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TheWondersOfNatureNZ is a photography account of a pedophile foot fetishist named Roger Sampson from New Zealand. Amongst the vibrant photos of nature around New Zealand lurks photos and videos of little boys' feet, as well as photos and videos of Sampson's feet as well. As if this alone wasn't disturbing enough, the man openly preys on young boys in his area who do parkour barefoot or play sports barefoot and encourage them to continue making videos showing their feet for him.

Sampson also had a second YouTube channel for a while called Barefoot Nature, where he posted nothing but strange videos of little boys running around barefoot and getting their feet muddy, under the obvious ruse of it being for "nature" purposes. Sampson would openly comment on videos of barefoot little boys on YouTube and request them to film "nature videos" of their bare feet for him to include on this channel. Once kids were alerted to what was happening and questioned his true intentions, he deleted this channel and carried on with only his WondersOfNatureNZ account.

It should be noted that Sampson, in a clear case of exhibitionism, also posts photos of his own feet in a dirty, muddy state all over Instagram, and encourages kids to comment on them.


In the above video posted to his Instagram account, Sampson rubs his feet in mud, and a disturbing, sexual moan is heard while he does it. This is the same man who gives "shout-outs" to the channels of barefoot parkour boys or barefoot children sports players near him on the same Instagram account, and who once operated a channel that consisted of nothing but videos of children's feet running around and getting dirty.

Barefoot Nature

Chris Hansen Says Hi.gif

Barefoot Nature, also misleadingly titled as "Barefoot Adventures," was a boring YouTube channel which at first glance came off as hippie nonsense backed by pseudo-scientific sources. However, upon examining it more closely, it became apparent that it was in fact a poorly-disguised outlet for shamelessly showcasing the bare feet of prepubescent boys to pedophile fetishists on the internet, and was very likely run by a pedophile fetishist as well, a man named Roger Sampson from New Zealand, who was busy hitting up all the young lads on the internet to film foot videos for him and his "nature" channel.

Barefoot Nature was a now-deleted secondary channel for Sampson, who's primary outlet is his nature photography channel titled TheWondersOfNatureNZ which takes occasional breaks from posting pictures of flowers to give "shout outs" to young boys who play outdoor sports barefoot and do barefoot parkour tricks, as well as comment barefoot requests to said boys in the comments of their sports videos.

The Nature Ruse

Barefoot Nature, as the name suggests, consisted entirely of videos of small feet doing mundane activities such as running on grass and dirt, riding on a train, riding a bike, and stomping around in mud. Almost every video was literally just that, with the camera never leaving the feet of the boy being filmed. Without a video intro or verbal explanation, a video like this would certainly come off as strange to anyone who had randomly happened upon it, especially in the instance of the aforementioned bicycle video, where the camera is fixed on the bottom of the kid's foot the entire time as it pumps the pedals.

Each video contained a lengthy description of what the channel claimed to be about. The "About" section of the channel (also tl;dr pseudo-babble) is copy-pasted as follows:

Welcome to the Barefoot Adventures Channel! We are a bunch of people who have ditched the shoes and share the joys of going barefoot! Going barefoot has benefits that far outnumber wearing shoes. You can truly experience the feel of nature and other surfaces beneath your feet, and indeed experience a new spiritual journey with nature. So why go barefoot I hear you ask? It's about a powerful conscious expansion activity and being more mindful. You start to become conscious of every footstep you take; every step becomes a living affirmation to knowing where you are going. How does your body feel, becomes a powerful aspect of our entire being, making ourselves more aware of our environment and holistically integrated with nature and the surface on which we are walking.

Some important articles you can read and discover for yourself the joys and benefits of going barefoot everywhere can be found in our links section, so educate yourself in the benefits of going barefoot in nature!


This was followed by at least 14 external links to websites about the benefits of going barefoot, as well as an organization called The Barefoot Alliance. The last line of every video description also closed with:

"NB: Please note that this is family friendly channel. Inappropriate comments will be deleted, channels/users blocked and reported. We appreciate your support. Please respect this!"


It's as if the sicko running this channel was expecting anyone other than fellow sickos to watch these types of videos, because even nature-loving hippies don't care about watching little kids run around without shoes while obnoxious dubstep music plays over it. However, by containing the other sickos by moderating the comments and deleting anything other than praise by those who have been fooled by his ruse, he thought he could maintain the innocent image of being a nature-loving channel, instead of the boyfoot-loving pervert he actually is.

Totally not a sickening combination of wet and messy fetishism, foot fetishism, and pedophilia
Be on the lookout for Barefoot Nature's future videos

It's worth noting that barefoot living has been proven to scientifically be healthy, and there is a chance this guy could be all about it, but there's an even better chance that he's also hijacking the "barefoot nature" philosophy and using it as a way to trick boys into filming their feet for him, and he isn't very good at hiding it.

(Barefoot, Little) Boys Only

The most obvious question any nature-loving hippie or curious visitor would ask is: if this channel is all about people getting in touch with nature by ways of planting their bare feet onto the earth's soil, then why on earth are the only people seen in the videos coincidentally all young boys? Where are the girls at? And most importantly, why aren't there any adults? What would prepubescent, ignorant children know about the earth and nature anyway? And who is this person convincing these kids to film their feet for minutes on end so that they could be posted all over the internet?

