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As though "I have aspergers!" didn't scream faggot already . . .

Aspies for Freedom is one of a growing number of sites promoting the idea that people should tolerate those with Asperger's Syndrome regardless of how disgusting, immoral and downright retarded they act. To make matters worse, they do not appear to be joking.

As is the case with all retard groups they will preach tolerance and understanding while complaining and eventually banning anyone who politely points out a few flaws in their methods. At least Downies will give you a hug.

Pro-Autism Movement

In the future we shall learn that intolerance will not be tolerated.

The Goals of AFF

Aspies for Freedom TB.PNG
  • To prevent eugenic elimination of autistic people by opposing pre-natal testing for autism.

It's a well-known fact that most mothers are utterly thrilled when they discover the little bundle of joy they were hoping would grow up to be a great man will instead remain a drooling infant for the rest of his life, or until they mercifully smother it with a pillow.

  • To oppose physically or mentally harmful "treatments" targeting autistic people.

Luckily it's already widely-known that saying anything vaguely mean about someone with asspies or accidentally brushing against them means you should be thrown in jail and the poor little asspie will be rewarded for his courage.

  • To emphasize the "spectrum" view of autism, and de-emphasize the differences between the various autistic spectrum labels.

Thus proving there is no difference between a wheelchair-bound adult with an IQ of 30 who needs to be fed with a spoon, and a 16 year old girl who thinks that diagnosing herself with Asperger's makes her special.

  • To oppose the idea of an autism "cure".

The caretakers of the wheelchair-bound retard will thank you.

  • To evaluate alleged treatments for ethical approaches.

Once again proving if you do something to an asspie that they don't like, you are a soulless bastard who needs to have his testicles removed.

  • To increase funding for, and access to, autistic support services and ethical forms of treatment.

Although Aspies for Freedom opposes the idea of a cure for autism, they will still happily suck money from the taxpayer to fund treatments they claim they don't need.

  • To oppose negative publicity campaigns against autistic people as a group.

Those with Asperger's Syndrome can show the public that being autistic is not cool all by themselves, thank you very much.

  • To help promote an accurate yet positive image of autism.

There are literally hundreds of 16 year old girls on DeviantArt and TV Tropes willing to say that being an asspie is great fun. So long as nobody discriminates against them.

  • To oppose all forms of prejudice and bigotry.

Except against trolls, people who want to cure autism and those who suggest that reading the symptoms off Wikipedia does not mean you have the disorder.


Contacting AFF

If, God help you, you ever become batshit insane enough to want to get in touch with a group whose sole achievement is to be even moar self-righteous, boring and creepy than regular Asspies, it is not necessary to run the risk of catching NOTism from visiting their site. Just refer to Asperger's Syndrome, anywhere on teh internets, as a "disease" from which Asspies "suffer" (i.e. exactly what it is, if it exists at all). Within ten minutes, a representative of AFF (or "AFFtard") will show up to inform you that you are TOTALLY NOT ALLOWED TO SAY THAT, OR ELSE .

This is an ethnic-esque stereotype perpetrated by aggressive neurotypicals, who are generally xenophobes.


—AFFtard, butthurt that some NT agreed with mainstream psychiatry about his "gift".

They will then educate you about the joys of being a egotistical, virgin, furfag with no sense of humour or social skills. Prepare to hear all about their awesome Asspie superpowers.

Even if you don't do any of this, and in fact never once mention Assburger's in your entire life, there is a high statistical likelihood that one or more AFFtards will eventually turn up on your forum/blog/IRC channel of their own accord, just to let you know how much better they are than YOU, you ignorant neurotypical bigot. These gimps are everywhere.

AFF vs. ED

Moar info: Flardox.

AFF and Encyclopedia Dramatica have made contact on two separate occassions - first through Flardox and second through Dhj1995. After much butthurt the asspies showed great courage by locking the thread and complaining loudly, as all Asperger retards do. See the Yahoo! site here.

This group, placed on a reputable provider who will make sure this group WILL NOT get hacked, deals with people who are having issues with, and their administrators and/or contributors. DOWN WITH ED!!!! This is just the start, of an epic battle sure to come! If this group moves elsewhere, I will notify everyone, but for now, let's settle on here, and go from here. Encyclopedia Dramatica is a cancer on the Internet, that needs to be stopped. No matter how much we ignore them, they will continue their raids on innocent people on the Interwebs, causing great stress to IRL people, their families, and to those IRL people who are trying to live normal lives, finding jobs, and in the general, trying to live normal lives.... WE NEED TO STOP ED NOW!!! Down with those sickos! This is indeed the start, of a bigger thing, that will "butthurt" those admins at ED. Let the "lulz" go to those admins at ED, who will have their "butthurt" in the end.... Let the war begin!!


