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Sweet sweet Jonny! How well I'd get to know him!


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No matter what your reaction to this is, it's not enough

Autobiography of an Invisible Monster (My life with Jonny Quest) is an unusual breed of webcomic, having a complete lack in any artistic skill of any kind, the creator has opted to take blurry low resolution screencaps from the 1964 Jonny Quest cartoon, adding his own dialog, backgrounds, and a shitty traced OC, forming a sort of visual diary of your standard fan fiction. While he has apparently been making comics for many years, it is the flagship comic of writer and known pedophile Harold Darger. Arriving on the internet in late 2009 it managed to slip under the radar of the unfortunate fated hosting site until early 2010 when either a group of fans or perhaps Darger himself flooded the comic of over 300 pages with high ratings, bringing the comic and it's glorious creator into the surrounding forums consciousness. It is considered by those aware of existence to be one of the gayest most pedosexual non-erotic comics in the history of man.

The Author

For almost the entire duration of the comics run (Coming to a close as of late May 2010) Harold Darger (Or Hadarger) had remained almost completely silent, posting no introduction in his hosts forums and maintaining a virtual radio silence on his own site making no comments on any of his comics (even the final page) and having nothing else to say of himself other than "I might put more here later on." (He never did). When his comic somehow became the second highest rated on the entire site he broke that silence and began posting, apparently thinking he was popular.

There is absolutely NOTHING gay about this.

While information directly available on him is limited his remarks and numerous postings since coming out of the woodwork allow for a number of assumptions. The first and most glaringly obvious is that he is all-consumed with shirtless muscled prepubescent boys, and more specifically he has an affinity with then dominating each other. As previously mentioned Hadarger has virtually no artistic talent in the slightest, he relies heavily on (poorly) vectorized screen captures, MSPaint style manipulation, text walling and the classic flip-and-trace, while one may argue that it does require some level of skill to trace something, it is clearly evident when he must deviate from the original image that he blindly follows the lines with no regard to actual anatomy or composition. His constant and condescending addressing of others 30+ as children may imply that he is anywhere between the Mid Fifties to late Seventies. Though he is known to drop a handful of puns and wordy jokes occasionally, his inability to respond to any external humor without a wall of literal interpretations and analyzing shows an extremely literal mind, possibly autistic, but with far less lol-cow potential as more infamous offenders. Little hint: Being reminded of the fact that he has a page on ED, especially in front of his rape-bait kid-buddies, really get's him going.

TL;DR He's an incredibly gay pedophile webcomic artist with no sense of humor and a hair trigger for getting trolled.

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Our hero pictured in stunning realism.

The Comic

Autobiography of an invisible monster in itself is hard to place, being a contender for the both the worst religious comic, sci-fi, fanfic, or all around general abortion of the internet. It is in reality probably all of the above. Attempts to read through this stunning epic series will result in either Rage, fits of uncontrolled laughter and weeping, bouts of vomiting with enough pressure to strip paint, or most likely just a Facepalm so hard you're friends may assume you're a danger to yourself, either way, the scarring will be great. In it, we follow the adventures of Adam, a young redheaded abomination and all around Gary Sue created during an experiment in "Molecular Energy" who then proceeded to kill his creator and go on a rampage, eventually running into Jonny Quest and his cohorts. Gifted with powers not unlike that of Superman, Adam sustains himself by converting bio-matter to energy and storing the power within himself. This is a perfectly legitimate and functional Scientific explanation as far as any comic reader is concerned, but sadly has nothing to do with young firm muscular bodies rubbing against each other in a flurry of sweat and boyish giggling, which is likely why Darger threw this concept out the window by page 30 in lieu of the more homo-erotic "They wrestle and sit on him sustaining his powers" mechanic. It's likely Darger considers young boys sitting on one another a common source of super powers as it is also seen in the preview for his unreleased comic "The boy from the future"[1]


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