured by YouTube several times.

Currently, Ben is psychotically paranoid that the migration of bona-fide celebrities such as Paris Hilton and P. Diddy; together with Networks such as CBS and NBC, means he is gonna blow his opportunity of escaping Alabama (?what opportunity?) and hitting the Big-Time.

Ultimately, Ben seems to think that the $10,000 a month lonelygirl15 is pulling in ad revenue is the equivalent of Canada's GDP, despite the fact that once they have paid the actors, crew and staff writers they still don't have a pot to piss in. This fact confirms he is in fact a FUCKIN' IDIOT, and easily gets upset by digg articles that mention he signed with Viacom / MTV productions to clean toilets. Recently after having another nervous breakdown over Viacom (MTV), Ben claimed he won't return to YouTube until he gets quote, "... a billion dollars and a Lamborghini..." Currently, Ben lost all sense of reality and moved to the ghettos of Los Angeles to become "famous." Most argue that he technically became "unfamous" when he left his bedroom in Alabama behind.

Lulz have recently ensued when on 5/30/07, boh3m3 posted an apparent music video he had co-directed. The bitch claimed that the man he worked with knew David Carradine and that's why they were able to get him in the video. Turns out that neither of the two know Mr. Carradine, and that they just took clips from a movie titled 'Bleeding Vegas' (not listed on IMDB) and stuck them in the video. That means the only "directing" boh3m3 did was film a hoe and three Emo faggots jumping around a couch. The video also generated a hilarious response from an extremely man-da-harpoons fat man.

Ben Going Professional Failure
I fucked her (thehill88) til her ears bled


—boh3m3 while on stickam

It's really about finding out what you do best and putting it out there," according to Ben Going, an Alabama (future and former) waiter all-star who as "boh3m3" ( bitches about the internets with an iron fist.



—I'm a fat guy.

I have no friends,


—said Ben one day, following it up with, Now I have to go, I'm gonna go meet my buddy Tim and work on our movie script.

You fucking dingleberry,


—Ben's best assault in an effort to insult a man who was verbally attacking him.

Boh3m3 has Crisis when he thinks he might not get signed by MTV


From Boh3m3 Myspace Blog:

For some reason over the last two days or so I've gotten completely numb. The sort of empty numbness usually referred to as a "hole in the soul"... but I'm feeling strangely fine. It's almost like a detachment from the things that used to shake my foundations.Why am I feeling so good about it? I feel like I'm floating on the surface of the ocean on a bright green inflatable ducky while the whole world tears itself to peices beneath the waves. I'm seeing my roommates fight and I feel the same as I felt watching VH1 at 4 in the morning.......nothing.It's not lack of caring for them.... I love my roommates like family. I'll probably never have the balls or selfless enthusiasm of far more emotional people to tell them this, but I do. And it's not for what they do right, or the jokes they make... I find more precious than all these things their flaws. Because in them I see myself reflected along with every other person I've ever cared for. That's just it, isn't it?



So I hope you will forgive me here, in that just about every time I write in this damn blog something's bothering me. I think, unfortunately. I think a fucking lot. And it's not always optimistic. Hell, lets be fair... it's almost never optimistic. We're screwed, bro.That's the message I sent to Mr. Safety's cell earlier tonight. We. Are. Screwed. Let me clarify this Zen like statement. Youtube. Can anyone disagree that the most viewed, the most discussed, the coveted front page AND the director video bar has been taken over by corporations? Yet again something wonderful has been spoiled, and we have nobody to thank other than the people we joined youtube to forget about. CBS. Everybody's got it in their homes with basic cable and a television. But they feel the fucking compulsion to post clips on fucking youtube of what people could have watched if they wanted to already! I get commercials on TV all the damn time, and for a while there, youtube was free of them. I didn't have to look at fucking Justin Timberlake on a banner every other page I visited. The front page was what youtube wanted to feature, not just what some goddamn company wanted to promote. And the community? I liked competing with other video bloggers and interacting. But now I'm getting fucking lost in the wash of channels with built in subscriber bases from myspace or otherwise taking over the charts! P fucking Diddy, for chrissakes! It'll be a month or two away when all these neotelevised fucks start flooding the site supporting people who don't need any more damn support. Diddy's got enough to live on and then some. He's got enough to pursue his passions.But still they want more. While people like me, like Mr. Safety, like Blunty, fuck ANYBODY with a pipe dream of making some sort of life in the entertainment biz is just swept away, the people who own 80% of the money in this country keep looking for ways to ask you for yours. Money is a given variable to them. And the variable is always positive. You never hear about some artist or movie company going balls out and sacrificing everything they own and cherish for a project they feel strongly about, do you? No. Gangsta rappers are looking at their demographics, figuring out the best beats to try and get a new single "blowed up" and in every ghetto ass Lincoln with a 20 dollar paint job and 300 dollar rims. So is this where I give up? Throw in the towel? Give my ticket to the dude at the rink for my shoes? It just might fucking be if something doesn't happen. And it fucking kills me. I've poured so much of myself into this and I had this naive notion, some fucking child-like dream, that perhaps I had made and been a part of something that could change my life direction and possibilities. So thank you TV. You bully ass bastards. You had to pick on the underclassmen to get some more lunch money. You fucking happy?



Boh3m3 vs. SxePhail

Recently there was been a e-beef brewing between the two vlogging giants. At the sparsely attended SF gathering, Boh3m3 dissed Phil's dying father IRL.

Sxephil goes and BAWWWWs about the confrontation. (check at 2:30 past the shit no one cares about) {{quote|For fuck's sake, if you're going to try and make money by pulling on people's heartstrings, learn to take a hit. Oh and maybe put that money towards the medical bills and not flights, hotels, and moving around the damn country. If it's such a huge deal that you would publicize and accent the fuck out of it, you would think that managing your money would be important.|Bo3chem3, hitting too close to home tl, dr/dw: Ben HATES those who are dying of cancer!

Boh3m3 pwned

Did You Know

  • boh3m3 fucked LittlePandaExpress?!
  • boh3m3 is terrible in bed?!
  • His first name is Claude (he goes by his middle name)
  • according to his ModBlog, Ben claims his favorite sport is "Rugby"
  • born June 15, 1985
  • is an extra in movies and in some TV shows
  • lives in Cali, and is from Florida.
  • according to his ModBlog profile, "Current goal in life: To get in shape and join the US Air force"
  • works as a waiter, so leave a tip.
  • is famous in Australia for questioning Vegemite.
  • was paid $1500 to appear in a Barenaked Ladies Music Video.
  • was part of YouTube Favicon.png Riffagedotcom, which no one can clearly explain wtf it was/is.
  • used to cut himself
  • hates life and all people in it
  • cried when fans gave his poor, fat ass money
  • his weight fluctuates quite often
  • he is fluent in English and can pronounce French
  • has big, nasty neck moles. they probably harbor alien life forms
  • when he mentioned Anonymous, it suddenly became uncool
  • June 20th, 2008, Ben decides You Tube got him butt hurt, and he no longer wants to associate himself with the site
  • is overly critical of himself and might as well go off and kill himself
  • has a thing for girls that look as though they are only thirteen or fourteen. perhaps it comes from repressed memories. examples from thehill88, mypinkelaphants, littlepandaexpress, brookers, and bravesgirl5
  • is done letting the honesty of others effect him, especially if it's true, or said by an elder.
  • Couldn't find a job while living in an attic, couldn't pay rent but could afford cigarettes, and is now moving back to Alabama

Contact Ben @



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