—It's a War!

Libel is libel, they can't shield themselves from that fact.


E-lawyer. Check.

ED seems to be an arena for bullying, which is serious.


Serious business. Check.

It's fun for nasty and sad individuals.

. . . ED is a playtub for losers.


BAWWW. Check.

Over two years later, the Yahoo Group still only has one member.

Asspies Against The Lulz

Flardox, an Asspie Freedom Fighter, created a petition against this article and announced it to the message board, Aspies for Freedom. An ironic name, considering how much they hate freedom:

I think there have to be rules - people shouldn't just be able to say anything they like and then use 'it's a joke' as their defence. Would they say the same things about someone of a different ethnicity or religion or someone who was a wheelchair user? And even if they did, many would be enraged by this. I think we have just as much right to respect as ethnic minorities etc. and therefore action against articles like this needs to be taken. Perhaps you could find out which country hosts the website and email the relevant department of their police?


—aliengirl, , clearly has not been on ED.

Flardox continues to blank material on ED that has him butthurt, proving that Asspies are into fantasy, fiction and internet porn and can't handle the real world. They should be deep frozen like Duck Dodgers. His butthurt is so lulzy that even fellow ass burgers manage to get cruel humor from his pathetic posts.

This ass pie comes from some far off third world communist dictatorship known as England where people are not allowed to say anything that could be seen as humorous under penalty of having to sit in the corner, facing the wall for 5 minutes. [very Monty Python my good man, top marks] Recently he has gone completely apeshit and has now created another pathetic attempt at a petition, this one is set up for the purpose of shutting down the entire Encyclopedia Dramatica site, his reason?

The entire site is full of hardcore porn, sexism and just pure stupidity.



If anyone knows how to hack their website [ED] it would be much appreciated!



Now after his shit petition was treated as it deserved, he has gone back to his blog and whined about the butthurt he continues to suffer for being a faggot. He even said the Ku Klux Klan no longer exists just to prove he's far removed from reality!

Out of all the other shit on his blog, one thing stands out:

I have a better understanding of the concept of free speech than you do because free speech does not include the slandering of people with disabilities.



What this faggot doesn't seem to realize is that free speech means you are free to say whatever the fuck you want, not just things that don't offend retards like this faggot. He seems to think that offending a retard would break some kind of law, since retards are too slow to come up with a decent comeback.

So there you have it, he doesn't like hardcore porn, sexism, or stupidity, nor does he like the First Amendment, which makes him a weird fuck, as well as an anti-American communist.

As if the ass pies didn't notice that nobody cared last time they complained about this site, now one of them made another useless petition (note the directory title in the url, obviously his username) to get Encyclopedia Dramatica shut down. Another one of them even made a Yahoo group for people who want to see ED taken down, so far he is still the only member.

Impact on Public View of Autism

Since autism is either:

  1. A horrible, crippling brain disorder, or
  2. Nothing

There are not enough words for stupid in the English language to describe Aspies for Freedom's self-defeating goal of "promoting an accurate yet positive image of autism". In particular, their core belief that their disease-not-a-disease somehow makes them creative geniuses makes no goddamn sense at all, as such leading Asspie "talents" as obsession with routine, rigid thought patterns and total literal-mindedness are the exact opposite of creativity. The one thing Asspies are good at, however, is relentless repetition, and so their dedicated promotion of the mantra "autism makes you clever because clever people are autistic because autism makes you clever" has managed to hypnotize convince some sections of the public.

The result of having this highly sanitised view of autism is that when these people actually meet Asspies and witness their epically retarded behaviour, they always refuse to believe they're the real thing and accuse them of faking it. (Which, of course, they usually are.)

Meanwhile, as AFF's attention whoring continues to make it clear just how obnoxious Asspies can really be, more and more people are coming to see the need for eugenics.

Nice work, AFF!

The End

Last Thursday, AFF suddenly disappeared from the internets without any official reason; but it's obvious. Gareth obviously couldn't take that his forum is irrelevant and that Autism Speaks still hasn't been destroyed by his personal army of neckbeards, so he just had to deleted it. currently only has a chat applet on it. Just connect with it and join #chatautism and try breaking this IRC network's K-line record of 10 seconds. Say something like WOOHOO AFF IS GONE AUTISM SPEAKS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

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