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Andy saw a goat, and his lips were open and ready to blow.
This photo proves his child molesting tendencies
<video type="youtube" id="nryymHL9JRQ&autoplay=0&loop=100&start=0" height="25" width="30" position="center" frame="false" />

Anjem Choudary, also known as And then Childmolester or simply AnCh, is an unsuccessful, depressed Muslim Paki who fucked his life up, but blames all his failures on the devil for introducing him to the consumption of alcohol, the use of drugs, masturbation to porn, and sexual intercourse with white Christian women before marriage. Now, he is a raging hairy monkey with lack of fulfillment preaching his hatred for the West, because he never heard of the word Responsibility. As an oldfart at the age of 45, his current occupation is being a welfare-seeking, unemployed lawyer and shariah teacher at mosques. In other words, he gets paid for brainwashing muslim children into Quran fucking jew and white haters and pays no tax. Yet, he expects taxpaying Britfags to give him free money which is 25,000 per year. When not beating Muslim children at mosques for not reading the Quran or for skipping one prayer out of the five, he would go outside touching 8-12 year old white British boys and forcing them to quote verses from the Quran as an attempt to convert more children to Jizzlam, or he simply goes whoring for his 15 minutes of attention while screaming for the implementation of Shariah. In his free time, he does not practice any activity or hobby but walking up to people and telling them that they are mislead people who should give up their values, such as freedom of speech, human rights, free choice and the right to vote, and only to embrace Islam or else they all go to hell. Anjem is clearly a miserable old man who believes if he cannot be happy then no one should be. His only remaining purpose of existence in this world is the hope of becoming the new Sultan of Anglistan when the Shariah is implemented, the Royal Family beheaded and the Buckingham Palace reconstructed into his personal Mosque clubhouse. (Fortunately, it will not ever happen).

In summary, he's a Prophet Muhammed (Piss be upon him) wannabe.

Call for Sharia

Andy practicing his daily Submission to Allah.
"O may Allah the great and almighty bless the good man and reward him with a Holy Treat from the Heavens!"
For fuck's sake Britfags, deport him!

thumbUnfortunately for him, he'll not live that day when he dies in a hospital as an old man with lack of fulfillment. Because English people were also born in the UK, and they don't want their children be born in New Pakistan.

Andy encouraging children to Submission!
Santa Claus is attempting to attract children to have Submission with him, again.
Typical Anjem Choudary follower.
A fat belly is a happy belly, but still not happy because he's ugly.
Decapitation of non-Muslims turns Anjem Choudary on. Don't be surprised if he sees this article and jerks off to this picture!
Geert Wilders


Basically,it's what Muslims do while they're in Europe.Welfare,benefits or actually stealing. It's all good.

Andy is a welfare whore

Unemployment welfare is not a bad thing, unless your country is infested with sandniggers and pakis that fuck the system up by being lazy,all around worthless pieces of shit.

Our boy Andy receives £25,000 [$40,000] a year in benefits from taxpayers.Besides Anjem Choudary, other Muslim Clerics have also encouraged the Muslims to cheat and gain more social benefits from the government, because it is the only way to bring down the West to a financial crisis in which the government will be forced to cut some budgets. This way taxpayers will just lose and the Muslims will just gain. This one of the many tricks the Muslims have in their pockets. Also, as soon as the government starts spending less on its people, the Muslims go outside preaching against democracy and trying to convince people that their system has failed them, and because of that they should adopt Shariah and all their needs from food to water, from shelter to heat, from electricity to medicine will all be free, even if they're not Muslims. Of course, they wouldn't tell the disbelievers about the Jizya tax which the Muslims want to implement.

Rape and pedophilia

Simply put,Andy and his muzzie brethren can't get enough of it.Now of course,nigger loving leftards will tell you that Islam is really a religion of peace and that "bad Muslims" occupy a small segment of the overall population,but this is of course bullshit as most lefties spend their time jacking off to interracial cuckold porn.


Only Islam can make a pedophile's dream a reality!
Why the fuck is this legal in Pisslam?!

