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This bear says: "America is bad, and your mom's a hoe".

Anti-Americanism refers to anyone or anything that is not part of the United States, disagrees with the status quo, or doubts the doctrine of Manifest Destiny or just wants to shit on Black Jesus's face. More broadly, if you consider yourself an American, you can use this term to refer to anyone who disagrees with you on any issue.

Attacking the messenger.
Americans giving up their tires to save your sorry asses in WWII

The Drama Unfolds

America is the paternal figure of the world stage. It has spread democracy to all the corners of the world, increasing the quality of life wherever it goes. It is only natural that some of it's many young wards would resent the US for all it has done. These ungrateful individuals ignore the freedoms the US preserves at great cost, so that all of the world may be as free as it's own citizens.

The US ensures that dangerous individuals are brought to justice, no matter which country they may hide in. It buys a tremendous amount of goods to make sure everyone throughout the world have jobs. It provides massive amounts of funding for HIV/AIDS education throughout the world, which prevented a pandemic which may well have exterminated the human race. The United States alone researched methods to improve the output of both industry and agriculture to save the lives of the growing population of the world. It's residents routinely revolutionize film, television, literature, and music, making the world a better place to live in.

Causes of Anti-Americanism

Much anti-Americanism is generated from the fact Americans cant fukin spell.
  • Fear: Because America is taking over teh World.
  • Jealousy: Because America is way better than your shitty country.
  • Revulsion: Because Americans know America is better than your shitty country and are assholes about it.
  • Evolution: Because the sludge on Earth coalesced into a machine capable of understanding.
  • Peer Pressure: Because your friends hate America too.
  • Idiocy: Because Americans know how to properly conjugate words such as deserve, as well as win most Nobel Prizes.

A Possible Solution

Denial, ask the haters: "Why do you hate America?". Or even consider talking about it using foreign arguments.

Haz Arguments

  • British argument:
    • A discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal.
  • Americanistic argument:
    • Forpay of gun fight.
    • Anything that kills rational discussion dead.

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