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Bacon is a delicious variety of pig meat and the "B" in BLT. Although bacon can be found in almost any First World country, bacon is best known for this place on the American breakfast plate. Although bacon is often blamed for obesity and heart attacks, some mavericks amongst society who believe that bacon is good for you. No matter which position one takes on the bacon debate, none can agree against bacon's significant place in the Internet.

Push Button; Receive Bacon

Push Button; Receive Bacon is a meme poking fun at the directions located on hand dryers. Some creative son of /b/ realized that the heat waves resembled strips of bacon and played on it. This person later brought his discovery onto the Internet, and parody images were born.

I Am Legend

I Am Legend is a book-turned-movie-turned-remake starring Will Smith. I Am Legend is one of the many vampire / zombie movies created in the new millennium. Will Smith plays an isolated, anti-social scientist trying to save humanity. In one scene which displays the character's anti-social-ness, Smith has a hard time being around people and exclaims that he was saving that bacon. This resulted in several parody images and videos.

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