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Oh great! Another Hedgehog!


ED staff upon seeing this article.

Bludshot the Hedgehog is another fan of Sonic who thinks tracing and recoloring Sonic characters makes him cool. This is not the only problem as he MS paints over pictures of Sonic then makes episodes of it, which are really just slideshows. Now, all of this unnoticeable, but apparently these episodes and OCs make him the king of a group on YouTube composed of Sonic fans and their personas. Bludshot's main 'character' and most original is...well...Bludshot the Hedgehog! And no, Bludshot is not a typo of Bloodshot, it's just cooler that way!!11!

Typical of any Sonic fan, he doesn't take any criticism. If you give him any, your comment will be deleted; as a result, there is way too much positive reaction on his page. As for the creator himself, he likes Nickleback and is an avid cosplayer. However, he broke all the rules of cosplay by being a Narutard and dressing like Cloud. Bludshot does not find VTech lulzy nor does he like Mudkips. Bludshot the author also some strange fetish for Lime from some shit anime show as shown on his Cosspace proving furries can always find something new to ruin.

TL;DR: Bludshot and his little circle jerk of friends made themselves their own little DeviantART on Youtube.

UPDATE!: Bludshot decided to make a DeviantART account. It's currently filled with his favorite soft-core porn. Sadly, all his accounts are abandoned.

Bludshot the Hedgehog Series

Bludshot the Hedgehog Episode 1: Enter Bludshot, The Deviled Hedgehog

The Best Movie Ever.

The movie starts out with an epic, not stolen theme song setting the mood of the best 10 minutes of your life. Then it goes into when Bludshot was but a small boy. Everything is well, Mom is going to make his favorite dinner, and the Sun is shining. But Bludshot returns to his village, and IT IS ON FIRE! Followed by some truly great voice acting showing what an emotionally scarring event this is for Bludshot. Dr. Eggman then reveals himself as the destroyer of the village. Dr. Eggman is actually pretty nice about destroying Bludshot's village. Hell, Eggman gives Bludshot free shoes that make him run super fast! 11 years later, Bludshot is still pretty sore about the whole "destroying the entire village and killing your family and friends" thing, so he decides to kill Eggman. Even though he is mad enough to kill Eggman, Bludshot is not mad enough to take off Eggman's special shoes. After some cutting edge animation, he finds Eggman, but something mysterious happens. Bludshot's power level goes off the charts and he finds out someone is in his brain controlling his moves! Bludshot makes a deal with his brain but Eggman flew away. Bludshot decides to go find the Chaos Emeralds for no specific reason.

The episode was sadly BALEETED, most likely due to copyright infringement or because it sucks so badly.

I need to go figure out what is going on inside me.


—Bludshot the Hedgehog

Bludshot the Hedgehog Episode 2: Enter the Jake the Rok Fox

Nothing happens. Besides Bludshot getting a new partner, Jake the Rok Fox (again, not a typo). All Jake plays is Nickleback, which Bludshot likes. We are then shown how hardcore Bludshot is when he beats up one of Jake's critics. Then Jake decides to follow Bludshot, and even though Jake is more annoying then Slippy from Starfox, Bludshot never kills Jake.

TL;DR: Jake is a furry that noone likes and is the series just for comic relief. Poor relief at that.

Bludshot the Hedgehog Episode 3: Duo Problems

Nothing happens... No, really. Fox finds a Chaos Emerald and then there is some poor comic relief. The entire episode was to make Jake seem helpful for the first and last time in the series.

Bludshot the Hedgehog Episode 4: Enter Rocky the Boxing Echidna

There truly are

If you thought the quality was bad before, THEN THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! Bludshot had to record the ENTIRE video on to a digital camera FROM the TV, so the focus keeps fading in and out, plus they introduce a new character called Rocky the Boxing Echinda. Yes, Bludshot even ripped off the Rocky movies. How Bludshot managed to get this shit onto the TV when his computer was down, no one knows. Rocky the Echidna sounds exactly like Borat, but with Down Syndrome. Rocky then has the misfortune to run into Bludshot, just in time to fight a fucking robot, again. They defeat the robot with Bludshot then asserting that he now has a team that rips off the "Sonic Team" formula.

Bludshot the Hedgehog Episode 5: Team Blud

After taking 6 months to work on this video, Bludshot has truly returned to form of making great videos. Using only the most cutting edge in sprite animation and in no way ripping of Sonic Team, he truly makes an opus close enough to compare to his first episode. Essentially, Bludshot, Rocky and Jake are practicing their attack formations until Bludshot goes all emo. Rocky bravely confronts Bludshot's emo-ness and learns of Bludshot's horrible past. Then, Rocky and Bludshot get into a philosophical conversation about if it is really right to kill Eggman even after all Eggman has done, reminding one of a scene from Watchmen. Finally, in typical Bludshot fashion, the team fights a giant robot... again...but they all learn the value of teamwork! Oh, and Eggmen says something about getting Bludshot's brain or some shit, no one really cared that much about it.