The perfect religion for criminals

Despite the fact of lies and false promises which Anjem Choudary attempts to use in order to fool financially unfortunate and unemployed people to follow him like Richard Darts who quit his security guard position for Jizzlam, shariah does in fact keeps its promise to men who are illegally abusing their wife who forgot to make their sandwiches and children who act all teenager which is an unacceptable behaviour in Pisslam. Anjem loves to point these type of inappropriate and illegal behaviours out as flaws of democracy in interviews and debates, but he fails to realize that shariah will make these violent acts not only legal but with the Quran and examples from the Hadith they will be also justified and encouraged to Muslim boys who will beat their wives and kids when they grow up.

He even admitted on Twitter that Islam is disproportionately popular with


Shariah Posters

Ugly & ginger? Convert to Islam, It's the only way to get laid!

Anjem Choudary and the Shariah freaks had enough of being ignored by the non-Muslim population who do not submit to their demands. So he and his brainwashed followers, including an autistic ginger virgin above the age of 25, have set out printing yellow Shariah controlled zone posters and putting them on walls without permission. These Mooslim dum-dumbs actual thought that accomplishing their operation task will enforce their law on the streets. But it failed, when the locals' reaction were very negative and unwelcome, thus giving the police officers extra work who will have to rip the posters off the walls every time a Mooslim puts it up. Some locals believe this is just a political tactic to create distrust to moderate Muslims so Anjem can radicalize more Muslims by telling them "They don't like you, you should come with me.". Some would still maintain this idea, even though, there has been already distrust since July 7th, 2005. Duuuuh!

As a result, Anjem Choudary has declared another victory for Islam against Democracy and Freedom, even though, his pathetic attempt enforcing Shariah in Mooslim majority streets was a huge failure, because nobody obeyed any of his 5 laws displayed in his yellow posters. People of London are still drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and weed, gambling, having sex and playing or listening to Music. But then, again, being told that he has failed, he will respond by adding the word "moral" and call it a moral victory!

Operation: Islamic Mass-Reproduction

Currently, there are 7 billion people living on this planet, but half the world is already starving and dying from epidemics like Malaria. Anyways, these dumb idiot Muslims want to take over the world so bad that Anjem and the Shariah freaks has launched Operation: Islamic Mass-Reproduction to become the dominant slice of the demographic cake in England. Just like gypsies, they want to turn their wives into baby pooping factories and make as many kid as possible until the doctor says "No more! Your wife can die from giving birth for 12th time!"

Anjem had realized that with a 3+ million population against a 60+ population they will not be able to implement the Shariah, but if they make shitton of children they could increase that number up to 30+ million just in a few decades. With a population like that, they can easily implement the Shariah in the UK.This of course,makes the eurofag cuckolds hard.Now Britain can truly enjoy the vibrance and diversity only the mudpeope can truly provide!

Anjem Choudary Against Christianity

Anjem Choudary believes that Christianity is the wrong religion, because in Jizlam they do not consider Jesus as the son of God, but just another unimportant and worthless prophet who's no match to the Last Prophet called Muhammed who went on a slaughtering rampage in Mecca, and from there to Medina, and from there to another city which from he collected the heads of men and enslaved their wives and children as a trophies.

Andy tends to use Jesus to call the Christians to revert to Islam by saying what all other brainwashed Muslims would say; "Jesus was a Muslim." Ok, if anyone who knows to count they would know that Jesus Christ was born in 0 BC, and Islam was founded in more than 600 years after his birth (the 7th century). That's more than 600 fucking years! Jesus was long gone from this world when Islam was founded by a psychopath pedophile. How the fuck can he be a Muslim when Islam did not even exist in his lifetime?

Despite the fact that Muslims don't care how many times they're proven wrong or they're just stupid at math, they still think Jesus was a Muslim, even though, nobody ever heard of Islam 600 years before Muhammed got his head hit by a rock in a cave. But another proof to prove that Jesus is no way near close to be a Muslim is the contradiction and opposition of the two Prophets' teachings. Jesus was a peaceful and loving man who said don't harm others and love one another, while Muhammed was a psychopath warlord who said cut off the heads and finger tips of those who do not submit to my God. Of course, the Muslims will listen to Muhammed, not to Jesus, because ... how would they put it? ... Jesus was too much of a hippie? "PEACE, BRO!" In fact, it was Jesus who sacrificed himself for everyone's sins, but Muhammed didn't because he was narcissistic and would have killed anyone who drew a picture of him.

