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Apartment 18 is a piece of shit Webcomic by a neckbeard fedora virgin called "Will Schallert" who went in to a Hot Topic once in 2004 and now thinks he knows everything there is to know about Punk Rock. The comic, if you can call it that, is supposed to be about a band but of all the strips that he's made, only three have even alluded to the fact that there's supposed to be a band at all. This is because the writer spends all his time writing so-called "jokes" which aren't funny and prove just how much of a no-talent basement dweller he really is. The comic has been around since 2011 officially but existed for a long time previously as a bunch of shitty drawings and failure on DeviantART.

The Origin of the Fail

Will Schallert, self-proclaimed cartoonist and writer and probably horse fucker, started drawing shitty pictures of girls and putting them on DeviantART for years before strating his so-called "comic." He's known there as "noc38mustang" These drawings were always the same shitty pictures of original characters who looked like they had been drawn by a six year old if saying so wasn't an insult to six year old kids. He drew the same girl over and over again and never got any better, which is evident to anyone who hates themselves enough to read the his webcomic. He was nothing if not prolific and managed to make friends with neckbeards like MDetector5 and Blue Leader who decided to take him under their wing and teach him the fine art of being a stinky virgin failure. After doing over 9000 art trades with popular artists and wiping their cum off his lips, he finally decided to draw a comic strip and post it to DA. It was a miserable failure and didn't even have any dialogue.Media:Apartment18 hammertime.png

The Characters

LISA SANDLER Lisasmall.jpg

This is probably the main character in the strip. She certainly shows up the most. She's a redhead because Will Schallert is either a redhead fetishist or is just really unoriginal and ripped off the idea from every other cartoon since the beginning of time. Probably both. He claims she's Jewish. Again, we see no signs of that whatsoever in the strip. She's also supposed to be really short but depending on which strip you look at, her height varies so much it's impossible to believe it. She's also a loudmouth which, again does nothing but prove how unoriginal this comic is. Chances are, if you dig in his hard drive, there are hundreds of pictures of her naked that have been fapped to so many times the floor under his desk looks like someone spilled a bucket of Elmer's glue on the floor.

ERIC EricApartment18.jpg

This is the other main person. He's basically a stereotype of a Punk rocker. By that, we mean he's a big faggot. He also plays World of Warcraft... probably because Will plays WoW a lot and gets pwned so much that he has to make a character play it so he forgets about much of a n00b he is. Apparently, all you have to do is draw a mohawk on someone and automatically they're a Punk rocker. Even though there's a band, it hasn't even been established what this dude is supposed to play. As such, one can only assume it's the skin flute.

Dustin DustinApartment18.jpg

Dustin is exactly the same as Lisa and Eric except he's got a beer gut and side burns. We can only assume his purpose for existing is so that it looks like there are more male characters and not just a cast of breasts, although you'd never know it since Dustin is rarely seen. He seems to like to hook up with dirty women which is still more than his creator can ever get.

The French Chick with Big Boobs Lotte.jpg

Her name is Lotte, although you'd never know it since her name is NEVER MENTIONED IN THE GODDAMN COMIC STRIP! She talks in some weird bullshit fake accent thing that is impossible to read and completely ruins the point of the comic strip. But don't worry; that's not why she's here. She's here so that we're forced to look at unnecessarily large cartoon breasts. Too bad the artwork is so shitty that they don't look like any breasts you've ever seen in your life. Not to worry; the people who read this comic have never seen real breasts so they don't know the difference. She is also fapped to at least once a day by the writer.

My Shit Doesn't Stink

Every comic strip on this godforsaken website has a little explanation at the bottom. The guy who was paid to build the website probably put that there because the jokes were so bad that he thought they needed an explanation, but the space was instead used for rants about some elitist shit where Will thinks he's Walt-goddamn-Disney and proceeds to go on and on about how much more classy his dick jokes are than other people's.

AN EXAMPLE OF ONE OF THE RANTS: "There are many reasons why I think some folks won’t get Lisa’s joke, the most likely of which is the fact that I doubt that many people under the age of 25 have ever heard of the show Gentle Ben which originally ran from 1967 through 1969 and was based on a novel of the same name, written by Walt Morey in 1965 (I realize they made new versions of it in the early 2000′s but those were movies before you try to correct me.) It wasn’t a very good show… I don’t think, anyway. But then again, TV still was a bit limited in the 60′s to things you could call “wholesome”. Apparently he learned how to go on Wikipedia right before writing this.

The rants tend to include long explanations about how much time and effort went into the writing of the joke in the comic strip, which is usually a drawing of a dick or something. Modern science has yet to explain how so many shitty things could come out of someone's head without them realizing how much of a faggot they are, however leading scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson has offered up the explanation that "He's probably just sucked over 9000 dicks. That ruins people, you know."

A Promise Made is a Promise Broken

Every time 'mustang pulls his dick out the ass of whatever hipster faggot's butt he's got it stuck in and actually posts a new comic strip, he always promises to start making them on a regular basis. Then entire generations live and die before the next one shows up. This is due, in large part, to the fact that porn is free and there's always more pictures of My Little Pony characters as human girls with giant breasts and enormous dicks to jack off to, so don't get your hopes up that it'll change. But don't worry, we know you won't be missing out unless you jack off to the French chick.

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