YT took it down, cause they're stupid


—Bludshot the Hedgehog

But fear not, Bludshot Fans! Bludshot himself has personally stated that when the first season ends, he will "Re-do" all the original 1-5 episodes!

Future Episodes

Bludshot with the only girl who'll fuck him

As evident by his expectations, Bludshot has no life and is an autist.

Bludshot and Blitz: The Hedgehog Avengers

This is how he promoted this, which gives an idea of how bad it is.

What happens when all the A-list heroes disappear? You get J-list heroes to save the day! The story is just Blitz and Bludshot doing stuff and trying to save the day from an evil villain who lurks in a MS Paint castle with the Soviet flag on it. The villain plans to give everyone a curse mark to make them EVIL! There were also a shitload of original Sonic characters that would have a cameo for one episode and then leave. But in Sonic fashion, the characters first have to collect the Chaos Emeralds to defeat the bad guy! These episodes were entirely impossible to watch, as the text can't be read since Bludshot thought it would be a good idea to make the text the same color as the character on screen.


Bludshot has a lot of time and spends it mainly on making OCs. What Bludshot and all his fans fail to realize is that all of Bludshot's characters are recolors and even the backstories are uninspired much like many of the "artists" on Deviantart.

Bludshot the Hedgehog

An interesting fact is that Bludshot is actually NOT a recolor of Sonic. No, he is actually a recolor of Chasethehedgehog, proving that Bludshot is ACTUALLY the most original recolor ever, besides Shadow. He even carries guns that he never uses and can turn nigger at will. Also, Bludshot has pants. Do any other (non-recolor) Sonic characters have pants? I don't think so. Even if he only wears pants, it is to give people the impression that he has any sort of genitals. Bludshot has many sex toys of Ruby the Hedgehog to Cassie the Bat. He is so knee deep in these girls, that he can't get them off him. But wait! Bludshot also has a dark and moody side of having a horrible past of getting his family killed and his village burnt down. Bludshit's backstory IS like every characters' backstory in a Final Fantasy game. So keeping up with archetypes of anime and video games, Bludfag is all moody because of his past and tries to sound like Clint Eastwood or Cloud. BUT THIS ONLY ADDS TO BLUDSHOT'S AWESOMENESS!!

I am a hedgehog you don't want to mess with!


— Bludshot on Bludshot.

Emo the Hedgehog


He is emo, what more do you want? Emo slits his wrists, cries about having no friends, listens to Linkin Park, cries, wears black, writes bad poetry, wears the faggy emo hair, and cries. Emo is just Shadow recolored in all black who just hasn't become an hero yet. Emo is emo because he never had any parents and only his friends kept Emo happy (contradiction: An emo is never happy, especially when your fucking name is emo) One day, all of Emo's friends die in an avalanche. Srsly! Then Emo does the sensible thing and tries to become an hero. But Bludshot stops Emo, so he now lives on because that is what Emo's friends would have wanted. When Emo isn't doing emo things, he is having sex with Goth the cat. It is believed known that Emo is Bludshot's self-insertion. And who the fuck names their character Emo!?


Goth The Cat

A gothic cat-like creature, who stumbled upon Emo the Hedgehog, while he was under attack from one of Eggman's countless generic robots. Despite having no special powers or other magical bullshit, she comes to the hedgehog's rescue (Seriously, what a pussy), assisting in the brief conflict, and coming out on top.

After the dust settled, and this extremely cliche battle had ended, they both brushed themselves off, and stared into each others eyes. Love at first sight, amirite?

A deathly pale cat, with blood red hoop ear-rings, black jeans, red eyelids, black T-shirts (With such creative message's such as "HATE" OR "DETH" upon them ), black thigh-high boots, and... well, you get the picture.

Despite trying too hard with the "dark!!1" appearance, Goth is, ironically the most original looking character in Bludshot's roster. Want some more irony? BLUDSHOT DIDN'T EVEN CREATE HER - That award goes to this one: "Shadowfangirl101"

The Non-Important Recolors

Jix the Chameleon

No one understands Jix, because he is a ninja. Jix really is just Espio, but recolored, they even have the same damn backstory. Except Jix is way better than Espio.

Indigo The Hedgehog

One day, Bludshot awoke from cold sweat, he just had a stunning dream. No, not a wet dream of Lime. This dream would change the world, but thanks to shitty art abilities it all got fucked over. So Bludshot just recolored Silver purple and called the abomination Indigo. Bludshot then called it a night and resumed his wet dream.

Making a terrible character based on Silver, an already terrible character, is like anything that George Bush has done. A seemingly okay idea, but ultimately catastrophic.

Pete The Parrot

A recolor of Jet, from Sonic Riders. He's blue. He drives a blue Corbet, despite being a bird. He lives in a (blue) box with cut-out windows. And he never appears again.


After his buttbuddy Blitz closed his Youtube account, Bludshot couldn't take any more of the hate recolors have to put up with for being such unoriginal pieces of shit. Apparently Bludshot is too retarded to find Blitz on DA.