Andy sincerely believes if Jesus was here today, he would be siding with the Muslims. Well, he's totally wrong! If Jesus was here today, he'd be planting trees, smelling flowers and teaching people how to build hydrogen engines for their cars to replace fossil fuel. He would probably be even killed for that, because Saudi-Arabia would run out of business if nobody uses oil anymore. So, basically the Muslims would even kill Jesus for their own good!

Against Christmas

Protect your Paradise from being taken away - protect yourself and your family from Christmas


— Anjem Choudary on Christmas, [In a YouTube video]

After New Years, Christmas is the second most popular holiday in the world. Christmas is the day when Jesus Christ was born and people celebrate this day with joy, presents and a good meal. Even those who are atheists love Christmas to but instead of Jesus they sit in the lap of an old man with a big white beard and red coat, Santa Claus. However, there are those who want to ruin and eliminate Christmas once and for all. Why, of course, it's the Jews (Wrong, fucktard! They celebrate Hanukkah and could care less what Christians celebrate), it's those people who claim they love Jesus but they actual don't give a fuck about him, THE MUSLIMS. These dum-dumbs, while just wearing their Pyjamas, would go outside in the cold, protesting against the birthday of Jesus Christ. They claim they love Jesus as one of the many Prophets of Islam, yet they're against his birthday. Are really Muslims that retarded? So all birthdays of all Prophets are forbidden, except for one, Muhammed's? Because they do celebrate Mo's birthday.

Don't you just hate this Muhammed guy? He creates a psychopathic rapist pedophile cult, then he dies from camel AIDS, and now we have to suffer the unwanted drama he has caused almost 1400 years ago. So kids, promise Santa Claus that you will never ever be naughty again, if he and Jesus grant one big Christmas wish; a bomb to the Qaaba!

History & Timeline

The Beginning

Anjem Choudary was born to a married couple of Pakistani immigrants in Welling in 1967. At beginning due to a very rare and small minority population of Muslim immigrants in the UK which would have been unimaginable to think about taking over with Islam, Anjem was growing up as any other normal boy by setting up ambitions for life to succeed. He went to normal schools learning amongst English kids in a time when the Frankfurt School's Marxist invention known as Political Correctness was very weak and starting from the USA was just about to set its roots to the ground of several agents of socialization like education in order to expand its influence by brainwashing children to become blindly tolerant liberal monkeys who give rimjobs to shittons of 3rd world immigrants arriving in massive numbers in the 90's and call white people racist when people gathered in a group is addressed with "you people" which from a black guy suddenly jumps out of the group and freaks out at you because nobody pays any attention to him when he's not a victim. Behold the ridiculous racist card trick, amirite? (If offended, then you people shouldn't be reading this!)

Despite the fact that his parents were Muslims, they couldn't raise Andy up to be an European hating Quran fucking jihadist as Anjem is doing now to kids in Mosques as mentioned above in the introduction paragraph. Back in that time, this behavior was unacceptable by the society. Additionally, they were a very puny tiny minority who felt weak to do anything opposed to the European customs and values, so the parents forced themselves to adopt the dominant culture in the UK over their own submissive cultural background in order to integrate. While being kept far away from radical Islamic thoughts, Andy was a good and mentally healthy kid who was thinking ahead of life to become a doctor, lawyer or any other profession with high demands, benefits and a good salary.

Going Wild

When I knew him, he liked to be called Andy, would often smoke cannabis spliffs all day, and was proud of his ability to down a pint of cider in a couple of seconds."