The owner of the channel stated that they're an adult from New Zealand, as is most of the boys featured in the videos. He also claimed that this channel was "the boys' idea," and he's simply providing an outlet for their "barefoot fun" that "they" want to show off to the world. He willingly admits that he reached out to barefoot parkour boys on social media and commented how "awesome" their barefoot videos were, and decided he would manage a barefoot channel for them as a private means of collecting videos of their feet.

As if asking young boys to allow him to film their feet in person to do this on false pretenses wasn't bad enough, Barefoot Nature publicly asks other young boys, mainly those who do parkour tricks or play sports without shoes, to film "nature" videos for him so that he can include them on his channel. And again, coincidentally, every instance of those videos who he leaves public comments on to film barefoot videos for him happen to guessed it! Prepubescent boys.

When confronted about this strange scenario in comments by visitors who see through his sickfuckery, the owner of BN would lie out his teeth, and in the same comment response would flip-flop between posting as the adult that he is and posing as one of the kids in the videos.

Unfortunately for Roger, the rest of the world isn't as easily fooled as David Godfrey.

Barefoot Nature gets one of the autistic kids being filmed to explain the "science" behind his barefoot videos.
He then replies in the comments as both himself AND the kid in the video.

Damage Control!

Once multiple people began commenting these strange coincidences to the Barefoot Nature channel, the sicko behind it began thinking up ways to ward off the questions and accusations being thrown at him. He began by claiming that he personally knew the boys in the parkour videos, which actually makes things more creepier.

One gullible kid, when warned not to film anymore foot videos for the perv by a person who had been alarmed by the red flags they were seeing, hilariously replied that he had actually messaged BN and brought the pedo fetishist accusations up to him. The boy stated that BN had told him "not to believe what was said about him." The boy then defended him by saying that an adult who is obsessed with feet is "harmless," because, you know, pedophiles and fetishists NEVER act on their fantasies and only lure children on the internet, not in real life. The ignorant kid then finished by revealing that he had been told by BN himself that... get ready for it... a girl had also just joined the Barefoot Nature team! This of course being coincidental timing after concerned people were asking why the only people featured on the channel were little boys.

Barefoot Nature's favorite song.

The pedal-pumping bicycle video also mysteriously disappeared, and the channel artwork was changed from a collage of boys' feet to a title screen of "Barefoot Adventures." At this rate, if people keep throwing him enough hints, he might actually turn his channel around to look like a legitimate nature-loving, science-of-going-barefoot type of program. But as anyone knows, the internet doesn't forget, and this page will serve as an archive to what the channel and its manager are truly about.

That's a Bingo!

Sometime around Thanksgiving, the Barefoot Nature was closed by its owner, confirming that it was all just a ruse used to try to get footage of little boys' feet all along. Roger's main channel, TheWondersOfNatureNZ, is still around, and is still being used to post creepy comments on the videos of boys not wearing shoes. But these boys are also beginning to publicly ask questions and connect the dots about Roger, his deleted Barefoot Nature channel, and his true intentions in watching their sports videos.

Be on the lookout for this creep's next ruse to get boyfoot footage once he thinks the flames have died down again!

I wanna talk to Sampson! Stalking dirty boys' feet like a Charles Manson. Cus it's hard being old and wicked. Sometimes I just wanna rip their shoes off and get lickin'.


See Also

  • Foot Fetish
  • Wet and messy fetishism - this is why he has little boys get mud all over their feet
  • Pedophile
  • Hippie - it should be noted that barefoot living is natural and healthy, but this freak could care less about that
  • New Zealand
  • Frank Bonafede - a 60-year-old thinspo fetishist who also preyed on young people on the internet and misrepresented his intentions by passing himself off as a "diet coach," and tricked kids into losing weight and sharing the results so he could get off to it
  • Justin Dabrow - an internet child predator and closet pedophile film director who pretends to be a kid on the internet in order to trick kids into entertaining his breath holding fetish for him

External Links

  • YouTube Favicon.png Barefoot Nature LOL deleted by Roger once the ruse was up
  • YouTube Favicon.png TheWondersOfNatureNZ - Roger's nature photography channel, which he openly uses to comment on barefoot boys' videos and gives little boys "shout outs" on his Instagram page for some reason, even though it's supposed to be a nature photography page. These comments are made in the same fashion as the ones left by the Barefoot Nature channel, complete with overuse of exclamation points and requests to perform barefoot videos for him under the guise of it being "for nature."
  • Instagram-new-favicon.png thewondersofnaturenz - Roger's Instagram, where videos of barefoot boys are for some reason included in a photography album of trees, flowers, and bodies of water. He also posts selfies of his feet, dodges questions about his age, and despite being a photographer, has yet to upload a photo of his face for some strange reason (Archive today-ico.png archive 1 Archive today-ico.png archive 2)
  • Twitter-favicon.png TheWondersNatur PRIVATE ACCOUNT. You need to log in, follow, or friend this person in order to see it! - Roger's Twitter account, which is both private and with a shortened username
  • Fb-favicon.png The Wonders of Nature NZ - Facebook page

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