New Hardcore Designs

Recently, Bludshot released a new Youtube video, displaying his characters' "new look!"

Note: It would seem Bludshot has gained a new partner in crime, "Sonicgirl21". While this may be a mere Sockpuppet account, or a completely new contender, we are not yet certain. Stay tuned for more!

Only a handful of his totally original and awesome OC's were re-recolored. As you can see, Bludshot looks like an extra from the newest Final Fantasy game, Ruby looks sluttier than ever, Rocky is still a nigger (Only this time, Green) the Rok Fox has seemingly taken a trip to the local Hot Topic.

The trolls attacked, and Bludshot cried. It would seem poorly drawn Flashwork and eyegougingly bright colors were not quite enough to shield him from the haters' onslaught.

If, for whatever reason, you found some enjoyment from his shitstorm, you may wish to check out her dA profile, which can be found here - This young lass seems to be the average dA Sonicfangirl.

Also: Yes, this is the same Sonicgirl21 as the one on Chasethehedgehog's page.

Bludshot's Dox and Haxz0red

So a friendly troll and his friend decided to get Bludshot's password. They succeeded after finding it to be "peanuts". You know, that shitty comic strip in the newspaper. The troll posted two comments on two channels. One of his own, and another on SpazkidXD's. Months after this happened, the account was suspended. Oh, and also, his email WAS [email protected], until they hacked it too.

And lulz were had.
Yeah, this too.
Bludshot tries to deny his pedophilia by using the hacking incident

The man behind Bludshot

Bludshot's real name is Ryan O'Connell. Now for a short list of facts.

File:Tifa who did this to you by ShadowAshi.jpg
What, faggots, cosplaying? Oh, you don't say.

The "Forever Dwindling" Circle Jerk.

Blitz the Hedgehog

Blitz is Bludshot's buttbuddy. In nearly every one of Bludshot's episodes, there is Blitz the Hedgehog with his ass ready for a pounding. The two also cause trouble with other original characters on Youtube. Blitz is just a recolor of Knuckles (and Sonic), but green. Also, judging from his interests, Blitz is a pure American white-trash with a love for wrestling, NASCAR!, football, Metallica, and being offended by bad comebacks. In the end, no one cares.

In dealing with his trolling, Blitz has decided to respond to the NastyPl0t video (above) by saying how much he doesn't care in a 6 minute deleted video. This of course falls flat on its face, even without him being butthurt about how HE WAS THE ONE BEING PICKED ON!!1! Later on, he even claims he can draw by showing off his shitty MS Paint trace of an Egoraptor cartoon. In even further retaliation of the trolling, Blitz decided to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING on his Youtube account. Good thing he still has other accounts still open.

The bastard finally just went ahead and said, "FUCK IT!" making an account on both DeviantART and Newgrounds. As one could imagine, his DeviantART account is just full of fail and has decided to no longer feed the trolls. He believes he can do this by literally hiding all comments, good or bad or if they're from his "GF" Blitz, after being active on DeviantART for only 3 months, has already gone completely delusional thinking that he can get into an art college with this kind of amazing art. One can tell that Blitz is trying really hard to become the next success of the art world.

Also, don't forget to check out his Fur Affinity account! Yes, it's true, he even draws Sonic yiff...

Fists The Echidna

Yeah, she is in this too...

...But you'd never guess.


A person who was so uncreative that he had to steal one of Bludshot's characters. This... is a depth not even Anon would sink to. DarkGAYton is also a wrestling fan (notice a pattern here?). Oh, and he yelled at some guy to give his fursona back, but as we all know (except for Darkdayton) that there are no girls on the internet. Another thing, all of his talking videos are in Microsoft SAM, even going as far as to make threats with SAM through his fursonas, even adding Chuck Norris jokes along the way. Way to go, asshole. Now he doesn't exist anymore, he deleted his account.


A confirmed fangirl on the internet that took a character from Danny Phantom, turned it into a hedgehog, then paired it with Shadow. Wow, something mildly creative. She LOVES Shadow and is a Twi-tard. Shadows1andONLYgirl is also making a Dawson Creeks shitstain for all the Tubes to see in anime form. Stay tuned for some more lulz!


One look at her page will tell you that Punkyfrewster is the Katy of this group. Complete with being bi and TOTALLY RANDOM, Punkyfrewster is far worse for she is a furry. Much like Bludshot, she has her own "show" of Sonic, but this time it is combined with Code Lyoko and at least 100 spelling errors. Still keeping in step of being a complete retard, Punkyfuckster also has the compulsion to 'hook-up' every single Sonic recolor she meets. Thus coming full circle that all fangirls are retards. Finally, Punky is totally gay for Jesus, which explains why she has so much time on her hands.


A fat, ugly emo Sonic fangirl, her recolor is a purple Shadow the Hedgehog with at least 100 forms. She refuses to listen to people that say her recolors suck, and constantly switches between her creepy voice and Speakonia when posting videos. She also thinks adding a racing stripe to an original character is a new design.

Troll Video

Sit down and enjoy a video of our favorite recolors being mocked on YouTube.

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