—Former Friend of Anjem Choudary

Andy boy spent his early years embracing the things he would later come to hate.He failed his first-year exam in Medicine at the University of Southampton due to the fact that he was too busy going out to parties, smoking dope, getting drunk, getting laid with unmarried white Christian girls, taking in LSD, and laughing at his hallucinations caused by LSD for over 20 hours. Later when he woke up each afternoon after last night, Andy was hangover and brain fucked which made him lazy and careless enough to give a fuck about his studies. Again, it's not his fault, it's the society that permits alcohol consumption and ... Oh wait, drugs are illegal, especially heavy drug use like LSD. Continuing to the path of his history, Andy decided to give up Medicine and switched to commercial law school. After enrolling to Law at The University of Surrey in Guildford, he still continued the same lifestyle but tried not to fail his studies this time. After university with luck, he moved to London teaching English to foreign language students and also attempted to have sex with them as well.

Heroinspyro.png Andytroll.png

The Misery

After qualifying as a lawyer, Andy attempted to get a position at a City Law firm which from his application was rejected due to failing the requirements he needed to be eligible and having a lacking background of references and recommendations, or he simply just didn't know how to attend an interview without getting high and drunk a night before. As a result, he fell into deep depression and become bitter, probably drank even more to push away his depressed emotions of failure and lack of self-confidence. He probably still hadn't realized that all these years he hasn't done anything but drinking, smoking and screwing without knowing when to stop while taking the benefits of free education funded by taxpayers, unlike in the fascist greedy USA where even healthcare isn't for free (oh btw! If you're an American who is working for minimum wage and just got cancer, then you're fucked. But hey! Remember, America is #1 country in the world. They'll replace you with an immigrant from the 3rd world to fill in the missing number in the population when you die).

But in his days as a law student, he experimented with LSD, hallucinating and laughing hysterically for more than 20 hours.


—Former Friend of Anjem Choudary


Online Activity

Anjem Choudary not only wants Islam to dominate the world in real life but also wants to conquer the free Internet in which he would censor everything against Islam, ban porn, delete music and have this very article about him removed. But for now, he uses this non-mooslim/infidel invention for his own purposes in order to spreading his unimportant messages to the world and for dawa'h, of course.

Anjem on Twitter

For instance, he loves to bitch about his buddies getting arrested for plotting an attack on British soil in which he tweets that they're innocent and should be released, while in the same post, he also complains about individuals like Geert Wilders not being put to jail for being permitted by free speech to criticize Islam. When he has absolutely no recent subject to complain about, he keeps repeating himself about man-made laws and expressing his dislike for freedom, democracy, human rights and the western culture despite living in a western country.

Hilarious Tweets About missing Pics
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Anjem "defining" the Olympics

According to Anjem Choudary, the Olympics is an evil event that promotes national pride and the equality of men and women, involves Muslims playing sports with non-Muslims, and he thinks women are naked in public because they do not wear the Burqa. So, this means playing games of sports is evil while stoning, raping women (sura 4 verse 24), butchering, amputating, brainwashing, burning flags and terrorism (suicide bombing) are not. Unlike Islam, Olympics actually brings peace and unification in one place in every 4 years where everyone is just playing games with each other. While Islam forces everyone against their will to be the same, the Olympics, as he said in list number #9, promotes independence and pride for national or cultural heritage. That independence, which he calls a "barrier", is much more peaceful than promoting Islamic "unification" by beating non-Muslim kids with a giant ruler for never ever reading once in their lifetime the one and only holy book, the Queer'an. Despite all his effort put into this list against this event, he sure gave the terrorists 10 "justified" reasons why to blow themselves up in London at the 2012 Olympic games which he will definitely praise if it ever happens.

Gay people believe that Andy Childmolester hates the Olympics, because in ancient Greek Olympia, the competitors were naked men who were wrestling with each other. Oh, those silly faggots cannot think of anything else but whatever that gives them a boner.

Use scrollbar to see the full image


Start from the bottom, fucktard!

English Defence League's Reaction

EDL, which is the abbreviation for English Defence League is a pseudo nationalist group founded by lifetime alcoholic Tommy Robinson.They are known for loving every fucking type of nigger around except muzzies and just then because muzzies won't particpate in their gay orgies. It basically has devolved into a retarded pissing contest between Chowhead and the Britain.

United Against Fascism's reaction

It was a beautiful sunny day outside in London until heavy clouds blocked the Sun which turned everything depressed and dark. Anjem Choudary is outside preaching his hatred, as always, against the very society, which from he takes the social benefits funded by tax payers' money while demanding the British folks to convert to his way of living, or otherwise they'll be beheaded on the Judgement's Day when they take over England. Just like what Mohammed did to Mecca when he took over, he beheaded the Jewish men and enslaved their women for rape which, of course, was permitted by Allah according to Sura 4 Verse 24 in the Holy Quran. As a response to Anjem's radical and hateful behaviour, the UAF is... is ... is ...


... Where the fuck are they?

Wait for the EDL (English Defense League) to show up protesting against Anjem and the Shariah freaks, and they'll appear strong and proud with their purple anti-racist and anti-Nazi posters and signs not against the real advocators of implementing an oppressive political system but against the EDL, of course.


Is UAF against sexism, and do they defend Women Rights? Well apparently, female members of the group aren't being forced to wear the burqa (Quran 33:59) nor forbidden to talk to male members, drive a car, participate in events or have a voice in certain subject manners. So, ask them this one question: How on earth is it possible to defend both Islam and Women Rights at the same time when both not only contradict each other but extremely oppose each other as well? (Example: Quran 4:24, 4:34, 33:59)

If they chose Women Rights over Islam, then by their own "logic", they are "RACIST", even though, Islam isn't a race but OK whatever. Leftards act like children when they misuse words they don't understand, so no big surprise. If it's the other way around, then they're sexist for supporting the Muslims to take over their streets, harassing the women until they don't give in to their yellow Shariah Controlled Zone posters and wear a burqa in order not to get raped for being disobedient to the demands of hairy pyjamas wearing angry apes who scream like monkeys when they see something they don't like. (link: skip to 45:40)

UAF getting owned by Andy?

As for those people who are the UAF, socialists, and people like uhm.. Salma Yaqoob, and the Anti-Fascist Alliance. This is typical of those people who are ... Communist or Socialist, that they lie to exploit the situation for their own benefit.


— Could it be? Anjem Choudary's a troll? (2:43 - 3:00)


Who would have thought that there will ever be agreements with Anjem Choudary? Despite everything he naively believes in and wishes to accomplish the implementation of the Shariah, Anjem has proved himself right and owned the UAF by stating everything right about them. The UAF is nothing more but Communist red socialists who lie to exploit the situation for their own benefits. It would be unfair and inappropriate not to give Anjem a small silver trophy for his successful trolling against the UAF. However, that still doesn't mean he's absolved from being dug in the ground up to his waist and stoned to death by concrete blocks if he still attempts to implement the Shariah. But for now, Enjoy your trophy, Andy!

Ordinary General Population's reaction

Members of the EDL are not only the ones who are against Anjem Choudary and the Shariah freaks, but the majority of the population who chose not to participate in groups also have a voice and a response to Andy

This Vid tells you all you need to know


The British live like animals in a jungle with their alcohol, gambling, prostitution and pornography


— Anjem Choudary

A highly gifted orator, Choudary has appeared on numerous television programmes and radio stations calling for the UK to adopt stonings and beheadings as punishments for adultery, segregation of genders, lashings for alcohol drinkers and many other niceties mandated by the almighty Allah and his Sharia law. See for photographs of this paedophile junkie getting shit-faced on porn and drink.

Choudary has also called for:

  1. Muslims not to cooperate with police.
  2. Non-Muslims to be killed (they aren't innocent anyway).
  3. A final solution for the British jewry.
  4. Capital punishment for Pope Benedict XVI.
  5.  ???????

Choudary, a trained faggot, now calls himself judge of the Sharia Court of the UK. While juggling his life of bringing his own brand of lulzy jihad against britfags, he still finds time to collect his benefits, from the very society he wishes to destroy.

But, as he repetitively would say, AT THE END OF THE DAY, he will grow old and his last thought before going to sleep forever would be "I have failed to implement the Shariah. I wasted all these years for nothing. My life was not worth living at all!"

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